tagIncest/TabooIndian Incest: All Are Involved Ch. 23

Indian Incest: All Are Involved Ch. 23


After dinner Mona took food for dad in the servant Quarters. He was not allowed at the dinner table yet. I was feeling tired and went to my room after dinner. I was drifting off to sleep when someone walked into the room. It was Mona and Mom.

Mona: We came to say goodnight but my Choot wants to say hello too. I know that you had a rough night already but Pamela will be here tomorrow and we all have to behave ourselves then. Saying that she removed her Salwar and let it fall on the floor. She slipped into the bed under my sheets and began to search for my dick. MOM did the same too. I was sandwiched between the two women. I was really tired so I decided to lie on my back and let them do the work. Mona was now sucking my cock and MOM was French kissing me. Then they switched places and MOM was on my dick now. It was already getting hard. So instead of wasting time, MOM straddled me and began to ride my cock.

Mona got up and began to suck MOM's boobs and doing so, her ass was placed on my face. I readily began to kiss the asshole. I inserted my tongue into her asshole and began to move it in and out. MOM soon hit her climax; and she fell down in a heap on my side. My cock was still very functional and erect but Mona did not waste a second to sit down on it and start bouncing. I was still feeling that my orgasm is no way near yet. Mona also had her orgasm and got down. She was amazed to see the penis still erect. She offered that should she suck it off till I came but I had a different idea.

I told them to play a game. I told MOM to be on all fours and then I told Mona to lick her ass for lubrication. She obliged immediately. After a couple of minutes of licking her ass, Mona then spat on my cock and then helped it in the asshole of MOM. MOM let out a shriek but Mona soothed her down immediately by going under and licking her pussy.

MOM wasn't a virgin there, yet it was obvious that she had very little anal action in her life. After a couple of minutes of fucking, I was beginning to enjoy it. I felt my orgasm building so I withdrew from her ass and asked Mona to suck it clean. I was sure that Mona will puke it out because I had seen some yellowish brown mass in the tip of my dick, but surprisingly she kept sucking it like a professional slut. That was turning me on like crazy. I wanted to do that again. So I decided to test MOM now. I told both women to swap positions. MOM was now preparing Mona's ass to be fucked. I began to fuck Mona's ass and MOM assumed the position under her pussy. After a couple of minutes, I felt my balls building up a release again. So I pulled out and offered it to MOM. She tried but finally she gagged and ran into the bathroom with her hands on her mouth. I was a little disappointed, but I had still a hard on So, I told Mona to suck me to orgasm. She happily began to munch my prick and in a few minutes, I had delivered my load into her food canal. MOM was standing by the bed looking a little embarrassed. But I kissed her forehead and told her that the fault was mine. I should've not rushed you to the extreme stuff.

Mona: Don't worry didi, you'll get better with time.

The ladies kissed me and left the room. I fell asleep and I woke up in the morning. I was naked and lying on the bed covers. I was feeling well rested and refreshed and my morning wood greeted me good morning. I took shower and got out to see that BIL was already leaving to pick up Pamela. Everybody was a little silent and sheepish. Mona fixed me breakfast and before I was finished. BIL and Pamela were back. Pamela was looking relieved to come back home. She rushed to the Baby's Cot and showered it with kisses. I was now noticing Pamela in a new light. She was going to be my wife perhaps.

She was very beautiful and her tan complexion was a real turn on. I had been noticing her since the time I moved in with this family but I did not mention it due to the turn of events. I had rather grown to think of her as a younger sister. But it wasn't going to be a problem in my case.

That day, when I returned from the office, I found sister siting in the living room with Pamela. As I greeted them, I noticed that Pamela was looking at me and smiling. I looked to sister and she gave me a sheepish grin. I decided not to press the matter and went to my room to change. After that, I came out to watch some TV. SIS and Pamela were watching some boring Indian serial. I protested that I wanted to watch a cricket match. After some protests, the girls finally gave in and gave me the remote.

SIS and Pamela began to chit chat as I watched the match. SIS told Pamela that our parents have decided to stay for a few weeks.

During the match I noticed that Pamela was stealing glances of me and looked away whenever I looked. I was a bit curious but ignored the significance. Suddenly the baby started to weep and SIS announced that she needed to feed him. I was surprised that SIS suddenly yanked of her Qameez and put baby's mouth to her breast without bothering to cover up the other one. I did not ogle but it was very distracting. I was amazed not only at SIS's boldness, but also for the fact that Pamela did not raise an eyebrow on this action. I was slightly aroused and was wondering that what'd happen if Pamela noticed my erection.

Thankfully I was saved by the timely arrival of Aunty Mona and MOM. They had been shopping dresses and grocery for the party. The women also did not comment on SIS's indiscretion and began to show the girls their shopping. I thought I'd not be a spoil support for the ladies and decided to go to my room and take a nap. BIL was not yet home because he was arranging the party. I drifted off to sleep as soon as I hit the bed. I was woken up by Aunty Mona for dinner.

At dinner table, everyone was talking about the party. Pamela noticed daddy's absence.

Pamela: Where is your dad didi? And why is he stationed in the servant shack?

SIS: Well as you may know that dad is very religious. He has doing puja for mine and baby's wellness. He does not want to be bothered. I'll take dinner for him after I'm done here.

Pamela was satisfied with this answer and the topic was changed back to Party preparations.

BIL had invited all the family as well as few close friends. It was going to be held at our property a few blocks away and was being catered by the city's most expensive catering company.

After dinner, everyone retired to their rooms. I also thought it was a good idea to sleep early as the next day the party was surely going to be exhausting. But because I had taken a nap not long ago, it was a full hour after which I was finally drifted off to sleep.

I hadn't been sleeping long, when I was woken up by the sound of door opening. I thought it must be one of the horny ladies who could not sleep and had come for a little sexual relief. But when I switched on the light, I was surprised to see Pamela.

Pamela: I hope that I did not wake you up.

Me: it's okay, what do you want at this hour?

Pamela came and sat the end of my bed and I sat up.

Pamela: Well, I wanted to talk about your sister told me today.

Me: Okay. Go on.

Pamela: Is it true that you have shown interest in wanting to marry me?

I was taken aback and was a little embarrassed. Pamela was smiling broadly and was enjoying my discomfort.

Me: Well . . . I may have suggested that. Why? Is that wrong to ask for a young boy to ask the hand of a young beautiful girl?

This time she was embarrassed. But she recovered quickly.

Pamela: Yes it is, now days, to ask for hand of girl before consulting the girl first.

Me: Fair enough. Look Ms. Pamela. I think that living around you has made me realize that you'd be a perfect life partner for me.

Pamela: Hey are you making a business deal here mister?

Me: No! Not at all; I care for you. Since, I have moved here, I've grown to be rather fond of you and I considered you like my little sister but. . .

Pamela: Really? Little sister? You sure know how to kill a girl's mood. It is the worst proposal I have heard in my life. I'm going.

But as she was about to leave I quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her near me. I held her tightly so that her chest was pressed against mine. Before she could protest, I began to kiss her cheeks and neck. I noticed that she was not fighting. I spoke between the kisses.

Me: Pamela honey. Ever since I moved here, I've been thinking about you. I've never met anyone as beautiful as you and you are the queen of my dreams. I've long since loved you. But I had to make my worth first. Now that I have a steady career, I can concentrate on you and only you.

I then held his face in my hands and said: Will you please marry me Pamela. And I placed my lips on hers. She was completely still, but I could sense that she loved it. As I withdrew my lips and my hands from her, she smiled and shyly ran away. But before she ran out of the room, she turned and said: Yes.

I was happy how I had managed to take control over her and I thought that the next part will be easy. I just had to ensure her of my love. I knew that I was not lying when I said that I loved her. . .


The next morning I woke up in a happy mood. In the shower I found myself humming my favorite love songs. I was finally going to have a normal sexual partner which is acceptable all over the world. The idea was very exciting.

At the breakfast table, I announced: Dear family. As you know that I've been asking your blessings for getting married to Pamela. Well, last night, I formally proposed to Pamela and she accepted.

The announcement was met by huge cheering from the gathering and Mona leapt up to kiss my forehead and I put on a good show of touching her feet and then MOM's too. Pamela was blushing but was very happy as everybody congratulated her.

BIL announced that at today's party, we will hold a formal engagement ceremony.

When the evening came, everybody began to get ready. I chose a gray suit with blue shirt and a red tie. I liked the effect in the mirror and left the room. In the living room I met MOM and Mona who wearing saris. Mom was looking stunning in pale blue sari with a very naughty and low cut blouse. Mona was giving her a good competition with her lime colored sari that was highlighting her form. I could bet that both ladies were not wearing any bra. Mona said that we should leave in your car and BIL can take the rest of us who weren't ready yet. I liked the idea. But I knew that it was not going to be a short drive. Mona sat in the front seat while MOM sat in the back.

As soon as we were out of the drive way, Mona was already taking out my dick. She gave it a few strokes and then went down to suck it. She was doing a really good job and I was having a hard time concentrating on the road. I turned the car to a rather deserted part of the town. I reached a plain ground that was several acres of deserted land. I drove towards the center and when I was about a kilometer from the road, I stopped. As soon as I stopped, I laid down the back of the driving seat and lied down straight. Now Moan and Mom both had access to me. MOM had lifted up her sari above her waist and she placed her pussy on my mouth. She also joined Mona in sucking my cock and balls.

I was about to explode and I did not have time for multiple orgasms so I told them to stop. I waited a couple of minutes for the heat to go down and then I told Mona to ride my dick while I licked MOM's Pussy. The ladies assumed the position Mona began to ride my dick with good pace. I was under MOM but I could assume that the ladies were enjoying each other's bodies too. MOM had her first orgasm and she arched her back and even squirted a little bit in mouth too. I love squirters; so I gladly drank her leaked cum. Not long after that Mona had her orgasm too.

Now it was Mom's turn to get fucked. I got up and made MOM go down on all fours at the front seat. I wanted to take her Doggy Style. It was a tricky position in the crammed up space of the car and I had to bend my knees but I soon got into a good rhythm. Soon I was fucking MOM with full speed and Mona was French kissing me. I had an earth shattering orgasm and I must've left a cup full of my seed in her vagina. Mona told MOM to push out the cum as she wasn't carrying any panties and cum would run down her legs. So mom squatted down and began to release my semen on the leather seat. Mona liked the cum clean of the seat and we arranged ourselves and headed back to the party. On the way, we stopped at the jewelry store picked up engagement rings that we ordered earlier.

Almost everybody had arrived when we reached at the party. BIL welcomed me and I began to greet the guests. Almost everybody that we knew in this world was there in the Party.

Pamela was looking ravishing in a red Sari. I could not help but steal glances of her all through the evening.

I met Sanya and Swana and Kant. Swana casually hugged me in greeting which stirred up my dick a bit but I knew that she was one of the things I will have to let go of. I intended to keep my focus on my family after marrying Pamela. Frankly, the kind of action I was going to get at home, would mean that I will not need any other girl all my life. It was a happy prospect. But still a big hurdle remained. I was not sure that Pamela will accept our life style. This thought worried me a little but in the end I decided that this time the risk was much lesser than we had already taken. I just had to play my cards right.

Soon BIL was on the stage to make an announcement. Taking a hint, Mom held my arm and took me to the stage. Aunty Mona and Pamela did the same.

BIL: Dear friends and family members, I thank you all for joining us on this auspicious occasion. I have a couple of announcements to make. First is that, I've finalized a name for my Son. We'll call him Ravi.

The crowd clapped and cheered on this announcement.

BIL: Secondly, as you may know that Pamela, my lovely sister, has reached the age of marriage. We are lucky that we did not have a hard time finding a groom for her. Because we thought that who could be a better person for her than the man who has not only been taking care of our business, but also of my family lately. He is already a part of our family. I know this should not be hard to guess now; we have decided to unite my beloved brother in law Sahil and Pamela in the wedlock.

This time, there was mixed reactions from the crowd. Some cheered this announcement. Yet there were a few people who were less than happy with the announcement. A couple of them were elderly relatives who considered it as an insult that they had not been consulted before making such an important decision. But in the middle of the crowd a few ladies were heart broken. Swanya practically looked shocked and I saw her cover her face to hide tears. I felt bad for her. But I ignored her and approached Pamela with the ring that mom gave me. After the exchange of the rings, I began to receive congratulations from the family. BIL took charge and tried to calm down the protests of some angry relatives. All in all, the evening went on as usual Family get together.

After it was over, all of us were completely tired. I came home with Mother and Mona and headed for my room. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

It was sometime before dawn, when I was woken up by a gentle nudge. It was Pamela. She was sitting beside me on the bed.

Pamela: How boring are you? Today was your engagement and you are sleeping like a log?

I took a few moments to adjust and then replied: Well I figured engagement night was not Suhaag Raat (First Night after marriage on which Indians usually consummate their love.)

Pamela gave me a playful slap and then said: I could not sleep. I was thinking of our future. I thought I'll ask you what are your dreams and ideas about married life.

Me: Well my dear, I do have a few ideas but first let's hear yours.

Pamela: Hmmm. . . I wanted to ask a few things. First are you going to take me away from here? I mean, we are a great family together and I was hoping that we could start our family here.

Me: Don't you worry my dear. I have no intention of taking you away. In fact when I mentioned my affection for you to your Mother and she discussed it with your brother, they both agreed only on this condition that I will live here. I gave it some thought and since I am already a part of this family, I reckoned that wherever you are, it is fine for me.

I had played a master stroke here. I did not let it slip that marrying her was part of a plan. I needed her to believe that she was my first priority. Here is a tip: Never, let a girl think that she is second to any of your priorities. That's the secret of a happy relationship.

Pamela smiled at me and said: Another is that I wanted to confess that although love you; I must say that it is a bit awkward for me to accept you as a lover. Because the thing you said the other day, is true. I also began to think of you as a brother.

Me: I understand dear. Don't worry; I will not impose myself on you unless you are positive. I think we can be good friends even after we are married. In fact if you don't feel like doing it, I will not even touch you.

Pamela nodded off the idea and said: No, no, I don't think that is going to do good to any of us. I think we both should accept each other as lovers sooner rather than later.

Me: I certainly like that idea better.

Pamela was silent for a few moments and then she said: Sahil, have you ever . . . kissed a girl.

I was happy that things were going in the direction that I wanted them to be.

Me: You mean like that?

Saying that, I placed my lips on hers. The kiss was sweet and long. Before long it was turned into a fully sensual French-kiss and our tongues were dueling in each other's mouths. After what seemed like ages, we broke apart. Pamela smiled at me and said: Yes, like that. So, have you?

I was amused with her persistence and replied: I will never lie to you. Yes, I have kissed women before.

She was quiet and I felt like she was relieved at my answer.

Pamela: Well then, have you also done . . . I mean are you a virgin Sahil?

Me: No Pamela, I am not a virgin.

She was relieved at that information too. But she was still a bit nervous.

Pamela: Aren't you going to ask if I am a virgin?

Me: No my dear because it doesn't matter. I love you and that is all I need to . . .

Before I could finish the sentence, Pamela had placed her lips at mine. This time our kiss was even more romantic. I could feel the chemistry working. We both quivered at the slightest movement of each other's hands. I moved my hands around her back but did not make any lewd moves. It seemed like we could stay like that forever, but knock at the door brought us back to our senses. It was Aunty Mona who called my name and asked if was up. Pamela said, "Oh Shit! Mom!" and shyly ran out of the room telling to her mom that, "I was just checking if he was awake."

Mona said, "Of course you were honey." and winked at her. Pamela blushed furiously and ran away. Mona locked the door on her way in and sat on the bed at Pamela's place.

Mona: So, you guys are getting along fine I guess?

Me: Yup, working as a charm. Mona, I have to confess something. I had always fancied Pamela. Ever since I saw her, I fantasized about her. When I arrived here, in the back of my mind I had many plans to get into her panties. Of course they all involved marrying her first. But along the way, I lost my virginity to BIL then got the utmost pleasure to make love to my sister and you. I began to feel like the elder in this house. At the same time I never let go of the idea of marrying Pamela. Until by the grace of gods, I got the chance. It had to have something like that for me to confess my love. Because, even though you think that I am a very upfront and straight forward guy, I've found out that we all are cowards when it comes to the matters of the heart. I am telling you all that because I want you to know that I am not marrying you as a part of a plan or something. I am doing it because I want to. Pamela is the first normal relationship I am going to have, and I am more than excited by the idea.

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