tagLoving WivesIndian Wife Helps Husband's Friend Ch. 02

Indian Wife Helps Husband's Friend Ch. 02


After a busy day, Amar and Sonali were lying in bed. Both of them were topless. Amar was wearing his boxer shorts and was reading a magazine whereas Sonali clad in a panty was knitting something; perhaps a sweater. Suddenly she noticed that from the sides of his eyes he was trying to catch a glimpse of her bare breasts. She got the hint and snuggled upto him.

"Tell me, love. All well? Something on your mind?" She asked him as her hand slid inside his shorts and she played with his semi erect cock.

"Well, I did have a thought cross my mind, but I'm not sure how you'd feel about this one." They both lay there silent for a moment, but Amar's cock started to stiffen in her hand.

"Are you going to tell me?" she asked. "Just go ahead and say it."

"Well, okay. But you'll probably think I'm crazy." He sounded a trifle hesitant.

"Just tell me. What is it?" Sonali said apprehensively. "Does it have anything to do with me?"

" Well, sort of. But it's upto you. Okay. Well, you know how much it would turn me on to watch you with another man. That is my ultimate fantasy."

"Oh!" Sonali heaved a sigh of relief. "Well, so it is mine and well, what gives us pleasure is okay with me and just to set your mind at rest let me tell you that I'm not against it," Sonali said.

"But I'm thinking of someone in particular. I'd like to watch Dileep fuck you. Just a fantasy."

Sonali sat up a bit and she noticed that Amar withdrew his hands from her breasts.

"Dileep? No harm in fantasies, is there? But unko to main Bhaiya kehti hoon ( But I address him as Bhaiya)" she said in an offish tone so that he may not feel bad. But this comment from her husband set her thinking. This was quite a coincidence that he had mentioned Dileep. That too after what had happened just about a week back.

"Of course no harm in fantasies. And so what if you call him Bhaiya. He doesn't become your Bhaiya.," Amar said.

"But why Dileep?"

"Well, why not? I agree that you don't know him too well but he is a nice guy. Girls usually find him attractive and you too had volunteered to help him by posing as his wife."

" I wish I had not but you must elaborate. I mean the situation where he fucks me should be such that things flow on their own. It should not be contrived." she said hoping to get more out of her husband.

"Of course not. As you said its just a wild fantasy. Dileep is a nice guy and that's it."

"He is a nice guy but are you sure about his fantasy? I mean if some such an opportunity comes across and I well, let him fuck me, you okay with it?"

Before Amar could reply, there was a telephone call and the matter just did not come up.

It was around 9 a. m when the door bell rang. Three days had passed since that night. Shekhar had gone to New Delhi for two days and was expected back by noon. The children had gone to school and Lakshmi, the maid was working in the kitchen.

Sonali got up and opened the door expecting it be the milkman. It was Dileep and this was his first visit after he had been forced to fuck her.

"Oh hello!" she said. "How are you?"

"Very fine. " He said "I .... Well, how are you? "

"Fine. Please come in. " Sonali said.

Dileep came inside and sat on a single sofa. Sonali too sat on a different chair. She was a bit uneasy since she was still wearing her peach coloured nightie but what the heck! After all this person had not only seen her naked just the other day but had also fucked her though the circumstances were somewhat unsavory so it did not really make much of a difference. Since there was no common topic to discuss she asked Lakshmi to prepare two cups of tea after which she could leave. The tea came in no time and Lakshmi seemed poised to leave. Sonali wanted to ask her to stay around till Dileep left but Lakshmi appeared to be in a hurry while Dileep appeared to be fully relaxed.

The tea was kept on the table. Sonali asked Dileep to start but he appeared to be lost in some thoughts. Sonali picked up her cup, took a sip and kept it back on the table. Instead of taking a sip from his cup, Dileep picked up Sonali's cup and took a sip from exactly where her lips had touched the cup. Sonali was at a loss for words.

"Why...why did you take a sip from my cup? Your tea is in a separate cup." She said.

"I know. Anyway. Please tell me why did Subhash ask me to do what I did." Dileep asked pointedly.

Sonali shrugged. " How do I know. He may be having voyeuristic tendencies. That's why people watch those X rated films."

"Yeah. Even I think so. But I will be honest with you. I enjoyed."

"Sure." She smirked.

"Sonali! Listen to me. Very carefully. You are a very good girl. You need to be loved. Not just by your husband who is my friend and so naturally I know him very well but by also by someone who ..... how should I put it!. "

"I.... . I don't understand. " Sonali stammered. Somewhere deep inside she was a bit afraid. "I am the wife of your friend."

"Of course you are. But you are a woman first. Let me see your hands. " Dileep said.

Sonali did not know what to do. Before she could give him her hands, he picked up her left hand.

"Very nice and soft. And these nails! Just the right length. Not too long, not too short. Just right to dig into somebody's back when you are in throes of passion. Right?" Dileep asked. He did not wait for any answer

"Okay, keep your foot here. " Dileep said leaving her hand and before she could act he bent down, picked up her bare foot and kept it on the table.

"Lovely feet. So pretty. And the silver nail polish is my favourite. But that day you were wearing red nail polish! Am I right? These are the two colours that drive me crazy. " He said. "I really like your payals. But main tere liye golden laya hoon ( But I have brought golden ones for you.)"

"No, no. There is no need for golden anklets. And whats the matter with you?" Sonali protested.

"Sonali, please let me do what I have come for." Dileep replied looking in her eyes and proceeded to untie the silver payals which he kept on the side table and tie the golden ones.

After tying the anklets his hands started sliding very slowly up her leg upto the knee. From there he brought his hand towards her inner thigh and again it proceeded upwards tantalizingly slowly. His other hand was at her bare arms also stroking slowly. Dileep's lips were coming close to Sonali's who was now reclining back. Soon he placed his lips on hers.

"Dileep Bhaiya, just hold it. Kya hai apke mann mein (What is it that you have in mind?) Sonali said

"I will be frank with you. Till Subhash did what he did, I had never seen you that way. But after that day when I saw your pussy and fucked you, I have just not been able to get over you."

"Please don't do this Dileep Bhaiya. Wo hamari majburi thee ( That was something that was forced upon us.) "she whispered.

"Do what, Sonali?" Dileep whispered with a smile.

"Main janti hoon ke uss din jo hua hum dono ki marzi ke khilaf tha issliye main ne bura nahi mana. ( I know that whatever happened that day was against our wishes so I did not feel bad)" she pleadingly whispered. "Lekin jaan boojh ke aisa karna kya theek hoga?( But would it be right to do all this knowing fully well what we are going to do?)

"Of course it will be. I want this and I know you want this," Dileep replied soothingly. "You are not a virgin. I have already fucked you once no matter what the circumstances so why not do the same thing with our consent so that we may enjoy without that guy keeping a track of the shape of your pussy or my cock."

Recalling the absurdity of the situation Sonali managed a smile.

Sonali laughed " Lekin Aap to Ruchi se pyar karte hain na. But you love Ruchi."

Dileep nodded.

Sonali carried on "Agar apki uss se shadi ho jati hai main usko bataun ke aapne mujhe ......" ( If you get married to her should I tell her that you ..... me."

"Teasing me? Why don't you say the full word? Sonali, open your mouth. " Dileep said.

Sonali complied. By this time Dileep's right hand was on her pussy pressing the mound. As she opened her mouth he thrust his tongue inside and with both his hands held her head and kissed her violently.

He then withdrew his tongue, looked into her eyes. "Return the favour."It appeared to be more of a command than a request.

"And if you tell Ruchi that I have been fucking you, she might not get married to me. In that case I will have to fuck you more frequently...say at least two times every week. Since I don't go to the office like Amar I can easily come during the day. So its upto you. If you want me to carry on fucking you tell her. So tell me what will you do."

Sonali did not know what to reply. She just shook her head as his hands slid down to her back and he pulled her close to him. Her erect nipples pressed into his muscular chest and Sonali too started exploring the inside of his mouth with her tongue. He then picked her up in his arms walked to their( Amar and Sonali's) bed and put her there. He then peeled off the nightie off her shoulder over her breasts right down to her hip. Now unless Sonali lifted her hips the nightie could not get off her. Sonali was blushing furiously and her pinkish brown nipples were majestically erect. She closed her eyes and lifted her hips. Within no time she was as naked as she was the other day.

"I am happy that you wear nothing inside. Whats the point in having a lovely body if one can't show it off, albeit accidentally? Another thing. Although somewhat crude but have you heard the saying that if something is inevitable, its wise to enjoy it. You of course are a lovely girl and rape is something that I consider sickening. It is for a man to know when the female really finds him repulsive. I happen to know your feelings so please enjoy what is going to happen."

Sonali could hear him stripping. Then there was silence for perhaps a minute. She hoped that he was not a maniac. She wondered whether she should open her eyes. Her hands were free. Then she felt Dileep's warm tongue over the nape of her neck, right down to the ample cleavage. The tongue then moved to the aerolas carefully avoiding the aching and erect nipples that were begging to be sucked. The tongue again went to her mouth and plied it open. Her tongue was sucked; hard. She too reciprocated. He licked every portion of her face and special attention was paid to the earlobes and the inner ear. His hands were on her hips and the tongue was now exploring her belly button, then down until he was sucking the vertical line of hair that she maintained over the opening of her pussy which with sheer excitement was very wet. Involuntarily she started thrusting her hip upwards.

She waited in anticipation for him to go to her pussy but he reversed the direction. His tongue was now at her toes, the sole of her feet, teasing and disturbing the anklets and then a slow upwards motion of licking her inner thighs. He again stopped at the entry of the pussy. By now Sonali's moans were clearly signifying her desire to get fucked.

"I guess its time to fuck you." Dileep said in a whisper.

Sonali kept quiet.

"You have no problems with that?" Dileep's voice was still a whisper.

Sonali again maintained the silence.

He then took a deep breath of Sonali's pussy odor, savoring its smell. Then he extended his tongue and took his first taste of Sonali's luscious cunt. The flat of his tongue swept between her tight cunt lips and brought an involuntary gasp from her throat. Almost against her will, her hand moved behind his head.

"No, please keep your hands where they were. " Dileep commanded. " This is much better. Something that we missed that day."

His mouth glued itself to her pussy lips and he sucked hard, letting his tongue curl deep into her moist cuntal passage and then twitch as her interior muscles closed around it. He worked it around then out, seeking the tip of her clit and teasing it, then nipping lightly, expertly with his teeth.

Sonali moaned and squirmed in delight. He moved to her open cunt slit and took deep penetrating licks of her glistening cunt. He tongue fucked her hard and deep. He continued to lick and suck, driving her wild with his thrusting tongue. He loved the way her silken thighs clenched around his face knowing she loved the way he sucked her cunt, even if she didn't say so. Her juices flowed freely from her pulsing cunt into his mouth.

"I can see that you are enjoying this and I am glad. Is it okay with you if I ask you to return this favour too?" Dileep asked.

Sonali smiled and with her eyes still closed locate his erect cock. She recalled her own revulsion when Subhash had forced her. She bent down and kissed the tip of it. Thereafter she opened her mouth and gingerly took the head in her mouth. She just sucked on the head for a little while but she could feel that Dileep was getting impatient. He wanted her to take his full cock in her mouth.

Sonali's soft, naturally pink lips closed around the head of Dileep's cock. She felt it begin to enlarge even more as her tongue moved along the shaft. Sonali moved her head back and forth sucking as much of the growing shaft into her throat as possible. Her moist, watery mouth covered his cock shaft with hot saliva. His mushroom shaped cockhead grew larger and more resilient with each passing second. The rhythmic sucking and milking of her soft velvety mouth made Dileep's cock continue to enlarge. He was moving his hips back and forth as her cocksucking mouth aroused him further. She could feel the light prick of his black pubic hair inches from her cocksucking lips.

Sonali knew that now there was no way she could turn back from what she had brought upon herself. At times she wanted to see what time it was lest Amar return while she was merrily being fucked.

Dileep now concentrated on her breasts after positioning himself between her legs. His cockhead was very lightly embedded in the folds of her pussy lips. His actions in teasing the breasts was driving her virtually insane. She could feel an orgasm building up inside her. After about five minutes of tantalizing teasing she decided that enough was enough. She placed one hand behind his head and pulled it so that her erect nipple went into his mouth where he bit it lightly with his teeth. Her other hand went to Dileep's buttocks and a light pull on her part made his cock enter her tight and very slippery pussy. As he entered her he immediately withdrew and then started fucking her by withdrawing fully and inserting fully. She could feel his testicles clapping against her buttocks.

"Ahh!" she exclaimed as she climaxed and pulled Dileep tightly over her. Her ankles were locked over his back and her heels were digging into his tail bone ensuring the deepest possible penetration possible. They both stayed there very still for about five minutes.

"You are a combo of three things. You are very tight, very wet and my God, you are really hot in there. Nature is wonderful coz cute girls like you are capable of multiple orgasms. " Dileep said. She found it very nice to be addressed as a girl instead of as a woman.

Meanwhile Dileep moved his finger up and down her belly, gently caressing it. He kissed her neck and gently sucked on the skin. His finger was encircling her deep navel and he slowly licked up to her ear and then down back to her neck. He then blew a warm breath on the wet skin and gently pressed his finger into her navel.

"You have such lovely breasts. Amar is a lucky man." Dileep's eyes were filled with a lust and fire Sonali had not seen before.

He moved his hand to her breasts and fondled it tenderly. He closed his thumb and finger around the nipple whereas his other hand took both her hands abover her head and he held both her wrists with one hand.Then he pinched almost violently. Another sharp jolt seemed to go through Sonali's body. He squeezed her nipple again, hard. Her pussy reacted with an involuntary spasm. She fought to free her wrists from his grip. But he was too strong. He started kissing the soft flesh of Sonali's breasts aggressively, sucking in the skin and biting them. He was leaving bite marks on her breasts. What was Amar going to say Sonali thought but she was too aroused to care. His free hand cupped her breast and he took the nipple in his mouth. His mouth was so hot, she felt it would burn her skin. He sucked in her breast as much as he could and licked his tongue all over the nipple. He pulled his head back, letting the breasts slip out, till the nipples was between his teeth and then he gently bit on it. Shots of pain as well as pleasure rippled though her body and another moan escaped her mouth.

Dileep heard it and then moved to her other breast. Sonali looked down and saw that the first breast was shiny, read and puffy from Dileep's aggressiveness. By this time my pussy was so wet that drops of my juices were tricking out of my pussy and down my thigh. Dileep continued his onslaught on her other breast, sucking on it, pulling on it, biting it.

"You liked that didn't you?" Dileep asked letting my breasts out of his mouth. Both her breasts were now completely red and swelled, and moving up and down with each breath. She looked at Dileep who also breathing heavier than before and had a lusty smile.

Now Dileep lay on his back and pulled her over him. Her luscious breasts were on his chest, his cock buried deep inside her pussy due to her weight and both her legs were apart;her feet placed near his hip bone one on each side and her hands over his ears so that she could guide her tongue or breasts into his mouth. She was busy exploring his mouth with her tongue, alternating it by offering her nipples to him which his mouth had no hesitation in grabbing.

Dileep carried on chewing her erect nipples which were now pinkish red but she was past caring. This carried on for a while. Dileep smiled as Sonali started riding his cock getting up and coming down with a force. She reached yet another climax just as Dileep was discharging inside her. As Dileep's cum kept discharging into her pussy, Sonali flexed her cunt muscles, trying to milk every drop from him. She moved her pelvis upward once more again to catch the full force of his jerking, shuddering cock as it continued to spew out the full load of his hot seething sperm into her greedily drinking vagina. She bent down and kissed Dileep as her body shook uncontrollably from the final orgasm he had given her.

She was bathed in his sweat and her own and was too exhausted to get up and they both lay within one another's arms for almost fifteen minutes which were punctuated by Dileep's light nibbles on her erect nipples wherein he would hold it between his teeth and give a light tug. She was too tired to chide him. So exhausted was she that she was beyond caring as to who would arrive.

After a while Sonali got up and went into the bathroom and stood under the shower for ten minutes. Suitably refreshed she emerged to find that Dileep was not on the bed. She put on a T shirt and a pair of shorts without any undergarments. Dileep was in the drawing room fully dressed.

"Not bad. You have been so good that I am seriously thinking of giving up the idea of marriage. I mean sex with you is really sex and I would rather have this sort of sex once a year as compared to just fucking lousily every day. And the way you took charge... that was something"

"Come on!" Sonali blushed "Main ne koi charge nahi liya. Jo bhi kia aapne kia(I did not take any charge. Whatever happened was done by you)

"Okay. You are saying that because you think its not good for good girls to be active in bed."

Sonali remained quiet for a while, then said "I am confused. I mean I don't think I should allow you to fuck me on a regular basis while keeping Amar in the dark."

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