tagLesbian SexThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 21

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 21


The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 21

Indigo's Tales -- Part 1

Indigo Gibbs was a middle-aged, African-American, late-life lesbian, and proud of it. Indigo worked at Regal Bay University Hospital as a records administrator. Indigo had been born Indigo Baker in Philadelphia, the daughter of a high school basketball coach father and nurse mother. Early on, it was plain to see that Indigo would follow in the paths both of her parents led. She grew tall very early and had a knack for shooting hoops. So it was that she played for her high school girls' basketball team, leading them to the state finals on three occasions. For her on-court skills, she was awarded a scholarship to play at the University of Connecticut, albeit in the years before that program gained the fame it currently holds.

Indigo was also exceedingly interested in her mother's work, and along with her basketball skills, she concentrated on earning her Master of Science degree in Nursing as well as Bachelors of Science degree in Health Information and Technology. This led, post-college, to several job offers. The job she accepted was at Charlotte General Hospital, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

At 26, Indigo, who had taken to calling herself Indy during college after repeatedly explaining where her mother came up with her birth-name, had settled into a well-paying and challenging job. High on her left arm she had a tattoo with the scripted letters forming "Indy" wrapped in twin checkered flags. She had never been to an Indy-Car race, to Indianapolis to see the 500, nor was she a fan of auto racing at all. The tattoo had been a suggestion from one of her college team-mates, who had gotten one herself during that spring break of an intertwined pair of dolphins forming a heart. That girl's father had been a rabid New England Patriots fan, and she'd gotten the dolphins because her father had refused to foot the bill for their Lt. Lauderdale spring break trip.

Indigo met Roy Gibbs at the Hospital Christmas Party her first year in Charlotte. Roy was a strong, handsome, and intelligent man. Born and raised in Charlotte, Roy had spent eight years in the Army as a Military Policeman before getting out and coming to work for the hospital security staff. It was a means to an end, which would be his acceptance to the Charlotte Police Academy. Indigo fell for him immediately after being introduced to him. She and Roy began dating soon after, and by Valentine's Day, Roy had proposed, and Indy had accepted. However, she was reluctant to mention this to her family, seeing as Roy Gibbs was a white man.

As it turned out, when she and Roy finally made the trip up to Philadelphia, just weeks before their wedding, her parents were fine with it all around. Roy was wonderful and made her happy, and that was all they cared about. Not so much her extended family or neighborhood friends, but as they were living in Charlotte, Indigo didn't care what they thought about her or her husband.

Less than six weeks after their wedding, Roy finally was accepted into the police academy. That same week, Indigo learned that she was pregnant with their first child, a son they would name Rodney after her father. Two years later, with Roy firmly established on the police force, they had their daughter, Aurora, named for no one in particular she was always proud to say.

By the time their children had begun school, Indigo was looking to move onward and upward. However, due to politics within the hospital, she felt that she was not being given a fair opportunity at advancement. This was brought up when she was talking on the phone with an old class-mate and fellow UCONN alum who had recently taken up a residency in Regal Bay at the newly expanded University Hospital. With her husband's backing, Indigo flew out to the west coast and after three days was offered a position two levels above, and at a substantially increased pay-rate higher than her current Charlotte position. There was really no thought needed. At the end of the children's school year, the Gibbs family packed up and moved to Regal Bay, where Indigo had a job waiting, and Roy quickly hired on to the Majestic County Sheriff's Department.

Less than two years later, however, Roy was diagnosed with brain cancer during a routine examination following a minor accident in his patrol car. The cancer, believed brought on by his life-long smoking habit, had already progressed to the point of causing seizures, the root cause of his accident. Roy was treated, first as an out-patient, and then was admitted to University Hospital for more advanced treatments. After two years of increasingly aggressive treatments, and surgery to remove part of a cancerous lung, Roy fell into a coma and died within days.

Roy had been the love of her life, and the only man she had ever found happiness or pleasure with. His death hit Indigo hard, to the point where she all but shut out contact with others, outside of work or family. Rodney graduated from high school and, following in his father's path, joined the Army as a Military Policeman. Aurora graduated two years later and left home to attend Indigo's alma mater at the University of Connecticut. She had her eyes set on medicine, in particular cancer research, again due to her father's unfortunate influence. Living in an empty house only caused Indigo sleepless nights, so she sold her home in Reaves Estates and moved into a Majestic View condominium.

Now, some five years after Roy's cancer took him out of her life, Indigo had returned home from work to find the front door unlocked. It wasn't unexpected, however. She had received a text message some time earlier and knew that she would have a guest waiting. That guest had her own key to Indigo's brownstone-style home, and was waiting for her in the master bedroom upstairs on the third floor. Indigo found her guest lying on the big bed, dressed in a white and black polka-dotted blouse and a photo-reversed black and white polka-dotted skirt. The young woman had kicked off her black leather, low-heeled shoes and lay curled up toward the headboard on the pile of pillows. She was talking on her cell-phone when Indigo walked in.

"I'll be home late tonight, darling," Janet Kuykendall was saying. Her eyes went to Indigo and she added, "Probably pretty late." She listened for a moment, and then said, "I don't know. I might. Maybe I'll tell you about it later." Again she listened, while patting the bed beside her hip in a gesture to bring Indigo over. The older woman complied with her younger guest's request.

"Okay, Melissa. I love you!" Janet then turned off her cell phone and tossed it across to land in the near-by chair next to her over-sized purse. "So, how was work?" Janet asked.

"Long hours in front of the computer, as always," Indigo replied. She then leaned close and gave Janet a light kiss across the mouth. "And yours?" she asked.

"Long hours waiting for you!" Janet grinned. This time, their kiss began light, but quickly became more sensual and fierce. Their tongues licked at one another, licking lips and cheeks and chins. Indigo pulled back and attacked Janet's blouse, untying the top and then ripping down the buttons quickly. Their mouths met again and again, until Indigo pulled Janet's top from her arms and tossed it to the floor. Janet wore no bra beneath, and Indigo admired the succulent, creamy toned breasts of the younger woman.

Standing up, Indigo stripped away her own clothing until finally she stood naked except for her chocolate-colored panties. She gave her heavy breasts a lift and let them fall before returning to the bed to lay face down beside Janet.

Indigo and Janet had been lovers for three years, since Janet took a job as an office intern during her freshman year at Regal Bay University. Indigo was initially fascinated by Janet and her openness. They began to spend lunches together, and then they would meet after work. During this time, Indigo had not been with a man since her late husband, though Janet was dating two or three women her own age from campus. Their relationship blossomed during an early January storm that had the hospital unusually quiet through the night. Since that evening together, Janet had been Indigo's only steady lover, though Janet lived with a wonderful young woman closer to her own age. Indigo wasn't unknown to Melissa, either, though Janet preferred to keep her two favorite lovers in separate realms of her life.

Indigo's mouth went to Janet's long neck and she gently pushed the younger woman backward to the pillows. She then began to kiss and lick her way lower, between Janet's smallish breasts, across the girl's tight belly, and then back up. Indigo tugged at one strawberry nipple with her lips, making Janet arch her back and moan softly. Her tiny pink nub and the surrounding areola was sucked deep into the black woman's mouth.

"Oh! Oh!" Janet panted as her older lover began to suck hard and squeeze at her tit. Janet loved having her tits sucked hard, and Indigo sure knew how to please her. She stroked Indigo's thick black hair back and ran her hands across her lover's strong, athletic shoulders. Her nipple was teased and tugged at a moment longer before Indigo then let that nipple pop free of her mouth and resumed her oral attack against Janet's left breast and its excited nipple.

"Somebody's horny," Janet gasped when her second nipple had been thoroughly sucked to pebble-like hardness.

Indigo rested her head in her hands and grinned. "With all that sexting you've been sending me today, how could I not be? You're just lucky I decided to come straight home. I had another offer, you know. Dinner with Elena and her most recent young lover."

Janet gasped. "Maybe we should give them a call. Invite them over. How long's it been since we had a serious all-girl orgy?"

Indigo stroked Janet's left nipple with a finger. "I think they were looking forward to double-teaming me. Elena is really getting to know how to handle a strap-on, let me tell you!" Indigo sat back then onto her haunches and pulled the side zipper of Janet's skirt down. "Why haven't you ever invited your mom over?" she asked as she teasingly tugged the skirt downward. "She might like a little double-team fun."

"I don't know," Janet replied. "She's still not all that comfortable I think with that side of her personality. She's really getting into seducing Jewel's boyfriends. She and I get together once in a while, but mostly just mother-daughter stuff, you know. Cuddling, kissing, and little fingering and licking. That's about it. I don't think she's all that interested in this stuff. She seems a little uncomfortable when Melissa gets playful with me around her."

"Uncomfortable or excited?"

"Oh, I'm sure she's uncomfortable. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure she'd have at least inquired by now, you know. I don't think she's ready to really dive into this stuff yet."

"And what is 'This stuff' you mention?" Indigo asked with a sly grin.

"You know," Janet grinned while spreading her thighs wide. She still wore her bra-matching black and white polka-dotted panties. "Hot lesbian sex!"

"Is that what we're doing?" Indigo asked and she lay down onto her belly, her upper body between Janet's thighs and her face just inches above her younger lover's crotch. "Hot lesbian sex?"

"Well," Janet replied. "We're getting there."

"I suppose you'd like for me to "dive in", wouldn't you?" Indigo grinned, adding a playful flick of her pink tongue lightly across Janet's pubic mound, still encased in fabric. Before Janet could answer, Indigo was already kissing and licking at Janet's milky white inner thighs, and across her lower belly, just above her panty waist band. Janet's hips began rolling, trying to get Indigo's mouth to go lower, to her warming sex. Instead, Indigo kissed upward, following a trail across her belly and between her young lover's pale breasts, until her mouth again found Janet's. Again, they kissed hard and frantically, their shared passion continuing to grow.

A minute passed and then Indigo again began to kiss and lick her way down Janet's creamy flesh, until she settled between the pale, parted thighs. This time, as she began to lick across Janet's panty-covered crotch, Indigo took in a deep lungful of Janet's youthful scent. Each time she dragged her tongue across the material Janet moaned with growing need. Still, the older black woman paid more attention to Janet's inner thighs, gently nipping at them at times with her teeth, which made Janet gasp and finally begin begging.

"Jeez, stop teasing me, Indy!" Janet cried out. "I need your tongue! Please, tongue me! Lick my pussy, Indy! I need your tongue on me, and in me!"

Grinning, and with a gentle giggle, Indigo gave her lover what she had been begging for. She pulled the damp panties aside, exposing Janet's smoothly shaved pussy. The slit, pink with excitement, glistened from the younger woman's anticipatory juicing. Indigo lay her wide tongue flat onto the long slit and slowly began to lick upward.

"Oooohhh!" Janet moaned as her lover's tongue sent electric jolts up through her body that arched her back. "Aaaahhh! That's what I've been needing all day!"

Indigo flicked the tip of her tongue across Janet's tiny pink clit, making Janet's body jerk as if hit with a bolt of electricity, and then she sat up. Quickly, she pulled Janet's panties down her legs and tossed them aside. She then leaned across her lover's petite body and planted her mouth to Janet's. Again they kissed deeply, but only briefly. Indigo pulled her mouth away and twisted around until she could again dive straight into Janet's crotch. Her mouth planted hard against Janet's white hot pussy and her tongue went frantically to work.

"Oooohh, shit!" Janet gasped as her vagina was pulled and sucked until it gaped, and then Indigo's tongue began to lance up through her hole, high into her womanhood. "God, Indy, I love that!" she announced. Her thighs closed around Indigo's head and held her tight in place. She ran her right hand up the black woman's long thighs and onto her round buttock. Janet stroked her older lover's warm flesh, from buttocks to knees and back. Eventually, she reached up between Indigo's thighs and found the damp patch of pubic hair and the soft labia hidden beneath. Still enjoying the work Indy's mouth was doing on her, Janet began to tease and tickle the wet pussy between her lover's thighs.

"Uuummm," Indigo moaned in to Janet's pussy. She wiggled her hips playfully as Janet began to work a finger along her slit. Her hips dipped and Janet's finger slipped into her. "Oooohhh," she sighed, lifting her mouth away only briefly before resuming her carnal feast.

Indigo had only recently discovered that she loved eating a young woman out, and she absolutely loved eating Janet out. At times, Indigo wondered why she had never explored or experimented with lesbian sex as so many of her team-mates had done, back in her college days. Although she had no regrets, she still wished she had not waited until after losing a husband before venturing down this delightful road.

For more than twenty minutes, Indigo feasted upon Janet's hot, creamy sexpot. Janet groaned and croaked throughout, and when her orgasm overtook her, Janet panted, "Your tongue is so fucking good! Oh, fuck, I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming!" Indigo was rewarded with a mouthful of Janet's thick girl cream. The tangy juices coated her tongue and warmed her belly, and combined with the three fingers Janet had jammed deep within her pussy, Indigo enjoyed her own muted climax.

After bringing Janet off a second time, Indigo reluctantly lifted her dripping mouth from the girl's messy slot and twisted back to plant her thick lips to Janet's. Again they kissed deeply, with Janet tasting herself upon Indigo's tongue and lips. Janet's hands went to Indigo's round ass globes and began to squeeze them. Above her, Indigo was rocking and mewing. A moment later, Indigo broke her mouth away and sat back. Janet's hands came up and cupped her heavy, mature breasts. Both women were panting excitedly, nowhere near finished for the evening.

"I want tits like yours," Janet admired.

"Here, then," Indigo grinned. She leaned forward and presented her left breast to Janet. "Start with this one."

Janet took hold of her breast with both hands and latched her mouth around the Hershey-kiss like nipple. Indigo's flesh was rich chocolate colored, but her nipples and the surrounding areola were large and very dark, especially when she was excited. Janet latched on and began to suck hard. The nipple filled her mouth like a small cock, and she treated it as such. She sucked and slurped, running her tongue around and across the tip, and sending shivers of delight up through Indigo's body.

"That's my baby," Indigo hummed. "Suck on Mommy's fat titties." She stroked Janet's golden blonde hair back from her face as the younger woman continued to feed at her breasts. Sometimes, Janet even managed to pull a bit of tangy milk from the nipple, and Indigo would climax a moment later. This time, however, she was wanting to move on to more playfulness.

Indigo gently pulled away from Janet and sat back. After a moment, she dived down between Janet's thighs and again planted her mouth onto Janet's wet, dripping pussy. "Ohh!" Janet gasped as her pussy was again being ravaged by Indigo's thick tongue. This time her tongue only worked a moment against Janet's sensitive clit before the girl was gasping through another orgasm.

"Oooohhh, shhhhit! That's so goooood!" Janet groaned.

As her climax peaked, Janet sat bolt upright and pushed Indigo up. She lifted the heavy black breasts upward and began to suck upon the nipples once again. Indigo held Janet's face tight to her chest, surrounded by her big tit globes. Janet licked and kissed at her dark flesh, and then she pushed Indigo back until the older woman was flat on her back.

Janet tugged at the damp panties Indigo still wore and slipped them down, tugging them from Indigo's big round ass, passed her thick thighs and along her long legs, finally to be tossed away to join the other articles of clothing scattered around the room. Janet lay fully atop Indigo then. With their hips aligned, however, Janet's head only came up to Indigo's breasts. When standing, the black woman was a good six inches taller than her young white lover. When laying down, however, Janet's mouth came right to where it was wanted. She again began to feast upon Indigo's over-sized nipples.

As her breasts were enjoyed, Indigo gathered Janet's blonde hair up into a bunch and held it in one hand. She then pulled Janet's mouth to hers and kissed her deeply once again. Next, she guided Janet downward, across the expanse of large breasts and lower to her flat, firm belly. When she the top of the valley formed by Indigo's long, parted thighs, Janet diverted and began to kiss up and down Indigo's legs, both inside and out. Unlike her older lover, Janet didn't tease too long. Instead, she moved quickly to attack Indigo's bright pink labia, only partially hidden within the tangle of dark pubic curls.

"Ooohh, so good!" Indigo sighed when Janet's mouth barely touched her nether-lips. Her hands went down and took hold of Janet's head of golden hair again and pulled her mouth tight to her cunt while rocking her hips up and down. Her wet pussy smeared across Janet's mouth as the younger woman's tongue flicked and fluttered through her opening folds. "You eat pussy so good, girl!" she gasped.

"You taste so fucking delicious! How can I not love it?" Janet replied, lifting her mouth up for just a moment but pressing her chin against the hard, wet clit. "How could I not love eating up this fantastic chocolate cunt?" She plunged back in, ramming her tongue deep while moaning into Indigo's pussy. Indigo laughed as her young lover licked away.

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