tagRomanceInduction of Dylan Magee

Induction of Dylan Magee



Dylan Magee stood at the doorway looking into her mom's bedroom at the guy with his pants around his ankles who was holding her mom up high as he slowly and rhythmically shafted her.

He's good, thought the 23-year old. And strong too.

The guy who had his back to her had a real mop of dark wavy hair that suggested he would be closer to her age than her mom's age of forty-five.

Dylan thought lucky mom and wondered what her dad would think is he knew how his wife spent some Fridays when taking the afternoon off from their carpet warehouse business.

Della Magee opened her eyes and lost her serene smile when focusing on her daughter leaning on the doorjamb and watching languorously. Her eyes widened and the mouth opened and formed a very expressive command that Dylan interpreted as 'fuck off'. Dylan obediently continued along the passage to her bedroom, smiling and thinking it wasn't fair her mom got more sex than she did. She lost her smile thinking perhaps most women got more sex than she did.

She undressed, showered, put on jeans and a top and went to the kitchen, glancing into the bedroom and noting the couple was now on the bed in a tangle of limbs performing a sixty-nine. So that was the incentive for her mom to stick to her regime of yoga exercises and being the gym at 7:00 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Dylan made a sandwich, poured coffee and sat at the table in the breakfast alcove and waited.

Twenty minutes later the guy wearing only boxers, his hair wet from the shower and with a towel around his neck entered the kitchen and went straight to the fridge.

"Is my mom any good at sex?"

The guy got a hell of a fright and swung round to look at her, eyes bulging.

"Did you see us?"

She lied no and he lied he didn't know what she was talking about.

"I left the stuff on the bench for you to make a chicken sandwich. There's coffee in the carafe if you want it after drinking that bottled water."

"Um what about you making the sandwich for me?"


He sat with her at the table and said, "Thanks again. Great sandwich. I'm Neil."

"Are you one of our contract carpet layers Neil?"


"So how good is mom at sex?"

"It this just between you and me?"

"Yeah definitely."

"She's better than my current girl friend and twice as good as my fiancée who jilted me. I'd give her eight point five out of ten."

"That good huh?"

"She's exceptionally fit and bangs back real good."

"Don't you mean really well?"

"I mean what I said."

"So fitness and banging back are important. What else?"

"She talks dirty and was prepared to stick a wet finger up my butt."

Dylan giggled and said she hadn't meant him to be that frank.

Her mom came out and she looked shocked when she saw them sitting together.

"Oh Christ Dylan, I assumed you had gone to the Jennifer's."

"No I'm off now. Bye Neil."

Her mom sighed and swore again, this time softly. Mother and daughter knew it was the first time Dylan had ever seen one of her mom's men and her mom was hugely embarrassed that Dylan had been speaking to the latest adulterator.

* * *

Around 10:00 Della came into her daughter's room and said, "Darling we have to talk."

Dylan, who was in bed, closed her book and said, "Sure mom, shoot."

"Today I feel my privacy in my own home was hugely breached."

"You should have closed your bedroom door."

"I should be free to do what I wish in my house."

Dylan eyed her mom closely and knew what her mother wanted her to say.

"So it's about time I left home?"

"Well yes since you've mentioned it, I agree."

"Okay allow me a few days to pack the stuff I wish to take and the rest for dad to put in the attic in the garage. Please tell him at last I'm keen to find my own way in the world."

"That is very generous of you darling."

"Well you are my mom."

"Your adulterous mother."

"That's between you and me mom. Just go lightly. If dad finds out there will be a big bust-up, probably the end of your marriage."

"Correct. Where will you go?"

"Well possibly to the eastern end of the city center. People in apartments there are always advertising for roommates."

Grant was surprised to learn of the imminent departure of his daughter.

"What's brought this on; have you and your mother been fighting?"

"Dad you know mom and I don't fight," Dylan said, smiling at her mom who looked relieved.

The company Dylan was working with as an IT troubleshooter with its clients who'd purchased computers or peripherals agreed to Dylan leaving at the end of the week because it was a quite period for the business. She'd lied to her mom; she'd decided to leave the city.

On Monday evening Della arrived home with four wooden crates in the back of her SUV for storing Dylan's possession she'd not be taking with her and helped Dylan pack. Della and Grant were out next evening when Della's baby sister called from Melbourne, Australia.

"Sorry but mom's out till late Aunt Kath."

"Oh crap but I like talking to you darling and it's about time you stopped calling me Aunt. God that makes me feel I'm almost as old as your mother."

Ten minutes later Dylan put down the phone almost in shock. She'd agreed to go to Australia and live for a while with Kath and her cute husband Dick (Richard) Sloan, who was an Australian. Dick coached sport at a high school and Kath was a stylist in the beauty bureau on the women's floor of a department store.

Kath's final words were ringing in her niece's ears: 'Don't mention a word of this to your mother Chubby. No way will she allow you to come this far away from her'.

The next Sunday Dylan was in LA and boarded the 16-hour non-stop flight to Melbourne where the Boeing 777 touched down at 8:30 am.

* * *

"Dylan, Dylan," screamed a gorgeous-looking woman in white with half her breasts showing out the top of her white lace dress and flashes of pink panties showing at the incredible high hem-line as she jumped up and down excitedly, people around her laughing at Kath. Dick was giving a good impression he was not with that crazy woman.

Before Dylan had time to reach the barrier Kath had vaulted it and was running at Dylan and a security guy was chasing her yelling to her to return behind the barrier.

Kath slammed into Dylan and kissing her passionately, turning Dylan's skin into goose bumps.

The security officer reached them and was pulling out a notebook when Kath said calmly, "Please stand aside officer you are impeding our orderly exit from this terminal."

The guy hesitated.

"Be a good boy darling."

He stood aside grinning and beamed as the people just behind him, who'd been quite well entertained, clapped.

When they were clear of onlookers, Dick joined them and Dylan stopped to be kissed and only just managed to hold back from exclaiming, 'Hmmm'.

"Welcome to Australia Dylan. Gosh you've shed some weight."

"Yes but I have at least five pounds to get off your ass and other places," Kath said but the dazzling smile she gave the new-arrival stopped Dylan from cringing and she even said, "I'd like you to do that Kath."

"Way to go baby. Before too long we'd have guys lining up to hang out of you."

Dick looked pained and said, "Jesus Kath, back off" while Dylan wondered what dope her aunt was on.

The pole house, 20 miles east of the city CBD and in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, was set on a hillside amid trees the O'Ryan's called gums (eucalyptus).

"Oh what a wonderful neighborhood," Dylan enthused, noting the good space between houses in their vicinity.

"Yeah providing we don't have a bushfire come this way," Dick said grimly and Kath snorted, "Stop being such a fucking pessimist Dick. I don't want you scaring Dylan.

"Bushfires... er like the ones we see on TV back home?"

"That's what he's talking about darling but don't worry. The really big one in 2009 was at Upper Ferntree Gully, not here."

"Well doesn't that suggest it's about time..."

"Dylan... now see what's you've done to her Dick?"

Dick rose to the occasion. "Don't be alarmed Dylan. The beauty about bushfires is you can see them coming and we have early warning systems in place and an evacuation plan especially dedicated to this particular hillside."

"W-what about crocodiles?"

"Jesus Dylan," Kath sighed. "You won't find a croc in the wild until you are about twelve hundred miles north of here at Rockhampton. And yes we do have sharks in the sea here but you are ten thousand times more likely to be hurt in a road accident than be bitten by a shark. If you want to know the truth men are far more dangerous in Australia than all the crocs, spiders, sharks, jellyfish and other nasties combined."

"Oh I guess that puts it into perspective."

"Damn right Dylan and Dick I'll thank you not scaring my darling niece."

"You'll love it here Dylan," Dick said kindly.

"Good boy," Kath said, leaning back against him and looping an arm around his neck affectionately.

Dylan thought god she rarely saw her parents touch.

Kath settled Dylan into her room and left, leaving Dylan giggling when thinking what an amazing character her aunt was. How the hell was she related to her mother? Dylan had no idea. Whenever Kath had visited them in Chicago she'd been somewhat exuberant, but nothing like this. This was her environment presumably people don't act rigidly and correctly at all times. Kath was rather foul-mouthed for a woman and when she'd visited her oldest sister in Chicago the unexpected release of 'Jesus' and the occasional F-word had Della and her friends looking rather embarrassed or even shocked. Dylan wasn't sure she approved of such unladylike behavior but there was no denying it Kath oozed individualism and branded her character.

Her mom, a dentist with a doctorate in dental surgery, regarded her youngest sister as an unfortunate under-achiever and Dylan recalled hearing those exact words once. Her mom had been talking about how Kath had been expelled from college after being discovered at the center of a gangbang with her male swimming coach and four males from the swim team. Had she apologized and been remorseful Kath may have well escaped with a month suspension but she refused to attend the disciplinary hearing, instead sending a note saying she'd done nothing wrong in having a bit of fun and if the college hadn't relied in spy cameras the delightful hour of adding to her sexual education would have passed unnoticed.

Her mom had said that family disgrace was vintage Kath who then thumbed her nose at the university establishment by moving in to live with the assistant-coach of the swim team. His contract wasn't renewed and Kath went with him to Australia where after he dumped her Kath met and married Richard O'Ryan whom she'd met when she was working in a fitness center in Melbourne. Dick was now head athletics coach at a local high school.

Kath came into the room without knocking and that lack of courtesy didn't surprise her niece.

"Darling while you're with us there are things I want you to do without complaint or refusal; do you agree with that?"

"Like what sort of things?" Dylan said suspiciously.

'You go cycling with me, you come to the gym and pool with me and you eat what I say."


"Oh darling, please. You'll be embarrassed if I have to spell it out."

Irish ancestry came out in Dylan.

"Either you tell me or I'm out of here."

Kath cut back a couple of cogs and said, "Oh sorry darling. I can see you are no pushover. You won't like this but you have pushed to be told the truth. You are overweight enough to be still called chubby. You walk in less than an upright position with your fat ass pushed out, your facial skin looks uncared for, your eyebrows are like a jungle, your hair is a mess and your make-up appears to have been put on with a ten inch paint brush. Christ aren't you surprised you have long waits between dates?"

"Who told you I don't get many dates... have you been gossiping with mom?"

"You just told me. What I said about dates was meant as a joke."

"Okay smarty, you win. If you can fix anything fix it. Um please."

"Only if you commit to me one hundred percent."

"Okay. You know I have nothing better to do except to get lost in this foreign land."

Kath smiled and said she welcomed this opportunity because she knew she'd produce good results. "Oh you could be in luck tomorrow. The firm that cleans our windows every six months said on Friday one of their guys would call between 11:00 and noon tomorrow. Melbourne window cleaners fuck anything with tits."

"Ha ha, I have a hilarious aunt."

"Well we'll book you in at my gym for an assessment once I've paid your three months membership."

"I'm only here for two months."

"Yeah well maybe. When I came to OZ I thought I'd hate the place and would be heading home within a month and guess what, that was twenty years ago and the three times I've been back to Chicago I couldn't get back here quick enough."

"Yeah, yeah."

"Darling you've had a long flight and you need sleep to wear off travel fatigue. I'll wake you at 5:50 in the morning for a healthy snack and some freshly squeezed fruit juice and then we'll to the pool and see if with all that blubber you can sink low enough in the water to get propulsion with your arms and legs."

"God you are rude. I'll bet you I'll cream you over ten lengths or twenty if you wish."

"Careful darling, this is Australia. Our gym has an Olympic size swimming pool, not the twenty-foot pool your family has at home."

The clock began chiming twelve, midday.

"There's no way I'll go to sleep for eighteen hours," Dylan yawned. "Let's go shopping."

"Okay but you have an hour's nap first."


The next thing Dylan knew Kath was wriggling her nose gently and telling her it was 5:50, to get dressed and have a quick breakfast before they hit the pool.

"B-but what happened? Where did my first day in Aussie go?"

"You slept it off darling. Come on, shake a leg."

Changing at the pool facilities Dylan said, "God I thought thirty-four was old. You have the body of a slim girl in her early twenties."

"Like you should be. Thanks darling. I promise you'll look very much like me when I complete my program with you but you'll look prettier than me."

Dylan ignored that thinking it was rude to say bullshit to her aunt.

Kath should have been warned when Dylan put on her tight black one-piece swimsuit and cap and pushed her swim goggles over her forehead.

"Oh good, you have all the accessories. Of course, I forgot, you're from an affluent American family."

"You are American."

"I was American. Let's go."

At the pool Kath said, "Right we won't warm up. Just a straight power race over ten lengths. I'll give you a thirty-second start."

"Don't be so arrogant Kath."

"Right bye darling Kath said and dove in. Dylan followed and was right at Kath's shoulder within twenty strokes and stayed there till they turned on the tenth lap when Dylan powered away.

"Fucking show off," Kath spat but Dylan beamed because she could see Kath was impressed.

As they changed Kath said, "Can you play tennis?"

Dylan nodded.

"And you are good?"

Kath read the non-committal shrug and said smiled and said, "You'll have a great time socially here in Australia at tennis and pool parties but most of the girls will hate you."

"There's nothing stopping them working to be good at things that matter to them."

"Darling I said most girls. Remember not to be arrogant. Australia produces heaps of swimmers and tennis players of tremendous ability but for goodness sake never allow yourself to be caught throwing a swim race or tennis match. To Australian's that's a despicable form of cheating."

"Thanks for that useful info Kath. I need to be told that sort of stuff."

Dick had already gone for the day and Kath left at 7:25 for the local rail station to catch a commuter train for Flinders Street Station in the city center, leaving Dylan feeling alone and isolated. Dylan waited mournfully for a bushfire to consume her, a snake to end her Australian sojourn prematurely or a spider the size of a new-borne kitten to try to drag her to its lair.

She sighed and rebuked, "Grow up Dylan and enjoy yourself."

Oh yeah.

She heard a whirring noise and looked out above the deck and saw a fly-by of six parrots and smiled, knowing she was still suffering jetlag and in hiatus between being homesick and on the cusp of enjoying a new way of life.

She grabbed a coke from the fridge and a pile of magazines and stretched out on a deckchair beside the spa pool and under the shade cloth and yawned and flicked open 'Australian Vogue' then a guy was calling, "I said hello Miss."

"What?" Dylan yawned, rubbing her eyes.

"I haven't seen you here before."

She asked was he the window cleaner?

"Yeah and hey are you American or Russian?"


"You talk funny."

She ignored that and said, "You are not supposed to be here before 1l:00."

"Well lady I have news for you. It's half-eleven."

"What? Where has the morning gone?"

The clown looked around him in an exaggerated way and looked back at her and grinned, "I can't see it."


"It's okay, I'm Ray."

"Oh hi, I'm Dylan. What do you do besides cleans windows and have sex with frustrated wives and widows?"

"I date. Want one?"

She looked puzzled.

"Cripes are you thick. Do you want a date?"

"I don't clean windows."

He sighed and said, "Fair go, you are tough going."

Dylan refrained from asking what.

"Want to come out tonight for a few drinks and pizza?"

"And then what?"

"Well that's up to you otherwise I bring you home to Kath."

"You know my aunt well enough to call her Kath?"

"Yeah, she's our club's volunteer fitness trainer. I play rugby... er a type of football."

"Okay since you know Kath I'll go out with you tonight and thanks for being so hospitable. I only arrived from Chicago yesterday morning."

"Jesus do you know any gangsters?"

"Not personally as far as I know but who knows who are the dope pushers, gang members, money cheats and bent politicians these days? I mustn't keep you from your work any longer."

"Huh? Oh yeah. Well I'll pick you up this evening at 7:30."

Just after Ray had left Kath called to check on how Dylan was coping.

"Okay thanks. Oh I have a date this evening, with a window cleaner called Ray."

"Ray Coleman?"

"I have no idea. He knows you because you are fitness trainer at his rugby club."

"Oh his surname is Coleman. You'll be reasonably safe with him."


"He won't rip your clothes off as soon as you get into his car or ute as some of them do."


"It's short for utility vehicle that you guys in the States call pickups. Go to my computer in the study, the blue laptop. Just hit any key and when you're finished with it just leave it. It goes to sleep after fifteen minutes if not used. Look under the file named Dylan. There today you'll find a list of foods you are not to eat such as hamburgers, pizza and processed snacks. From now on you mostly eat salads and fresh fruits."


"He probably ate mainly fruit and nuts and natural yogurt."

They laughed.

"I'm settling in thanks. Go back to your restoration work on old women."

"The majority of my regular clients are under forty. You'll learn a lot when I get you in here. Take some money out of housekeeping..."

"I have heaps of money in Australian dollars thanks. I must pay you for my upkeep."

"The hell you will. Dick and I agree on this, no way do we require a contribution toward your upkeep until you are on a salary."


Kath arrived home just after 6:30 and found Dick and Dylan out on the deck drinking beer. She took the bottle from Dylan's hand and poured what was left over the edge of the deck.

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