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Indian Wife Knowingly Submits


It happened one day about 6 years after Amit and Anita had been married. As is the norm, she had met many persons in the marriage. Some nice, some not so nice but she had developed a liking for two persons. One was Amit's elder brother and the other was a close friend of Amit's. Nothing proceeded further because of two reasons. Firstly Anita did not know exactly what she wanted and secondly there were no such opportunities. Theirs was an educated family, modern and yet somewhat conservative.

As time went by, they became more and more free with one another. And entertained the notion of inviting another person to have sex with them, be it male or female. Just fantasies. Nothing serious but it certainly got them on a high and though Anita did not say as much but Dileep featured prominently in them. Dileep was a gynaecologist and both Anita and Amit had often discussed how Dileep would be feeling seeing nude females every day.They tossed about names of other men and women, but never really thought they would go thru with it.

Although 30 years old, Anita still looked as if she had just completed college and did not look a day older than 21. She was one of those rare girls who due to their sheer beauty looked out of place in their environs. Nature had been generous in endowing her not only with a height of 5 feet 6 inches but also a clear complexion. A lissome body complimented with perfectly rounded breasts capped by perky nipples that had the hue of a combination of pink-chocolate. Surprisingly it took the little nobs very little stimulation to get erect and at times this proved to be a source of major embarrassment for Anita, especially if she was without a bra.

She was intelligent enough to know that nature's bounty has to be respected and so she took the right steps to accentuate all her strong points. Her pussy was perfectly shaped with a trimmed mop of hair covering the mound while the puffy lips of the pussy were defiantly exposed. She watched fascinated as the water ran down with its full gravitational force over her pierced belly button before its speed was temporarily arrested by the pubic hair and then finally having made its way out it again regained the same force to finally fall at her bare feet where it made little puddles before being drained away.

However one night became the defining night, when the phone rang & a moment later Amit knocked on the door as she was drying her body and told her that his friend Dileep (who was on the list of possibilities) would be coming over at night to watch the world cup cricket. Anita had no option but to say 'Fine.' In a tone that did not exhibit deep excitement but she was really looking forward to his visit.

It was just a co incidence that just that morning Anita had shaved her legs and bikini line. Anita was virtually hairless all over the body in sharp contrast to the thick mane of hair on her head.

As Amit went to the store to get a few things like beer and snacks, Anita straightened the place up a touch. Soon Amit was back and started putting away what he had brought home. Anita was a rare drinker and the only thing she liked are Backardi Breezers. Amit had, however, brought bottles of Vodka Bacardi Rum

Anita asked, "What's the occasion? Dileep is coming over to watch cricket or for a party?"

He smiled & said, "I will never be able to understand why you dislike cricket, so brought some alcohol so that with a drink or two inside you, you might like it better.' Anita laughed & said, 'Yeah right. But I might start enjoying things other than cricket too.'

Amit just laughed and said 'We will see.'

They had an early dinner so almost 2 hours had gone by when Dileep arrived. He shook hands with Amit and gave her a friendly hug. She was wearing a spaghetti ream colored top under which was a strapless bra, low waist jeans inside which was a very sheer thong panty which just about covered her pussy. Her feet were bare except for nail polish and very light anklets. They went into the living room to watch the start of the game. Amit asked if anyone was thirsty. Of course the answers were yes. He then went to the kitchen to get 2 beers and Anita's first drink of the night. They all sat on the couch with Anita in the middle. It was not really planned that way. Just that as soon as she and Amit had settled down, Dileep got up for something and when he came back he sat next to Anita. All three of them kept their bare feet on the table. Anita's painted toes with dainty anklets flanked by her husband's feet on one side and Dileep's on the other. Since there was about half an hour for the game to start, some other channel was put on where a program about the mating habits of horses was being aired.

In order to carry on the conversation, she asked Dileep, 'So where have you been? And how is Shalini?' Shalini was Dileep's wife and also Anita's friend.

'Me? Well, rather us. Me and my wife. We had gone to Africa for a project and had to spend a week with the tribals.'

'That sounds fascinating.' Amit said.

'Fascinating it was except for the fact that Shalini ended up having sex with one of the guys there.'

Both Anita and Amit were surprised, 'That's queer. How come? I mean that's weird. In front of you?'

Dileep smiled ' Relax! It seems I have shocked you. Well, yes. Let me make things clear to you. In that particular society, it is normal for women to go topless. So Shalini too had to go topless or else they would remain suspicious and the purpose of the trip would be defeated. I was prepared to return but Shalini said that since she could strip on a beach, why not for a purpose?'

Amit asked, 'So she stripped? In front of all the guys?'

Dileep nodded.

'That's cool. I mean both of you are. But how did she get fucked?' Amit was keen to find out.

'Amit, please don't use the 'F' word.' Anita chided him gently.

'Its OK, Anita. He is right. That guy fucked Shalini so why not say it? No matter how you or I say it, the act is the same. And it was not rape so fucked is fine. Had you been there and behaved as Shalini did, you too would have been fucked.'

Dileep said to Anita as he moved and Anita's toes touched his. An electric current passed through her body but she let the contact remain. Dileep continued 'Anyway, in that society the women go topless and it is perfectly acceptable. Initially they were suspicious of us since Shalini was wearing clothes. Once we came to know about this, I thought that we could return. I mean there was no compulsion but Shalini volunteered to go topless.'

'That's so understanding of her. How did you take it. I mean your wife topless. In public.' Amit asked.

' Nothing. All the others were so it was quite normal. Some young women were totally nude too. However what we did not know was that total nudity meant that the female was available. One day Shalini too went totally nude and they assumed that she was prepared to be fucked.'

'O my God!What did you and Shalini do?' Anita asked.

'What else? We couldn't abandon the project so she went ahead. By the way they have a very interesting game. Sexually they are not prudes. What they do is, well, say there is a couple like both of you and both of us. Now Anita lies on her back and you, Amit fuck her whereas I lie on my back and Shalini rides me. Now whichever man discharges first, the other guy has a threesome with the two females. He immediately fucks the one he was not fucking and the one he was fucking gives him an oral. Am I clear? While one female lies on her back, the other man lies that way.'

'This TV programme is getting kind of boring ,' Anita said to change the topic. ' Why don't you put on something else?'

Dileep piped up with, 'Even porn?' He himself did not know why he said it. But he rubbed his bare foot against Anita's and gave her a wink.

To Amit's surprise his wife said, "Yes, even porn, ...anything."

He gave Dileep a glance and Dileep said, " I mean I've never watched porn with friends who are a couple."

Amit got up, went over and put a disc in the DVD player. He came back to the couch & sat down, putting his arm over his wife's shoulders, pulling her close. Whatever Dileep had said had got both of them in an erotic mood.The movie started, it was one of those that are just scenes one after the other. The first scene was of two guys having fun with a girl. As they watched the action on the screen Amit started rubbing her shoulders and neck. Then he leaned over and began to kiss her neck and ear . Anita's breathing got harder and she began to feel flushed but was trying to behave because here was Dileep, sitting two feet to her right and she was feeling as uncomfortable as she was aroused. She could feel her nipples stiffen and push against her shirt. It was mid September and still warm outside, so she was wearing a cream T-shirt. She wondered if Dileep had noticed them yet and glanced toward him, he was just sipping his drink and watching the TV like nothing was happening.

Finally, Dileep said 'Well, this movie is a bit too hot. Why don't we do something else? I mean I am alone and.....'

'I am sorry, Dileep.' Anita said disengaging herself from her husband.

She got up and rummaged through the closet hoping to find a game are something to pass the time when she came across a deck of cards. "We can play cards", she said. They played several games of rummy before they grew tired of that.

"Lets play something else," she said.

Dileep said, 'We can play poker.'I'll teach you, it's not hard to learn. Its good adult fun. Best thing is that it is not confined only to guys/girls. In fact Anita's presence will make it more lively. Dileep turns to Amit and winked at him to let him know that the games had begun. Without Amit seeing he did the same to Anita who blushed furiously. Obviously the alcohol had started taking its effect.

Dileep dealt the cards face up so he could explain the game to them. The first hand Anita won. She also won the next time. Amit was the next winner before Anita won again. Dileep had made sure that he wasn't a winner; he wanted them to feel like they were going to win each time.

'I'm ready, lets play' said Anita. 'What are we going to play for?'

'Lets play strip poker,' said Dileep.

Amit didn't know what to say. He didn't mind playing strip poker with Anita, but he didn't like the idea of Dileep seeing her naked. Amit knew that Dileep wanted to fuck her and he didn't know if he was ready for that. Anita was young and pretty and naughty. Would Anita go along with this or put up a fuss? And if she did go along with this to what extent? Would she expose her boobs and then stop? Or full nudity? Or even a fuck? And if she was prepared to get fucked would she also allow Dileep to fuck her? Actually he was worried whether he would enjoy seeing his pretty wife getting fucked. If the story narrated by Dileep regarding his own wife Shalini was correct, he should enjoy it. Finally he said, "I'll go along as long as Anita is willing."

Anita was more than willing but she didn't want Amit to know how much. Amit also did not know that she had put on a very skimpy thong panty. Just in case. She said 'I would play as long as I can quit any time I'm ready."

Dileep didn't give them time to change their minds as he hurried to explain the rules. "Each one of us will start with 4 articles of clothing on. The looser will be the low hand and have to remove one piece of clothing. Once you loose all your clothing the looser will have to do what the winner tells them until everyone is naked, then the game will be over."

He dealt the first hand and was the looser. He took of his shirt and laid it by the chair. The next time it was Amit's time to loose and he removed his shirt. Dileep lost again and pulled of his t-shirt, giving them a look at his well-muscled arms and chest. Anita's pussy was wet. She wondered whether the time had come to, well, get fucked by Dileep.

Anita lost the next hand. She had already decided to remove her bra instead of her shirt. In a way that only women know she managed to take it off without removing her top. Dileep let out a grown when she did this. He was looking forward to her uncovering her beautiful breast.

Amit then loss again and removed his t-shirt. He also lost the next hand and had to take off his pants. He had to stand to remove them and it was easy to see that his cock was hard in his briefs as he sit back down.

Anita then loss the next hand. She stood and removed her jeans but her panties still covered what Dileep and to some extent even Amit wanted to see. She immediately loss the next hand as well. She was running out of choices as what to take off. Amit thought that she would say that the game was over but Anita had no intentions of stopping. She reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and pulled it off and threw it away. She set there with both men looking at her bare breast. Her thick, brown nipples were as hard as their cocks. Amit looked at her and could see her excitement. Her face was flushed and red. At that time he realized that she would not stop until the game was over.

Dileep couldn't take his eyes off of her tits. He lost the next hand and stood up and removed his pants. His cock was hard as it pushed his boxer shorts away from his body.

They were all down to their underwear when Amit loss the next hand. He said, 'Maybe we need to stop this game. Dileep laughed at him and called him a coward for quitting whereas Anita just smiled at both the men. Amitrefused to back down so he stood and pushed his briefs down and stepped out of them. His cock sprang free and Anita blushed realizing that Dileep would be thinking that this is the cock that fucks her. Dileep was somewhat surprised to see Amit exposing so coolly before his wife.

Anita lost the next hand. She jumped up and pulled her panties off before Amit had time to protest. She stood before them and let them look. She was as turned on with them looking at her as they were. Her pussy was carefully and beautifully shaped. The lips were absolutely hairless and there was a small patch of black hair on the mound. She was wet and the guy's could see the dampness on her cunt. She sat down and though she crossed her legs her pussy lips opened for a fraction of a second and to Dileep it seemed as if her pussy was ready to be fucked.

Amit lost the next hand and Dileep was the winner. Since he was already naked he had to do what Dileep told him. 'Anita, lean back on your elbows and spread your legs so Amit can eat your pussy until I say stop.'

Anita was ready and quickly got in position. Amit had given Anita orals before too but this was the first time he was going to do it in somebody else's presence and he was ready to give it his all. He crawled between her thighs and lowered his mouth down to her cunt. He quickly licked his tongue through the wet opening of her cunt. Just as he started enjoying his wife's pussy in the presence of somebody else Dileep called time. Reluctantly he quit and went back to his place.

Anita lost the next hand and Amit was the winner. He wanted to tell her to suck Dileep but Dileep still had on his shorts so he told her to kiss him until he said stop. Both Dileep and Anita were surprised that he would tell them to do anything together.

Amit watched as his nude wife gingerly moved into Dileep's arms before Amit could change his mind. She had wanted to kiss him since long and to be able to kiss him with her husband looking was special. They were kissing like a couple of teenagers tongues entwined as Dileep's hands rolled down her smooth back and onto her shapely buttocks just inches away from her wet pussy. His cock was hard and she could feel it as her pussy brushed against it. Her back was turned to Amit so Dileep could caress her tit and gently sucked them. Amit let them kiss and make out for a long time before finally calling a stop. He was surprised to see how much she enjoyed kissing Dileep. What surprised him more was how much he like watching them. It took both of them a few minutes to calm down before the next hand could be played.

It was at that moment that the landline phone rang.

'I'll see.' Anita said as she scampered off to the bedroom both the guys watching her confident walk despite full nudity.

'Hi Shalini! God! You have very long life. Your husband is here and he was telling us about that incident with the tribals.' Anita said.

'Incident with tribals? Which incident?' Shalini's tone was full of surprise.

'Come on. Don't pull my leg. The one where you had to go topless.'

'I am serious, Anita. No such incident took place. What has he been telling you? Must be joking with you guys!' Shalini said.

Despite the alcohol, Anita managed to tell Shalini ' I'll talk to you later. Am a bit busy. Please don't mind.' As she disconnected the phone, her thoughts were confused. Dileep had sucked her tits and seen her nude. Not just breasts but even her pussy. Not only that, she too was enjoying it. No purpose would be served by telling Amit that the tribal story was just that. A story. She decided to ignore it and returned to the place where her husband and Dileep were seated.

'Who was that?' Amit enquired.

'Just a pal' she said dismissively.

Dileep made sure that he lost the next round. He wanted to get naked with them as soon as possible. He hoped that they had forgotten the rule that when everybody was naked the game was over.

Anita lost the next round and Dileep was the winner. He told Amit to move over next to him and for Anita to suck Amit's cock until he said switch and then she had to suck him until he said switch again. Amit realized that Dileep was saying what in effect meant that Anita would soon be sucking his cock. He also knew that Anita had a crush on Dileep and since Dileep had just sucked her nipples, she was considerably aroused. He wondered whether she would refuse. So far as Anita was concerned, this appeared to be a rare opportunity. She did not want to cheat and sucking Dileep in her husband's presence was the best that could have happened. What more could a girl ask for.

She didn't really know what to do but she knew that she wanted to try. She knelt before Amit and licked the tip before taking the whole shaft in. Dileep said," Open your mouth and let it slide in. Lick around the head with your tongue while moving up and down on it. Take it as deep in your mouth as you can. Go slow until you get use to the feel of it in your mouth.'

Anita herself was surprised that she could not recognize the sigh that Amit was about to erupt in her mouth. She was taken by surprise when he could no longer hold back and he shot load after load down her throat.

Dileep saw what was happing and told her to swallow until it was gone. She still had cum running from her mouth when Dileep said to switch. She didn't have to be told this time what to do. She took all of his cock down her throat. She liked the taste of Amit's and she set out to drain Dileep. He called time before she could complete her mission.

Amit lost the next round with Anita the winner. She lay back and told Amit to fuck her and for Dileep to move over where she could suck him at the same time. Even though he had just cum, watching her suck Dileep had brought his cock back to life. He moved between her open legs an entered her wet cunt. She was so excited that he didn't have any trouble entering her at all.

She wrapped her legs around him and fucked him as hard as her young body could go. She looked over and Dileep had his cock next to her head. She took him in her mouth determined this time to taste his cum.

Amit had moved up on his knees and watched as she pulled the Dileep's cock between her lips. Even though he had just cum moments before the sight was more than he could bear. He started cumin and couldn't stop. As soon as it was over and his cock slipped out, Dileep said ' Its kind of unfair to leave Anita like this. I'll do what the tribals did.' Anita was too sexually charged to notice what was happening and before Amit could even nod Dileep was on her in a flash.

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