Indian Volleyballers

byLucky Mann©

girls to shore and unloaded the gear.

The four of them then walked down the beach in search of a flat area to set up the volleyball net. Ritu held Jay's

hand as they led the way. After about ten yards, Rick tentatively reached for Naina's hand. She smiled at Rick and

firmly grasped his offered hand.

About one hundred yards down the beach from the boat, they found a perfect spot for a volleyball game. The guys

had the net up in about ten minutes and the girls began practicing. The way they were warming up, one would have

thought they were about to play in a championship game. The guys just did a little stretching.

"OK guys. What do you say Naina and I take on Ritu and Jay?" Rick proposed.

"Ritu and I play together all the time. I think we can beat the two of you." Naina challenged.

Rick and Jay looked at each other in mock surprise. "Surely these two girls don't really think they can beat us?" Jay laughed.

Rick laughed too. "Ladies, if you're sure, that'll be good with us. Remember, we play together too." Rick tossed the ball to Naina and said. "Here you go, it's your serve."

"Are you ready?" Naina asked.

When the guys went into what could be described as a war stance and nodded indicating they were ready. Naina fired an ace past a diving Rick. He never touched the ball and hit the sand with a thud. Everyone laughed, except Rick. He had just been aced by a girl. He was busy brushing the sand from his chest.

Naina second serve was another ace. Rick did get a hand on it before hitting the sand again. With a broad grin, Rick jumped up and said. "OK girls! So, that's the way it is, huh? Come on Jay, let's get serious."

Jay chuckled and said. "Sorry partner, but hasn't it been you that missed the first two serves?"

Naina served again, but this one was returned. The guys' lifetime of beach volleyball skill and experience were put to a hard test. Naina and Ritu showed why they wanted to play on the sand. They were really good at pairs beach

Volleyball. In fact, they won the first game.

The boys rallied to win the second game. The third and tiebreaker game was finally won by the guys by a thin margin. The girls had endured their second loss of the day, and the day was still young. They gave the winners victory


Following the game, everyone was covered in sweat and sand. "What do you say we go for a swim and get rid of all this sand?" Rick suggested.

They all ran toward the water. Just as the girls were splashing into the edge of the lake, Rick yelled to them from shore. "Watch out for the sharks and gators!"

Both girls screamed and practically walked on water getting back to shore. The guys had kept going and were

several yards from shore and laughing loudly.

Ritu looked at Naina and said. "Sharks don't live in fresh water lakes. I'll bet alligators don't live here either."

Naina thought about it for about two seconds. "Hummm, I think you are right, Ritu. Let's get them." As the girls ran back into the water, Naina yelled. "You are going to get it now!"

Still laughing, the guys turned and swam further out into the lake away from Naina and Ritu. The girls were not only good volleyball players, they were excellent swimmers. They soon caught up to the guys, and climbed onto their backs. With the added weight on their backs, the guys sank below the water's surface. The girls rolled off as soon as Rick and Jay were fully submerged. The guys surfaced and continued laughing at the beauties before them.

Jay asked. "Pay back time?"

Rick nodded yes. The guys slowly closed the distance between themselves and the girls. When she was within

reach, Jay grabbed Ritu by the wrist and pulled the willing girl close. Rick did the same with Naina. The girls were then

scooped up into the strong arms of Jay and Rick.

"On three?" Rick asked.

"On three! Jay agreed.

Ritu and Naina looked at each other somewhat bewildered but not concerned. That is until Rick and Jay began

swinging them back and forth.

"One!" Jay shouted.

"No!" Ritu pled.

"Two!" Rick followed.

"No, no, no!" Naina begged Rick.

"THREE!" Rick and Jay shouted together.

"Nooooooo!" Ritu and Naina screamed as they left the boys arms, flew through the air, and landed with a splash in the clear water of Lake Hartwell. Both girls came up squealing and laughing. A splashing war immediately began. All four of them splashed each other and laughed heartily.

Once again the guys closed the distance between themselves and the girls until they were once again within reach. The splashing suddenly stopped.

Jay reached out and took Ritu by the hand and pulled her toward him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and

hugged her tightly to his chest. Ritu eagerly returned the hug. Jay could feel her pressing her breasts into his chest.

Meanwhile, Naina came up to Rick and wrapped her arms around his waist. She laid her head against his muscular


Rick thought to himself. 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained.' So, he reached down to Naina, put a hand on each of

her butt cheeks, squeezed, and lifted the beautiful girl up his body. He raised Naina until they were face to face.

As Rick gently kissed Naina, she wrapped her arms around his neck. When Rick's kiss became a little firmer, Naina

raised her legs and encircled Rick's hips. When they broke their kiss, Naina softly sighed. "Oh Rick." She laid her head softly on his shoulder and nuzzled into his neck as Rick

held her up by the butt.

That's when Rick and Naina noticed their friends, Jay and Ritu, were in a passionate embrace and kiss of their own. Jay and Ritu broke apart and slowly waded, hand in hand, back to the supply of towels and blankets on the beach. Ritu bent over to pick up a towel and Jay gave her butt a gentle little pat.

Jay expected to be slapped. Ritu abruptly stood, but, instead of the expected slap, she grinned and kissed him.

She bent over again and wiggled her butt in front of Jay.

Jay, instead of just patting Ritu's cute butt, used both

hands to squeeze her ass' cheeks. As Ritu stood again with two towels in her hands, Jay slid his hands between her legs and briefly stroked Ritu's crotch. Jay then put his arms around Ritu from behind and firmly squeezed both of her breasts. She crossed her arms over Jays hands and hugged them tightly to her chest.

Jay released her breasts, and Ritu wrapped one of the towels around her model's body. Jay grabbed one of the blankets, and he and Ritu walked off. With Jay's arm around Ritu's waist, they walked down the beach until they were out of the sight of Rick and Naina.

Naina lifted her head off Rick's chest and they kissed again. As they kissed, Rick kneaded her butt's cheeks and

worked his fingers to Naina's nether region.

"Wait a minute, Rick. Let me down, please." Naina asked.

Rick, of course, did as she asked.

Once back on her feet in the waist deep water, Naina reached between her legs, pulled her swim suit's crotch aside,

and rinsed the last bit of sand from her body. She then asked. "Can we go to shore, please."

"Anything you want my beautiful princess." Rick bent over, gently kissed Naina's waiting lips, and led her by thehand to the remaining blanket on shore. Before sitting down, Rick briskly shook the sand from the blanket and laid it

out beneath a large shade tree at the edge of the sand. He sat down and offered his hand to Naina. She took his hand and sat close to him on the blanket.

Putting an arm around her shoulders, Rick gently kissed his beautiful princess. His kiss became more and more passionate. He slipped his tongue past her lips. Their tongues danced with each other.

Naina moaned and eagerly returned the passionate kiss. She practically melted in his arms. When they broke the kiss, she breathlessly whispered into his ear. "Oh yes, Rick." She then leaned back.

Rick slowly laid Naina onto her back and cradled her head and neck in his strong arm. He returned to kissing her luscious lips. With his free hand, he began gently caressing the inviting breasts before him. Naina did not protest. Quite the contrary. She lifted her chest as if to offer more of her charms to Rick.

When Rick firmly squeezed one of her tits, Naina groaned. "Oh yes. Please don't stop."

With the arm under her neck, Rick rolled Naina to his chest and began slowly pulling on the two strings that held her swimsuit's bra to her body. With the strings loose, Rick laid Naina back onto the blanket.

Still cradling Naina in his arm, Rick grasped her suit top between her breasts. Naina quickly placed her hands over Her breasts and held the top in place.

Rick and Naina gazed deeply into each other's eyes for a time. A silent and loving communication passed between their eyes. Rick leaned forward and gently kissed Naina's lips. She then put her arms around his neck, and he again gently pulled on her top. It came free from her body and Rick tossed the top to the side.

Naina's ample tits were very firm. Even with her laying on her back, they stood proudly out from her chest. They were just a slightly lighter shade of tan than her body. Her erect nipples were the color of golden wheat ready for harvest. Her tits and nipples seemed to just beg to be kissed and sucked.

Rick was only to happy to oblige them. Gently at first, slowly building in intensity, Rick kissed, licked, and sucked all over Naina's tits. Her nipples received special attention. For long minutes, he covered each of them with his mouth. Each was suckled and licked until they became even harder. Naina was rolling her head to and fro with her eyes closed. She was constantly moaning.

As he continued to alternately suckle her tits, Rick slowly slid his free and down Naina's firm young body. When he reached the top hem of her swimsuit bottoms, he traced the line it made back and forth across her flat belly.

Naina began rocking her pelvis and seemed to follow Rick's hand with her hips. Rick slid his hand over the suit bottom's hem and over her pubic mound. When he gently squeezed her mound, Naina gasped. Her legs parted slightly.

Rick let his hand drift lower and covered her entire crotch. He found the crotch of her suit wet with her personal juices.

Naina gasped when Rick ran a finger up her suit covered slit. "Oh Rick!" She tightly hugged his neck.

Rick took his hand away from Naina's crotch and pushed it under the hem. When he again cupped her crotch, he was pleasantly surprised to find Naina had shaved. Her pubic mound and labia were completely devoid of hair. "Yummy! I love bald pussy, my sweet Princess."

"Please be careful, Rick. No boy has ever touched me there." Naina asked.

"Whoa! You mean you've never...."

"Yes! No boy has ever touched my privates."

"Then you're a vir...."

Naina interrupted again. "Yes! I am a virgin."

"Are you sure about doing this, Naina?" Rick asked

"Yes! I am sure. Please keep going. I want you to be the first to have me." Naina then tightly hugged Rick's neck and kissed his lips passionately.

As Rick slid his hand back into her bottoms, he said. "OK, honey. If that's what you want, who am I to argue with such a beautiful gift."

Rick petted Naina's virgin crotch until she was rhythmically rocking her hips on the blanket. Rick pulled his hand out from her crotch, untied the strings holding her bottoms on. Again, Naina hesitated. She pulled her legs together as if to grasp the bottoms to her crotch. Slowly, she relaxed and Rick pulled them from her body. He couldn't believe such a beautifully exotic creature was about to give him her most precious gift.

"Sweetheart, a fresh virgin pussy deserves to be eaten before it's opened." He then pulled his arm from under Naina's neck and tenderly kissed her lips. He proceeded to kiss, lick, and suck his way down her luscious body. Making stops to give oral attentions to each nipple and her belly button. All along the way, Naina stroked and pulled Rick's head and hair. When he reached her shaved pubic mound, Rick gave the entire area broad licks before moving onto her awakening pussy.

Several pussy lip parting licks soon had Naina writhing on the blanket. As she seemed to rapidly build toward an orgasm, Rick firmly sucked her clit between his lips and repeatedly flicked it with his tongue.

Naina's hips shot into the air as she twisted hands full of his hair in her fists. "OH YES, RICK! EAT MEEEEEeeeeee!" She cried.

Rick silently chuckled and thought to him self. 'I'm about to be snatched bald headed while eating a bald headed snatch.'

As Naina's orgasm faded, Rick got up on his knees and kneeled between her widely spread legs. He loosened the string holding his trunks and pushed them to his knees.

Naina gasped and stared wide eyed at Rick's fat 7 inch cock standing proudly before her.

Rick bent forward and tenderly shared a kiss with Naina. He then placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her virgin hole. With gentle pressure, Rick pushed his cock's head inward and parted her labia.

Again, Naina gasped.

Slowly and gently, Rick withdrew his cock and pushed forward again. Deeper and deeper he pushed his cock into Naina.

She gasped and yelped when he bumped into her Hymen. It would resist his entry for only a short time more.

He could feel her tense beneath him. Without pushing through her hymen, Rick kept pressure on that membrane. He could feel Naina's virgin pussy trying to adjust to his cock. When she seemed to relax a little, Rick pushed through and into her depths.

Naina cried out with the pain of Rick's invasion. Her hymen had given way, and a single tear from each eye rolled down her cheeks. She hugged Rick tightly. She could feel the head of his cock resting against her cervix.

Rick too could feel her hymen give way as his cock passed through. He had taken her cherry. He could feel her glove tight pussy trying to adjust to the invader in its midst. He could also feel his cock resting against her cervix.

"Are you alright, princess?" He asked.

"That hurt, but I will be alright. Please give me a few minutes."

"Of course, sweetheart. The first time always hurts, but I don't want to hurt my princess any more than necessary. We can just lay here until you are ready to go on."

In the mean time, Jay and Ritu had walked to the

opposite side of the island. There they found a small grassy clearing in the trees. Jay spread their blanket, sat, and reached out to assist Ritu to the ground.

Ritu smiled down at Jay, and slowly reached behind her back and untied her swimsuit strap there. Holding her top in place so it still covered her breasts, she reached behind her neck and released the tie there. Ritu slowly lowered her hands and let her top fall to the ground. Her pert C cup tits didn't sag at all. They, stood firm on her chest.

Jay licked his lips in anticipation of suckling the tits displayed before him.

Ritu then pulled the strings at her hips and released her suit bottoms. Her bottoms fell to the ground next to the matching top. Ritu stood nude before a very appreciative Jay. Her lightly tanned skin highlighted by a triangle of black hair on her pubic mound. She broadly smiled at Jay and knelt beside him.

Jay sat up, encircled Ritu with his arms, and pulled her down to lay beside him. After passionately kissing her lips, Jay told her. "Wow, baby! You are absolutely beautiful." He then kissed his way down to her pert tits. While he nibbled and sucked on one tit, he firmly fondled the other. He switched from one tit to the other several times.

Ritu's breathing became rapid and she moaned and groaned as Jay continued his attentions to her tits. She gasped sharply when Jay reached down and stroked her furry mound as if it were a favored pet. As he continued sucking her tits and petting her bush, Ritu slowly spread her legs. She gasped again when Jay pressed a finger into her snug slit.

"Go slow, Jay. I have never done this before." Ritu breathlessly asked.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Ritu?" Jay asked.

"Yes, but I am a little frightened it's going to hurt."

Jay was amazed a creature such as the beautiful young Ritu was still a virgin at 21. Jay kissed Ritu's lips tenderly and crawled atop her model's body. She was so beautiful laying there waiting for him to take her. She had spread her legs wide as Jay rolled onto her, but he felt her tense as their hips met.

To ease her fears, he rolled off her and laid beside her. He then pulled Ritu on top of his body, hugged her, and said. "Ritu, honey, you can be in control of your first time."

"How? I have seen pictures of the man on top, but not with the girl on top. Will you show me what to do, Jay?"

"It will be more than a pleasure to show you how to do yourself. Sit on your knees over my hips."

When Ritu stood astride his hips, Jay quickly pushed his trunks down and off his legs. His 6 inch cock laying ridged on his belly. He fondled her tits, when Ritu kneeled into position. Her cherry pussy settled directly over his cock.

Ritu didn't need further instructions. As Jay fondled her tits, Ritu began squirming her hips on his. She was soon grinding her horny wet pussy up and down his cock.

"Ritu, honey. Whenever you're ready, raise up a little and put my cock's head at your opening. Then slowly sit on me." Jay instructed the naive beauty.

A few moments later, Ritu did as instructed. When she pressed down on Jay's cock, it pried open her labia and poked its head into virgin territory. Ritu gasped loudly, but did not pull back. Slowly, bit by bit, she lowered her hips and took more of Jay into her body.

When she bumped into her hymen with Jay's cock, Ritu winched and softly whimpered. She bumped into her hymen several times, but just could not break through. Holding Jay's cock to her barrier, she told him. "I am so sorry, Jay. I really am trying."

"I know, baby. It's OK. Take your time. There's no hurry. I know it hurts. It's supposed to hurt the first time, but it will get much better soon." Jay tried to comfort her.

Ritu seemed to get a look of determination on her face. After several more aborted attempts, she simply relaxed her legs and let her body's weight settle. Jay's cock shot through into her core and hit her cervix. Ritu's hymen was swept away as she settled on Jay's cock. She yelped as the pain of losing her cherry registered in her brain. She fell forward onto Jay's chest with his cock still fully imbedded in her tender flesh.

Jay tenderly kissed her tears away and stroked her curly black hair. He knew she needed a few moments to get used to a cock filling her freshly opened cavity. He could feel the vaginal walls of her pussy trying to adjust to the invader in their midst.

In a short while, Ritu sat up again. She smiled down at Jay and wiped the tears away with the back of her hands. "I think I will be OK. Now what?"

Jay resumed fondling Ritu's tits and told her. "Just let your body guide you. It knows what to do."

He was right. As Ritu began enjoying Jay's attention to her tits, she felt a stirring deep inside. Each time Jay tweaked her nipples, she seemed to feel a twinge in her pussy. When Jay firmly squeezed her tits, she lifted her hips and lowered them back down. She groaned from the jolt she got when her cervix again bumped into Jay's cock. She liked the jolt so she did it again. She was still sore, but she liked the thrill she was getting more than she disliked the pain. The pain even seemed to add something to the pleasure she was beginning to feel.

Over and over, Ritu raised and lowered her hips. She repeatedly impaled herself on Jay's hard cock. She quickly realized that if she leaned forward and supported her upper body with her arms on Jay's chest, not only could he better manipulate her tits, but she could grind her clit on his pelvis. The pressure built in Ritu. She could feel an impending explosion from within.

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