tagLoving WivesIndian Wife's Holiday Ch. 02

Indian Wife's Holiday Ch. 02


For the rest of the train journey upto Kolkota, Malavika was very moody. She was very affected by the previous night’s play with Gopal. There was no one near us in the train which was half empty by now.

She kept saying, “Vishy, I miss him already. He was gentle and made me feel so nice.”

“Gentle?” I pondered as I got a flashback of the night’s wild act and the way Gopal boned my wife.

Seeing me quiet, my wife asked, “ Vishy what’s up? Are you annoyed about all this. I do this not just for myself………..” I interrupted her and whispered, “Don’t be silly Malviks, the answer is quite obvious. Did I tell you that I leaked my fluid thrice last night? And have you forgotten that I helped to hold your panty to one side when Gopal was struggling to enter you? I loved to see you suck his meat, take him inside your fleshy hole and when you let him bugger your bum.”

“So you are happy?” she asked again.

“Now how do I convince you?” I whispered as I held her hands and placed it on the crotch of my pants. “Do you see how I feel even to think about last night?” She ran her fingers briefly over my tense and rigid penis.

“I am certainly happy babes, but how did you feel last night? Was it nice?” I enquired

“You idiot, did you not see how I felt when he was exploring and invading my body?” Malavika chided punching me with her fist playfully.

Malavika then moved away a little and turned towards me. She put both feet up on the seat and looked around before raising her saree and skirt upwards(It would help if you could imagine the seating arrangement in a typical long-journey train in India). As she was facing the window the view was good. I looked towards her panty covered mound which was very wet already. I got a bit closer and leaned closer to her thighs. A burst of stale and pungent stench hit my nose even when I was a couple of feet away from her crotch - telltale effects of last night’s romp. I also noticed that her light blue cotton panty was completely stained and looked dirty around the crotch area. But as she was wet now the fabric was glued to her pussy lips and some of it was wedged into the slit separating her fleshy labia. As usual a small bit of my wife’s dark labia and some cunt hair were peeping from the sides. The moistness was also spreading along the sides as she was getting horny and randy.

I then said, “ Malviks I think you need to change your knickers. It looks very messy and you are very smelly right now.”

As soon as I said this she lifted her clothes further up and bent forwards to look for herself. “My gawd, I look so horrible down there and it stinks” Malavika exclaimed Somehow this whole discussion made me so excited and I said, “babes I want my fingers there right now so why don’t you wait a while and then you could change your knickers”

“As long as you don’t mind” my wife said as she moved a bit closer to me. My fingers were soon between her thighs. I touched the fluid that she had leaked to her upper thighs and brought it to my nose. She never before smelled so bad but it did not matter at that moment and I tasted it with my tongue. She wanted my face between her legs but I did not want to risk it in broad daylight. But I inserted my hand under her panty and felt her labia with my fingers. As usual Malavika helped by sliding her panty to one side as I massaged her thick and wet vulval lips which had separated a little by now. Whenever my wife is excited her dark outer labia puffs up and spreads wide exposing her smaller inner labia which is also dark skinned. Her half-dark half-pink clitoris becomes five times its normal size and gives the impression of a small erect penis. She was very wet and sloppy but it was not difficult to grip her clitoris between my fingers and gently roll it. I love to inset my fingers into her vagina but she does not prefer that. Malavika loves a tongue or a cock inside her cunt but for some reason dislikes having a finger or any other object to be inserted inside. So I had to contend with just rubbing her labia and clitoris. She asked me to whisper what I saw the previous night.Within a few seconds of my description of her encounter with Gopal she started to peak. “Rub it nicely Vish, hold my button(her slang for clitoris) please…ahhh..ahhhhh…ahhhh…you bastard….you made me cum..” She muttered as she orgasmed wildly and dug her nails into my arms. She lay down for a few minutes before she collected a fresh pair of panties from the bag and rushed to the toilets.

We reached our destination finally and went straight to the guest house that was arranged for our stay by a close friend’s uncle. Both of us were dead tired. Malavika appeared to be limping a bit and I asked her what was wrong. “It hurts me there” she wimpered pointing to her pubis. “Yes her private parts had worked overtime and will need some rest to recover” I thought to myself. In fact she later told me that it was her anus that was more painful than her vulva. I never fuck her from behind although I have licked her asshole many times. She had been buggered only three or four times until then and only by others. I felt sorry for her as I could remember how Gopal’s monstrous organ was stretching her tight rectum. “She must have some injury inside” I thought to myself.

In the height of her sexual behaviour Malavika is unpredictable and had allowed her bum hole to be explored a few times by a close friend of ours called Uday. He has a fetish for it I think because the first thing he usually does when he is close to my wife is to run his hands on her buttocks. We were once having our meal around the dining table with Uday and he kept mentioning that Malavika’s bums were getting bigger. We were a bit drunk at that time. When my wife asked him how he could be so sure, Uday asked her to stand up. She still had not finished eating but stood up at the dining table. Then without warning he hitched her jog pants elastic at the waist and pulled it down revealing her white cotton panty. He ran his hand over her fleshy buttocks and said, “Look it’s big”. “ But how can you prove that?” Malavika implored. He looked at me and said, “Vishva look at this, don’t you agree with me?” Then even before I answered he told her, “Malavika put you hands on the table and lean forwards dear”. She obliged promptly. Then without much of a warning Uday pulled her panties down abruptly and kneeled on the floor behind her. I was getting the familiar feelings which I was used to by now and my loin was feeling heavy. I got up and moved to a sofa from where I could get a good view. He held each side of her liberal buttocks and gently massaged them. Malavika leaned further forwards. Uday then separated her butt cleft to reveal her dark brownish asshole which was rimmed by a lining of thick hair. He applied his face to her bum cleft and buried his nose in between to get a whiff of her anus. Then he turned to me and said, “ You are fucking lucky man, look at your lovely missus. I could gobble her fully”. “ She is all yours for now Uday. Take her but make her feel nice”.

I moved a little more to see better as Uday soon had his tongue out and was lapping at her asshole while his hands were holding her bum cheeks apart. I was awe struck as he was ferociously darting his tongue into her shit hole. The bitch was moaning loudly and I got a view of her vulva getting wet and opening up. She started to mumble and squealed, “Uday don’t stop it……ahhhh…eat me bastard……eat me you fucking bastard….…! My weakness got the better of me as I ejaculated even without laying a finger on my cock. They both continued their ecstatic session for another 5 or 10 minutes before Malavika orgasmed. Uday pulled his penis out of his shorts and just jerked it a few times before emptying his semen all over my wife’s back, buttocks, the chair and the floor. Atleast he cleaned it all up later.

Back in Kolkota, we had a long and good nights sleep and woke up to a wonderful breakfast prepared for us by the guest house chef . The chef was a fifty year old man who was helped by his fifteen year old son. The man was called Das and his son Shantu or something like that. Surprisingly Das and his son understood English and spoke a little. Soon after breakfast my wife came to me in some pain and sobbed. She had just been to the toilet to open her bowels but could not due to extreme pain in her anus. I asked Das if I could find a doctor nearby and he said he will let me know soon. Within the next thirty minutes Das came and said he has brought a doctor home. I was surprised but relieved to see that the doctor was a surgeon with a MS degree. So he will know what he is doing. It took me a lot of time to convince my wife to get checked. I told her the doctor is quite elderly in his late fifties and looked decent and well behaved. She finally agreed.

Dr.Sengupta was the doctor’s name. He carefully listened to the problem. After asking a few questions he said he will need to look at the area of the problem and promised to be very gentle. Malavika was wearing a saree and Dr.Sengupta asked her to lie down and turn to the other side. She lay on the bed and reluctantly raised her saree upto her thighs and then stopped. “Please don’t worry madam, this is my profession” Dr.Sengupta said and he nodded at me. “Please do what you have to doctor” I told him. Then the doctor gently lifted Malavika’s chiffon saree alongwith the skirt above her hips and she cooperated quietly. At that point I remember being thoroughly shocked as I saw my beautiful wife’s fleshy buttocks completely exposed to the doctor who was a stranger anyway. Malavika was wearing a blue spotted panty which was clinging tightly to her anatomy. Her huge curvy buttocks and the cleavage in between were very obvious. Even the bulge of her thick cunt on her panty was clearly visible from behind which I always find very erotic. “Madam, I am going to take a look” Sengupta said as he held he panty top and slid it downwards. “ Can you bend your legs a little forwards madam?” he asked Malavika. She did as he asked I saw myself getting more shocked as the first thing to come into view was all the hair and my wife’s bulky and dark vulva between her buttocks. Unconciously I was getting stimulated and wanted something nice to happen. I suddenly wanted more of my wife’s genitals to be displayed to the doctor. Dr.Sengupta seemed calm and cool but I was very nervous and started to think what Malavika felt. The doctor wore his gloves and applied some jel cream to his right index finger.

He gently parted Malavika’s buttocks and looked between her cleft. He seemed to take his face too close and I too went closer to them. I was really liking what was happening to my wife. Her dark puckered anus was clearly visible and being a very hairy woman the anus also had a ring of hair around it. “ I cannot see much and I am going to see with my finger” Sengupta said in his Bengali accent. Saying so he placed his left hand on her left thighs and pushed he legs higher. “ Shit” I told myself as what Sengupta did made thing more horny for me. Malavika’s cunt lips were more visible now between her upper thighs. Drawing courage I tried to help as I eased my wifes panties from the upper thighs all the was down to her ankles. Now without prompting I saw my wife readjust her thighs and in the process kept it all open to our doctor.

Dr.Sengupta gently parted her buttocks again and placed his index finger in her anus. She moaned a little and said it hurt her. The small opening contracted a few times to the finger’s touch. But amidst her hisses and moans his finger had slipped into her rectum. He then went closer to take a look. I don’t know what he was looking at. But at that very point I noticed that Malvika’s hairy bush looked wet and her vulval lips had opened up. The bitch was enjoying this, she was getting stimulated. “There’s a small tear I think sir” the doctor said as he withdrew his finger and turned towards me. I noticed that the tip of the gloved index finger was coated in brownish yellow material from Malavika’s rectum . I was rather embarrassed to see my wife’s shit on his finger. Sengupta biefly looked at it and said “It may be due to constipation sir, I cannot see any other problem” he added. “What else could be the problem doctor? Was your finger test ok?” I enquired. “ As you may have noticed there was no blood on my gloves, there was just some motion. So I don’t think there is anything serious.” Sengupta told us.

Hesitantly I asked him “ can it happen due to anal sex doctor?”

He seemed taken aback but nodded that it was possible. Then he smiled and said “But please avoid anal sex for the time being”

What I said next must have shocked the three of us. I asked Dr.Sengupta, “doctor can you also please examine my wife’s vagina because she has complained of pain there as well”

Even though the examination was over Malavika was still turned away from us with her buttocks and cunt lips fully visible. As soon as I had said that I could see a spasm go though my wife’s body and she started to show her true colours again. Without warning she went on all fours and put her fingers to her fuzzy mound. The doctor was completely stoned and stood like a statue. I held his arm and said, “We really don’t mind please go ahead”

Sengupta shocked us by suddenly turning hostile. “ I have never seen such indecency in my life” he roared as he rushed out of the room. We were really taken aback. I never thought anyone will ever refuse a pretty woman like my wife. Malavika was even more perturbed and broke down into tears. I had to tell her console her by saying that the doctor must be abnormal in some way. She kept mumbling “how embarrassing, how embarrassing…….how could that bastard do this to us Vish?”

“It’s not his fault Malviks, we just took it for granted and there is always a first time for everything” I consoled her again. If I have to guess, my wife must have had sexual encounters with others atleast thirty times until then. One encounter was with a not so popular telugu actor who is a leading heroine’s cousin. This was purely accidental and happened during the millennium celebrations. The guy was taken by my wife’s good looks and thoroughly enjoyed her. He still sends mails to us. I will definitely narrate that incident sometime in future. Once Malavika got her fifteen year old cousin to explore her when we had gone visiting their family. She surely has this pulling power and never ancipated failure in this addictive game. Therefore Sengupta’s reaction was a big blow to her self-esteem.

For the next two days we could not travel anywhere because my wife was so upset about the incident. She was getting very angry about everything and I felt helpless. I tried to give her some sexual attention only to get an angry response. We had a big argument that night and Malavika fell asleep on the sofa in the main hall. I went to cover her with a blanket when a stupid thought entered my mind. Malavika was wearing a night gown and was asleep lying on her side exactly like she was with the doctor. I slowly lifed her gown all the way up to her thighs and looked under it. She was wearing one of her old white cotton panties. That did not matter at that moment of madness as I raised her gown above her waist to fully expose her buttocks. Then I took a look from close up at the panty fabric trapped inside the crevices of her buttocks. Her pussy mound was not very visible so I gently pushed her upper thigh forwards. Just like she read my mind she shifted herself in such a way that her thick cunt’s impression became visible pressing against her panty crotch. I leaned down and smelled her and rejoiced in the strong genital odour hitting my nostrils. Then I left the room and went towards our bedroom.

Das’s son Shantu slept in the adjacent room to ours. It was 11’o clock and I went into his room. When I woke him up he was a bit frightened, but I told him that I need some hot water for a gargle as I had a sore throat. Although upset, Shantu agreed. I lay back on my bed and told him wake me up when the water’s ready. I also told him to make less noise as ‘memsaab’ was asleep on the sofa in the hall which he has to cross to reach the kitchen. He switched the hall lights on as it was too dark and entered inside. I had got up from my bed to watch what happens. My heart was racing like hell and I was sweating. My room was dark and I was peeping through the gap behind the door hinges. He stopped dead in his tracks as he was passing my sleeping wife. Unconciously he looked behind once before he went closer. My heart was nearly in my mouth. Suddenly Shantu turned back towards my room and I jumped onto my bed and tried to snore a little to make it look real. I saw him standing there for a few seconds before he went back to hall in the belief that I had drifted into deep sleep.

I was quickly back to the peeping place behind the door, my heart beating furiously in anticipation. Shantu was only 15 but knew his stuff for the age. Malavika was in exactly the same posture and I watched with delight as the boy kneeled on the floor beside the sofa. It was natural human instinct I suppose the first thing he did was to sniff around my wife’s exposed bottom and crotch. I was dying to go closer to get a better look but did not want to spoil it all. Shantu next unbelievably pulled his good sized already erect penis out of his pyjamas and kept sniffing Malavika’s genitals while at the same time masturbating slowly. Just as I was wanting more to happen Shatu drew courage and looked around first unconsciously. Then what he did was the one of the most erotic things I have seen. He very carefully pinched the edge of my wife’s panty and pulled it aside to take a look inside. He peeled it completely to one side and exposed her bum cleavage completely even to expose the puffy folds of dark cunt lips surrounded by dense hair growth. He was not going to stop now. Boldly he ran his fingers inside her panty and felt my lady’s private bits. Malavika moved a little but that did not stop Shantu. I could see him feel my wife’s labia and then trace his fingers along her slit. Her vulva was so protruding that even her clitoris was visible from behind. I was not sure if Shantu knew what is what, but he was definitely enjoying it. He bent down again and this time set my pulse racing again. He sniffed at her cunt and anus directly .

My wife woke up in the meanwhile a little confused. But undoubtedly she was feeling nice in her fuzzy bits. She turned around on her back and looked at the shocked boy. The next moment I saw her put her hands to Shantu’s head and pull him into her crotch. Briefly she pushed him away to remove her panty entirely and again pushed her genitals to his face. Shantu licked her like a dog making noises. Malavika was too horny to wait and I saw her pick up her clitoris between her fingers and hold it for him. “ Eat this one….mmmm….mmmm…eat this….take this into you mouth and suck it like a baby” she moaned. The moment he took her clitoris into his mouth my wife orgasmed and so did I. She made such a noise that I was worried Das might wake up and spoil the show. I kept a watch for him in case I had to warn Shantu. But at that very moment Shantu was not aware that I was watching him play with my wife.

He still had a hard cock which he was massaging with his fist while Malavika was lying motionless after erupting like a volcano. But within a few minutes she was back at the game and dragged him on top of herself. She was kissing him furiously and wrapped her legs around his torso. After a few minutes of vigorous foreplay my wife got up from the sofa and made Shantu to lie on the sofa. He was very shaky and nervous but was certainly feeling good because the moment Malavika undid his pyjamas from his hips his hard and erect phallus came into view. He was learning a few lessons here from my dear wife. She felt his penis between her fingers before making a fist and started to wank him. He looked terrified as she took his tool into her soft warm mouth and started to suck noisily. Her head bounced only a few times up and down before I saw Shantu’s body writhe and it was obvious his milky fluid had leaked. Malavika withdrew her mouth as it was filled up with so much semen. She spit most of it out, but licked the small bits of fluid from her lips and swallowed it.

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