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Indian Mother's Story


Hello guys!

My name is lalitha, I will tell you my side of the story. The following incident is as close to reality as it comes with exception of the names. I was born and brought up in a rich family with a large farm at the outskirts of Bangalore. We were about 8 children and my dad had 2 wives as the first one had some conception problems.

My trouble started when I was married at the tender age of immediately after my schooling. Like other girls of rural India I was not that much aware of sex. My father had married me of to man who was almost double my age. On the first night he came in bolted the room from inside and he came next to me caught hold of he pallu pushed it aside and started squeezing my tender boobs from over the blouse he then roughly hiked my sari up pulled my panty down and thrust his 8 inch cock into my tender cunt.

It was very painful for me and I started screaming in pain. He started biting on my nipples and I was getting scared. Because of the rupture of hymen. I started to bleed profusely and I fainted at the glimpse of the blood. When I regained consciousness, he was lying next to me and he was stinking of local country liquor.

My clothes was in total disarray and he was griping my left boob with one hand and my cunt was dripping of cum mixed with blood. I was in for more shock the next day. After visiting the temple when I came back home I was surprised to find the slippers of my husband outside the room of his sister – in –law ( his elder brother wife) and they had not locked the room thinking that I would be late. I peeped in to see my husband going like bullet train on my co-sisters cunt and she was yelling in pleasure and shouting “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Me like the way you have been fucking since my marriage to your impotent brother. I love the feel of our bullish rod on my velvety cunt” and the whole room was filled with this harsh sound of their love making and he was fucking her in the doggy position and I could see her 36 D breast swaying like a inflated balloon and could see her cunt dripping from the mixture of both the love juices

Now I under stood why my husband had so much love for his sister-in-laws son (his son). I went in to my room and cried and his violent love making with me continued and I became used to it in the meantime I also had a breast abscess because of it and my doctor advised not to wear bra and I had became pregnant and my bundle of joy turned out to be a boy. And the boy grew up into a handsome young man and in the meantime we had started to live separately with only my drunkard husband and my young son and my husband was most of the time delirious because of his marathon drinking sessions

We had two rooms in the new house and my husband used to sleep in one while I and my son used to sleep in the other. Once when I accidentally entered the room I saw my son reading some erotic literature and his other hand was stroking the throbbing dick. He had assumed that no one was there in the house when I was in the toilet , I quickly hid and saw him creaming his own dick and this in turn made me wet and sub consciously started to finger my own cunt. I started to squeeze my breast and loud moan escaped my lips and ducked down behind the sofa to avoid his stare. He turned around an finding no one he quickly hid the book and pulled up his shorts.

After he left I checked on the literature it was print out of some incest stories from the web site literotica and most of the theme was India based. This made me more happy. Now I realized I was his sex object. Purposely I started to dress up sexily and used to leave the lower hooks of he blouse open and I derived a pleasure whenever his eyes locked on the milky white boobs. Once I saw him watching a movie on the TV and it was an English movie about some monster and there was a humping scene in it and I saw a tent on his shorts which was resembling Mt Everest. I became hot and went into the room and was masturbating when suddenly my son entered and I immediately slept on my tummy and pulled a rug to cover myself as I was topless.

He slept next to me and I could feel his start on the sides of boobs as he had already pulled the rug away my sari was already way above and he was feasting on my pubic hair with a glistening pre-cum at the tip because I was masturbating. I first put his hand on my boobs and I turned to position more favorable for him he started rolling his fingers on my nipples and simultaneously massaging my cunt. This was to much for me. I immediately caught hold of his 9 inch penis and started to suck on it. He started to mouth fuck my cunt. This went on for some time and he came quickly as it was his first time. But being a seasoned player I pushed his face into my cunt and was almost suffocating him. He was chewing on my G-spot and at the same time massaging my cunt lips. This was like heaven to me after the hell that I had experienced with my husband . Even as I was sucking on his cum from his dick I poured my cum into his mouth. Which he started licking.

Now after this I wiped the sweat from his body with a pallu and pulled him and gave good hearty kiss on his lips. He now turned his attention to my breast and started sucking like a child. I gave my other nipple in to his hand. And I caught hold of his penis and started massaging his glans . It started to grow like monster and I was surprised at the quickness with which he was ready again and for the first time spoke

“ fuck me son , fuck me I had long since forgotten the art of fucking , take me to new levels of pleasure. You mother fucker give it to me what were you doing all this days what are you waiting for? Put your burning rod into my dripping cunt fuck me take your mamma, teach her the right way of fucking.” He was becoming more enthusiastic and started slamming his huge dick in my cunt the way a knife would go into butter. I pushed my nipples into his mouth. The sound of flesh was making us more erotic. I started to groan and moan

He slapped my butt cheeks and pulled my hip towards him and told “ O h mommy u are the greatest in the world. O this is so nice fuck oooooooooooooooh oooooooooooooooh give it to me make your cunt swallow my man hood the way anaconda swallows its prey” I pushed my hip further and he was pulling my breast at the same time his penis was now totally in my cunt and my cunt was milking his penis. It was like heaven for both of us. The rocking movement became more rapid and I must have about 3-4 orgasms before he fell on me with loud moan following his orgasm. We slept like that with his dick still in me and him on the top of me and the moon light was creeping in. It looked straight out of some romantic novel the only difference being this was different mother son love which may be still followed among some unknown tribes of the world to maintain purity.

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