tagIncest/TabooIndian Incest: All Are Involved Ch. 22

Indian Incest: All Are Involved Ch. 22


When we arrived home, SIS and MIL was pacing anxiously in the living room. I was the one to open the door. Both of them rushed to me and bombarded me with questions. I decided to yank their chains a bit and said nothing. BIL understood my intentions and he just carried MOM on his shoulder and sat her on the couch. He went back to get daddy. Meanwhile, I just sat beside MOM saying nothing. Both women were now looking at us with puzzled expressions and their eyes demanded answers. When BIL brought in dad and sat him on the other couch, Mona tried to question him but he also said nothing and sat beside dad. It was a rather funny situation and I knew inside they were worried sick. On the way, I had told MOM much details of how I got intimate with first BIL, then Mona and SIS too. She was playing along too. Just when I could see that SIS was about to burst into tears, I said: Hey MOM, why don't you give me another blowjob?

MOM just said okay and immediately began to unzip my fly and before you could say BJ, she had my cock in her mouth. Both SIS and Mona gave a yell of surprise which was soon replaced by cheering. MOM was busy sucking my dick when. Mona and SIS both ran and hugged me. I told MOM to stop and said: I think these poor ladies need some explaining, why you don't go ahead and tell them what they need to know. I'm tiered and would like to sleep now.

I got up to leave. My cock was semi erect now and was dangling out of my fly but I did not bother to put it back in. I went to my room and BIL followed me there. He said that it would be such a waste to lose such a lovely erection and began to undress me. But I remembered one more thing and I told BIL to stop and bring daddy in.

When he came back with daddy, I was naked and rubbing my cock. Dad averted his eyes on this sight but I ordered him on his knees and BIL pushed him down. He was kneeling in front of me with my cock aimed straight at his face. I was beginning to enjoy being the master ordering around his slave.

Me: okay dad, here goes: since you have been briefed about the kind of lifestyle we have here. I know you did not want this upon yourself and I somewhat feel sorry for you, but I cannot simply put this family into jeopardy. I love you dad, but in the past year my definition of love has only been reduced to sexual love. I have fucked almost everyone in our family and today I even consummated my mother's carnal love.

Dad: I know son. I must admit that it is hard for me to accept, but I know no life without your mother. She is the reason for me being alive. As long as you let me be with her, I'll never speak ill for you. Neither shall I divulge the secret of this family to anyone outside. I promise by my life.

Me: Dad, I want to trust you, but I simply cannot take a risk that big. Otherwise I would've set you free but now that you are trapped in here, you have to prove your worth here.

Dad: I'll do anything as long as you don't take my love from me. What do I have to do?

Me: Well, I have thought of a plan to test your faithfulness. If you pass, I promise that MOM will never say no to make love to you. Otherwise, I'll go out of my way to make sure that you keep your mouth shut.

Dad: Anything son, anything.

Me: As you already know that BIL is gay and let me tell you that I myself am a bisexual. So all you have to do is to make yourself comfortable with being gay. And you'll have to have sex with me and BIL. If you manage to make yourself a proper satisfactory gay, in a few days, I'll put your luggage in MOM's room. Meanwhile you can stay in the servant quarters. They are deserted anyway.

BIL was nodding his approval for my plan immediately and dad was contemplating the idea with closed eyes. He took a couple of minutes and then said: Okay, I will try my best. But please can we start in a couple of days. My ass already hurts like hell.

Me: Okay, we'll chill with the anal stuff, but you can never be sore for a blowjob. So please suck the sperm out of your beautiful son in law's dick.

BIL was jumping with excitement as he removed his pants and sat on the edge of the bed. Dad slowly approached him and with trembling hand held his dick in front of his face then with a gasp, he dove on it and devoured it completely into his mouth. He left it there for some time and then began to slowly move up his head over it. I could see that he was already giving BIL a proper blowjob and I could've sworn that it was not his first time. But then I remember what BIL once told me: Guys give the best blowjobs because they know how a dick feels good. BIL was in ecstasy. He reached out and dragged me by my cock and began to suck me. BIL came first in daddy's mouth and ordered dad not to spill any. He obliged, BIL increased his mouth's pace on my dick and I too shot a couple of table spoons in his hungry mouth. But he did not swallow. Instead he spat my goo in daddy's mouth and told him to swallow that too.

I was pleased with daddy's performance and I congratulated him.

Me: Dad, you'll do fine. You'll be hooked to our dicks in one month.

Dad gave me a faint but tired smile and I told BIL to escort daddy to his accommodation. I myself took a long bath and after that slept like a baby.

When I woke up, the household was not its usual quiet self. I could hear restlessness and rumbling outside. I dressed up and went out. Everybody was already up and about to have breakfast. Mona was practically dancing around the kitchen and it was evident how happy she was. SIS was feeding the baby without any shirt on and one of her milk-full tits was totally open to the sunshine. BIL was reading the newspaper and was dressed for office. MOM was helping Mona with the kitchen and dad was sitting quietly in the corner. They greeted me and Mona served a dish in front of me. I said that I wanted some fresh milk and everybody laughed.

BIL and I left for office in his car. BIL was in good mood I was feeling lighter too. But I was thinking that now that all family members are involved in the sex, I expected to see a huge orgy soon. I must say that the thought was pleasing me.

I spent a boring day in office and kept thinking all the pussies and assholes waiting for me to fuck back at home. When I and BIL left the office I could already see an erection in BIL's pants. He was driving so I gently placed my hand on his crotch. I rubbed it gently just to make things interesting and when he was fully hard, I replaced my hand. He said that it was not fair as he was expecting more, but I kissed him on the check and said: wait a little honey we are due for a treat back home.

But I could understand BIL's worries. He knew that now I was the only guy in the house who had to satisfy all these people. I knew that already. And I had a plan too. It was: Sexual Performance Enhancing Drugs. I found a couple of good products to my liking. What I was looking for was a thing that may or may not prolong my timing but could reduce the recharge time. I found what I wanted and had called in an order from office. I told BIL to stop at the pharmacy to pick it up. It was a bottle of very large, light blue colored pills with instructions that one pill equals to one orgasm. Please don't take more than 4 in 24 hours. I smiled at the instructions, knowing that 5 orgasms a day were going to be enough. I took one pill in the car and when we reached home, I was feeling a little sensation in my balls.

In the drive way, I finally decided to end BIL's misery and a soon as the automated door of the garage closed, I took out his cock and began to suck it. I sucked him for a couple of minutes then I told him to go inside and wait for his turn in his room. He practically ran away inside. I composed myself and entered the house. There in the living room, all the ladies were sitting. They greeted me in unison and then Mona threw herself in my arms. I was expecting that so I managed to keep my balance. She was kissing me and undressing me at the same time. I was out of my shirt and pants in no time and now she was removing her top. As I took a step back to give her room to undress, I saw a pleasing scene. MOM and SIS were making out on the couch.

They were indeed dueling tongues and MOM was fondling SIS's boobs through her shirt. SIS was rubbing MOM's crotch though her dress. As I was admiring the beauty of the scene, I realized that Mona was already naked and now freeing my cock from my underwear. She began to suck it very fast and soon she was keeling before me in doggy-style position offering me her holes. I kissed and licked each of the holes and then I started to lick her pussy. I was now a pro at cunnilingus and in a few licks I had already brought us to her first orgasm. I then put my cock in her pussy and began to fuck her steadily. I looked to my side and saw that on the couch the other girls were naked too and now MOM and SIS were licking each other's twats in 69 position.

That sight was enough to send me to the edge however I did not want to cum in Mona's pussy. I withdrew and spilled my spunk all over her ass and back. Sis saw that I was done. She got up from MOM and began to lick Mona clean of my spunk. MOM joined her too and both the ladies cleaned her up. After that Mona got up MOM assumed her position. I began to lick her twat while SIS sucked on my cock. It took me a mere 5 minutes to get hard again. The drug was working well. I began to fuck MOM who already had two orgasms. Soon I was pulling out of her pussy too but this time SIS did not let me cum over her back as she took it in her mouth and swallowed it all. I took a pill out of my pocket and took it. The girls let me sit on the couch and spread my legs. MOM and Mona got on their knees and stated to suck my cock and balls in turns. While SIS got on my chest and ordered me to suck her pussy. I did not waste time and began the ritual. I loved the pair of mouths that was working simultaneously on my cock and balls. Occasionally they would lick my asshole too. Soon I was hard but before that SIS had already came a couple of times.

I brought her down on my lap and slammed my cock up her pussy. As she began to ride me with passion, I could see her milk jugs bouncing in front of me. I lowered my face to take a nipple in my mouth and began to drink her milk.

Mona was now in 69 with MOM and from lower down she was also fingering my asshole. I did not withdraw from SIS's vagina as I left torrents of my semen in her tunnel. After that I was totally spent.

The women thanked me and kissed me as I left for BIL's room. I had taken another tablet on my way to BIL's room. He was in the bed but I could see that he was not very excited. He must've heard the racket we were causing outside for a couple of hours and was thinking that now I did not have enough stamina for him. He did know what the pills were for. I knew what I had to do. I removed my underwear and let my cock free. It was already erect. I roughly turned him over on his belly and he automatically lifted his ass up. I spat on the asshole and then on my dick and in one thrust, I shoved it in completely. He was taken by surprise by this assault but as I began to fuck him he replied with shoving his hips back. I fucked him roughly and very fast. I yelled at him, "So you thought your dear Sahil will not be able to satisfy you after he is done with those three pussies."

He was yelling with painful pleasure. He could only reply: Oh Sahil! You are god!

I knew my techniques of prolonging the climax and I gave his ass a pounding of 20 straight minutes before I unloaded my balls. After that I collapsed on top without withdrawing my cock from his ass. He turned over and hugged me from under. He began to kiss my lips. I rolled over and let him on the top. He began to kiss all over my body and when he reached my crotch he opened my legs and made me hold them over my head. He then began to worship my asshole.

After sucking and licking my ass for ten minutes or so, he spat on his dick and slowly entered my asshole. I encouraged him by keeping my hips apart using my hands. He steadied the pace and soon his body was like a blur. I was enjoying the sensation so much that after he had shot his sperm into my ass, my dick was hard yet again. He collapsed at my side and I kissed him. I looked at the clock. It was already 9 o'clock.

We decided to take a bath and freshen up.

Half an hour later, MOM came into the room to call us for dinner. BIL was romantically stroking my hair at that time. MOM smiled and told us that dinner was ready. At dinner I announced: My dear family. It is decided now. I will try to satisfy all the woman of the family sexually but my BIL is my priority.

All the ladies encouraged the idea and assured me of their support.

Me: MOM and Mona will share a room and dad will stay outside in the servant quarters.

Nobody raised any objections. So, I began: Now, we have, as you know, a big problem. We have to keep the secret from Pamela. Silence fell on the table on hearing that. It appeared that in their excitement, they had completely forgotten her.

Mona: Oh my! I don't think now we will be able to keep it down. How will we do that Sahil?

Me: Well, I have an idea but I am hesitant in saying it out loud.

BIL: Come On Sahil! Please let us know. I don't have any idea what to do about my baby sister.

Me: BIL, I was thinking that . . . she may be let in on the secret.

Mona: But Sahil dear, I don't think that it is such a good idea. Everyone in this room has some very dysfunctional reason to be involved in a relationship like ours. But she is a young beautiful girl. She is normal to say the least. She will surely be freaked out and then everything will be undone. Or wait a minute. Are you suggesting your rape idea again? Like with your mother? Sahil beta I think. . .

Me: I'm not suggesting that. She does not need to be raped. She can be seduced and eased into it.

BIL: Here is an idea Sahil. Why don't you marry her? And after the marriage, you can tell our secrets to her. I bet once she is with you, she will not want to let you go.

Me: Actually that is what I had in my mind. I would love to marry your sister. That is if you want to wed your sister into a family of perverts.

Mona: I know of that family actually. It's my favorite family in the world.

Everyone laughed at that.

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