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Indian Nights


I never intended to share my story with anyone. I was young and naïve, but is that my only excuse? In a dark place the back of my mind; I wanted it. This is my way of letting go of the past to begin a new chapter of my life what ever that may be.

Hooking up with Indian was not what I expected. He was strong and outrageously good looking. He was also straight out of the federal pen and ready to raise hell. I had no idea what I was getting into. I had been around some, mostly looking for someone to love me. Indian sensed right away that I wanted a father figure even thought I was already 20 years old. He was ready to be the one I needed. I really thought I had found the man I could spend the rest of my life with. I was naïve enough not to know the changes that were to come.

Everything was going along nicely. We would visit friends and play poker. I would do what he asked and get every one a beer or clear the empty cans off the table. Some of his friends would bring over their girlfriends or their flavor of the day or hour. Usually four or five on one was the norm. Indian never seemed interested in any of the sluts and I knew it was because I satisfied him. Just goes to show how naïve I really was.

From the first Indian made me cream in my pants with just a touch. We had long hot sweaty sessions in bed and I could not get enough. His hot cock would fill me and I would do anything he asked me to. He had a beautiful cock. The first time he fucked my ass I was sure that I never wanted to do it again. Over and over I would lie on the bed with my ass in the air and let him fuck me. In my ass, in my cunt or my mouth I was eager to please. Other times I would suck and lick his cock for hours on end. I was his fuck slave.

When Indian decided it was time to move he gave me the choice to go or stay. I was hooked and there was not way I could say no. I wanted him not matter the circumstances. We ended up in Fort Walton Beach and Indian immediately made friends at a bar that was nothing more than a neighbor hood dive.

One night Indian laid me down on the bed and told me his friend gave him a toy that I was going to love. I had never experienced a dildo before and this one was a bit on the large size but not very long. He had me open his jeans and free his cock without using my hands. I made quick work of getting that beautiful fuck pole out and started at the tip and licked my way up until his balls hit my chin. He told me to lie back on the bed and he started licking his way up my body. As he got closer to my cunt he talked to me. He told me what a hot cunt I had and how he could not wait until he could see it filled with the rubber dick while he fucked my ass. His tongue was hot and wet and was driving me crazy.

He slowly inserted the dildo and inch at a time. Telling me to relax and alternately licking my clit and pushing the dildo in further. Finally Indian told me to relax and proceeded to drive me wild. First he would lick then suck on my clit. He started fucking me with the dildo while sucking and chewing and licking my clit. I started to feel something I never felt. It was like a hot knife that started at my clit and rammed straight up my body and right into my rock hard nipples. I could not believe what had just happened. Indian told me congratulations on my first "real" orgasm. I was stunned and more excited to experience it again.

Then he told me to turn over and started lubing my ass. He inserted one finger then two while fucking me with the dildo. After I was loosened up he removed the dildo from my cunt and shoved his cock up my ass. I was not expecting the rough treatment but I was too turned on to care. He told me to pick up the dildo and fuck myself with it. I tried to inset it and told him I did not think it would fit. He just reached around and shoved it up my cunt. Again it was rougher than usual, but the incredible pleasure won out over the momentary discomfort. I cannot explain the feeling of having him ream my ass while I was fucking my cunt for all I was worth. I screamed as I came. He started spanking my ass harder and harder and fucking me harder and deeper. The harder he fucked my ass the deeper I wanted him. My ass was on fire and I could not get enough. He finally exploded into my ass. I could feel every spasm and every gush of sperm he spilled into me.

Another week went by and Indian started acting differently. He made me stay home while he went to the bar. Would not let me go job hunting or leave the house for any reason. He would come in drunk and rough me up while fucking my brains out. Telling me what a whore I was and that he was going to treat me like a whore. I was afraid of him and I hated myself for letting my cunt control me. I wanted him and it turned me on for him to be dominant. He started to treat me like a whore in public. He made me dress like a whore and he grabbed my ass and tits in public. I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time.

One night a few months later he came home from a bachelor party that had been at the bar. A private party that he said turned into an orgy so he left. I was elated again and forgave his behavior over the last few months. After a heated love session he told me to walk next door to the neighbors and fuck the three men who lived there or he would beat me. It was so out of the blue that asked why he would want me to do that. He told me he wanted to fuck me with another mans cum in my cunt. I did not want to do it but I was scared not to.

Walking naked up to the neighbor's door I was shaking more from fear than the temperature. How would I ask them to fuck me and pour their seed into me? They were scared of Indian even though they knew he sent me to them. Jeff was too scared and said he wanted no part in it. Randy was all for it. He told me he had wanted to dive between my legs since the first time he saw me. He pushed me down onto the couch and immediately put his face to my cunt. Then he shoved two fingers in and commented on how wet I was. He turned me around and shoved his cock into my mouth while sucking my clit and fucking me with his fingers. I was glad I was now on top so I could control how deep he fucked my mouth.

Jeff was watching and I saw him rubbing his cock. Scared or not he was turned on by what he saw. I felt someone touching my ass and figured it was Chris. He must have come into the living room at some point and realized that it was his lucky day. He rubbed his cock on my ass and pussy pushing Randy out of the way he entered in one thrust. Randy continued to suck on my clit while Chris fucked me. It felt so incredible I forgot that I was not supposed to be enjoying what they were doing. Chris came in less than 5 minutes and Randy took his place. Jeff finally gave in and stuck his cock in my face. I sucked it for all it was worth while Randy continued to pound me. He was not as big as Indian but it was feeling good and I felt ready to come. Jeff spilled his seed in my mouth and I held it until Randy was done. Without much ceremony I spit it onto my hand and whipped it on my cunt and worked it in a bit.

I left and walked back to Indian and told him I did it. He smiled a knowing smile, took my hand and led me back to bed. He held me close and whispered "you are my whore." Those four whispered words spelled out what the future held for me.

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