tagLoving WivesIndian Wife Revisited By Hubby Pal

Indian Wife Revisited By Hubby Pal


“Hello!” Anita answered the phone call. It turned out to be Rohit, a friend of her husband Amit. In fact he was the closest friend of the couple and Anita still had memories of a passionate night when there had been a mix up and Rohit had ended up making love to her. Amit knew about this incident and they had often discussed the possibilities of having a threesome.

Since there were still two days for Rohit’s arrival, Anita brought up the topic at night. “I agree that a threesome would be nice but how exactly are you going to go about it?” Amit asked.

“The thing is to get him so excited that he is unable to control himself.” Anita replied. “I will try to ensure that the initial hesitation is not there on my part since what we seek is thrill. I will of course not give an impression that we are desperate to involve him. I will proceed to, well, excite him gradually so that when the night arrives, he will be more than ready.” Anita said.

“Are you sure?”Amit sounded a bit doubtful.

“Don’t bother. I think I will have to tell him that I know that it was he who made love to me the other night.”

“Well do what you deem fit but will that be okay? I mean from what you told me you were constantly taking my name and now after so much time….he will be shocked to know that you knew all along that it was he who was entering you and you played along.He may feel that you took him for a ride.” Amit said. “ By the way that henna which you have applied on your feet is looking nice.”

“Thanks. I have also got a heart shaped one.” Anita said.

“Where?” Amit said getting up.

“Well, “ Anita said naughtily pulling down her nightie. The red mark of the henna in the shape of a heart was just aroung her nipple.

“You really know how to tease and that too when I am just leaving. But who did this?”

“A professional. He was sent to me by Mrs Sharma.”

“Boy! I am sure he must have been real surprised when you would have asked him to do it around your nipple.”

“He sure was. But I enjoyed his discomfiture. Left the door open. After all it would not do to get him so excited that he would attempt a rape. Lakshmi was also in the kitchen all throughout. Just that I had to sit topless for an hour so that a good mark of the colour would be left.” Amit teased her nipple with his tongue and left for the office.

After Amit left for the office Anita collapsed on the couch, a little tired. Her thoughts strayed for a moment to Amit's friend Rohit. It had been some time and his was an easy going personality. Both Amit and she enjoyed his company; in fact he seemed to be so simple that Anita liked nothing more than to pull his leg.

Anita got up, pulled off her shirt and looked at her reflection in the mirror.She was one of the rare women who couldn't find something to dislike about her body. Her hair was curly black and shoulder length. Her arms and legs were a deep golden tan, while her breasts and belly were a pale white. Her skin was unblemished, she had never had a mole, wart, or a pimple. Her pubic hair matched the hair on her head, curly and black. Anita had a thin waist, with a smooth, flat belly, except for a slight, sexy bulge under her navel. Her hips were well rounded and they curved out from her waist. Anita was proudest of her breasts. They were just a little bit on the larger side , making her look over-proportioned. They curved upwards proudly capped by her half-dollar sized nipples. Her areola were chocolate brown with a pinkish tinge. When erect her nipples poked out half an inch.

She closed her eyes and her hand eased down her body to her crotch over her jeans. Her pussy was buzzing with excitement and when she touched herself over the denim, a wave of desire shot through her. Her nimble fingers undid her button and pulled down her zipper. She slid her hand into the white cotton of her panties, running her fingers through the curls of her pubic hair until they found the comforting warmth of her treasure. Her breath was shaky as her finger glided down the moist folds of her slit, sending powerful sensations up her body.

She hesitated for a moment. Amit would be home from work in about 4 hours, and Rohit would arrive after two days. Why not? She didn't have the time to pleasure herself that often anymore.

Anita pushed her jeans down her legs and pulled her feet out of them one by one. Yes, her hennaed feet with soles all red were looking nice. She slid her panties down, taking them off as well until she lay on the couch naked from the waist down with her legs open and her feet flat on the couch. She then closed her eyes and reached between her thighs, losing herself in the intense feelings.

She took her time, enjoying every second. . “Oh! Sorry!” said a voice. Her eyes snapped open, and she gasped. She saw the image of a man disappear around the corner. She realized she had been masturbating for over 10 minutes, so completely lost in the sensation that she was unaware of her surroundings or of the fact that she could be seen through the chink in the curtain. She quickly realized it was Rohit, as she scrambled to grab her jeans and panties off the floor and put them on.

“I'm so sorry Anita,” Rohit exclaimed, “Nobody answered my knock and the door was open.” He was around the corner out of sight, but he had seen enough! The image he saw when he peeked around the corner was burned in his mind. His buddy's wife lying spread eagle on the couch, fingers circling her clit. Her smooth, tanned legs opened wide, brown curls of pubic hair surrounding pink swollen lips. His cock was straining in his jeans.

“That's okay,” she replied from the living room, “you can come back in now.”She was fully dressed again, and she lay back on the couch, hiding her red face in her hands.

“I'm so embarrassed.’”she said, muffled into her hands.

“Its, its okay, Anita. I guess we all do it.” he answered. He was standing right beside her, perhaps he too wanted to show her how hard he was but he too was as red in the face as Anita. He couldn't help himself, he was drawn to her like never before. He found that he wanted her to make a move on him, and he was almost daring her to.

“It's still embarrassing! And you scoundrel! You were supposed to come after two days” she said, reluctantly moving her hands away from her face. Her crotch was tingling like crazy - she was seconds away from orgasm! Another wave of desire came over her when her glance fell on the bulge in his pants. She looked away quickly, but it had lingered long enough for him to catch it. Now he was more turned on than ever, and thus more daring than ever.

“I guess I was just lucky that I came today or else I would have certainly missed out on some visual delights.It seems to have done a lot for you!”

“ Anyway it has been such a long time. How have you been?” She said chirpily changing the topic.she smiled, her eyes drinking in his bulge. It was still at the point where the conversation was lighthearted, and no line was really crossed. When he noticed her squirm on the couch and her eyes wouldn't tear away from his waist he decided to cross that line.

“Fine. Getting along. And how can a man be without a wife?” Rohit replied naughtily.

“Now that’s not fair. What are friends and their wives for? You should keep visiting them more frequently.And this is just a temporary phenomenon that Anju is not with you.” Anita said seductively as she proceeded to prepare tea. After she had shown Rohit to his room, she proceeded to the kitchen while Rohit got busy unpacking. He soon came to the kitchen to narrate some incident. He was bare chested and clad only in a pair of boxer shorts. After listening to whatever he had to narrate, Anita led him to the bedroom as if she had some work to complete there. While she seemingly got busy, Rohit proceeded to dial his boss on the cell to tell him that he had reached and that the work assigned to him would be carried out. Rohit appeared to be at his respectful best since his dialogue was punctuated with many ‘Sirs’. It was then that he asked Anita for a piece of paper and started writing something that was being dictated to him.

As Anita handed him a writing pad and pen,a naughty thought crossed her mind. With all the nonchalance at her disposal, she proceeded to undress herself. When she was clad in only a bra and her thong panty, she approached Rohit, her bare feet making no noise. Rohit was obviously busy and his back was towards her.From under his armpits she ran her hand over his bare chest. This startled Rohit and he turned around. She looked him in the eye, her hand slowly ran over his stomach, over his fly where she unzipped his fly and with her hand pulled out his cock. Flaccid. Unerect. Rohit was aghast, not knowing what to do

As the head of his dick touched the skin of her cheek, she slowly directed it down towards her lips. When he felt the moistness of her lips touch his organ, he felt her mouth open.

With her lips she rolled the foreskin back and the mushroom head of his penis easily popped into her mouth, and he watched her lips slowly slide down his shaft. He wanted to run his hands through her long, straight hair but all he could do was watch helplessly as his cock reached its full erection and the entire length of it sunk into her mouth.

As she began to bob her head back and forth along his cock, she took good care to ensure that no noises came forth. Rohit was talking to his boss, his eyes were on Anita as she licked the head of his cock lovingly. The feeling of her tongue on his dick, and the movement of her soft hands on his hardness were driving him nuts. And when she took his balls in her fingers, she knew he was about to come any time. She looked up at him with a smile, and increased the pace of her hands on his dick – and at the same time she increased the suction pressure on the head of his cock. Suddenly, she left him and proceeded to the bathroom leaving Rohit standing on the verge of an orgasm.

She put on the shower and adjusted the hot water. The room began to fog up with the steam. From her own cell phone she informed her husband that Rohit had arrived and that circumstances had arranged things in such a manner that he had got aroused himself. Tonight would be the night and Amit should be prepared. She would be doing everything to get Rohit excited but wouldn't let him fuck her. She disconnected the line, and as the water cascaded down the contours of her body she heard a knock on the door. Closing the shower, she opened the door.

“Yes?” she asked innocently. Rohit was standing there with an expression of pleading.

“Can I share the bath?” Anita smiled and opened the door slightly more to let him enter. Rohit lost no time in stripping and joining her. His eyes were glued to her body.

“What are you staring at?” Anita asked throwing some water at him playfully.

“This is perhaps the first time that I am seeing you nude. It is absolutely stunning the way you have given the shape of a heart to the hair on the mound whereas the lips are absolutely hairfree.”

“So? Don’t like what you are seeing? I was never prudish about my body.” Anita replied.

“Don’t like? You are crazy. I was just wondering how absolutely lucky Amit is. You are absolutely stunning.”

Anita threw her head back and laughed and pulled him under the shower. Gingerly he took her breasts in his hands and felt the nipples. He bent down to take one in his mouth and then the other. And then, he started to kiss his way downwards – down across Anita’s belly, and soon his mouth was on her clit. Just as he was going to take it in his mouth, she stopped him and said “No”. Disappointed, he stood up. She looked down, and saw that his cock was beginning to stir again. She reached for the soap, handed it over to Rohit and asked him to wash her.

Standing in front of her he begins to put the soap on her shoulders and breasts. He pinched her erect nipples a little roughly and Anita could feel the current go down to her pussy. She deliberately stood with her legs together, her erect nipples facing him and as he started to soap her thighs, he could see the shaved lips of her pussy 6 inches from his face, but he had no access to feel the hole of her pussy. She then turned around and asked him to soap her back. She faced the wall, stretched her hands out and leaned forward. She arched her back, and he could now see her sexy ass in front of him. He lathered up her back, and predictably his hands begin to wander down. He was now soaping her ass cheeks, and despite her clenching her ass cheeks, his slippery hands moved into the cleft – his fingers lightly brushing past Anita’s asshole. She shivered.

Now even she could not take it any more – and when his hands gently went between her thighs, she gave in. Slowly she parted her legs, giving him access to her pussy. Immediately, his hands felt the wetness of her cunt – a very different wetness to the water that was still coming down. It was a slick, slippery wetness – and of course the smell. The scent of a woman in heat! His fingers were still feeling her pussy lips. Rohit was not sure what liberties he could take. After all she had told him clearly that he couldn’t fuck her. But Anita wanted this to progress. She reached behind and sure enough, Rohit had now regained his hardness. And while she was still leaning forward with one hand on the wall, her back arched, her ass open for his exploration, she took his cock and started stroking it again. Anita felt Rohit's hands grab each of her butt cheeks and spread them apart. He was getting a view of her private parts for the first time.

Rohit leaned up and Anita cried, "Oww." He had just smacked his cock against her ass cheek. He slowly slid his cock over to the crack in her ass and rested it between her cheeks , before he squeezed her cheeks together around his cock. Anita's mind flashed on an image of a sausage on a bun sold by street vendors around the city.

Anita couldn't help herself and moaned as Rohit's cock started sliding down her cheeks. He stopped it when the head rested on her ass and he pressed down hard enough that she could feel the pressure against her anus.

Rohit backed up a little and the head of his cock felt wet as it moved down her ass and to her pussy. Anita couldn't believe her own body would react this way, but she swore her labia was spreading apart for him wanting to feel his cock inside her.

Rohit was now desperate. He could not wait to put his cock in Anita’s pussy again. It had been so many years, and he could vividly remember that one night of passion when he fucked her three times. He wanted another taste of that ecstasy. He was now standing behind her and slowly, he reached around her and felt for her clit. Anita moaned with pleasure. He asked whether he could at least rub his cock on her pussy lips that he could see from behind. He promised that he would not put it in. Anita told him that if he did, it would stop immediately as she felt guilty about letting another man fuck her. Everything else was okay, but no fucking.

Rohit agreed. He took his cock in his hand and parted her thighs even more. She allowed him. He then began to rub the tip of his cock on her wide open pussy lips – but there was no penetration. Anita was now leaning forward, her cunt fully exposed, and she knew that Rohit’s cock could penetrate her sopping cunt any time. But then she wanted him to be like putty in her hands. In the evening. She knew he was going to fuck her at night, but she wanted him to loose all self control. And now that they were moving to Delhi, he would be so close. She wanted him to become her sex slave, ready to come to Delhi and to service her whenever she so desired.

By now the feelings in her pussy were becoming more intense. While he was rubbing his cock on her cunt lips, he said “Anita please. Let me put it in you for just a minute. I will not move it – so it is not like we are ‘fucking’. I promise – just one minute inside you, and then I will take it out”. Of course she wanted it in her. So she made him promise and said okay! She arched her back more to get the angle right. She did want him to take care of that ache in the depths of her cunt. Rohit puts the tip between her pussy lips – and s-l-o-w-l-y began to drive his shaft into her depths. He had not been allowed to fuck her, so he wanted to savour the sensation of her hot, wet cunt engulfing his hardness. The lips were spreading, wanting him inside her and her pussy muscles were sucking in.

Soon he was buried deep inside Anita – all the way upto his balls. What a beautiful sensation! She had got him in her cunt again after so many years – and she could feel the insides of her pussy take over. Involuntarily her cunt was tightening over his cock – though there was no movement. While Rohits cock was in her pussy, he reached around her to feel her succulent breasts, to play with her nipples. One hand remained there and one came down to her clit. What a feeling!

Anita realised that the promised minute was over, and she asked him to take the cock out. He asked for another minute, but she said no. After all he had promised! She began to stand upright. Slowly. And she could feel his hardness slip out of her pussy. She turned around now and faced him. He kissed her on her mouth and his tongue darted inside. Deep and urgent – all the while his hands were all over her body. His hands were on her buttock cheeks and as he pulled her towards himself his cock pressed hard in the crevice of her belly button. She cooperated by raising herself on her toes and soon he could feel her thick brown nipples touching his, by comparison almost diminutive nipples. The shower continued to pelt down hot water on them – and the bathroom was now like a sauna – almost totally fogged up.

She asked him to stay where he was, and went across to a small cupboard – from where she extracted her favourite dildo. It was a hot purple in colour, with a smooth texture. It was about 9 inches in length, and just the perfect thickness. Rohit had never seen something like that except in some porn mags, and he was not sure what to do. She stood in front of him and told him that she needed to come too – and since she was not permitting him to fuck her, this would have to do – and she needed his help! Anita placed the dildo in his hand, and with one hand she guided him down towards her pussy. She looked at him, but he was looking down at her pussy lips. She placed the tip at the entrance of her cunt and she pushed his hand, encouraging him to put that dildo deep inside her. With all the wetness in her cunt, it began to slide effortlessly into her depth. And soon almost all of it was in her. Rohit could not believe what he was doing. He was fucking his best friend’s wife with a dildo in her house while his best friend was at office!

She then took her hand away from his. She placed both her hands on his shoulders, looked at him and said ‘Come on Rohit, make me come. Please’. Rohit instinctively knew what to do. At first his hands moved hesitatingly, plunging that dildo into her. He was a trifle unsure as to how far he could go, or how fast. Afterall, he does not want to hurt her. But then, with encouragement from Anita his strokes became more firm. She asked him to go deeper, and faster – and he did it. She took one hand away from his shoulder and took his rock hard cock in her hand. And she began to move it on his cock in time with the strokes of the dildo.

Both of them sensed that the end was near. His cock was beginning to show signs of coming – and that’s when she exploded. She came all over that dildo while Rohit fucked her with it – and as she came, Rohit exploded too – all over Anita’s hand. She took the other hand down too and rubbed his come back onto his cock, and felt his balls. (And at the same time Rohit was moving that dildo in and out of her throbbing cunt.)

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