tagLoving WivesIndian Wife's Descent Ch. 04

Indian Wife's Descent Ch. 04


After our sex-filled weekend, Monday rolled along. Carlos had given Ramon a key to his place. So for a couple of days after classes, Ramon and Yashodhara would head to his place, and have sex for a couple of hours before he dropped her home. Carlos was never home, because his job kept him away till late. So it was just her and Ramon. They fucked pretty much everywhere in the apartment. On the couch, on the bed, in the kitchen, on the floor, and once even in the shower, standing up. Yashodhara described all the sessions to me in great detail, which always turned me on enough to fuck her right away. Even after her fuck sessions with Ramon during the day, Yashodhara had plenty of energy and appetite left for me. In fact we were having much more sex now than before, so I was happy.

Middle of the week however, a small problem arose. Ramon's girlfriend was getting really suspicious. They had a big fight Wednesday night. So for the next few days, he could not get away alone after classes. He had to head home immediately to meet his girlfriend, spend time with her and work on their issues. He still dropped Yashodhara home after classes, and they did make out a little in the car. But they could not do much. Coincidentally, this was a week I was very busy at work too. So I'd get home close to midnight and was always too tired to have sex. By the time the week ended and Saturday arrived, Yashodhara had gone through almost three days of no sex at all, which was a big change from getting fucked by me and Ramon both on a daily basis. Even worse, on Saturday morning I got a call from my boss asking me to come to the office and help him out for an important report. So even before Yashodhara woke up, I had to leave.

I ploughed through work on Saturday, wanting to get done as soon as possible so I could go home and fuck my wife. But the work was too much and too important. By evening I had to call and tell Yashodhara that I will be late returning home once more. She sounded disappointed, but said she understood. And I got back to work. An hour later, Yashodhara called me up,

"Hi Ajit. How're you doing sweetie?" she asked.

"Still buried in work." I said sadly.

"Awww. Anyway, here's the thing. Kristen called and asked if I wanted to go hang out with her. Some shopping at the mall, dinner and stuff. Since you'll be late, I was thinking of going." she said. I remembered Kristen, the pretty blonde I had met last Friday night when they all went out. she seemed like a nice cheerful girl and I thought that spending time with her would lift Yashodhara's mood.

"Sure, sounds great. Don't be too late though. I'll be home by midnight, and tonight, no matter how tired I am, I just need to do it with you." I said.

"Hehe, sounds great. I am really starved too. I'll be home by midnight for sure. Kristen is 19, so it's not like we can go to bars or anything." she said.

"Alright, have fun." I said and hung up.

For a couple of hours after that I kept getting updates from Yashodhara via text messages. Going to the mall. Bought new shoes. Going for Thai food. I was too busy to respond, so probably sensing that from the fact that I sent no replies, she stopped messaging me.

Finally at about 11 pm, the work ended and I was ready to go. My boss was very grateful to me for coming in and thanked me repeatedly. Then he insisted that I come with him to a bar for a couple of drinks, his treat. I was reluctant and first, because I couldn't wait to get home and fuck my wife. But he was very insistent. So I texted Yashodhara asking if she was home yet. Her response was a single word - No. So I thought I might as well spend half an hour or so with my boss Mark.

Mark took me to what he said was his favorite bar. It was actually more like a club. One section of it was like a pub, quieter with seating and TVs tuned in to ESPN. And then a level below it was a dance pit of sorts with its own bar and bartender, where the atmosphere was more like a club, with loud music, dim lights and so on. Mark and I sat at he bar, ordered a couple of beers and sat there talking of this and that.

About ten minutes passed and we noticed a lot of guys getting up from their tables and going to the railing on the side which overlooked the dance pit. Mark wondered out aloud why all these men were standing there looking into the pit. The bartender overheard him and said, apparently there's a hammered chick getting felt up really nicely by a couple of guys, and everyone's hoping to get a look at her boobs if she flashes them. Obviously, Mark and I immediately got up and headed to the railing too. We had to push and jostle a bit to get to a spot where we had a good view of it.

"Where's the action at?" Mark said aloud to no one in particular.

"There. The back corner. See that chick in the short skirt wiggling her ass?" someone answered. I craned my neck to see, but I still couldn't get a good view of the portion of the dance pit he mentioned.

"Oh yeah, I see her. Damn. Look at her move. What is she though?" Mark said.

"What is she? A hot horny drunk chick, that's what she is." the same guy answered.

"No I mean...ethnically... the dude with his hands all over her is Mexican. But she doesn't quite look Mexican. She looks kinda....Indian. His kinda Indian." Mark said pointing at me. "Hey Ajit, come over and see if this woman is one of your people, will ya?"

I pushed through a few men and came next to where Mark was standing. I then followed his gaze. And I almost exclaimed out in shock. Not only was the woman Indian, she was my wife! Dancing with her was a hispanic looking guy that was not Ramon. And he had his hands on the back of her skirt, very visibly grabbing and fondling her ass. She had her hands on his shoulder and was shaking her ass to the music. A few feet away from her, I saw Kristen dancing with a black guy, but they weren't being as amorous as Yashodhara and her partner.

"Well, is she Indian?" Mark asked, poking me in the ribs.

"Yeah, yeah she is." I said, thankful that Mark had not yet met my wife or I'd have to answer some really embarrassing questions.

"Holy shit! He is lifting her skirt! Woohoo! Butcheeks!" some guy around her said, and everyone whooped and cheered. Sure enough, the guy had lifted the back of her skirt and held it above her waist. Yashodhara was wearing a thong underneath so almost all of her ass was on display. She seemed to have noticed it and stretched her hand back to pull her skirt down. But either she was too drunk, or was doing it half-heartedly or both. After a few futile attempts to pull her skirt back down, Yashodhara gave up and kept dancing, letting half the bar see her ass.

A few of the guys around her let out a wolf whistle and cheered. Yashodhara turned around and smiled at them. Maybe she felt a little embarrassed, so she turned around, taking her ass out of public view, and starting grinding it against the crotch of her dancing partner. But the way she smiled and moved, I was sure she was really drunk. The guy moved his hands to the front and started massaging her boobs through the tank-top that she was wearing.

"Damn, I hope she flashes her boobs next." said Mark, a sentiment that seemed pretty universal. Because some guys on the dance floor near her started chanting in unison - show her tits! show her tits! show her tits! Yashodhara smiled and shook her head, as she rested it on her partner's shoulder. He bent his head and started kissing her, very passionately. She put a hand behind his head and started kissing him back hungrily too. And I found myself getting really turned on. So far she had described everything she did in great detail. But now, seeing for myself, the way she was lip-locked with a stranger, felt very erotic. I was worried I might start getting a hard on in public.

"Look at how she is eating his face!" someone around me said. "That women needs a good fucking tonight, and Chico there is gonna give it to her."

After a long time they broke their kiss and the guys around started applauding and cheering. Her partner then whispered something in Yashodhara's ear, and she closed her eyes and slowly nodded. The guy flashed a big smile at people around him and then his hands went down to the hem of her top. He slowly started pulling the top up as the guys started cheering.

"Booby time!!!" someone around me exclaimed.

He rolled her top up slowly, almost teasingly, and her flat stomach and belly button came into view. The cheering and clapping around them got really loud as the top rolled up even further. And just as it was right below her boobs, a big guy, almost 7-foot-tall and big-built, stepped between the cheering guys and Yashodhara, and pulled her top down. Everyone let out groans of disappointment as the big guy, apparently a bouncer in the club, started talking very animatedly to Yashodhara's guy. There was a lot of gesturing and hand-waving. Kristen and her black guy stopped dancing and joined the trio. Soon, the black guy, Yashodhara's guy and Kristen were arguing with the bouncer, while Yashodhara, looking very dazed and drunk, just stood there leaning against her guy's chest.

I didn't understand what was happening until some guys around me started discussing it and I got it. Apparently most clubs have these unwritten rules about flashing. Flashing till underwear is fine, which is what the guy did when he showed Yashodhara's thong-clad ass to everyone. But actual nudity was forbidden. So showing her boobs would have crossed the line. Add to it the fact that Yashodhara seemed totally hammered. When a woman was that drunk, even if she flashed people voluntarily, clubs were worried that the next day they might come back and sue them for letting it happen. So the bouncer had stepped in and put a stop to it.

In a few minutes, the argument between the bouncer and Yashodhara's friends ended and he walked away, shaking his head and looking upset, The four of them then walked away from the dance pit and to the side, where we could not see them.

"Well, show's over." Mark said. "We should get going, Ajit. Your wife must be waiting for you."

"Yeah, just a second, I need to go to the bathroom." I said and walked away.

"Okay, I'll pay for our drinks and meet you by the exit." Mark said.

I walked away, across the bar, and making sure that Mark wasn't looking, went to the stairs. I walked down to the lower level where the dance pit was, hoping to catch a glimpse of Yashodhara. I scanned the bar stools and the dance floor, but I didn't see her anywhere. walking behind people to make sure I wasn't seen, I walked around the dance floor, but didn't see her or any of her friends. Walking a little further, I saw that there was a small passage at the opposite side where I saw Kristen standing talking to the black guy. Immediately, I took a few steps back and hid behind a wall section to make sure she didn't see me. I stood there, and searched for Yashodhara but she was nowhere to be seen.

A few minutes passed and I alternated between scanning the place for Yashodhara and looking at Kristen and the black guy. That's when a door opened behind them and the hispanic guy stepped out of what I guessed was a bathroom. Kristen said something to him very animatedly and he seemed to be laughing. The black guy then started walking into the bathroom, but Kristen held his arm as if to stop him. He shook her grip off easily, walked in and closed the door. After that Kristen seemed to be yelling at the hispanic guy, who was smiling and saying something back. He tried to put a hand on her shoulder but she slapped it away. Then she stormed off towards the bar stools, and the guy followed her saying something. I wished I could hear what they were talking about. And I wished I knew where Yashodhara was.

That's when I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket. I answered it, and it was Mark asking where I was. Reluctantly, I told him I'd be there in a second, and walked out of the dance pit, careful to stay hidden from Kristen's view. I climbed the stairs and went to the exit, where Mark was waiting for me and we both got into our cars to go home.

As soon as I got into the car, I took out my phone and dialed Yashodhara's number. It kept ringing for a while and I thought it would go to voicemail when it was answered.

"Hello honey." I said.

"Ajit, it's me Kristen. Yash went to the bathroom and left her phone with me." said Kristen's sweet voice a little too rapidly as if she had rehearsed the line before answering the phone.

"Oh, hi Kristen. I just called to see how she was doing and when she'd be home." I said.

"I'll get her home soon." Kristen said and went silent.

"Ok... where are you all at?" I asked. There was a pause for a few seconds before Kristen answered,

"We're at this club downtown. We just felt like dancing a bit."

"Is it just the two of you?" I asked, hoping for some clue about the identity of the men. Another pause and then she said,

"Yeah, just the two of us. Two gals having some gal-time you know." and then she laughed playfully.

"Ok. Just get her home soon. Bye." I said and hung up.

I drove home, trying to figure out what exactly had happened. How had an innocent shopping trip with Kristen turned into a wild night at a bar where Yashodhara got felt up and exposed in public. And who were those two guys? I hoped Yashodhara would get home soon and enlighten me. --------

Half an hour later when I was home, I heard a car pull up outside the house. I went to the window and saw it was Kristen in her car with Yashodhara next to her. She got out, wearing her thick coat over her clothes, and walked towards the door. The walkway was covered in snow, and after just a couple of steps, my visibly drunk wife tripped and fell. I immediately rushed to the door and walked out to help her in when I saw Kristen had gotten out of the car, helped her up and was escorting her to the door. Kristen looked very embarrassed as I went and helped her bring Yashodhara into the house.

"I love you so much." Yashodhara said and started kissing me as Kristen and I were bringing her in. Two distinct smells wafted from her mouth. One was alcohol, which she had had a lot of. The other was obviously semen, which suggested she had given someone a blowjob very recently.

Kristen and I got her inside the house and laid her down on the couch.

"She is very drunk." I said to Kristen questioningly.

"Yeah, she had a lot to drink at the club." Kristen answered, looking very uncomfortable.

"Were you driving drunk?" I asked, a little upset. "For god's sake, Kristen, you're already underage, and drunk driving is illegal at any age! And dangerous!"

"No, no. I didn't drink at all." Kristen said defensively. "They let me into the club with the understanding that I would not be served any alcohol."

As I looked at her and thought back to what I had seen, I realized that she was telling the truth. At no point had she seemed even the slightest bit drunk.

"Oh ok. Sorry about that then. Anyway, what happened tonight?" I asked.

"Ajit, sorry, but I really gotta get going." Kristen said and almost ran out of the door.

After she drove away, I closed the door and turned around to see a surprising sight. Yashodhara had taken her coat off, pulled her skirt up around her waist, and was lying there with her eyes half open and her legs fully open. She didn't have her panties on and her moist pussy was inviting me.

"Fuck me." she said, looking at me. And right away, I took my pants off and jumped on top of her. As my erect cock slid into her, I realized her cunt was already very sticky, so she had clearly been fucked by someone recently who came inside her. The sticky cunt, along with the semen smell from her mouth indicated that a lot of had happened that night that I didn't know about. The realization that my wife had now gotten fucked by someone else apart from Ramon got me really turned on and I started pounding her harder. Within a few minutes, I shot my seed inside her and rolled off her. I then sat on the floor next to her face and asked her,

"Yashodhara, you've been a slut again tonight, haven't you?"

She nodded, her eyes now fully closed.

"Wanna tell me about it?" I asked.

"Later." she replied, then turned over on her side to face the backrest of the couch. I started to lift her up to carry her to the bedroom but she said, "No no no....just leave me here. If you pick me up I might puke."

So I left her there, and walked to the bedroom to sleep there alone. I lay on the bed, trying to imagine what exactly had happened. I thought of all possible scenarios for a while, but shortly, my tiredness took over and I fell asleep.

When I woke up it was still dark in the room, but I could sense my dick was erect and being sucked hungrily. I looked down and saw a fully naked Yashodhara, on her hands and knees, giving me a blowjob.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"It's time to fuck." Yashodhara replied in a hoarse voice, taking my dick out of her mouth. Then she straightened, got on her knees, straddled me and took my dick inside her cunt. then she started riding me hard. We fucked in a few different positions for about 15 minutes and then finally I came in her mouth which she promptly swallowed. After that, she lay down next to me with her head on my chest and I looked at the clock on the table which said it was a little before 5. After Yashodhara caught her breath back, she started telling me what had happened that night.

She and Kristen had indeed gone to the mall for shopping where they spent a couple of hours. Then they went to have dinner at a popular Thai restaurant nearby. But it being Saturday night, there was a long line and they'd have to wait half an hour for a table. She was waiting in line with Kristen when Carlos, who was having dinner with a friend spotted them. He immediately walked up, and asked Yashodhara to join them at his table with her friend. The two girls, already hungry, were happy to get food at once. The waiter put two extra chairs for them and they had dinner. So Carlos was the hispanic guy I had seen her with tonight.

And the black guy was Eric, his friend. It turned out that Eric and Carlos had a double date that night with two girls, but one of the girls fell ill and the other one backed out. So they were making the use of their reservations at this restaurant by having dinner together. Carlos and his friend Eric were both very nice and fun to talk to and Yashodhara and Kristen got along very well with them. when they got done with dinner, Yashodhara and Kristen started to leave, but the guys insisted they come along with them to a club for some dancing. Kristen said she was 19, so won't be allowed in. But Eric said he was good friends with the guy who stood at the door and checked IDs and as long as she promised not to order any alcohol, he could get her in. Kristen agreed.

At the club, Kristen had orange juice while the other three had a couple of drinks. Once the three of them were nicely buzzed, they all headed to the dance floor. Carlos was dancing with Yashodhara and Eric was dancing with Kristen. As they danced, Carlos started talking to Yashodhara about Ramon. He said he knew Ramon was having a long fight with his girlfriend and wasn't able to spend any time with Yashodhara, so she must be really missing him. She was quite buzzed by now and honestly admitted to him that she was missing Ramon and that I had been too busy, so she had not had sex in a few days, which was getting her really frustrated. Carlos suggested that they could take off, go to his place and he could satisfy her right away. He admitted that ever since he had seen her naked in the bathroom and then being fucked by Ramon on his couch and then cum on her tits, he had been thinking about her night and day.

He was also very jealous that Ramon got to fuck her in his apartment, while he himself had not had sex in a while. He then bad-mouthed Ramon a little, suggesting that Ramon was an idiot for giving so much importance to his silly girlfriend and ignoring a hot and great woman like Yashodhara. Carlos himself did not have a girlfriend and if Yashodhara picked him over Ramon, there would be no complications like with Ramon. Yashodhara said it was nice of him to offer, but she wouldn't feel right sleeping with him without getting an okay from Ramon. Although Ramon had indicated his desire for a threesome with her and Carlos, she wasn't sure how he would feel if she slept with him with Ramon being around. And she did not want to be the cause of trouble between cousins.

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