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My name is Roger and my wife is Beth. We are both 52 years old and have been married 31 years. We have two kids, both grown and married and are waiting for our first grandchild. I'm looking forward to it, but Beth said the thought of it made her feel old. She really has nothing to worry about. Beth has kept herself in great shape and can still turn heads. But, she still worries. We have a comfortable life and I thought we were still very much in love. As far as I knew, we had remained faithful to each other, at least I had, and still have a satisfying sex life. We make love at least once or twice a week and are still quite affectionate. Beth works at a bank and gets off a couple of hours before me, so she has time to run errands, do things around the house and start dinner. When I get home, I help her finish and we eat together.

On Wednesday, I came home and didn't see Beth in the den or kitchen. I heard her talking on her cell phone in the bedroom, so I started walking that way. When I got close enough to understand what she was saying, I froze in place. She was laughing and giggling with someone she was obviously very familiar with. Her tone was flirtatious and quite intimate.

I stood still, listening to her side of the conversation, "Of course I enjoyed this afternoon. I've enjoyed all the time we've spent together the past 3 weeks...Yes, I've enjoyed the passionate kissing and the way we fondle each other under the table...Yes, you do get me horny and wet and I can tell by your erection that you enjoy it too...Look, I've told you that I'm comfortable with the kissing and petting, but I'm not sure about going any further. I don't think I could actually have sex with you...Oral? I just don't know. To me, oral is sex. I love my husband very much and don't want to jeopardize our marriage". There was a long pause and her tone became forceful. "I don't want to hear you say those kind of things about Roger. He's a kind and loving husband and father. This has nothing to do with him. He hasn't done anything wrong or mistreated me in any way and I love him dearly. If I hadn't become so damn infatuated with you, we wouldn't even be talking. If I hear any more of your derogatory remarks, we're done, infatuation or not...OK, apology accepted. When are we meeting again?...Friday, at Calloway's Bar and Grill?...That's good. I like that place. They have high-backed booths and large tablecloths that provide more privacy...You don't give up do you? OK, I'll think about going further...Yes, maybe even oral sex...No Tony, I don't love you, but I love the way you make me feel when I'm with you. Bye."

I couldn't believe what I just heard. I hurried back to the kitchen, grabbed a drink and sat down before she came in. What should I do? I had heard enough to know she has been seeing him for 3 weeks. They've been kissing and fondling each other, and she's considering doing more. My first thought was to confront her now. We would have a huge fight and possibly ruin our marriage. We have been together too long to just throw it away before I knew more. I needed to know if she was serious about escalating her 'affair'. So, I kept quiet and waited for her to walk in.

She turned the corner and saw me sitting at the table. She jumped and said, "Oh, God Roger! You scared me to death. I didn't know you were home. How long have you been here?" There was an anxious tone in her voice.

I let her worry for a few seconds and said, "I got in a few minutes ago. I didn't see you, but I heard you talking on your phone in the bedroom. You seemed rather involved, so I didn't interrupt. I got a drink and waited for you." She seemed quite flustered, but said nothing. So, I asked, "Who were you talking to?"

She stammered a little and said, "I was talking to my Mom." I asked if everything was OK. She said, "Yes, she's fine. It was just a typical mother-daughter talk." I said I hoped she said hello for me. She said she did.

Still, she just stood there, saying nothing. Finally, I said, "Since you haven't started dinner, I assume you were late getting home."

She thought a few seconds and said, "Yes, I went to the mall with Karen, from work. She wanted my opinion about a dress she wants to buy. I just got home and haven't started anything." She started walking to the kitchen and said, "I'll get dinner going."

I stopped her and said, "That's OK. Let's just go out. How about going to Ciero's? We haven't been there in a long time and you love their pasta dishes. She relaxed and smiled and said that would be nice. She went to freshen up while I finished my drink.

While I waited, I thought about our marriage. She has never given me any reason to even think she has been unfaithful. It seems they hadn't gone past kissing and fondling each other, but Tony, who ever he is, was pushing her hard. I might be able to forgive her, if it stopped at that. But, if she has any kind of sex with him, our 31-year old marriage is over. I was going to try to make her realize how much I love her and how much our marriage means to me. But, she would have to make the decision.

We went to the restaurant and I got them to seat us in a booth away from the main area. We ordered wine and drank while we waited for our food. Beth seemed to relax and as I held her hand, she smiled. The meal was excellent and we really enjoyed ourselves. As we headed to the car, I held her hand and before she got in, I took her in my arms and gave her a nice long kiss. She smiled and said, "This was a very nice evening. We have to do this more often." I agreed.

When we got home, she went to take her shower and get ready for bed. I got her cell phone from her purse and looked at the caller ID. It was from a cell phone and only gave the number, not the name. I scrolled through the call log and found several calls a day to and from that number for the past 3 weeks. Tomorrow, I would have to find out more about Tony.

When Beth finished, I took my shower, put on my shorts and walked into the bedroom. She had the lights low and wasn't wearing her nightgown. I removed my shorts and got in bed next to her. We began kissing and caressing each other. I moved down and began softly kissing and licking her nipples. She really likes it when I do that. I spent a good 5 minutes licking and sucking each one and she was moaning softly. Then, I kissed down her body and began kissing and licking her pussy. Her moans increased and she rotated her hips so I had easier access to her. I pulled her pussy lips open and began to lick her more forcefully. Every so often, I sucked her clit into my mouth and kneaded it with my lips. Each time I did, her body tensed and she let out a long, low moan. After about 10 minutes, her breathing increased and she began to moan continuously. I began licking her faster and put two fingers in her pussy and stroked her G-spot. As her orgasm began, she screamed and using both hands, she forcefully held my head as she thrust her pussy into my face. I kept licking until she finally pushed me away. She had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily.

I moved up beside her and held her as her orgasm subsided. She finally opened her eyes and said, "That was wonderful, as good or better than it has ever been."

Then, she moved down and took my dick in her hand. I was already hard and she began to lick up and down my shaft. Then she licked and sucked the head while she stroked me. She began taking more and more of my dick into her mouth, until there was no more to take. She sucked hard, almost creating a vacuum as she pumped up and down my shaft. This was great and after about 5 minutes, I was on the verge of coming. As good as this felt, I stopped her and said, "Honey, I really want to make love to you and cum inside you." She smiled as I moved on top of her and slowly sank into her. When I hit bottom, I held still and passionately kissed her. She responded by wrapping both arms around me and squeezing me tightly. I began slowly stroking in and out of her. It hadn't been this nice in a very long time. After about 5 minutes, I couldn't hold back and began pumping harder and faster. As my orgasm began, I moaned loudly and exploded inside her. Her pussy became very wet and slippery, as I filled her with my cum. Finally, I stopped, rolled off beside her and held her as I recovered.

She said, "Wow! I don't know what got into us, but I like it."

I said, "Me too. Beth, I hope you know how much I love you and how much you mean to me. Even after all these years, you have been the only one. There have been no others. I can't imagine my life without you and I hope nothing ever happens to change that."

She looked at me oddly and said, "You know I love you too. But, why would you think something would happen to change that?"

I said, "No reason. I just want you to know exactly how I feel about us, that's all." She didn't say anything else. We just held each other and went to sleep.

The next morning, I left a little early. I had a busy day ahead, but it had nothing to do with work. I went to my office and got on the internet. I found a site, which for a nominal fee, provided me with his complete name and address - Tony Winston. I went to the phone book and found his home number. The listing was for Tony and Martha Winston. He even had a second line for their two children. Then, I Googled him and found he had a business web site. Turned out that he sells supplies to area banks. One of his accounts is where Beth works. That's how he met her.

Now that I had all the information I needed, it was time to talk with Tony Winston. I didn't want to use my cell. After this was over, I didn't want him bothering me. So, at lunchtime, I went to Walmart and bought one of those prepaid disposable phones.

I went back to my office, closed my door and called him. He answered saying, "This is Tony Winston. How can I help you?"

I said, "Hi Tony. I'm Roger. You don't know me, but you do know my wife, Beth. I think you know her quite well." There was dead silence and I said, "Tony? Are you still there?" He mumbled, yes. "Good. Now don't hang up or I'll have to tell Marsha about the dates you've been having with my wife."

I heard him groan and he said, "I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know any Beth."

I said, "Come on Tony, you know you do. What if I tell about the conversation you had with her yesterday evening? You talked about your date yesterday at Callaway's Bar and Grill. Beth really likes that place. It's very private. She said she loves the way you play with her tits and rub her pussy. She also likes rubbing your dick until it's hard. You've been pushing her to do more but she's not sure she wants to. She said she loves me and doesn't want to loose me. Then, you said some very disparaging things about me and she told you that if you ever said those things again, she was through with you, infatuation or not. You apologized, then asked again about oral sex. Tomorrow, at 4pm, you're going to meet at Callaway's. She said she doesn't love you, but she loves the way you make her feel. Now do you remember?"

He said, "Damn you! What do you want?"

I said, "Nothing really. I just want you to keep your date with Beth tomorrow, that's all."

He said, "What? You've got to be kidding."

I said, "No, I mean it. I need to know if she will really cheat on me. If I stop her now, I'll never really know. There are a few conditions though. You can't let her know we talked. Next, you have to convince her to make her decision tomorrow. Tonight, I'm going to tell her that tomorrow, I won't be home until at least 11pm. That gives you the whole evening to try to convince her. If you're successful, convince her to go to our house. You are not to go anywhere else. If she's really serious about cheating on me, she'll agree. If you get that far, you are free to do whatever she will agree to do. One favor though, don't fuck her in our bed. After the divorce, I'm keeping the house and I don't want to have to buy a new bed. That's about all. Any questions?"

He said, "I can't believe you really want me to fuck your wife. You might as well go see your lawyer, because I can guarantee you that she will be fucked. I'm a very persuasive person and always get my way. I won't force her to do anything. I won't have to. After I'm through, she'll be begging me to fuck her some more."

I said, "Give it your best shot. But, if at any time she wants you to stop, let her go and never see her again. If you do, I'll have to let Marsha and the kids know about the whole thing. Do you understand?"

He said, "I understand. But, neither of us will be disappointed."

I said, "You're supposed to meet at 4pm, but get there 10-15 minutes early and make sure your cell phone is fully charged. I'm going to call and you're going to leave your cell on and put in your shirt pocket. That way I can listen to everything."

He said, "No problem, then you'll be able to hear me fucking her. When we get undressed, I'll be sure to have the phone so you can hear her suck my cock and swallow my cum. Then, listen to her scream in delight as I eat her pussy and fuck her. Does she like anal? It doesn't matter, she will after I finish assfucking her."

I was getting pissed about the way he was talking. I said, "You really are a slimy asshole. I can't believe your wife hasn't seen what you really are."

He said, "My wife isn't very bright, in fact she's pretty dumb. But, I like that. She thinks I'm the best thing that's ever happened to her, and she's right. I've been cheating on her since before we got married and she doesn't suspect a thing."

I said, "I feel sorry for her."

He said, "Don't. She's happy. I always keep her satisfied."

I asked, "Does Beth know you're married? Did she even ask?"

He said, "As a matter of fact she did. I told her that a year ago, my wife died a hideous death from cancer and I'm just now trying to move on with my life. Beth has been very sympathetic and supportive."

I was speechless and finally just said, "I'll call you a little before 4pm." Then I hung up. What an arrogant ass. How could Beth have ever gotten involved with him? I hope what I said and did last night, will make her realize what she's risking.

When I got home, Beth had prepared a romantic dinner, complete with candles and wine. After dinner, we made love again and it was as good as last night. Afterwards, I held her and said, "Beth, again I want you to know how much I love you and I want us to be together always."

She said, "Roger, I love you too. Don't worry, we always will." We kissed and held each other as we fell asleep.

In the morning I told her, "I meant to ask you something last night, but we got preoccupied. Bill, from work, got a bunch of tickets for the ballgame tonight and asked if I wanted to go with them. I wouldn't be home until after 11pm. Do you mind?"

She said, "Sure, that's fine. Enjoy yourself. I'll find something to occupy my time." I hoped it wouldn't be Tony.

Work was almost impossible. I left at noon to take care of some things before going to Callaway's. At 3:45pm, I was parked across the street, waiting. I called and asked Tony if he was there yet.

He said, "Roger, yes I'm just walking to the door now."

I said, "Put your phone in your shirt pocket and take it out once you're seated. That way I can make sure I can hear everything." He did and I could understand his conversation with the waiter.

He said, "Did you get that?" I said I did. He said, "Good, I wouldn't want you to miss anything. I want to thank you again for letting me fuck your wife. You're the first husband to actually tell me it was OK. I guess you enjoy being a cuckold."

I said, "The second she sucks your dick or you lick or fuck her, she's no longer my wife. So, I don't see myself as a cuckold."

He said, "I guess it's all in the way you look at it. I've got to go. Beth is walking this way."

After a few seconds, I heard, "Hi Babe, you look terrific...What, no kiss? What's wrong? You must have had a hard day at work. I already got you a drink. Sit down and tell me about it."

She said, "I have had a hard day, but not because of work. I almost called to tell you I wasn't coming. But, I decided that I owed it to you to talk to you in person. I've been doing a lot of thinking about our relationship. What we've been doing is dating. And, I shouldn't be dating you, or anyone. I'm married. What we've been doing isn't right, I know that. But, part of me is enjoying our 'affair'. Although, it's not really an affair, we haven't had any type of sex. But, I know that's where you want this to go. You want us to have sex. And, I just don't think I can do it. The thing that really scares me is that I've actually been considering it. I think we should stop seeing each other. I love Roger, not you."

I thought to myself, "Great! She finally understands and is going to end it."

Tony said, "I know you do. Look, it was very wrong of me to say those things about Roger, I'm sorry. Beth, you're a beautiful and sexy woman. You have helped me see that I still have a life to live after loosing my wife. I've enjoyed being with you and all the things we've done to please each other. I know you've enjoyed it too, haven't you?" She nodded, yes. "Look, we can't deny that there's a sexual attraction between us, because there is, right?" Again, she nodded, yes. "I guess I've been pushing too hard for sex and you're not sure. I'm sorry. We can slow down and just continue with what we've been doing. Really, I'm fine with that. Look, we've both enjoyed it and I bet this has even improved your sex life with Roger, hasn't it?"

She smiled and said, " Oh yes! Roger and I have been having some of the best sex we've ever had."

He said, "See, we may not be in love, but we're good for each other, we help each other. That's what friends do. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?"

She thought a second and said, "No, I guess not."

He said, "Good. Then it's agreed that we'll continue our relationship as is?"

After a few seconds Beth said, "Yes, I guess we can."

He smiled and said, "Great and maybe someday you'll think about doing more, even oral?" Laughing, he said, "After all, you ARE infatuated with me, right?"

Beth laughed too and said, "Yes, I guess I am. We'll see how it goes."

He said, "See, problem solved. You're better already."

She laughed again and said, "Yes, I guess I am. Thanks for setting me straight."

He said, "No problem, that's what friends are for. Now can I have a kiss?" Beth laughed and I heard them kiss for several seconds.

I couldn't believe what I just heard. Beth went there to end it, but he talked her out of it. Damn, he was good, too good. I began to believe that Beth was actually going to have sex with him and kill our marriage.

They laughed and made small talk and I could tell Beth was feeling more at ease, as their conversation became more intimate. Tony said, "What time do you have to get home to Roger? We don't want him to get suspicious."

Beth said, "Roger's going to the ballgame with some friends and won't be home until 11pm or so."

He said, "Great, then we don't have to hurry. How about we order dinner and eat here?" Beth agreed.

They ate and drank and enjoyed themselves. When they finished eating, Tony made his move. "Beth, It's only a little after 6pm. Since you're free for the evening, why don't we go back to your place? It's private and we can continue our fun there."

She said, "I don't know about that. You know I'm not interested in going further. I don't think it would be a good idea to take you home."

Tony began pushing, "Beth, I told you we can slow down and just continue what we've been doing. This is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together alone, without trying to hide what we're doing from the waiters and other people. Wouldn't you like that?"

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