tagSci-Fi & FantasyInfection Ch. 02

Infection Ch. 02


Chapter Two


Marie woke up before Jarod, noticing a strange smell in the air. Assuming that the odor was from the drying sex on their bodies, she gently rolled off the bed and padded to the bathroom to shower. The shower worked somewhat, but there was a faint trace of the smell that got stronger when she returned to the bedroom. Jarod was just waking himself, apparently, based on the wrinkling of his nose, noticing the smell too.

"You look very lovely," he said, as he sat up in the bed.

"Thank. You look pretty good yourself. Why don't you take a shower and I'll get the bedding in the wash. Where is your washer, by the way?"

"Opposite side of the house, through the living room. You don't have to do my laundry you know."

"I don't mind, and I know you can smell it too. Sooner the better. Go. Shower."

Jarod, knowing when not to argue, raised his hand in defeat. "Okay. You're right. It is a little rank in here. What do you want for breakfast?"

"I'm partial to pancakes."

"How about Linda's?"

"That works."

Jarod took his shower. While he did, he noticed a stirring of arousal, his cock becoming semi-rigid. A smile crossed his face as he remembered the previous night. He knew sex was supposed to be good, but no amount of masturbating had prepared him for just how great it had been. He was looking forward to conducting an 'experiment' as to whether the second time was better.

When he came out, the smell was almost gone. He opened the window to let the room air out. In the living room, Marie had redressed in her clothes from the previous night.

"Can we go by my place? I need to get some clean clothes."

"Sure." He hesitated, unsure if he should ask. "Do you...?"

"Do I want to leave a change here? That would be nice. I'd like to come here again sometime. Soon maybe?"

"I'd like that."

They left, and he drove her to her apartment, waiting while she quickly changed. She came back out with a small overnight bag she had packed with two changes of clothes and some spare toiletries and makeup. She was feeling euphoric. He liked her! He wanted her back! Even better, he cared about her in bed. Her first had only been interested in himself. Jarod had been truly remorseful at cumming so fast.

Both were floating on cloud nine, not aware of the odor that was simmering in the car. In Linda's Café, the tantalizing aromas of eggs, waffles, sausage and other delicious breakfast foods overwhelmed the odor that had been hovering below the surface of their awareness.

What did not go unnoticed was the increased levels of desire each was feeling. Marie's nipples were hardening and her pussy was getting damp. Jarod's cock was hard again. While he was emotionally attached to Marie, he was also noticing just how sexy the other women were in the café. He did not think much about it at the time. Marie also noticed the attractiveness of the other men in the café. She was more concerned. She believed she was in love with Jarod. How could she be noticing other guys so much when he was right in front of her. She tried to put it out of her mind.

"So, Jarod. Do you want to get together tonight?"

"Yeah. It'll have to be after I spend some time in the environmental lab. I scheduled some time to examine some growth on the meteorite I found a couple of nights ago."

"You found a meteorite? That's cool. What type was it?" Marie was not feigning interest. Her father had been a maintenance technician on the space shuttle, and she had developed an interest in all things space.

"I'm not sure. I was pleasantly distracted last night. I can only schedule lab time about once a week. It takes too much of their time if I do it more often. It was weird, though. The meteorite was hollow and some of the growth was on the inside."

"Do you think it might have been some alien life form?"

"I suppose it's possible. Unlikely though. It will have been in a vacuum for who knows how long and then subject to 1000's of degrees of heat. More likely, something got into it after it impacted through microscopic pores of some sort. I just want to know what it is."

"So, when do you think you'll be done?"

"It will probably be three or four hours. How about I pick you up around 9 tonight?"

"I'd love that. I'll see you around 9. We should get to work."

It was 9:30 when they left. Work went as it normally does at a video rental store on a Friday. Lots of people, new releases, loud kids. They were uses to it. They had little chance to interact with each other over the eight hours. After work, they went their separate ways until the night. Jarod went to his house and picked up his samples of the growths that he had put in the vials. He drove to the lab and, using his key, went in. Jarod was not a professional scientist, but only because his people skills were poor enough to keep him from getting a job (his encyclopedic knowledge of everything scifi and fantasy overcame that problem at Blockbuster).

Jarod started with microscopic analysis. At first, he was unsure just what he was looking at. The outer growth, from a macroscopic perspective, was a plant life material. Yet, under the microscope, there was no cell wall that was normal for plant cells. There was also no chlorophyll. Where did the green come from? The inner growth showed similar characteristics, but was different. The cells were different, in shape, but had the same anomalies.

He move to a mass spectrometer. This test revealed even more strangeness. There was significant copper in the material, quite possibly accounting for the green coloration. The actual elemental analysis showed mixtures that made no sense. All the elements of life were present, but in combinations that were just wrong. He double checked his memory on the internet. He was right. No earthly living matter had that arrangement of elements in it.

Jarod was feeling excitement, a different type of excitement. He was beginning to suspect that he had an alien life form of some sort. The problem was, these 'cells' did not act like they were alive. It could, of course, be that they were dead cells, killed by the harsh environment of space. But, they looked like they should be alive. It was while he was contemplating this problem, that he noticed it.

There was something on the far edge of one of the slides. Carefully moving the slide over, he saw some kind of... spore? It had all the qualities you would expect from a spore. Not only that, there were two distinct types. Two spores. He looked around. The lab was sealed, the windows closed. The AC was off. These spores had to come from his samples, as he had used fresh slides, straight from the box.

Knowing that spores normally remain inert until a worthwhile environment presents itself, he added a drop of water to the spores. He watched in fascination as the two different spores combined with one another and became something new. It was a single celled organism, clearly an animal organism. In a matter of 15 minutes, he had a colony of bacteria, or some such thing, on his slide. Fortunately, the microscope he had chosen had an integral digital camera. He snapped some photos, downloaded them to his laptop and then destroyed the slide and sample.

Then, to test his theory, he put samples of both growths on another slide, put it under the lens and poked them with a scalpel. He saw little poofs and more spores clouded his vision briefly, before settling on the slide in and amongst the growths.

"My God," he thought to himself. "Bacterial spores." He vaguely remembered hearing of it, but never of any bacteria that needed two separate spores to reconstitute itself. "This is definitely alien, or at least a totally new lifeform."

When he pulled the slide out, he noticed that there were spores on the surface of the light for the microscope. He sat back, a worried look on his face. "That's pretty far. I wonder how far they spread their spores?" In his mind's eye, he saw himself scraping the growths in his house. "Did I inhale any?" he wondered.

Jarod noticed the clock. 8:30. He had promised to pick up Marie in half an hour. He cleaned up, wiping down all the surfaces with disinfectant. As he did, he noticed just how aroused he was. His cock was rock hard, leaking small amounts of fluid. He was glad that his DVR was set to record his programs.

Marie had a much rougher evening. Her discomfort at experiencing desire for guys other than Jarod made her more aware of it as it happened (Jarod had blithely ignored those feelings). Her choice of clothes did not help any. Her bra and blouse were both sheer, partly to combat the heat of the day, and partly to show herself to Jarod. The result was that her erect nipples were visible to everyone all day. While her moist pussy wasn't, she imagined that the aroma of her sex was.

Truth be told, many did notice, but had attributed it to her recent dalliance with Jarod (Yes, everyone knew she spent the night at his place, making all the usual assumptions—small towns). By the end of the shift, she had realized that her horniness and need increased in an inverse proportion to the distance she was from a man. A couple of times toward the end of her shift, she had to exert tremendous self control to keep her hands to herself when passing a man in the store.

By the time she got home, she was a wreck. Her body felt like Jarod had been caressing it for hours. Her skin was flushed, her pussy wet and her nipples painfully erect. The small of her back tingled, wanting someone to caress it. She made it as far as her recliner. Plopping down in a very unlady like way, she lifted her skirt to her waist and ran her fingers across her pussy lips, just barely touching.

A groan escaped her mouth as tingles of pleasure radiated from her pussy. She did it again, sending another wave on the heels of the first. It was like little bolts of electricity zapping out and jerking her body. Her juices were leaking onto the seat of the chair and coating her hand. Unable to resist, she inserted a couple of fingers into her cunt and started to fuck herself, moaning and groaning. He shuddered on the recliner like a woman being shocked over and over again, as waves of pleasure jolted her again and again. She had lost control, screaming as she fucked herself with one hand, the other rubbing her clit. Her orgasm hit her, her back arching, muscles tensing almost to the breaking point, her scream reaching out to the nearby apartments.

As she came down, she caressed her pussy lips gently, reveling in the little pulses of pleasure that oozed out of her pussy. She let herself relax in the afterglow, smiling a silly grin. Too bad about the knock at the door.

"Shit!" she whispered to herself. She got up, letting her skirt down and went to the door. Cracking the door, she asked, "Who is it?"

"Marie, it's Connie. Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine."

"I heard screaming."

"Really, Connie, I'm okay. It was just... It was a good scream, okay?"

"Oh. Okay. Sorry about that. See you later."

Now Marie's skin was flushed again, for totally different reasons. "Oh my God. I came loud enough for others to hear. I am going to die, I just know it."

She went to her bathroom and cleaned up a bit, cleaning the chair as much as she could as well. Marie, remembering that she had not gotten her mail yet, walked back down to the main floor and got into her mailbox. Sorting through it as she walked back to the stairs, she ran into someone.

Suddenly, she was weak at the knees. Looking up, she saw Shawn Jacobs, another tenant. Marie could feel her nipples growing erect in a matter of seconds and her pussy lubricating again. In her mind, Shawn was the sexiest man she had ever seen. Her mouth went dry. She leaned back against the wall to not fall.

"Hi Marie."

"Hi... uh... Shawn. You look really good."

"Thanks. More bills?"

"What? Oh. Yeah. Bills."

"Are you okay? You look like you're running a fever."

Marie wiped the sweat from her forehead, accentuating the red flush. "I'm okay. Must be the heat. I should get back to my apartment."

But she just stood there, watching the play of his body under his clothes. She did not know it, but her face cried out in lust, begging anyone to screw her. When Shawn looked up from his mail, he saw Marie, leaning against the wall, weak at the knees, desire on her face, her bills loosely in her hand by her side, her nipples poking through the sheer fabric of her shirt. Like any normal guy, his cock stirred, becoming partially erect.

"You going back upstairs?"

"Yeah, I guess."

She let him pass, following and staring at his butt. When he exited on the fourth floor, two below hers, he turned around, expectation and hope on his face. "Isn't your floor two more up?"

"Oh. Yes. This is 4. Sorry." She forced herself back into the stairwell and up two more flights of steps. In the sixth floor hall, she leaned against the wall again. "What is happening to me?" she thought to herself in a panic. "I practically raped him where he stood. God, I want to fuck him so bad. Why? I love Jarod. I don't want to cheat on him." She staggered towards her door, but found herself face to face with another man two doors away from her own.

It was Kevin Sikes, an eighteen year old high senior student living with his recently divorced mom. She stood there, staring at his pants and the erection straining at his fly, licking her lips.

"Hi, Ms. Foster. Are you okay?"

The last vestiges of her self control were being shredded before her eyes. Desire, no, need, welled up inside, overwhelming her. On the edge, able to tip one way or the other at the slightest push, she just stared at him, her eyes wide. Her mind wanted nothing to do with what her body craved. She could not seem to make her legs move or her voice speak. To Kevin, she appeared to be ready to go into some sort of convulsion.

Kevin took her arm. "Here, come in and sit down. I'll get you some water."

The touch was all it took. He had her across the threshold when all control fled and she pushed him against the wall, pulling at the belt to his pants.

"I don't need water. I need to be fucked. Please, fuck me." Her voice was pleading and demanding at the same time.

Kevin was torn. He was an 18 year old boy and was horny as hell. Yet, he had the feeling in the back of his mind that something was wrong. Ms. Foster was always so demure and polite. This was not like her. As he struggled with his dilemma, Marie had his belt loose and his jeans unbuttoned. When her hand grasped his cock through his boxers, he chose by not choosing. Her right hand pushed his shorts down while her left reached under her skirt and dropped her own panties.

By now, Kevin's hormones had taken over and he lifted Marie up, setting her down on his cock, her hands making sure that he did not miss. Once in him, she grabbed around his neck and used his shoulders to lift herself up and down. He thrust against her as well, timing so that he thrust up with his hips each time she came down, effectively slamming them together. His newly freed hands reached inside her shirt, finding her breasts, fondling them with a decided lack of experience, roughly.

Between his youth and her hyper arousal, neither lasted long. Marie came, shrieking at the top of her lungs, her tensed muscles pulling his head against her so hard he had difficulty breathing (the non-secquiteir, "what a way to go," passed through his mind). Her cunt throbbed against his cock, driving it to its own climax. He tensed, holding back a few seconds more, and then his cock pulsed, unleashing semen into Marie, his own grunting a counterpoint to her much more vocal utterances.

Her bodily desires satiated for now, she opened her eyes, dread on her face. Kevin whispered as he saw her continence change, "Oh shit."

"Put me down. Please, just put me down."

He put her down. "God, Ms. Foster. I'm sorry. I thought..."

"No. Kevin, I came onto you. I should apologize. I don't know what came over me. I... I need to go."

In tears, she ran form his apartment, almost tripping as she ripped the panties around her feet. Inside, she collapsed against the door, sobbing at the knowledge of what she had just done. She wasn't aware of the cum dripping slowly out of her pussy. She did not know how long she sat there when an other knock sounded from her door.

"Go away!"

"Ms. Foster? You dropped your mail. I promise, I won't come in, even if you drag me."

Standing shakily, she cracked the door, holding her hand out. The bills were placed in her hand, his fingers grazing hers briefly. The touch caused her to recoil in fear at what she might do. She closed the door without a sound. Dropping the mail on the table, she went to the bathroom to shower. She scrubbed and scrubbed, unable to get the feeling of filth off of her, nor the guilt out of her. She had just raped an 18 year old boy, cheating on the man she loved. Nothing would be right again. She only stopped when the water ran cold.

She dressed in baggy sweats and slippers, not wanting to look lovely or desirable. As guilt threatened to consume her, she felt as if she were betraying herself. The horniness was returning, the desire to fuck. "What have I become?" she thought. "I've cheated on Jarod, forced myself on an 18 year old buy, and now I want more sex. Well, I won't do it. I refuse."

She sat there on her recliner, knees drawn up against her chest, held tight by her arms, crying softly and rocking in need and fear. As she sat, her body's craving for sex grew under the relentless assault of the bacterial colony she did not even know was there. The one celled creatures continued their stimulation of the desire center in her brain. Only her overwhelming feelings of guilt gave her the ability to resist going out on the prowl. In the back of her mind, she knew that she would succumb again.

Jarod was leaving the lab, entering the warm night air. It being a Friday night, there were lots of people out and about. While inexperienced at sex, he was well aware of what being horny was like and he most definitely felt horny. Every woman he passed seemed incredibly sexy and his imagination saw him screwing each one. Getting into his car, he realized just how hard he was when a flash of pain hit him from a cock that tried unsuccessfully to bend when he sat down.

"Gadzooks! I hope Marie is ready for some sex. I know I certainly am."

He drove to her apartment complex, distracted by his rising need. He was starting to recognize the unreal quality to his lustful thoughts. He wasn't thinking of Marie, but of every woman he saw as he passed. He wanted them, all of them. Yet, when he thought of Marie, he had trouble picturing the two of them doing anything. He wasn't sure, but his cock may have even subsided a little when his thoughts turned to her. Of course, it's hard to tell the difference between rock hard and, "Oh my God," hard.

At Marie's apartment, he parked in a visitor slot and proceeded to call the elevator. A woman was there as well, quite a bit older than he was, 50ish he estimated. She looked stunning. The first few wrinkles appearing at the corners of her eyes and mouth gave her a sexy, experienced look. Her clothes covered much, leaving everything to the imagination, and his imagination was working overtime right now. The slight sag of her breasts promised an increased level of responsiveness to a lover's touch.

As they got into the car, Jarod was staring at her, his mouth hanging open a bit. The woman saw the look on his face as she turned towards the door, and it worried her a bit. She pushed the button for the seventh floor. When she saw that he was not pushing for a floor, she asked, "Which floor do you want?"

She had to repeat the question before he shook his head, leaving the place in his fantasies where they were fucking like minx, and muttered, "Uh, six please."

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