Indian Wife: Fate’s Payback Ch. 01


Being very pleased with my plan I fell for James' plan. I would later realize that Payal had confided in James not wanting him to marry him thinking she was a virgin. James heard her and said her past was past, from now as long as she is loyal to him, he doesn't really care. With such assurance Payal told James the guy in question was me. James had since planned this with precise details! And I was about to fall into the first stage of his revengeful plan. What I also did not realize was that as we were speaking here, Payal was pouring her bedroom secrets with Ria, telling him how awesome he was in bed. Payal being shy would have never done it but with James' insistence she did. James' had lied to Payal that when he had joined Ria had insulted him and was always rude to her and had remarked that he would never find a woman even if he paid for sex! So he wanted her to know he could indeed please a woman. As a sincere Indian bride, Payal now took it as a personal insult and described in detail how he pleasured her more than anything ever did!

As per the plan, after dinner James would leave with me first, positioning me in the closet facing the king bed so that I enjoyed the view. Then come back and say to the ladies that I told Ria that I had met a business associate and would be discussing matters till late. Ria did not seem to mind, but during the dinner I could notice how lustfully Ria looked at James, and for a change, James did not even glance at Ria – I was sure that was adding to Ria's lust for James!

Once positioned in the closet, I soon heard giggles and laughter. I saw them enter the bedroom and James dragged Payal near the bed to kiss her deeply, I knew it was to give me a good view. He undressed Payal and she cooperated like a well mannered wife – one that I dreamed of! Payal then pulled James' tee off and got on her knees, at this point James, turned his back towards me as I saw Payal pulling his lower down, then I saw him moan and throw his head back, I did not have to guess that she was sucking his cock. James then pulled her up and whispered something into her ears, she smiled and then went into the bathroom. I realized he had sent her to shower. Once she had closed the door, James turned around and smiled. At this point, my eyes wandered down from his mischievous smile, to his bones sticking out at this shoulders, his skinny tummy and then I saw it! I could not believe the monster cock hanging between his skinny thighs! It was HUGE. It was long and thick and heavy. It was hard as steel and yet due to its weight was slightly hanging low. He looked towards the bathroom door and ensuring he head the shower walked up to me. He opened the closet and found me still gazing at his big cock. My mouth was dry and he chuckled! I looked up at his face, embarrassed for staring at his member, his facial expression just changed and he said, listen you piece of #$%$, you deserve what you got, and she deserves this (pointing to his cock); you could never fuck like a man, even if you tried, now that you are here, I will show you how a real man can fuck. Watch cause that's all you will do, you cant learn, no wonder your shitty wife wont let you touch her, maybe she never will, and before this honeymoon is over, you will learn never to mess with a woman's heart ever again.

I was ashamed at that point, James, slowly backed away closing the closet door, allowing me to stand there and peep through the slits. Payal soon got back in her teddy, I remembered her and almost felt it was old times and she was there for me. I just watched her with lust as she carried her womanly routine of applying her creams, combing her hair etc. James also had a shower and was back soon. All this while my heart was pounding in my heart and my cock was harder than it has ever been.

James was nude, his cock fully flaccid and hanging like a hose; it looked awesome, he moved near Payal's end of the bed and she playfully took his cock in her hand and wrapped her fingers around it, even in that stage, she could not encircle it fully. James bent down and kissed her while caressing her left breast with his right hand. She began to moan. He continued to play with her breast, pinching her nipples regularly. She was kissing him back passionately and stroking him – soon he was getting hard and I could once again not take my eyes off his giant member!

He then pulled the teddy off her and pulled her towards him. He kissed her deeply again and was fondling her breasts and rubbing her nipples with his thumb and forefinger. I found the sight both erotic and disgusting. How could she kiss him, such an ugly guy, was his cock that good invoking such feelings in her? I was about to see that its more than his big cock that was making her his submissive slave.

He then pushed her down to her knees and she began to take him in her mouth. He moaned as she stoked him with both hands, when fully back, he was still about 3 inches for her to suck. She would kiss his cock head, then looking into his eyes, slowly take him inch by inch, she did that for a while, then removed a hand and started taking him more and more into her mouth, rolling her tongue and sucking him with earnest! He was moaning and obviously she knew by now what he liked (I would have imagined they would have made love a lot of time now since the 3 days they were married).

I was moving from present to past in my thoughts and it was now the time he was entering her with his a large portion of lube on his cock (with his size and her tight pussy I guessed the biggest expense in their household was going to be the lube!!!).

Even with all the lube it took a while for him to enter half way, he stayed buried in her and pulled her head with one hand to kiss her and with the was fondling her breast, playing with her nipples while at it. Once he was sure she was accustomed to his big monster he moved a bit deeper, she was by now moaning loudly... oh James, oh God, oh James.. hmm yes... hmm yeah... I realized it would still take a lot of fucking before she would get used to his size, however I am sure he must be enjoying every moment of the tight pussy that was on offer.

He then pulled her legs over his shoulders and started sucking on her toes again – as he had done when he started – and that must have loosened her more cause he had by now moved a lot deeper. He continued to push slightly more and more till he was fully buried in her. He then bent down and kissed her and started pulling his cock out slowly, very slowly. James had left the lights on (in fact all the lights and lamps) so that I had clear view all the time. I saw her tight pussy stretching to the limits and her lips being pulled back as he moved back out. He then stopped while he was about half way out and started pushing back slowly, this was driving Payal mad. It must have been a long time for that pussy to be teased and I could see her pussy dripping like a tap, the portion of bed just below her ass was forming a large dark pool or her juices.

James kept up the tease for a while till she was begging him again, oh please, please, please... James did not bother and suddenly pulled the entire cock out.. she gasped and moved her head to the side, and moaned .. James then put his cock back and slowly traveled all the way in her, all the while enjoying how much he was controlling her, I could see how much he loved being in control, well who wont, with such an awesome tool and suck skill, he could make any woman be trade places with Payal!

He finally gave in and started to pump her tight pussy. He would alternate strokes, deep and hard, followed by shallow ones, driving Payal over the edge, she was moving her head from side to side, moaning and groaning and saying oh gosh oh gosh I love you, I love you oh gosh yes... yes ... and she was cumming like I had never been able to make her! James however was just warming up, he pulled her legs over his shoulders and started pounding her fast and hard, I thought he would kill her that big cock of his hitting her inner walls or probably entering into her cervix! It was however evident that she was lost in ecstasy, she was groaning loudly with every thrust and as fast as he was pumping her with vigor. Gosh this man could fuck!

James continued his assault for about 10 minutes by then Payal had cum once more and was by now lying limp totally spent, managing to clasp the bed sheet which apart from her moans indicated how her pussy was reacting to this giant cock pounding!

James finally made me realize that he was a human after all and after about 40 minutes of fantastic sex, began to groan and shoot his cum deep into her pussy. He sucked onto her tongue forcefully as began to unload bucket load of cum into her, which was so much that some of it was escaping between her pussy walls and dripping down on the sheet. After about 10-15 strokes of his cum dumping, he collapsed on her. Both were breathing hard and were kissing passionately.

After a while, James asked Payal to clean up while he changed the sheets. As soon as she was in the bathroom again, he got me out of the closet. I did not realize that I had cum in my pants; he looked down just said 'you are pathetic, but you know what, I still owe you for introducing me to her, she deserves the best, and I am the best.

As I walked back towards my villa, I was not sure what just happened and if it was real. I was already wishing I had Payal in my bed not Ria. I had lost Payal and with the lust I saw in Ria's eyes for James, what was next?

(Second part will follow soon).

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