tagIncest/TabooIndian Incest: All Are Involved Ch. 25

Indian Incest: All Are Involved Ch. 25


It was already about dawn when I finally lied down on my bed to sleep. I had the taste of cum and ass in my mouth and my ass was sensitive to touch. I liked the way it made me feel. Boy I was getting addicted to my gay side. I made a mental note of having a quickie in the office with BIL because in the evening, he would have to spend his energy in the training of dad. With this thought in my mind, I drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, there was an odd silence at the breakfast table. Mona, mother and Sis all were giving me nervous looks. Pamela was normal, but I had no idea what had happened to the rest of them.

After breakfast, Mona asked me that if I would drive her and mom to the market on my way to office. I knew that shopping was least of their objectives. As soon as I left the drive way. Mona said: Sahil beta, are you already fucking Pamela?

Me: No, we've not made love yet. Why? What happened?

Mona: Well, the thing is that Pamela should've had her periods started 3 to four days ago. But she is still not menstruating.

Mom: Mona, I think we have no need to worry. She is just a bit late. It happens. We don't need to panic yet.

Mona: Yes, you are right didi. Meanwhile, I don't think that we should be wasting a perfectly nice morning with a stud. What do you say?

Both of them giggled at that and I gave a smile. I told them that I have a few things to sort at the office, but Mom, who was sitting in the rear seat, had already began to massage my dick through my pants. I had no choice but to pull at a deserted corner. I thought that we could have a little privacy here. I stopped the car and rested the back of my seat so that I was lying down. My dick was soon out of my pants and in Mona's mouth, whilst mom's ass was resting on my face. I happily began to lick the pussy and asshole of my mother as Mona worked magic on my dick. After a few minutes, Mona felt my balls tightening and she knew that I would explode soon. So she stopped and told mom to switch.

Now I was licking the pussy of Mona, while mom decided to ride my dick. She straddled on me facing Mona and let my dick enter the hole that was my passage into this world. Due to lack of space, not much movement was possible. But you got to appreciate the enthusiasm of mom. My shaft was buried in her pussy up to the hilt and she was lifting herself in little jerks to keep the motion going. I was enjoying the sensation when. . . . KNOCK KNOK KNOCK!

Oh GOD, someone was taping the window. My heart skipped a beat and the ladies began to panic. Everyone hurriedly tried to become decent, but it was a futile attempt. Zipping up my pants, I looked at the window. Damn! Worst case scenario. There were two cops outside, with wicked smiles at their faces.

Oh boy! We were so fucked. Talk about the irony of the statement.

I had to think fast. I opened the door and the frightening looking one with big moustache yanked me by the collar and pulled me out of the car. (He was speaking in Local Language. and I'd like to write this dialogue in his language and then translate it for you)

Cop1: Keyon bey Harami! Sawayrey sawayrey Randi baji karye hai? Wo bhi Public Place ma?

(You damn bastard! Prostituting in the early morning? That too in a Public Place?)

Me: (Quickly reading the badge on his shirt) Aray Jaidixit Sab! Wapis chornay jar aha tha. Ap ghussa kiyon kartay ho? Aram sey kuch bat khatam kar letay hein na.

(Mr. Jaidixit I was just going to take these whores back. Why are you getting so angry? We can settle this down calmly)

Jai: Na bai na. Mamla teda hai. 3 -- 4 different offences hein. Ma awen nai chor sakta. Gadi mein dal inko Murli.

(Not at all! It is a complicated matter. There are 3 to 4 different offences. I can't let it go easily. Murli, put them in the van)

Me: Jai sab! Mein Awein chornay ka keh kub raha hu. Bolo kitnay chahiyen?

(I'm not asking you to let it go easily sir. How much do you want?)

Jai: Tu banda samajdar lagat hai. Par dekh beta. Kam sirf pesay ka nahi hai. Pesa tou kher lagay ga hi, kuch mannay aur bhi chahiye. Tum sary gadi mein betho. Kahin aur chal k baat kartay hein.)

(You look like a smart guy. Well, apart from the money. I want something else too. You sit in the car. We'll talk somewhere else)

I had no choice but to comply. I got into the driving seat of my car. Jai sat on the front seat beside. Mona and mother were terrified in the back seat. The police van was leading and I began to follow.

Me: Jai sab, bolo na kitnay lo gay. Paisey hein meray pass. Abhi kam khatam kar letay hein.

(Jai sir, tell me please. How much do you want? We can settle it right here)

Jai: Dekh bai. Agar mein tum logan ko andar dey k giraftari daloon tou case bara strong hai. Police evidence hai. Meidcal bhi ho jaye ga. Phir saray offence dalen tou 10 saal ki saja tou pakki hai. Kul mila kay 5 lakh ka kaam tou hai.

(Look man. If I arrest you and book you in, we have a very strong case against you. There is Poilce evidence and medical examination will be done. Then after counting all offences, you are at least go in for 10 years. It is a job worth at least Rs. 500,000)

In my situation, it was a cheap bargain, because he did not know that the supposed whores in my car were in fact my mother and my mother in law to be. But I knew better than to be sounding desperate.

Me: Kay Jai sab. Itnay baray officer ho, dil bara karo. 1 lakh pe done kartay hein, bolo tou abhi bank chalen?

(Come on Jai sir. You are such a big officer, show us your big heart. How about Rs. 100,000)

Jai: Dil tou mera in Randiyon kay phuday sey bhi bara hai. Par kam itna halka hai nahi. Chal tum esa karo, 4 lakh pe done karo)

(My heart is broader than the vaginas of these whores of yours, but it is not an easy task. Okay, let's see we'll deal at 400,000)

Me: Chalo na ap ka na mera. 2 50 final.

(Neither yours nor mine, how about Rs. 250,000)

Jai: Chal 250,000 tou theek hai, par sirf paisy na lagen gay. Tum budhimaan lagat ho. Humka maja bhi chaiye.

(Okay. We'll deal at 250,000 but money will not cover it all. We need pleasure as well.)

Me: Mein smajh gya Jai sab. Par kay ay na, ye randian bari door sey mangai hein. Mera business partner hai chuttiya randi baj. Upper sey salay ko shoq bhi baray gosht ka hai. Salay ko patanay k liye door gaaon sey lay key aya tha ye randiyan. In ka dalla haramkhor bhej nahi raha tha. Ek haftay k liye 20,000 hajar liye haramkhor ney. Abhi wapis karna hai jaldi. Warna harami gun lay kr humko dhoondhnay aa jaway ga yaha. Aap esa karo k 10,000 upper ley lo. Par baat aati jati karo.

(I understand sir. But the problem is that I brought these whores from a very far away village. My business partner is a fucking slut lover. Plus he is into MILFs. I had to arrange them from a distant village. Their pimp was reluctant to let them go. I had to give 20,000 for a week in advance. I have to return them as early as possible. Otherwise that motherfucker will start hunting for me with his gun. Why don't I throw in an extra 10,000 and we call it even.)

Jai: Na bai na. Ab humra lun khada ho gya, uss ka kon jimaydar? Aur mere bandhu logan kya kya? Haramkhor apnay Loday nikal kar bethay hon gey. Ye kam tou karna hi paray ga. Warna bat khatam nahi ho gi. Chal esa kartay hein mein in Randiyon ko apnay bandhu logan k paas utarat hoon. Phir hum dodno bank jawein gey. Tu paisey niklwa kar mujhay dey diyo. Jitni der mein hum wapis aawen gey, un ka bhi kaam ho jaye ga. Tension mat ley tu. Apna bacha log hein, theek thak wapis kar dey gey teri Randiyon ko. Kya bolay hai?

(No man. My dick has already hard. What do you think I'll do with it? And what will become of my buddies? They will be waiting with their dicks out already. We have to do this. Otherwise we have no deal. That's what we are going to do: I'll drop these ladies at the place where my buddies are waiting. Then we'll both go to that bank and you will give me the cash. By the time we are done at the bank, my buddies will be done with your sluts. Look, you don't worry. They are my buddies. They'll not hurt your whores. They will be returned unharmed.)

I could not think of a possibility of leaving my mother and Mona in hands of some strangers when mother spoke.

Mom: Theek hai sahib. Kitnay logon hein tumharay sath?

(Okay sir, how many men do you have with you?)

Jai: 5 tou hon gay hi.

(They will be at least 5)

Mom: Theek hai sahib hum dono chalen gi apkay sath. Magar is ka bill shehri babu ko dena paray ga. Wesay bhi pura hafta teray dost ney humein bore kiya. Choti si lulli hai uski aur 2 minute mein jhar jata hai. I shapat choot sookh gai meri tou. Jai sab apkey bandhu log tou mard hein na? Chalo issi bahanay meri choot ki kharish bhi kam ho jaye gi. Mein tou lun ko itna taras rahi thi kay mein ney zid kar kay shehri babu ki gari side ma lagwai our uss kay lun pey humla akar diya. Galti tou meri hi hai. Magar devi ji ki kirpa hai ki aap jesa acha afssar mil gaya. Warna jail ma tou gand phat jati hai.

(Okay, both of us with go with you, but the city boy here has to pay our bill. His business partner bored us the whole week. He has really small dick and he ejaculates barely in two minutes. I swear my pussy was dried up. I hope your buddies are real men Jai sir. I really hope to satisfy the itch of my pussy. I was so desperate to be fucked that I made city boy pull over the car and we just attacked his dick. It's all my fault. Thank goodness that we ran into a gentleman like you. Otherwise, I'd be screwed in the jail.)

I looked in the rearview mirror. Mom gave me a reassuring glance. She was confident that she could handle it. So with a very trembling heart, I gave in. And to make the matters worse, my dick was hardening again by listening to mom talk dirty. I tried to ignore it but I could feel my trousers tenting. Jai was stealing rather meaningful glancing at my lap. I tried to ignore that too.

Me: Theek hai bill tou mein dey doon ga. Magar apnay dallay ko kuch mat batana. Warna wo dubara tumhein bhejay ga nahi.

(Okay, I'll pay your bill. But please don't tell your pimp. He'll never send you again.)

Mom: Theek hai sab.

(As you say sir)

The van pulled over at a deserted building. It was really remote and the building looked like un-inhabited. But as soon as the van honked at the gate, it was opened from inside. The gatekeeper was a policeman too and there was another man with him. I told the ladies to be careful and they got out of the car. The van driver pulled both women by the arms and tossed them inside the gate. I had a very bad feeling, but I could think of nothing else. My only hope was to get to the bank and give jai money quickly.

I was speeding and Jai was trying to calm me down with small talk. I could see that it was his usual MO. I tried to reply his little questions. He was smart enough not to ask anything about my identity. At least he was far better than a fair and dutiful cop in that situation. I was thanking gods for that.

It took me about 45 minutes to reach the bank. I had reached at a very bad time and the crowded bank stalled me for further 30 minutes. I hurriedly paid Jai the money and while he counted it, I sped back. I was about to turn at the pathway that led to that deserted house where my mother and mother in law were being gangbanged, when Jai asked : "Abay tu ney ye tou poocha nahi k Jai sab ap kay bandhu logan ney tou majay ley liye, par ap kya kya mood hai?

(Hey you never asked that while my buddies had their fun, what about me?)

Me:Tou kay mood hai apka jai sab. Aap bhi apni bari ley lo, magar jaldi karna abhi uss haramkhor kay phone anay lag jaen gay.

(So you also take your turn at the whores but please be quick, any moment now that pimp will start calling)

Jai did not reply immediately but he looked at me rather conspicuously. We had reached the gate of the house, but Jai told me not to honk but to just turn off the engine. I did so and waited for his next command. He ogled my face for a couple more moments then spoke in a very calculated manner: Dekh bahya, bari tou mujhay chaiye, par un randiyon sey nahi.

(Look man, I do need my turn but not with those whores.)

Me: So what then?

Jai: Gay pata hai kay howat hai?

(Do you know what gay is?)

So this was the big secret. I was so desperate to get out of the situation that I did not even put up any act. In fact going a step further, I opened the fly of his pants and without even hesitating, I began to fellate him.

Jai: Jey baat.... Ah aha... dekha meri najar kabi dhoka nahi kha skati. Manne tharay ko bhi jan liya tha. Shabash... chooos choos issey khara kar. Aur apni gand mein ley.

(Ahhhh That's the spirit. I knew that my eyes can't be deceived. I knew your reality. Good...good....suck it...suck it... make it hard and then shove it in your pooper.)

His dick was uncircumcised and unusually thick. But it was not very long. It just took a couple of minutes for me to get it fully hard. Jai then opened that door of the car and stepped out leaving his pants behind. The area was well away from any population, and the car was in the cover of hedgerows. So we were kind of in the privacy zone. Jai stepped out with his dick in his hand. He asked me to get in a position of my choice. I took of my pants and bent over the seat of the car with my legs on the ground. He spat on my asshole and gave it a little lick before shoving his dick in my ass. It was the broadest thing that ever entered my pooper but I did not feel any remarkable discomfort. In fact I did not feeling anything other than the pooping sensation. I guess I had found out what it was like to be a pornstar. Anyways he only humped my ass for a couple of minutes before he pulled out and sprayed it all over my ass. I lifted my head from the seat and realized that we had an audience.

Mom and Mona were back, they were looking a bit shaken but not that bad. Mona was still topless and her hair was matted with the Jizz of at least one man. Mom was all dressed up but I could see a bit of cum around her lips. As I pulled up my pants, I asked if they were okay. They nodded in agreement. Mona's blouse and bra were torn by an enthusiastic guy, other than that, they told me that they were treated fine. Yet they were not sure if they had acquired any STDs because none of the men used protection. They did however refrained from cumming in their pussies and only came in their mouth or ass. Jai's estimate had been false and there were at least 10 men who had their way with mom and Mona. But all I could think off was driving away so that I could put this all behind me. As I was backing the car, Jai threw a men's shirt in the car and bade us goodbye. Mona hurriedly slipped it over herself and we were good to go.

On the way back to home, we did not talk much. All of us were thinking the same thing. It could've gone a lot worst.

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