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Indian Wife Teases, Has Fun


Anjali was Amit's wife. This story perhaps would have remained a fantasy and she would not have written it had it not been for the prodding of an internet friend. Dileep was an old friend of Amit's. Although Dileep was vaguely fond of her ever since Amit had married her, it was the first time when he first saw her in a skirt that he realized that she turned him on quite a lot. This realization was both arousing and disturbing…after all she was not just another girl but the wife of a very dear friend.

It was a pleasant surprise when a particular incident took place. He had visited their house. She, like most Indian women normally wore only Indian clothes and that day was no exception. It was nothing very daring, quite the opposite if anything. It was knee length and loose, made of some light material with a close floral print. But when she sat down, she smoothed the skirt carefully over her buttocks, and the curve held Dileep's gaze. When she crossed her legs, the hem of the skirt rode to just above the knee, and Dileep could make out that the legs were soft and cushiony. She had shaved her legs or perhaps removed the hair in some other way due to which the skin was smooth and polished. She had caught him looking at her body on that occasion, and the glimmer of a smile had said "naughty, naughty!" She had not been angry, neither had she ignored his gaze.

Dileep and Amit had been childhood friends and had been together not only in school but also in the university. While Dileep had got a job with a software major here in India, Amit and Anjali had gone to the UK for a couple of years. When they came back, Dileep again started visiting them and was pleased to notice that Anjali had remained much the same. She had never been what one would call a great beauty, but she definitely was beautiful. She had a pleasant face with a nice smile, and black eyes which now seemed more playful than before. Her figure was much the same, tall and on slimmer side, but with breasts that were appropriate and seemed to be still firm. Her black hair came to her shoulders.

This evening her legs were encased in tight Indian pajamas, called churidars, and appeared to be as soft and cushiony as he remembered them. Her feet were bare as Indian women normally remain at home. Her manicured toes were painted a bright red and dainty anklets added to the sensuality.

It was at dinner that the first incident took place. Dileep was seated next to her at the corner of the table and they all had had some good wine to go with the food. Dileep shifted his position slightly and felt his knee brush against something under the table. He saw the slight start she gave and realized it was her leg. Dileep immediately drew his leg away but not before noticing the naughty smile that she gave him. What exactly was that? The smile of a good host or something more amorous?

Bemused, he waited for a while and then moved his knee towards her under the table, ever so slowly. He felt it register against something soft and warm and he knew it was her leg again. This time she didn't pull away. Feeling bolder, he moved his leg a little more and felt the flesh of her leg press harder against him.

They sat like that for a couple of moments. The sensation was incredible. He could feel a warm glow start to form where their legs were pressing. Dileep could feel a raging hardon in his pants. But above the table, Anjali continued to converse as though nothing at all was the matter. Dileep did likewise, though his sentences were jerky and somewhat monosyllabic.

He then started to rub his leg up and down against hers, slowly and softly and then harder against her. Her lips parted in a slight gasp, but she did not move away. Soon his leg was caressing her hard under the table. No one noticed, and there was no sign of anything going on except for an ever so slight heaving of Anjali's bosom and the occasional flick of her tongue against her lips. Dileep was finding it difficult to concentrate on the dinner. It was getting too hot. Dileep was worried that either Amit or his wife would notice something. He moved his leg back and saw Anjali exhale softly. He guessed that perhaps she had had enough. His attention moved back to the food and the conversation.

Then to his utter surprise, he felt Anjali's bare foot against his. He could distinctly feel her toe ring, dainty as it was against his foot as she moved it right from his toe to his heel. The feel of flesh against flesh was getting to be too much when she withdrew the foot. Now, she pressed her leg quite definitely against his, and then, even more amazingly, he felt her other leg as well against his leg from the other side. She pressed her legs together and his leg was now held firmly between soft and warm female flesh on both sides. She started to move both her legs very slightly together. It was as though her legs were a vagina fucking his leg. She continued in this way, alternating the movement of her legs, so his own limb felt as though it was being corkscrewed. Dileep felt that he would come in his pants there and then. He stole a glance at her. For a moment she looked at him and the sight was stunning. Her lips were parted and her skin was slightly flushed. Her breath was coming shallowly and she was clearly trying to hold down her gasps. But it was the eyes more than anything else that were mindblowing. They were half closed and had a sleepy languorous look in them, a look that a woman gives when she is close to orgasm.

Then all of a sudden the spell was broken. Anjali got up and announced that she would be bringing in the dessert. Amit and Dileep quickly polished off the last of the dinner. In a short while they were all relaxing in the drawing room, with the contentment that comes after an excellent meal and good company. Anjali had completely recovered her poise and there was no sign whatsoever of what had transpired so recently. Soon it was time for the goodbyes as Anjali and Amit left. A quick smile was the last memory that Dileep carried of the evening. He was still very horny when he went to bed and his state of arousal was a surprise albeit a pleasant one thanks to Anjali.

The next morning, Dileep found himself somewhat racked by guilt about what had happened. He did not know whether he should be happy or tense. However he resolved not to do anything that would bring him close to Anjali. Days passed uneventfully. Dileep's mother in law had been ailing for quite some time and Dileep's wife Anju had to be with her mother. It was thought that this arrangement would be for a while only but it had to be extended because Anju's mother's recovery was painfully slow. Anju's brother's wife had volunteered to stay but she was in the family way and doctors had advised rest; so Dileep had been without his wife for almost two months at a stretch.

One day Dileep was again in town to attend a seminar. He was staying in a hotel and decided to visit Anjali and Amit. He had tried to get in touch with Amit but his cell phone was off. He nevertheless did visit them and was greeted by Anjali.

"Hi! What a pleasant surprise!" She said exuberantly. "Why didn't you telephone?"

Dileep was approaching the coming moments with trepidation.

"I just thought I would give you a surprise." He said.

"Come on right in." she said. "Where is your luggage?"

"Well, I do have my bag in the trunk, although I have checked into a hotel and the clothes are in the hotel only."

"Are you crazy? Checking into a hotel? Indeed!" she said scornfully. "Go and get the things from the car right away. When you get back inside, just make yourself at home. I'm going to take a quick shower and clean up a bit", she said." Relax, you seem as nervous as an escaped convict. If its okay with you I will take a shower; what I will do is to leave the door open. You come in with your things and click the door shut. And certainly is there any need for you to bother about things like, well, clothes?"

Dileep smiled sheepishly. He had no option so he dragged himself to the car, got out the briefcase and entered the drawing room. His shoes were dirty and they were pump ins, so he took them off so as not to muddy the marble floor of the house. His entry into the drawing room therefore made no noise. He could see the living room where he was supposed to keep his luggage so rather than wait in the drawing room for Anjali he decided to go to the living room.

It was quite by accident, but when he turned to go into the living room, he caught a glimpse of Anjali, in her bedroom. Dileep froze in place, and felt like he couldn't quit staring at her.

He was looking down the hallway. Her door was halfway open, with a door-sized, full-length mirror on the almirah that was visible. He was actually seeing a reflection of Anjali, in the mirror.

She stood, totally naked. Her back was mostly toward the almirah and thus it was her posterior that was visible to Dileep. He had a full on-side view of her. She was moving casually, as she had finished kicking her clothes away from around her sexy feet.

Dileep felt very embarrassed for having seen her like that, but it was also a big turn on for him. His heart was pounding and his hands trembled with anticipation.

He was now carefully out of her sight, so she could not see him, but although he knew that what he did was not right he still tried to see her. He couldn't help it, as he stood, mesmerized at her beauty.

Dileep was fervently wanting her to turn. He was getting horny, and she did exactly what he wanted her to do. She turned toward the mirror, rewarding him with a full frontal view of her very fit body.

In the brief moments that he saw her reflection in the mirror, he experienced a real treat. She was a fair girl, 5 feet six inches tall with jet black hair and a body that could be described as stunning. Her 34B chest was complimented by a shapely butt and legs. Her complexion was an attractive wheatish one. She had a flat hard stomach and firm generous breasts with delightful light brown nipples. Surprisingly it took the little nobs very little stimulation to get erect and at times this proved to be a source of major embarrassment for Anjali, especially if she was without a bra. Her body was lightly muscled and glowing with health. Her pubic mound was smooth except for a vertical line of hair which obviously was there just as a fashion accessory since they did nothing to hide her labia which lips were slightly off tone to the rest of her skin, having just a slight pinkish hue and somewhat puffy. She stood there for a while lost in her thoughts but this proved to be a blessing for Dileep for he continued staring at her. After what seemed like just a fraction of a second to Dileep, Anjali entered the bathroom and the fantastic view was lost.

The cool water cascading down the contours of her shapely body relaxed her tremendously. For a moment she closed her eyes and then opened them again to watch her reflection in the mirror. Although she was 30 plus old, Anjali still did not look a day older than 25.

She watched fascinated as the water ran down with its full gravitational force over her pierced belly button before its speed was temporarily arrested by the pubic hair and then finally having made its way out it again regained the same force to finally fall at her bare feet where it made little puddles.

After she disappeared into the bathroom, Dileep sighed, and relaxed, realizing he had a hard-on, straining in his tight Levi jeans. He was frustrated and confused. What exactly did she have in mind. Sure, the house was new and the doors were creaking, he himself had seen that but did she not know that he could perhaps see her as she stripped? But she was not in front of the door. In fact he had seen her reflection so it was not as if she deliberately wanted to expose herself and how was she to know that he would be there ogling! On the other hand what about all those hot footsies. It was possible that she was having just some fun. Or was it he who was just having fun at the expense of an unsuspecting housewife?

He went into the spacious living room to watch some television, trying to forget what he had seen. He looked out of the window at the bright blue sky; the wind was still blowing hard.

In the back of his mind, Dileep was listening to the shower running. He found himself rubbing his swollen cock, through his jeans. The coarse and rough material of the cloth was adding to his discomfort especially when juxtaposed with the shaped pussy that he had seen. It was getting to be too much. He just wanted Amit to arrive. If nothing all this tantalizing and tease would end. He heard the shower stop, and he listened intently as Anjali moved mysteriously, in the bathroom.

At that moment the phone rang, startling Dileep into jumping from his chair. He was stunned and just stared at it on the end table.

Anjali came bounding out of the bathroom, wrapping her robe around her, as she ran to the phone. She was still wet, her hair dangling in her eyes, and the wetness causing the robe to cling to her sexy curves.

She had managed to tie the robe sufficiently by the time she answered the phone.

"Hello", Dileep heard her say. "Well, when do you think it will be"?

It was obvious that Amit had called and I was hearing a one-sided conversation.

"I love you, too", he heard her tell Amit. "No, please don't worry, I already told him he would need to stay. Well, we have the mattress in the family room".

At this point, Dileep felt as if he had become a burden. He felt like he was in the way, and causing an inconvenience. He could tell that they were discussing where to have him sleep, and knowing this made him nervous.

As Anjali talked on the phone, Dileep sat in the rocking chair, not five feet in front of her.

He was trying to cover his erection by leaning forward, his elbows resting on his knees. Her elusive mound was only hidden by a few inches of terry cloth.

The sight was intoxicatingly hot. Anjali's light blue robe, though knee length, had split open below the waist, when she sat down. Dileep did not know whether she realized it but he did not want to be caught staring. Caught up in the phone conversation, her entire legs were showing, as the split robe had fallen easily along both sides of her long, well-toned legs. With guilt, he imagined himself kissing her smooth inner thighs.

In the moments that seemed to go on for a lifetime, Dileep again noticed that she had very smooth, freshly shaved legs, her bare feet adorned by the light golden anklets that he had noticed before. Her toenails were trimmed neatly and painted with the red polish that had arrested his attention previously.

His trance was ended as he heard Anjali ending her conversation.

"Ok dear, be careful, and we'll see you soon". "Bye, bye".

As she hung up the phone, Dileep was nervous. Here was this young lady almost fully nude and absolutely alone with her husband's friend but had a cocky air about her that was unsettling. To add to his discomfiture his mind was constantly fixated on the wonderful body that the bath robe hid. He wanted to tell her that he would just leave, but before he could say anything, she spoke first.

She smiled, looking directly into his eyes. "I have good news and bad news, which would you like first", she teased, with a grin?

"You need to give me the bad news first", Dileep said.

Perhaps she could sense his nervousness, and she clasped her hands together, in front of her, still smiling. He couldn't but help notice the slight cleavage of her ample breasts that came into view.

"The bad news is that we have only one bedroom here", she said with a calming effect. She still tried to put him at ease, by quickly adding, "The good news is that Amit is headed home, and will be here within an hour. Meanwhile why don't you make yourself comfortable. I'll give you a pair of Amit's shorts."

Following her was a pleasant treat. Her petite ass cheeks were clinging to her robe, giving Dileep a pretty good idea of reality. The dampness of her skin had made the robe stay snugly in the crack of her small ass.

She opened a door on the other side of the well lit kitchen, leading him into a cozy room.

With a big couch and a TV it would be crowded for a mattress, but he could hardly say that he wanted to share the bedroom. He kept his bag down, looking around. He then saw the mattress, as she pointed to it, leaning on the wall behind the couch.

"If you wouldn't mind, could you help me to drag the mattress over to the center", she asked, her robe gaping open around her firm tits?

"Ya, no problem", Dileep stated, already grabbing hold of it.

She tried to help, but Dileep said it was fine. Just as he was placing it in position, he caught her staring at the huge lump in his pants. She stared for several seconds, and then shifted her questioning eyes to his...there was a naughty playfulness in them but it only added to Dileep's discomfiture. As she did this, embarrassment took over and he rapidly looked elsewhere, trying to defuse the situation. Was she really surprised that he should have an erection? Something inside him said that if she was really unaware that he had seen her nude, well her surprise was understandable. But what about the knee fucking that he had been a part of?

She didn't say anything for a few seconds more, and then beginning to speak, she made her eyes look off to the side.

"Well, why don't you go ahead and relax. After I finish getting my hair brushed and throw on something to wear, I'll get the bed made up". She said opening the Almirah and giving him a pair of loose Bermudas.

The day's developments had left Dileep somewhat exhausted. He had stripped down to the bermudas, getting ready to lie down.

Just as he was looking around for the light switch to turn off the light, he heard a timid knock on the door. He had not latched the door fully shut, and it opened freely as Anjali knocked.

It was quite by accident and coincidence, but as she entered with a couple of clean towels and washcloths, they were suddenly standing only inches apart.

Because of the sexual tension of the day Dileep's cock, while not hard, was swollen and enlarged. Since the opening fly on Amit's bermudas was gaping open, his cock was visible to the visitor. He had no idea that Amit owned bermudas which had to be zipped up. God!! Nobody bought shorts/boxers/bermudas these days which had a fly of all the things. And in his tearing hurry to ease the tension on his cock, he had not bothered to check.He was dumbfounded, and she was apparently embarrassed.

"I ..I'm sorry, I ..didn't mean ...to .." Her voice just trailed off, as she was froze in place. She stared at his cock, which, on its own accord, had fallen out the fly of the shorts.

The whole thing only lasted about 10 seconds, but time seemed to stand still. Her eyes were still fixated on his growing cock; as he was trying to pull up the zip. It however wasn't very easy to shove a rapidly rising hard-on and pull up the zip.

He apologized with embarrassment, as he tried to hide his cock with one hand and tried to shove it back into the shorts.

"It's my fault, and I shouldn't have come charging in".

Ignoring the cock, she held out the towels.

"I thought you might need these. Feel free to shower any time", she said, as she backed away.

She again stammered an apology, as she hastily left the room.

The sexual tension of the entire day was a trifle too much.

He wanted to jerk his cock, but after so many comical events, he was apprehensive that he would surely get caught, if he did. Still, he couldn't get over the look on Anjali's face, as she locked her eyes onto his cock.

The way she made those last comments made him feel guilty and embarrassed. He wondered if seeing his hard cock bulge had made her feel uneasy, here, in her own home. But the question that kept bothering him was what did this woman want. He decided to shower instead of lying down and after that wore the article of clothing that she had left for him. This time he took good care to ensure that the zip went up.

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