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Indian Illusion


I felt a presence next to me. Didn't pay any attention initially. I was getting a few essentials like shaving gel and a razor at Target. Then I looked and I couldn't stop looking. This brown-skinned beauty. Oh man. She was wearing a thin light colored short sleeved shirt with a black bra under. And a long black skirt - one of those that are split on the sides.

Her bare-naked shapely legs peeking through the side splits caught my eye. Smooth skin. Shaved. Toned and tanned skin. The same for her arms and hands. Dark hair neatly done in a pony-tail. Big breasts and a nice shapely ass. Whoa baby!

And then she turned to look at me. Knocked my breath away. Big eyes focused on me. A half smile on her face. Her face flickered. It was almost as if she could sense my total arousal, like she could read my thoughts.

She was standing in front of the baby food section. She turned back to study the labels on the shelf. I wandered around picking up a couple more items.

It was summer in New Jersey and I was visiting on a sales trip. It was around 5:30 p.m. and most of the shoppers were working day job folks, stopped by for a quick round of groceries on their way home to the dinner table. I guessed this gal was one of those shoppers.

I pushed my cart towards her. Banged into hers.


"Oh. I was in your way...it's ok."

"Food for the baby, huh?"

"Yeah." And she smiled. Pearl white teeth. Slight quiver of her full lips.

"How old?"

"He'll be seven months...tomorrow."

"You really count the days when they are that young, don't you?"

She smiled, "I suppose."

"Where is he...daycare?"

"At his grandma's. She picks him up from daycare. And then I get him after work."

"And his father?" "He's busy...works late. Comes in when we are both asleep." She smiled again but the sparkle seemed to have gone.

"Hmm...well, was nice meeting you. I am Jack, by the way."

"Jack. Oh. I am Maya. Nice meeting you, Jack."

"Maya...nice name...like that...nice meeting you too."

We smiled at each other and went our separate ways. At the checkout counter I found her in the next line. My back was to her as the sales clerk rang me up. Then he started chatting with the clerk doing her line.

"Hey, Randall, are we still hiring?"

"It's not Randall, man. It's Pete."

Following this blooper, I had turn around to get a look at the other sales clerk. And my eyes fell on her instead.

Her eyes seemed to be eating me up. She was staring unabashedly at me. Even when I looked at her, she continued staring, quite unawares. Then she noticed me looking at her. And she looked away.

She finished first and crossed me towards the exit. I was done too but I let her go first. Her tits jiggled slightly as she walked past me. And her swaying ass seemed to call me. I headed after her.

She was standing by her car when I approached her.

"Hi. It's me again."

"Hi!" She seemed pleased to see me again. I took that as a good sign.

"You know...am from out-of town...and I know this is weird...and if you think I am coming onto you...that would probably be true...was wondering if you'd have time for a coffee...there's a Starbucks right across..."

She looked in the direction I was pointing. Sure enough, there was a Starbucks. Her eyes fluttered for a second. The quiver of her lips again. Then she said,

"Um...I make coffee...would you try some of mine?"


Like I would say no to that! I said aloud, "Should I follow you in my car?"


We pulled up in front of a sprawling condominium complex. I parked in a spot marked visitor. She parked in a numbered spot. We walked together to where she lived. She had picked up her baby on the way.

"You like it here?"

"I guess. People stick to themselves. Private. Secure."

"Must have been exciting having the baby...is he entirely on formula?" After all, I had seen her buying baby food.

She seemed shy for a moment. Then she said,

"Not entirely. Am supplementing. I still breast feed."

I glanced at her full breasts. They were bouncing softly as we walked. She caught me looking. She bit her lower lip and looked away. Embarrassed, perhaps - her nipples were visibly swelling up and she had no control.

The faint smell of curry greeted us when we entered. Once inside, pointing to the couch, she said,

"Make yourself at home...I'll get the coffee."

The baby started bawling. I told her,

"Listen, if you need to breast feed or something else...feel free."

"Actually, I do. He's hungry now...he'll sleep soon though and then we...can talk?"

"That'll work," I said settling into a chair, "You take the couch."

I watched as she unbuttoned her shirt and guided the baby to her milk-swollen breast. She looked up at me and caught me staring. Smiling, she said,

"Can you get me a drink...there's some apple juice in the refrigerator...nursing makes me thirsty...help yourself too."

"Sure," I said.

I served her the drink and settled myself into a comfy chair and watched her. She had let down her straight long dark hair, which had been in a pony-tail when I first saw her. A thick strand covered half her face and cascaded down. I watched her hands caress the baby gently. They seemed so soft and caring.

Soon, the baby fell asleep. She had asked me to wheel the crib from a bedroom into the living area. I helped her put the baby into the crib. He settled into the crib, sleeping peacefully. There was an awkward silence as we stood side-by-side watching the baby sleep. I slipped my hand under her arm.

"You have a good baby here, Maya."

She half-turned and said,


I put a curled finger under her chin, lifting. I looked into her deep brown eyes. Her full lips were slightly parted. I smelled her breath. I kissed her open mouth. She didn't resist. We broke free after a few seconds. Looking into her eyes again, I asked her,

"What's your story, Maya?"

She shook her head.

"I am a no story...boring life...boring job..."


"He's ok. Not in love with me or anything."



"Hard to imagine...not loving you...you are beautiful."

"And you?"

"I think he's a good guy...just not exciting..."

She lowered her head, not meeting my eyes. Then she said,

"You're a kind man, Jack. I like that. It's very attractive in a man, you know."

I lifted her chin again.

"Talk to me, kid. What's wrong with your marriage?" "Nothing really. Everything is fine. We got married a couple years ago. Our families knew each other...I've known him for a long time...never thought I'd marry him, or anything."

We had moved to the couch as she talked. She lay back and talked. I sat up and held her hand, caressed her arm.

"Then what happened?" I asked.

"Nothing. And that's the boring part. Nothing at all. The baby came...almost scripted. Hubby works. I work. He comes home late, sleeps the night and goes away. I look after the baby...get my work done...phone girlfriends and family sometimes...read...watch tv..."

"Put your feet up," I suggested interrupting her.

"Put them on my lap...let me give you a relaxing foot massage as you talk...am really good at it, even though I say it myself."

She laughed and said,

"Oh. You are so different, Jack!"

She gave me her feet and continued,

"See...the problem is...we never really talk. Like, with you, we have known each other for a couple hours...and we are talking...relaxing. With him...I live with him...yet..."

She sighed. And I let my hands wander up her leg, massaging and relaxing her calf muscles now.

"Oh...that feels good."

"Just lie back...close your eyes if you want to...and enjoy," I said.

She lay back and closed her eyes. I massaged her knees, hiking her skirt up. She let me have my way. I ran my hands under her skirt to her thighs, kneading. Gently rubbing the insides of her thighs, I touched her panties with the back of my hand. Moist. Definitely.

She was still letting me have my way. I parted her legs and leaned forward. My intent - to get my mouth on her pussy. Suddenly, she closed her legs and sat up.

"What are you doing?" she exclaimed.

I was confused. I had figured she wanted me to have my way with her.

"Why...I thought...I could...you wanted me to..." I stammered.

"Yeah...but what were you doing?"

Realization dawned on me.

"You mean?" I asked - the question unspoken.

She stared at me. Then said,


"He has never...no man has ever... licked you there?"

"No." And this time there were tears in her eyes. She said,

"We had sex a couple times...then there was the baby...and after...I didn't want to get pregnant again that soon...and he...he..."

"He hasn't been interested?"

She nodded and cried.

"Well, it's the perfect time to experiment with alternate ways...oral sex...don't you think?"

"Yes, but I wouldn't know how and he..."

"Maya," I said softly, "Look at me."

She looked up at me through tear-filled eyes.

"It's ok. I understand...you've never done this before...just relax...let me show you how...just...just give me a chance..."

She nodded silently.

I parted her legs again. Kissing her inner thighs, I smelled her pussy. Then I looked up at her, and asked,

"Are you totally relaxed...good?"

She nodded shyly. Smiling, the tears gone, she asked,

"Do I smell all right...down there...you know?"

I had to smile big. Man, did she ever smell good! Oh yeah, that pussy smelled real good.

To her, I said,

"You smell great, honey...just relax and enjoy."

I licked at her moisture through the fabric of her panties. Strong pussy smell now. She was watering inside.

I pushed aside her panty. She had shaved in the last week or so. But there was a thin layer of hair covering the coffee colored skin of her mound. Substantially wet pink lips peeked from between her crack. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy crack up to her clit.

"Mmmm...Maya...you taste good," I said aloud.

Her hands were on either side. And my mouth on tops her pussy.

"Your tongue...that...that felt good..." she replied.

"Wait...I can make you feel better, sweetie."

And I swirled my tongue on her clit. Engorging the little thing.


Then I worked her mound area - licking like a dog, swiping away the tiniest drop of juice from her hole like a big prize for my efforts. She was in ecstasy - from her moans. I took my time, spoiling every little square inch of her skin with my tongue. Nose occasionally buried deep in her wetness. Enjoying the smell and sticky wetness.

She had the appetite of a first-timer. She couldn't get enough of my tongue. I took her hands resting by her pussy and put them on my head suggestively. Soon she was holding my head and pushing me into her pussy, holding my hair - directing me to her clit. I lapped. She moaned. We did this for a while.

Then I slipped a finger, then two, into her slippery pussy hole. And took her entire clit into my mouth. As I finger fucked her pussy, my tongue flicked the head of her clit. This brought bigger moans and a final huge huge huge cum. She lifted her ass and thrust her pelvis into my face as she came - shuddering all over and moaning aloud,


She fell back on the couch exhausted. I sat up, my face covered with her pussy juices. She was shivering from the intensity of her cums. Her shirt was soaked - she had been leaking milk profusely. I put my arm around her and held her tight.

"Was it good?" I whispered.

"Yes...very...thank you." She said softly.

She kissed me then. Tasting her own pussy on my mouth.

"You like your taste?" I asked her.

"Mmm...I think so, yes!"


"Now tell me," I said, "Why don't you do this with your husband...have you even asked him?"

Her face turned serious. She said,

"I don't know...never asked...I just assumed he would be the one to propose this kind of thing...and...and he never does."

"You know, perhaps, you should take the initiative...try new things in bed with him...look around you...you have a good life otherwise...maybe this is what both of you need to discover...might make life less boring..."

"Yeah...but...he isn't like you...you understand...he..."

She rolled her eyes.

"Give him a chance?"

"But, I want you!"

"Oh, stop. I'll be gone...you have your life ahead."

She started crying.

"Don't cry. We can stay in touch."

"We never will." And I knew she spoke the truth. I didn't say anything.

After a while she stopped crying. Wiping her tears, she smiled.

"I am going to be very brave, Jack. You're right. I do have a good life...then there's the baby. But I don't want to think of all that now. Right now, I want to think of you...you alone." She looked at her wristwatch and said,

"We have about thirty minutes before he returns...can I make you that coffee...and we talk about you and me...about us...forget reality for a while."

Touched, I nodded silent agreement.

I watched her in the kitchen as she put the coffee together.

"There," she said handing me a steaming mug. She was standing close to me. She sniffed. Then she giggled.

"I can smell myself over the coffee...will you be going out smelling like my pussy?"

"Yeah. Whoever smells me will know I got some pussy tonight."

She laughed.

"Isn't there something I can do for you...some way you can pleasure yourself...don't want to get pregnant though...how would I explain baby's blonde head?" She was giggling.

"I can safely assume you have never sucked a cock in your life, right?"

"You assume correctly."

"Would you give it a shot?"

"Would love to...actually...now that I am thinking about it...want you to be my first."

I leaned back on the kitchen counter as she kneeled in front of me. She unzipped me and put her hand inside my briefs. Playing with my cock, she looked up at me. Her soft hands caressed my cock. The sensation was pleasurable.

Smiling now, she pulled my cock out. I was semi-hard. She wrapped her full lips around my cock and looked up at me. My cock hardened in her mouth.

She unwrapped her lips.

"Mmm...you are filling my mouth."

"You don't have to swallow all of it right away. Use your tongue to lick the head and under - those are erotic spots," I instructed.

She complied. She was generous with her tongue - using the flat part, wrapping as much of her tongue around my cock as she could. And wet. She was salivating over my cock. "How am I doing?"


"What else can I do?"

"Lick my balls."

Encouraged, she licked my balls while my cock throbbed.

"What else can I do?"

"Stand up," I said.

I moved up behind her. "Bend down...hold onto the counter."

She did as she was told.

I lifted her skirt. Down came her panties. Her naked buttocks. My cock throbbed inches away. I parted her ass cheeks. Her brown ass hole. Puckered rim. I put my cock on her ass hole.

"I am going to use your ass to cum...is that ok?"

She nodded consent.

My cock's head was still half wet from her tongue. But I used my own spit to wet it a bit more. Then I pushed into her ass hole. Tight fit. She gasped - surprise. She didn't move away though.

"Hold still," I said.

Holding her waist I pushed my cock all the way into her bum hole.


"Relax your muscles," I said, using a hand on her back to keep her in position.

My cock had been throbbing all the while I had eaten her pussy. And then while she sucked and licked me. The net effect - I was about ready to explode. Just when I thought another couple strokes and I was going to shoot my load in Maya's ass, the doorbell rang.

Or, I figured it was the doorbell. She confirmed that.

"He's back!" she said. I wasn't going to stop. I didn't miss a stroke as I fucked that tight hole. Semen spilled out of my pole filling her ass. Awesome pleasure. Release. Relief.

I pulled out of her and white semen spilled out of her brown hole, streaking her chocolate ass cheeks. Even as I pulled my pants up as fast as I could, she pulled down her skirt.

"Quick, the fire escape," she whispered.

"Show me."

She did. I left the building as if it was on fire. Didn't even get her phone number. I knew where she lived though. Would I ever visit her again?

I found my car and drove off. The pressure in my crotch had been building from the moment I had set eyes on that woman. The ass fuck and the release was a life-saver. Images of her brown ass cheeks with my cock sliding in and out of her hole played on my mind that night. Her body warm, soft and supple.

And Maya? The name means illusion - the dictionary told me that later. When I left Jersey that time, I wondered what would happen to her. A voice inside me told me she would be all right. As long as I stayed away from her. As long as she remained an illusion - a hallucination - for that one surreal summer evening in Jersey.

She would find happiness with her family. I hoped I had set her on course for that. Funny thing - I never did taste her coffee. I guess I can live with tasting her pussy.

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