tagNovels and NovellasIndiscretions Ch. 02

Indiscretions Ch. 02

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County IX: Indiscretions

Chapter two

"I think we've got things pretty well under control for now, Mitch," Melissa Singleton told Mitch Hathaway, the man her husband, Tom, hired after their teenage son and Donna, a girl who also worked on the farm, left to go to college.

Mitch was a rugged, handsome, friendly man of about thirty, with a head full of curly brown hair. He was also a hard worker. Melissa's husband was away, delivering a horse, and Melissa and Mitch had been left to take care of things on the farm until Tom got back the next day.

Mitch looked at his employer's wife. Melissa Singleton was a damn good-looking woman. She was about ten years older than he was, but didn't look it. She was tall, had a wild mass of curly light-brown hair, and looked like she was in excellent physical condition. She had on a sweatshirt and snug-fitting jeans. Since they'd been working hard, Melissa was sweating and her sweatshirt was clinging to her upper body in interesting ways.

"If you want to take off, you can, Mitch," Melissa said. "I'm beat, I'm going to try to watch TV, but I'll probably fall asleep."

"You sure you don't want me to hang around?" Mitch asked. "What with Mr. Singleton being gone and all, I wouldn't mind. I could sleep in the bunk room in the barn."

"It's sweet of you to offer, Mitch," Melissa said, "but you don't have to. Jennifer and Alex are staying in the big house tonight. They're leaving for Europe in the morning."

Jennifer was Jennifer McIntyre Martin, who owned the farm. Alex was her husband, head of the detective division of the Jamestown Police Department.

"Must be nice," Mitch said. "I'd love to go to Europe and see what it's like."

"I suppose it is," Melissa said.

"Well, if you're sure you'll be OK," Mitch said, "I'm gonna take off."

"See you tomorrow, Mitch," Melissa said. She turned and started for the manager's house.

Mitch watched her walk away from him for a while, then he sighed, climbed into his truck, and headed for town.

"Why the hell do I get myself all hot and bothered thinking about Melissa?" Mitch thought as he drove along, listening to the sounds of country music coming from his pickup's radio. "She's as happily married as a person can get. I ought to find someone who isn't!" He laughed. "Isn't married or isn't happy, doesn't really matter, does it?"

By the time he got to town, he was hungry, so he stopped at a little diner he often visited. The diner's prices were reasonable and the food was excellent. He parked in the parking lot, went inside, and took a seat on one of the stools at the counter. It was late afternoon, between the lunch and dinner rush hours, so the diner was almost empty.

"What would you like?" the lady behind the counter asked.

Mitch studied her. She was about his age and fairly attractive. She was short, but had a very good shape, a fact not hidden by the snug jeans she was wearing. Her frosted brown hair was cut very short.

"I'll have a cheeseburger with bacon, fries, and a cola," Mitch said.

"Coming right up," the woman replied. She got a hamburger patty out of a cooler, put it on the grille, and dropped some fries into the deep fryer.

"Traveling through?" she asked Mitch while the food cooked.

"Actually, no, I just moved to town a few weeks ago," he replied. "I'm surprised I haven't seen you here before. I eat here a lot. Food here's really good."

"Thank you for saying so," the woman said. "My husband and I run this place. I've been away for a few weeks. My sister was sick and I went to take care of her. Do you work around here?"

"I'm a farm hand and horse wrangler on the McIntyre Farm," Mitch said.

"No kidding?" the woman said. She turned and flipped the hamburger, put a slice of cheese on it, and lifted the fry basket out of the fat and hung it on a rack to drain. Then she put the hamburger roll on the grille to toast. She turned back to Mitch. "We, my husband and I, we have a place outside of town," she said. "I've been thinking about getting a horse or two. I'm just not sure what we'd need to do to our place if we got some horses."

"You have a farm?" Mitch asked.

"Not really," she replied, flushing a little. "We have a lot of property, though, so we could build a barn, I guess."

"If you need some advice, maybe I could help," Mitch said. He noticed the rosy color on her face and wondered. "I've worked with horses all my life. I could probably tell you what you need, and probably where to get it. Any time you want, just give me a call."

"Ah...well," the woman hesitated, then she turned quickly to the grille. She picked up a spatula, put his burger on the bun, put the sandwich on a plate, and then dumped the fries next to it. She turned and set the plate on the counter in front of Mitch. After that, she walked down behind the counter, drew his cola, and placed that in front of him, too.

"I...I wouldn't want to impose on you, you know," she said.

"It wouldn't be an imposition," Mitch said. "I think it would kind of be fun to design a place from scratch."

"Uh...well, ah, my husband, you know, ah, he comes in about six and takes over until we close at midnight," she said. "If you, you know, wanted to come out say, oh, maybe six-thirty or so today, if you're sure I wouldn't be imposing on..."

"No problem," Mitch said. "I was just going to go home and zoo out in front of the TV anyhow. Might as well do something productive, right?" He took a bite of his burger. "Where do you live?"

She told him, then turned to wait on another customer. When she returned to put another hamburger on the grille, she smiled at Mitch and looked a little flustered. He didn't say anything, just smiled back at her. When he finished his meal he got up, paid his check, told her he'd see her at six-thirty, and left.

"I can't believe this!" Mitch thought when he got in his pickup. It looked like he was going to have better luck with women in Jamestown than he thought. The attractive woman in the diner had invited him to her house. And she'd done it in such a way that it was clear her husband wouldn't be home. She said she wanted help deciding how she and her husband could set their place up to raise a few horses. "Yeah, right!" Mitch thought. He turned onto the road she'd indicated, and headed for her house.

Back at the diner, Bonnie Markham, the woman Mitch had talked to, was having second thoughts about what she'd done. How could she have asked a strange man to come to her house to help her decide how to set it up for horses when she'd never even considered buying a horse?

What had she done such a stupid thing? Sure, she and her husband Bill were having problems, but was that reason enough to do what she'd done?

Just then, her husband walked in the front door of the diner. "Hi, babe!" he said.

"Hi, Bill," Bonnie replied. She finished making up the order she was working on and placed it in front of the customer.

Bill walked over to Cindy, the attractive blonde waitress who was working the evening shift. "Hi, sweetie, I guess it's you and me tonight, huh?" he said.

Cindy, who wasn't married, but had a child at home, giggled and laughed. "Yeah, honey, I guess it is," she replied.

Bonnie bit her lip. "I can't remember the last time Bill flirted with me," she thought bitterly.

Bonnie had given Mitch good directions. He found her home with no trouble. Located on a side road, it sat at the end of a long, tree-lined driveway. No chance of any neighbors noticing a strange vehicle. The closest house was a half-mile or more away.

Mitch pulled into the driveway and parked in front of a two-car garage attached to a white clapboard two-story house. He was pretty sure the woman who lived here wasn't interested in talking about horses, but he wasn't concerned. Whatever her problem was, he'd be happy to service it. Or her.

Bonnie was, at that minute, driving home slowly. She still found it hard to believe she'd invited a strange man to her house when her husband wasn't at home.

"What, exactly, were you thinking when you invited him?" she asked herself. "Maybe he won't show up," she mused hopefully.

"Maybe he will, then what?" an inner voice countered. "You saw him admiring your ass, you know what he wants."

She shook her head. "If he's there, I'll just ask him to leave," she thought.

"Before or after you let him fuck you?" the inner voice retorted.

Bonnie turned into her driveway and suddenly found it hard to breathe. A pickup truck was sitting front of the garage! She pulled up next to the truck and saw Mitch, who smiled and waved, sitting in it. She shut off the engine and sat in her car, her mind spinning. What was she going to do? Why had she put herself in this position?

Mitch got out of his truck, walked around to the woman's car and stood by the driver's door, waiting for the woman to get out. It was obvious she was nervous.

Finally, Bonnie opened the door and stepped out, looking at the man nervously. "Ah...look...I..." she stammered. "I...I'm sorry I..."

Mitch stepped closer to her. "You aren't really planning to get horses, are you?" he asked. He could see how skittish she looked and figured the longer he waited, the less chance he had of getting what he wanted. Knowing there were risks involved, he took action.

"Ah...no, um, I...I'm..." Bonnie stammered. She never finished what she intended to say because her words were stifled by the man's warm lips covering hers. His strong arms went around her and he pulled her against him.

Despite her misgivings, Bonnie felt her insides burst into flame as the man's strong, hard body pressed against hers and his tongue slid between her lips. With a groan, she wrapped her arms around him, pushed against him, and began lashing his tongue with hers. She felt as if she were melting.

When the kiss ended, Bonnie stepped back, panting, and looked at the man. He wasn't bad-looking, and seemed a decent sort. Still, she couldn't let him...

"There is a problem you want me to help you with, isn't there?" Mitch asked the flushed, breathless woman.

"Uh...yes...I mean, no," Bonnie replied, hugging herself. Now was the time to tell him to leave, before things got out of hand.

"I think I know what it is, and I'd love to help you with it," Mitch said. Smiling, he moved toward her and reached for her again.

"Uh...no, ah..." Bonnie stammered. Her protest was halted when his arms went around her and pulled her to him and his lips once more covered hers. She felt his hands grip her bottom and press her against him.

Having the man's hands on her bottom felt so good it almost made Bonnie faint. She loved having her bottom touched and her husband touched her there in what seemed like ages. She was becoming more aroused than she'd been in a long, long time!

She felt the man's hardness pressing against her belly and, for a second, heard warning alarms sounding in her mind again. She had to stop this now, before she lost control and wound up doing something she'd regret!

Despite the frantic alarms, her arms slid around his neck and pulled him to her, while her tongue slid between his lips.

While Mitch's lips were mashed against the woman's and his tongue was lashing in her mouth, he slid his hands between them, opened her jeans, and pushed them and the cotton panties she wore down over her legs. He was surprised when the woman offered no resistance. She continued to clutch him, kept kissing him, and groaned into his mouth.

Bonnie couldn't believe he'd taken her pants down! And that she had permitted him to do it in front of her house, in broad daylight! Her mind screamed for her to stop him, but she couldn't. Her body was on fire and all she seemed able to do was hang on to him and lash her tongue in his mouth while he did awful, wonderful things to her.

She felt his hands go to her bare bottom and lift her, then her flesh contacted the smooth, warm, metal of the hood of her car.

After he placed the woman on her car, Mitch opened his pants, fished out his cock, then he pulled her to him, thrusting it up and into her sodden opening. He heard her gasp and felt her shudder when he slid into her.

He was fucking her! Bonnie was stunned. Before she realized what the man had in mind, or could make a move to stop him, he had her naked from the waist down, sitting on the hood of her car, and was fucking her! She didn't know his name, but what she did know--as she moaned and gasped and shook--was that he was making her feel better than she'd felt in ages!

"Oh!!! Oh!!! Oh!!! Oh!!! Oh!!! Oh!!!" she whimpered as the man's cock jabbed into her furiously. Why didn't Bill ever do something like this? Why did he...her capacity for lucid thought was swept away by the powerful sensations evoked by the stranger's plunging cock.

"Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!! Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!" Bonnie groaned as she came. She clutched the stranger, quaking. Then she felt his hot cream spurting into her, bathing her with fire. "Mmmmmmmmmmmpppphhhhhhh!!!! Mmmmmmmmmppphhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Her moans continued as the most powerful orgasm she'd ever experienced swept through her.

"Gahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Mitch groaned when his passion unleashed.

Bonnie heard the man's groan of pleasure. His thrusting hips slid her back and forth on the smooth metal surface of the car and his fingers dug into her bottom.

When he finished, Mitch held the limp woman in his arms as his cock softened and slid from her. Screwing her on her car had been incredible, but he didn't want to stop at just this once.

Bonnie was so spent she couldn't move. She leaned against the stranger, her naked bottom on the car, her legs on either side of his, their juices seeping onto the waxed metal surface of the hood. Her head was lying on his shoulder and her arms were still draped around his neck. She'd never been fucked better! Finally, she lifted her head and looked at him.

"My name's Mitch Hathaway," he said, smiling.

"I...I'm Bonnie...Bonnie Markham," she said weakly. She wasn't sure what was happening to her, or why. She'd just allowed a stranger to fuck her on the hood of her car, in front of her house, and it had been wonderful!

Mitch lifted Bonnie off the car and lowered her to her feet. He bent and picked up her jeans and purse. "Why don't we go inside?" he suggested.

"Ah...I...I guess so," Bonnie replied. Feeling terribly exposed, she walked ahead of him, toward the door of the house. She wished she'd put her jeans back on. She felt shameless walking half-naked in front of a man she'd met just hours earlier.

Mitch watched Bonnie's delightful bottom move as she walked in front of him. She was one of the finest pieces of ass he'd ever encountered!

When she was inside the house, Bonnie, unsure what to do or where to go, stopped, turned, and looked at Mitch, questions in her eyes.

"Where's your bedroom?" Mitch asked. He sensed he had to remain in control and not give her too much time to think about what was happening.

Bonnie nodded toward the hallway behind her. "It's...ah...it's down there," she said.

Mitch scooped her up in his arms and carried her down the hallway. Her bottom was warm and slick with the juices of their outdoor coupling. Her head fell against his shoulder, her hair tickled his cheek. There was a faint smell of hamburgers and grease about her.

Bonnie trembled as the man who'd introduced himself as Mitch carried her toward the bedroom she'd shared with no one but her husband Bill until then. She had a hard time comprehending what had taken place since she'd arrived home and was desperately trying to get herself under control. This was so wrong!

Mitch laid her gently on the bed, sat down next to her, and began unbuttoning her red sleeveless blouse. Bonnie watched him, her eyes wide, but made no attempt to stop him. When the blouse was undone, he slid his hands under her and unhooked her bra, then he removed the two garments.

Mitch studied Bonnie for a second. She was flushed, her chest was heaving and there was puzzlement in her eyes. She had a nice shape, with small breasts that sagged into themselves, but her nipples, which were beginning to emerge from her areolas, were large and thick. Her body was firm, her legs strong and well-formed. Her middle was covered by a luxuriant mass of curly brown hair which showed traces of gray. Mitch bent and sucked one of her nipples between his lips.

Bonnie groaned and arched against him. She couldn't get her thoughts together. He'd taken her clothes off!! She had to stop him! He was staring at her, his eyes hot, surveying her body! She couldn't allow this to go on! It was wrong! But then he began sucking one of her nipples, bliss rocketed through her and she knew she was lost. She'd do anything he wanted! Anything!

Mitch's hands and lips moved over Bonnie, exploring, teasing, evoking continuing moans of bliss. Her head rolled from side to side on the pillow and her hips were rocking gently. He loved the way she was responding to his touch! This was one hot woman!

"Yesssssss!!!!!" Bonnie cried when Mitch's hand slid between her legs he started toying with her clit. She couldn't believe she was this hot again! This never happened when she and her husband made love. Of course, Bill never kept making love to her after he'd come, but...

"Gahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" she groaned. Mitch was kissing her belly! It had been so long since Bill had done that. Mitch's tongue was sliding through her pubic mat now, and her body was shivering with exhilaration.

Mitch continued to minister to Bonnie's quivering physique. His hands slid up and down her shapely legs while his mouth moved across her gently rounded belly, into the dark mass of her pubic hair. He felt tremors go through her, heard her moans of joy, and continued. His tongue found the swollen bud of her clit and flicked it from side to side.

"Oh! Oh!! Oh!!!! Oh!!!!! Oh!!!!! Oh!!!!!!" Bonnie whimpered while Mitch's tongue lashed delight into her. Her hips bucked in time with his tongue and her hands clutched and began to squeeze her breasts. She couldn't believe this was happening! Or that it felt this wonderful!

Mitch slid his hand between Bonnie's legs and shoved two fingers into her quivering vagina. She groaned and squeezed her legs together, trapping his hand in her middle. Still, his tongue drove down, lashing her clitoris.

Bonnie couldn't stand it! The sensations were too much! If he kept this up, she was going to... "Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" she sobbed, her hips rising off the bed, her body straining, quivering, her insides fluttering.

Mitch felt the onset of Bonnie's second orgasm and increased the intensity of his activities. Her body stiffened, then exploded into frantic action as cries of abandon issued from her. He caressed and kissed her until she lay still, her eyes closed, her chest rising and falling steadily.

Mitch wasn't finished. His cock was rock-hard once more. He rolled on top of Bonnie, between her legs.

Bonnie, dazed, felt the man's body move on top of hers, then she felt his cock slap against her soft belly. No! Oh, God! He was going to make love to her again! She couldn't! She just couldn't! She started to open her mouth, but before she could utter a word of protest, the head of his massive pole slid between her dripping labia and began to enter her. "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!" Bonnie moaned as she was filled with swollen cock once more.

Mitch stroked into Bonnie using a leisurely pace, watching subtle alterations, brought on by growing need, take place in her. Her face flushed, her eyes softened, her features began to go slack as he slid his cock in and out.

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