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Indian Dorm Life


My name is Sheela. Sheela means off good character. I am from a rural part of Karnataka that you have never heard of before. My parents told me the stories of the Vijayanagara Empire and all the like large empires that were started in our Indian state. All the while, we were sitting in a simple hut with only a thin wooden board between my fanny and the soil. I was the first of my family to travel to the state city Bangalore. I was the first of my family to receive college education. My grades were perfect through all my years. Yet, it was hard to find a college that would recognize our local school teacher. He was an old man, who had lived half of his life in the forest. He came back to our village, when he had found a few text books. With the same religious zeal that had kept him in the woods, he had learned the textbooks to teach us children about reading, algebra, and world history. I believe that he is a good teacher. Yet, the colleges did not recognize him, except for an all girl college in Bangalore that we had never heard off.

I stood in a circle with three other girls in our dormitory room. My hands were still clutching my bag in front of me. I did not have much. I had three sets of clothing and five sets of underwear. I had three notepad and four pens. There was also the toiletry. The phone calling card had only an hour, so that I could call my parents in an emergency. Actually, I would call an uncle with a phone, who would then relay any messages to my parents. The message relay would involve half day on a donkey back and another half day in a river boat. I am kidding you. I may be poor, but things are not that bad. Oh, and I had my pink unicorn with me, a stuffed cuddle toy. I had stolen it from my little brother once. He was so sweet and innocent that he was not hurt at all and so generous that he let me have it.

I was standing in the circle with the other girls. We were negotiating, who got which bed. Radha took the lead in the negotiation. I liked getting the bed next to hers, because I admire her strength. I did not like so much that it was next to the bathroom as well. However, at least we shared a window. The beds were pretty basic. Each of us had a night stand next to the bed to store our belongings. The other two girls kept to themselves speaking a different language.

Radha had full black hair, yet her skin was whiter than mine. I am not pitch black, yet clearly a daughter burned by the strong country sun. She was wearing a Western T-shirt. It was white with blue sleeves. In the middle was one of those Disney characters 'Daisy Duck.' She was wearing a golden earring. Dangling from the ear ring was the Swadhisthana symbol for the second chakra. It expresses a creative and bold energy. It is also considered the sexual energy center. My parents would have never let me in public with such a reference. Her parents seemed a lot less strict, as she had chosen the college herself. She said that a friend in school detention had told her about it. She had a very big grin, when she said that. I hope that the college is good and not a sham.

One thing that was hard for me to get used to was the constant hugging and calling each other sisters. Back in my village, we always kept a polite distance and I had only one brother, who called me his sister. The hugging that they were so comfortable with was really awkward for me. Not only was it very close, my face would also touch their hair. I could smell the soap in freshly washed hair. I could smell the musk in the dirty girls. It tickled my face. Once, a strand of hair even got stuck in my mouth. I was so embarrassed as I was pulling the hair out of my mouth and it tucked on my lips sharply. The most embarrassing hug was Radha's hug. Her hair smelled so fresh. It had a smell of lavender and mango. It made me want to touch it to feel it. It made me want to grab a good bunch and put it under my nose for a good smell. No, I actually really wanted to put my nose all the way down to her scalp to feel it. Also, her hug was so much tighter than the other girls. All evening, the breast of other girls had touched my breast. My breasts were so sensitive that I jumped. The girls' breasts were so soft like nothing I had felt before. I jumped frequently and they laughed at me. Radha's hug was so tight that I could feel our chest bones flattening the breast against each other. I could even feel her nipple, like little buds. A strong emotion had started flooding my body. It felt like my ma consoling me from a spell of crying. I felt a bit more alive feeling another human being as vividly as I had never felt another life.

You can imagine when I closed my eyes in the new bed and pulled the blanket over me, I was really glad to be in my own space. There were three other girls in the room, yet with my eyes closed I was in my own room. I did not have to interact anymore, no more smiling, no more hordes hugging me. Being in the city was so new and different. There were so many people. My mind was so full that it quickly fell asleep. Memories of the face of a banana seller in the street flashed in a dream. In another flash all the girls were in my hut back with my parents. In another flash, I kept sharpening my pencil over and over until the whole pencil was gone and I started crying, because I would fail class without a pencil.

The warm Bangalore sun shone through the window. It painted the window outline on the floor. The palm trees outside stood happily up to the sky. The other girls were lying in their bed on the side, on the belly. Arms were stretched out standing away. Others were tugged in. Blankets were crumbled. I slowly got up to avoid the bed from squeaking. The bathroom was simple. There was a whole in the ground for our business, a squatting toilet. There was a sink with a mirror. The mirror was framed in wood. There was a farm or garden hose in the corner to wash ourselves and the bathroom. A handwritten sign reminded us that clean and studious girl made it far in the world.

I squatted down to relieve my pent up water urge from the night. The hissing stream calmed me down and relaxed me. The sense of alert to come here was passing, when Radha knocked at the door. She knocked very vehemently. She started kicking. She screamed that I were selfish keeping the bathroom to myself with three other girls. She moaned that she needed to pee urgently. I was desperate to finish my business, yet very afraid of that powerful woman. So, I unhooked the metal hook in the door. She stood their in the door. I was squatting way below her. Her face was mad and impatient. Before she could think of something I jumped up and to the side. I felt so violated. I had never been with disorderly dress in front of anybody, let alone with my modest parts exposed. Worst of it, I had not the time to wipe. So, the urine was still glistening in my pubic hair. There were yellow droplets against my black hair. Radha was completely unbothered by me standing next to her going about her private business.

As I sat on my bed and brushed my hair, I was not sure, if I really liked life in a big city. People were so different. Everything was that much closer. I thought back to the people in my village. Ram was a fisherman. Every morning, he would walk past our hut. He was coming from the river from the catch at dawn. He would stand at a polite distance and wave over to me. He always had a joke for me. One of my favorite one was: "Mommy, mommy, I don't want to swim anymore. Shut up kid, we are soon in Sri Lanka."

Perhaps, I simply needed to get used to a different way. The girls were all so much warmer and excited. Perhaps, I simply had to shake of my rural proclivities and become a city girl. All these new social forms were surely strange, yet they were intriguing as well. It was intriguing to leave my peasant ways behind and join this group of young girls, urban and educated girls. Yes, they shall not find out that I am some country egg. I shall go in the day, pissing with the door wide open and hug as many girls as I can. I will become the uber urban girl.

My thoughts were interrupted by a loud noise at the door. A girl in her senior year burst into the room. She told us in the room to stand in a line. We kind of did. Yet, I blurted out that she was not the teacher. She immediately turned to me and looked me stern in the face. She had green eyes and was wearing make up on them. Her hair was put in a pony tail behind her. She smacked my breast from the side. I gasped hard. I had never felt such an intense feeling before. I almost sat down. She howled at me that the teachers owned the classroom. The senior girls owned the dormitory. It was a truce between the school and the senior girls. The school saved the money to pay a teacher for oversight. The senior girls could take some liberties with the freshmen to do chores. The other three girls stood a little taller as they heard about their fate.

The senior girl introduced herself as Trishana. Trishana means thirst and desire. She explained that the girls would have to serve her thirst and desire. They were from now on in their evening and morning hours there to serve her. They were there to make her look good. That meant that they had to outshine the other freshmen girls. In exchange, she would make sure that they were the most successful and would gain many secret liberties that there were in this college dormitory.

She told them that it was enough cuddling talk and that we should strip off our clothes. All four of us froze. We were afraid of Trishana. We were afraid to take our clothes off. Trishana calmly walked out the door and yelled for two girls. The two girls appeared with smiling faces. They quickly grabbed the girl closed to the door. They pushed her down to the ground. One was pinning her arms to the ground and grimly starred in her face, daring her to make a move. Trishana sat down on her chest. Can you imagine! The head of the girl was beneath and under her thighs. Trishana's buttocks were on the girls boobs. The second girl pulled her pants and panties down. The girl on the floor was crying, wriggling, and calling softly for help. Us other three girls, we did not dare moving. We heard the commotion out in the hallway. The same happened everywhere. We felt subject to a larger, stronger, and more experienced force.

They let the girl stand and wipe her tears. She stood their naked. Her skin was dark brown. It was one of those Indian browns that is a bit grayish and completely matte. There was not the least bit of shine on her skin. It makes me always look twice, when I see skin like that. Her boobs were small and the areoles were large. She had quite a bush between her legs. And, the inside of her thighs were fuzzy from hair. I had never seen hair there on a woman. Her bunk mate consoled her.

Trishana was happy about having stripped one of us down. Radha and I still stood in shock without moving to take our clothes down. The two girls from the outside were eager for action, yet waiting for a signal from Radha. Trishana sat down on my bed and asked the consoling bunk mate to be brought over. They made her bent over Trishana's lap. Her belly and chest was resting on Trishana's thigh.

"Who are you darling?"

"I am Trishana. I have three brothers. My family lives in the carpet cleaner district. I am here to start my medical career."

"That's enough for now. We don't like to physical force people like your naked friend to do things. We use punishment and reward to make you follow our orders. I will spank you, until you take your clothes off by yourself. Remember, I will spank you until your ass is red and you miss class. When you miss class, you can kiss your doctor dreams good bye."

Trishana lifted up Anisha's skirt. Her plain pink panties were exposed. The fabric was a thin cotton fabric with bands along the side. Trishana rolled down those panties to expose her butt. She had a round black birth mark on her butt. Trishanas hand soared down from high. It landed on Anisha's butt. The clap re-sounded against the empty walls. The butt flesh vibrated. Anisha's head was red. At the third clap, the first tears of Anisha started rolling. Trishana's helpers started teasing her about being a cry baby. The flood of tears stopped for a moment, when Anisha stammered, "I will do it."

Trishana let her stand up. As soon as Anisha got to her feet, she started running out of the door. She was running as fast as she could. Trishana's helpers went after her like two over happy dogs chasing the first prey of the hunt. Trishana purposefully, yet calm followed. We intently listened for outside clues. There was a lot of whining, yelling, things falling down, and clothes tearing out in the hallway. Neither of us three dared moving.

The first thing that appeared from the outside commotion was Trishana's proud face. She was very happy with herself. Behind her was a naked Anisha being pulled by her nipple. Trishanas fingers had pinched her nipple and were tearing the nipple forward. Anisha had been humbled by being paraded like that in front of all the girls in the other rooms. She had been humbled by the scenes that she had scene. As she stood in the row with us again, she said 'Thank you mother, Trishana.'

Rhada was quick to address Trishana. She offered to take her clothes off at once. Yet, she wanted to know the reward that Trishana had been alluding to. Trishana glanced over at me and said, 'that one will scrub your back and anything else you want scrubbed on your body for a week.' Rhada let her clothes fall to the ground and stood on the pile. She was proud to show her body.

A glance of Trishana was enough for me to take of my clothes and expose myself completely to the room. I had nothing to hide myself. My boobs were there for all the girls to look at. Even my private sex was out in the free. I could feel the air around my butt. I felt naked like never before.

Trishana lectured us that there was a purpose behind the nudity. Obviously, our room had to learn obedience to authority. Yet, poise was important to the success of a young woman. A young woman had to learn to stand confidently and sensually. Her hands started gliding over my belly. She told everyone that I was kind of scrawny. She slapped me on the butt. She said that my butt was boney. She said that I needed to eat well and form more muscles.

She told me to squat. I squatted. I felt my butt cheeks spreading apart. I felt myself below everyone else. Looking up at them and being so criticized made me feel rather little. I had failed at school for the first time. Trishana told me to bend forward and kiss her feet. I kissed her medium browned feet. I could see the pale skin at the sides of her soles. Her toes looked beautiful. She told me to get up. She told me to repeat the squats ten times and count out loud each kiss to her feet.

By the third squat, my legs started getting shaky. I had to steady myself by holding her feet in between my hands, as I'd lean forward to kiss her foot and count '4.' For an unknown reason, the kissing and her beautiful feed made me feel love. I started loving her feet. I started to love Trishana, as she was strict like a parent. By the eighth kiss on her foot, I started crying and mumbled, 'I love you mother, Trishana.'

As I stood up, Trishana hugged me warmly and said 'welcome sister, Sheela. One day, you will have four freshmen to look after with love and discipline.'

The class room time was sombering and relaxing compared to the drama. The teachers spent most of the time introducing themselves, explaining the curriculum and similar fluff. The surprising part was a folded snip of paper passed from Rhada: "I knew about all this before. That's why I came to this college. Did you?" I could not understand why someone would want to be treated like we were this morning. Unless, I suspected, I am very uneducated about the city ways. Perhaps, I speculated, this was the social order around the royal throne, the etiquette that happened in high society behind closed doors. Perhaps, that was part of the stories from my ma about the empires coming from Karnataka. Perhaps, the large temples and palaces with all their secret symbolisms hinted at a world like this.

In the evening, Trishana was quick to find the four roommates in their dorm room. She entered the room with flair and burst that they would play the 'rose game.' She evidently loved the game a lot. It was an introductory game, so that all the new girls would get to know each other. There was a single rose with the thorns removed. It was a lovely red rose from the market. It still smelled fresh and softly like a rose. The bravest girl of the new year was chosen to start. She was to take her clothes off and crawl on her hands and feet to another dorm room with the rose in her mouth. As a rule, the girls in that room were allowed to push her, not strike her, with their bare feet. Whatever girl she managed to drop the rose on the lap was up next. That next girl had to take off her clothes and give the clothes to the last girl to wear. It was a chance to get to know other girls and show comradeship by clothing each other.

Every two minutes or so cheers erupted from a different room along the hall. When finally a face showed up in their door, it was a dark and chubby girl. The rose looked beautiful in her mouth, very elegant. Her boobs were large and her butt had stretch marks. She swiftly moved in the room with big eyes. Anisha started pushing her foot immediately against the side of the rose girl. Our fourth roommate had turned out to be called Babita. She was immediately squealing. Her soles pushed against the rose girls hind. The rose girl fell over on her back helplessly. Radha pushed one of her bare feet on the rose girl's big breast. Radha's other foot landed on the rose girls face smooshing the skin. Trishana was laughing out loud as my three roommates pinned the rose girl to the ground. The rose girl was winding her way around struggling against all the naked girl feet all over her body. I was absolutely stunned, when she slid sideways and her head dropped the rose in my lap. Trishana noticed my hesitation. She pushed me to the ground. The rose girl quickly pulled the clothes of my body.

I was laying there naked on the wooden floor. I could see under the beds. I could see the dust there. I could see the feet of my roommates as they were no calmly sitting on a bed. Trishana stuck the rose in my mouse. I could taste the saliva of the other girl. My tongue felt the bite marks on the rose from other girls. Evil Trishana reached behind my legs and touched my vagina. It was so startling that I lurched up. The next time that Trishana touched my intimate part, I was quickly rallying forward on my hands and knees. I did not know, what awaited me, yet I moved forward. I was intimately touched and naked. In a way, I felt great. All my anxiety and worries about performing at school at left me. I was forced to be in the moment and act in the moment. It was a wonderful freedom of thought, worry, and responsibility.

As I exited our room, I knew that the only way to get out of this was to quickly drop the rose in a girl's lap in the next room. More senior girls were standing in the hallway. They were cheering me on and pointed to another room. I felt my knees scrubbing on the dirty floor, where all the girls had walked. I looked up side to side at all the dressed senior girls, while I was naked. Trishana whispered in my ear that any disobedience in our room she could deal with punishment. Yet, out here, it would make her look bad in front of the other seniors. If I did well, she would have a treat for me. I rallied on.

The room that I entered was as simple and functional as ours. Yet, the girls were in a commotion. They were standing up on a bed, squealing, holding each other. Their senior student vainly tried to get them to sit down. I crawled up on the bed. Feet were pushing me from everywhere. One landed on my head, pushing me sideways. Another bare foot hit me on the side. One foot stood on my calves, keeping me in place. Like the earlier rose girl, I was quickly overpowered and fell on my side. The girls started standing on me. One stood on my breast. One stood on my stomach. One had a foot against my cheek and eye. I was utterly subjugated and subdued by their feet. One of them slipped. I quickly dropped the rose on her.

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