tagIncest/TabooIndian Son Helps His Mother

Indian Son Helps His Mother


Hello! Incest lover.

It is great sensation to share my story with you When I was I born I was very innocent and I come from a small town in southern India. All my problem started when they started showing adult films in DD. This was before the entry of the cable television. I had a great interest in watching cricket matches once just after the cricket telecast got over the English movie started. It was about the Frankenstein monster and in that they showed the monster humping his masters wife. It got on to my imagination. But the problem was I was the only son and I was studying in a boys school. Hence the fascination for female sex turned towards obviously the only lady of the house that is my mother.

My father was a drunkard and was least interested in sex. Ours being a small house there were only two rooms one in which my father was sleeping and in the other I and my mother were sleeping, slowly my interested towards my mother increased. She was very careless about her dressing, since she had a small abscess when I was young and the Doctor had ordered her not wear any bra. She used walk around only with her blouse on and sometime the lower end of the blouse used to be open revealing her milky white boobs, when she lifted her arms I used to get a peek of her rock hard nipple as well, this used to make me mad. Some time when she was cleaning the house she used to tie her sari so high, I used to get a glimpse of her pubic hair.

Our toilet is two part with bathing facilities in one and toilet in another with a door in between. Once I was sitting in the toilet and our toilet door had a hole. I was surprised to see my mother enter the bathing area carrying the towel. I think she knew that I was in the toilet. She removed her clothes completely and I feasted completely on her nude body. With pointing nipples and heavenly cunt.

Since she had married when she was 15 years now she was around 32 and I was around 18 years. The problem was my chunni (rod) grew to 9 inches and I did not want to miss the show then with great difficulty I came out. MY mother gave a cry in mock surprise but her eyes was fixed to my rod with awe, I do not blame her because I think it is my father who should be held responsible for this. In the night when I went to sleep next to her there was surprise for me. Because she was sleeping topless with only a sari on and her sari also had gone well above her knee up to the thigh. I became bold first initially put my arms one across her boobs and the other on her thigh. Already she was red hot like a volcano and I was shivering with excitement. Slowly I pulled out my rod from the under wear and placed it in her hand. Casually she caught hold of it as if in sleep and massaged it. This was to much for me since it was the first time and my virgin cum cascaded out like a boomerang and fell on her thigh. I was embarrassed for the mess and try to hide, but after some time she woke up and cleaned the mess and hugged me. Neither of us told anything.

In the day time we were like any other mother and son but in the night it transformed in some thing else,. I became more brave and started doing things like holding on to her nipple. Her nipple was really a masterpiece, her breast of moderate size but silken to touch at and her areola was baby pink and she had nipple which was something like a prick of a new born. I slowly but my lips around the nipple and started suckling it and it was feeling which is unforgettable she slowly woke up in her sleep and shifted so that it would be favorable to me. This encouraged me further and got hold of her other nipple and started nibbling it. I pushed her sari up by this time my lungi was long gone.

I was not wearing under garments while sleeping since I started my experiment with my mother and my dick touched her smooth skin and it was like an electric shock she slowly got hold of my dick and pulled it towards the very hole through which I was born it was now dripping with pre-cum with one of the most wonderful smell which no perfume can match I slowly turned around with my dick still in her hand but my mouth to her cunt and started tasting the sweet or should I say salty nectar of her cunt, her breathing became more rapid and she carefully put my dick in to her mouth and started sucking it like a kid sucks on the candy stick.

We now shifted position and she put my dick into her dripping hole and I started hitting her like the way Sachin Tendulkar would blast a Akthar delivery. My momentum increased and she gripped me tightly I started squeezing her boobs living behind reddish marks on her fair skin and for the first time she spoke and said “ “ suck my boobs because u did not suck when u were young because of the abscess’ and I started sucking them with renewed vigor and simultaneously fucked her rapidly like a Rajdhani express she started grunting and I was afraid that my dad would hear but she did not care.

She started screaming “ FUCK me my son fuck me like no man has fucked before, give it to me, put your seed in me, Her cunt lip was creaming my lund the same way Dravid would milk the spinners and the sensation was to much for me and I let out high pitched cry of a gladiator and filled her empty womb with my seeds. She felt it was the most terrific experience she had. I will to tell u later about the out come and my further adventures based on the response for this story. Please excuse me since my mother/lover is waiting for me in the toilet for a standing doggy style fuck under the shower. Bye.

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