tagIncest/TabooIndian Incest With Mom and Cousin

Indian Incest With Mom and Cousin



My life has been full of fun since I started fucking my mom. But the problem arrived in the form of my cousin who arrived to spend her summer vacation with us. Both of us became very restless and cursed our luck to fuck.

As usual this summer also we had to sleep on the roof top to beat the heat. That night I became so restless resting under the cloudless clear night with full moon. And my dick was hitting a high tide because of abstinence from fucking and I do not believe in wasting my semen much by masturbating. I sneaked over my father to see what my mom was doing as my dad was sleeping between us. She was lost in her own world and seemed to be enjoying, I pulled the rug down to find her fingering her cunt and squeezing her boobs. My cousin was sleeping next to her with her skirt drawn above the thigh revealing her paper white thighs to the moon light and she seemed to sleeping like a log.

My mom opened her eyes as I pulled the rug and smiled at me. I signaled her to come down to the house and rushed down the stairs. She followed me and I roughly dragged her in and caught hold of her hair and kissed her hard on her lips. She started to melt in my arm. I pulled her blouse up and caught hold of her grape like nipples which also tasted like grapes and massaged it. She roughly pushed her skirt down to reveal her glistening cunt which was moist with her recent manipulations. I started licking her cunt and squeezing her boobs. She put her hand into my short and started squeezing my shaft and pushed my foreskin to reveal the glistening glans and started licking on my glans and sucking of the pre cum as though her life depended on the nutrition provided by my cum. And it was heavenly feeling with her tongue intertwining with my dick and bringing the best out of it

I started to moan “ Oh Lalitha! Suck me suck me dry and suck me like never before Aaaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Go ahead suck me dry u bitch give me my due. Taste my dick which was restless push my shaft swallow it.” She smiled and mumbled something which was not audible with my dick in her mouth. She started the to and fro motion on my dick and at the same time holding my balls. I pulled her mouth and inserted my full penis into her throat and I felt I could see some one near the hall window and strained my eyes to see who it was and was surprised to see my cousin who was enjoying the best ringside view of the porn which no porn website can boast off. She was also on a high and was rubbing her budding boobs frantically trying to come out of her skirt.

I just stopped mouth fucking my mother and signaled her to see my cousin. She was little ruffled by the turn of events and she called her. My cousin woke up as if from a trance and tried to run but my mother caught hold of her and kissed her on her lips. And her virgin lips had the first taste of semen that is mine from my mothers mouth. She smacked her lips in anticipation and said that she never expected that incest existed in India and thought that it was only on some of the porn websites which she was surfing

Now she had the full view of my dick which was now hard enough to satisfy the two ladies in question

This was further heightened by mom who pulled her blouse to expose her tender boobs. I immediately became like wild animal and rushed towards her and kissed her on her lips and put my hand on her cunt.

My mom covered me from behind and I was trapped between the two extremes one who was experienced and the other who was having it for the first time. My moms 36 DD breast was like cushion behind me while the small tender boobs of my teenaged cousin was almost poking me.

I was busy kissing my cousin and my mother literally got down to work she bent down and started to fondle my balls from between my thighs and the same time she pulled down my cousins panties and she had the most cutest cunt ever seen on. And she had carefully trimmed her pubic hair to resemble the shape of heart. I started to rub her clit, but my mom pushed me away and said “ what is wrong with u go slow she is still virgin and make her feel comfortable first and I will prepare her for you.”

She signaled both of us to the bed room and she lied down with her thighs spread and asked my cousin to put her cunt in her mouth. My cousin did not require a second invitation she almost jumped on to her mouth. I became restless and caught hold of my prick and pushed it hard into the open cunt of my mother and caught hold of my cousins boobs and started licking it, she was busy squeezing my moms boobs and we made a golden triangle with my mom lying below as the base and we two jumping on her like hell. One humping her cunt and the other thrusting cunt into her mouth. Since it was the first time for my cousin she orgasmed almost instantaneously and pulled me and she put her hand in between and caught hold of my shaft and was massaging it as it was ramming my poor moms cunt. Now she was sufficiently moist.

We now shifted position and my cousin now came into a doggy position and my mother stood next to her and was pushing her cunt into my mouth. I was concentrating in pushing my shaft into the lovely triangle of my cousin. Initially I found some resistance put eventually it went in and seemed like a perfect fit. She later explained to me she had her hymen ruptured when she was using dildo she had borrowed from her friend. But this was her first experience in flesh.

My mom was saying “ beta be careful because she is about to get married next month, fuck her but don’t leave your impression in her fuck her fuck that bitch, you mother fucker show her what u are make her lust for that shaft which u use as a magic wand fuck her tear her virgin cunt.’

This made me increase my speed and my cousin also started to thrust her ass on to my thighs and mother pulled me further into her cunt almost in selfish passion and I started to play with her clit with my tongue. She literally feel on me as she had an enormous orgasm and poured her juices in to my mouth. In the height of passion I was not able to control myself and I let my stream of passion into my virgin cousins cunt.

Now I realized the mistake I had made and we were hoping that she would no get pregnant. But she two weeks later we got the news from the doctor she was pregnant and when I was seeing the report my mom complained of dizziness and she had to be taken for check up and I had fathered two children. My cousin got married the same month and I had a confused brother in law who thought he had a kid with his first fuck ( I and U know the truth) and a confused dad who thought he had fucked my mom under the influence of alcohol ( my mom convinced him of that)

We continued our love making when ever the time permitted and I fucked her till the ninth month and later continued to drink her breast milk and play with her now enlarged areola. Some days later my father expired because of liver cancer. I and my mom shifted to another town with my daughter and started to live like husband and wife.

No prizes for guessing who our neighbour was. Who else than my sexy cousin. We fucked and sucked like hell and are still doing it. Hope to join us.

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