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Indian Woman Black Driver


Dear readers, each word of the story you are about read is true. You might have read hundreds of stories involving an inter-racial encounter but this is one of the rare, if not the first, story of an Indian woman, my wife, and a black guy. Though this happened four years ago, it is still very fresh in our memory and I feel like it happened only yesterday.

Before I tell you about this incident let me tell you about us. I am an Indian and my name is Harish. I am 5’10” and weigh 70kg. I am 41 now. My wife Kamini is 37, 5’6”, weighs 60kg. Both of us are very health conscious and follow a healthy regimen of diet and exercise. This has kept our bodies fit and youthful. Kamini is an extremely beautiful lady. She has a very pretty face that makes her look majestic. She has a great set of tits that are large and heavy. She has a flat tummy and wide hips. She has creamy white blemish less very smooth skin. Men and women stare alike at her whenever she goes out. I feel very lucky to have her as my wife. She is a real Kamini (sex Goddess). We live in New Delhi in India.

We were married 13 years ago and our sex life was great. She always was a big titted babe but her breasts became even larger after the birth of our daughter after four years of marriage. Her breasts’ mass increased appreciably and looked more beautiful than ever. They became heavier and had a lot of green and blue veins running around on the creamy surface. They sagged naturally a little due to their heavy weight but looked magnificent. I remember that I had to use both my hands to hold her one breast. Her aureoles too spread farther and covered an area the size of my palm. Her nipples became very dark which was in total contrast with her milky white skin. Whenever, I was at home I will ask her to remove her blouse and bra and then feed the baby. It was a great sight to watch her huge milk filled melons sitting proudly on her chest. I will get an instant hard on while watching her. Sometimes, I used to drink Kamini’s milk. I liked the sweet warm taste. Sex was great with her. She fed the baby for two years and then weaned her. Her breasts lost very little mass and remained large and heavy though the aureoles became smaller and the nipples turned pink again.

Kamini enjoyed sex a lot and never shied to experiment. We tried each and every position, every place – sex in a train, in the kitchen, in the balcony, on the floor-, oral, anal, tit fucking - everything. Only thing she did not do during sex was: talk. She will remain silent during sex and will just moan, breath deeply or grunt. However, her silence did not affect our enjoyment. But after about six years of marriage our sex life started to become repetitive and dull. To rekindle the fire we started watching porn movies. While watching porn flicks with Kamini, I observed that she would get very excited whenever the action involved a black porn actor with a big cock. There was one episode titled “Bill’s Big Banana” in one of the porn flick that had a teenage looking black porn actor with a cock, which was about 9 inches long and very thick. He fucks a white woman in this episode and shoots a huge load of cum on her face and tits. Kamini will always fast forward to this episode whenever we watched this particular tape. And the sex was great afterwards. I asked her if she was excited by this episode and she admitted yes. I asked her whether she wanted a similar big dick in her cunt she would deny it and reply that this just excites her and she has no desire to have a real dick. Just to inform the readers, mine is 6 inches long with average thickness when erect.

However, I started fantasising about Kamini getting fucked by a big dick in real life. This fantasy will make me very hot and horny. After some time the fantasy simply turned into my wish of her getting fucked by another man, dick size did not matter now. This was also made possible by the stories which I had read in the porn magazines wherein many men would set their wives up with other men and watch them having sex from a secure hiding place without the knowledge of the other man! I too started fantasising about Kamini getting fucked by another man while I watched them secretly. As mentioned earlier, this fantasy turned me on immensely. I again talked to Kamini about my fantasy and she asked me that why I was so sold on this idea. She admitted that, that big dick turns her on and that’s all. But I started to press her to act out my fantasy. She replied that I had gone mad and actually I wanted this as an excuse to have sex with other women! Everyday, I will try to convince her to try it out but she won’t agree.

My daily pestering brought fruit one day when I desperately begged her to give it a try at least once for my sake. Kamini again asked why I wanted this. I told her that I want such a delicious women to be enjoyed by another not so lucky soul and I wanted to watch her have it! Kamini thought over it for some time and finally told me that OK she will do it only once just to please me but on certain conditions.

1)The other man should be total stranger

2)I had to be present in the same room! I told her that the other fellow may not like my presence and even refuse to have sex with her, therefore, I will have hide somewhere, may be in the cupboard, when she is having it. She agreed to my suggestion

3)All this has to be done away from our home preferably in another town, as she does not want that stranger to come home and demand a quickie when you are away!

These conditions looked very reasonable and I readily accepted them. This night I was hard whole night and must have fucked her six times. I had a permanent hard on. Kamini too was astonished to see me so charged up and I told her it is due to the excitement of my fantasy becoming a reality very soon. I started thinking about how to go about it. I thought of visiting some nearby tourist place like Jaipur, Agra, and Shimla etc. with her to seduce some unsuspecting tourist and to bring him to our hotel to act out our plan. I also started thinking of giving an ad in an adult magazine to invite a male to fulfil our fantasy but due to some reason or the other I could not do it.

We started to discuss about what type of man that stranger should be? I asked her if she wants to do it with any of my friends. Kamini reminded me that we had agreed on a stranger but I told her that if she likes any of my friends I would know whom to trust with keeping this fling a secret and whom to not. She then hesitatingly told me that yes she likes my friend named Bunty. Kamini told this fellow is really smart and she likes him. This was a revelation too me! Actually this friend has told me several times in front of my wife that how lucky I was to have such a beautiful and sexy wife. He was still a bachelor. He was my childhood buddy and could be relied upon and the added advantage was we could arrange it at our home! Only problem was that he was working in an MNC in Mumbai and visited his parents’ home in Delhi only during Diwali festival (festival of lights, a big Indian festival) for a couple of weeks.

She agreed that we could try it with Bunty if I was so sure of him. Our next problem was how to get him into this. But this did not seem difficult to handle. I told her that we would have drinks (Kamini always takes a couple of drinks with me to give company) and dinner with Bunty at our home and then I will leave them together by pretending that it is too late in the night and I want some sleep. This will also help me in going to my hiding place. Thereafter, she can easily seduce Bunty and if he doesn’t fall for it then she can excuse herself by claiming she is drunk. But I was sure no man could resist her advances. Kamini agreed to the plan. Our sex was great again in the night. Only problem was that this was only August and Diwali festival was in October that year. I started counting the days.

Even before October came I got an offer of a job in an East African country, which assured me big savings every month. The offer was from a company owned by people of Indian origin whose forefathers left India long time ago to look for greener pastures and made it big in this East African country. They had a lot of manufacturing facilities all over the country. A lot of other Indians too were working for them. Kamini and I discussed the offer and we agreed to accept it. Within a month’s time I was off too this country. Our plan remained a fantasy!

My wife and daughter joined me in a couple of months. My employers owned a couple of factories and warehouses in the industrial area of the city of my posting. I was provided with a flat within one such warehouse. It was well furnished and secured. There were a lot of Indians in this country and we became very friendly with one family. They had two kids. Our daughter too became friendly with them. We used to visit each other’s house on Sundays or holidays and used to go out for picnic too. This friendship made us feel at home despite being in a foreign land.

Here again Kamini was getting a lot of attention from males. But she was used to it. I started teasing her that maybe she is destined to fulfil my fantasy with a black man and luck has brought her to this country. Kamini replied with just a smile.

I knew that Kamini had agreed to be fucked by another man in India and if I press her a little she will definitely agree to get fucked by a man here too and preferably by a black. This thought created strange sensations in me. I discussed this with Kamini and noticed that she had started breathing deeply. Perhaps it reminded her of “Bill’s big banana”. I knew she too has been turned on by this thought. I took this reaction as her consent. However, we did not want to rush into this. We wanted to wait for the right time and right man.

We could not decide on the next course of action. A leak out about such an incident will not only involve a risk to my job but will bring a bad name too, to Kamini and me. We did not want to take any unnecessary risk. We had to look out for some trustworthy man. We discussed about several men who either used to work in the godown or were friendly with us but could not decide on any one of them.

This way about two years and nine months passed by.

Unknown to me, however, a new development was taking place. Kamini told me that our driver was taking special interest in her for some time and has been complimenting her on her clothes and her body almost every day. On some occasions he even told Kamini that she is looking damn sexy today and her husband (that’s me) will keep her awake whole night. She explained that she feels flattered at his comments and gradually started liking such comments.

Let me describe our driver briefly. He was a local black man named Fred, aged around 28, 6’4” tall and very thin. His height made him look like a rail. His face was just average. He was very jovial and would laugh a lot. He was a sincere and obedient driver. His daily routine was to drop our daughter at school and then come back to pick me up for office. In the afternoon he will pick our daughter from the school drop her back at home and then come to my office to pick me up for home. In between if my wife wanted to visit her friends or market he will drive her around. He was becoming a sort of our family member. On Sundays and holidays too we will call him on duty to visit friends, market etc.

I was surprised that he was coming on to my wife. Kamini will tell me everything Fred did. I encouraged her to lead him further and told her maybe this is the man we have been looking for! Fred’s comments were getting bolder by each passing day and Kamini was enjoying it.

My three-year contract was coming to an end and I did not want to get it renewed because there were no growth prospects despite good savings. I had saved a small fortune while I was in this country that afforded me strong financial security. I was thinking of doing something of my own in India. I resigned from the job and gave one month’s notice. Fred too came to know about it. He took Kamini’s silence to his advances and comments as acceptance that encouraged him further. Perhaps he started thinking that he can have his way with her. He also knew that this beauty will go away very soon. Kamini will recount all such happenings with Fred every day and I suggested why don’t we act out our fantasy with Fred. To which she agreed readily! We were not bothered about the secrecy now because anyway we were going to leave this country in a few weeks’ time.

I told Kamini that if we want to make it a success then we need to implement it fast as possible because my notice period will get over in a few weeks and we have to go back to India. I told her that we should not lose this opportunity, which may never come again. She agreed. We decided to put our plan into action on coming Sunday.

On Sunday, around 8am, I took my daughter to my friends place and told them to look after her and I will come back to pick her up in the afternoon. While returning I parked the car at a public car park near my home and returned on foot to my home. I did not want Fred to know that I was at home. I told Kamini to wear some skimpy dress and take a drink or two if she feels shaky. She wore a black bra and a sheer sleeveless blouse. I could see her bra through the blouse. Tops of her big breasts were spilling out of her bra. They looked more prominent against a black background. She wore a skirt of knee high length. Then she took a double peg of whisky on the rocks. She was shaking; I too was shaking with excitement. I told her that if she does not want to go ahead she could back out right now. She replied that she has been waiting for this moment for last three years and will certainly give it a try.

Around 9 am I saw from the balcony that Fred was coming towards our flat. I went into the bedroom. Our bedroom had a large wall-to-wall cupboard running along one of the walls. Kamini and I had chosen this room long time ago for this type of rendezvous because the bed was in the middle of the room and I could watch the action clearly from inside the cupboard. The cupboard had 2 inch by 2-inch wire meshed holes for ventilation at a distance of every two feet at a height of five feet from the floor. I had personally tested this arrangement at that time by going inside the cupboard and looking through one of these holes. I found it perfect. Actually so many holes gave the added advantage of looking outside from any angle!

Fred knocked at the door and Kamini opened it and allowed him inside. He was taken aback at what he saw. Here is their conversation that I could hear in the bedroom.

Fred: Whom are you going to kill today?

Kamini: What do you mean?

Fred: If any weak hearted person sees you like this, he is going to die of a heart attack.

Kamini: Are you weak hearted?

Fred: I was not, but after looking at you, I think now I am.

Kamini: Harish is away to his friend’s place, you have to wait for him. Please sit in the drawing room I will get you a cup of tea.

Fred: Only a cup of tea, can I get some milk, fresh milk?

Kamini told me later that while saying this Fred was pointing his finger at her breasts.

Kamini: Milk is for the kids not for the grown ups.

Fred: Let us say, I am a kid.

Kamini: You will never mend your ways.

Fred: A beautiful women like you will spoil any man who sees you.

Kamini went into the kitchen, prepared the tea and went to the drawing room to give it to Fred. She told me that when she bent to put the cup on the table, Fred’s eyes were on her bulging breasts and then he saw directly in her eyes with a mischievous smile. Kamini told me that Fred then picked up the cup and poured some tea onto the saucer to cool it then sipped. She added that by now the whisky too had started taking its effect that was making her more uninhibited.

Kamini: How is the tea?

Fred: Milk is little less. I want more milk. (Kamini told me later, this time he again pointed towards her bulging breasts!)

Kamini: You flirt! These do not have any milk.

Fred: Let me try to get some milk out. (Kamini told me Fred kept the saucer on the table, got up and cupped her breasts in each hand and squeezed. Kamini never expected such a step from Fred and it happened so quickly that she could not avoid him. However, she felt relieved too, because either of them had to take the first step! For her this was the moment when she could go ahead or back out. She decided to go ahead.)

Kamini: Harish may come anytime.

Fred pleaded: Please let me see your beautiful breasts at least once.

I think he was about to pull Kamini’s blouse over her shoulders when there was a knock on the door. My wife ran to the bedroom and pulled a nightgown over her to conceal her almost naked top from the visitor. I jumped into the cupboard and locked it from inside.

When she opened the door she found that this was my friend where I had left our daughter. He had brought her along and informed my wife that our daughter was requesting him to drop her back. Kamini invited him in for a cup of tea but he declined and told her that he will come some other time when Harish was around. Kamini went inside the drawing room where Fred had finished his tea by now and was waiting for her. Kamini told him that he could leave because there was no plan today to go out and also she doesn’t know when Harish will return. Fred too left, highly disappointed.

We again lamented on our luck and wondered whether our plan will ever get executed. We chose a working day for another try when our daughter will be at school. We did not want to lose more time and chose the next day, Monday.

On Monday, Fred picked our daughter up for school as usual and left. After he left I told Kamini that this time she need not do any formalities because Fred is aware that you want to play with him. Therefore, bring him straight to the bedroom. And try to show me your love making as much as possible. I went to bedroom again when I saw Fred walking towards our flat.

Kamini took a large whisky again but this time she looked more confident. She was wearing a salwar (the lower garment) and kameez (the upper garment). There was a knock at the door and I knew Fred has returned from school to pick me up for office.

Kamini: Harish had to go to office early and he hailed a taxi and went.

Fred: Did he go himself or you sent him away?

Kamini: What do you mean?

Fred: I know you want to resume our interrupted game of yesterday!

Kamini: Which game you are talking about?

Fred: This game…

Kamini told me that with this he came towards her and caught hold of her breasts again. But this time she too was ready and wanted to get over with it. She told Fred let us go to the bedroom. I think Fred was immensely delighted.

On hearing this I went into the cupboard quickly and took my position inside. I saw Kamini leading Fred into the bedroom by holding his hand. I was excited as hell by looking at the contrast of their skins. Kamini’s milky white hand was holding a skinny black hand.

As they neared the bed, Fred held on to Kamini and embraced her. Kamini’s head was coming up to his chest only. He lowered his head and kissed Kamini on the lips. She kissed back with full passion. This was the first time I saw Kamini kissing another man. Kamini was looking tiny in his presence. Fred’s hands were roaming all over her back and ass while they were still in embrace and kissing wildly. Then Fred let go of her and attacked her breasts. He held one each in his hands and started squeezing them. He fondled them for some time then sat on the edge of the bed. He pulled Kamini to face him. Kamini was now standing in front of him and Fred’s head now was level with Kamini’s breasts. He nudged his head into Kamini’s ample breasts, put his hands on her back and snuggled and rubbed his face into them. He then pulled back and pleaded with her to please let him see these magnificent boobs.

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