tagSci-Fi & FantasyInfection Ch. 04

Infection Ch. 04


Chapter Four


Jessica Sikes woke up horny as hell. The ache in her cunt was almost painful in intensity. She just knew that if she didn't fill it with something, soon, she would go totally bonkers. With no man readily available at 7 in the morning, she turned to her best friend, a massive dildo she called Mr. Big (no one has ever claimed that Jessica was capable of original thought). Mr. Big was fourteen inches long, two inches thick and had a very realistic feel to it.

She started by rubbing the phallus along her pussy lips, coating it in her juices. She moaned as the barest touch sent shivers through her and the inside of her pussy quivered in anticipation of a glorious filling of cock. Her other hand fondled her breasts, sending pulses of counterpoint to the tingles in her cunt. As she slowly inserted Big into herself, she pinched one of her nipples, finding the little pain from the act a perfect topping to the waves of pleasure that the passage of the 14 inch monster emanated from her groin.

Her legs were splayed out obscenely to give her the reach to be able to thrust the artificial cock in and out of her cunt. She tried to tease herself with slow steady strokes, but her need quickly took control and she soon had her second hand playing with her clit. Each touch to her female penis sent bursts of near pain through her, causing her body to shudder in pleasure. She was screaming obscenities at herself as she hurtled towards an early morning climax. When it hit, she screamed and shook on the bed, rocked by tremors that seemed to devour her.

When she had recovered, a smile gracing her face, she cleaned Mr. Big off and took a shower, satiated for the moment. Normally, on Saturday mornings, Jessica slept until long after 10 in the morning, recovering from her Friday night sex romp. This morning, having enjoyed Jarod much earlier than she was used to, she was looking forward to hitting the yard sales before they sold all the good stuff. By the time she got out the door an hour later, she found that her thoughts were turning to sex again and her body was experiencing, not arousal yet, but desire.

Shelly and Kevin had a much different wake up call. Shelly woke to an intense burning pain on her arm and breasts, along with a carrion stench that made her want to retch. With a yell, she pushed back form Kevin and saw that there were large red marks, like a burn, on her arm and tits. Kevin woke to the scream and started to yell himself, his chest and side covered with first degree burns.

"Oh God, what the hell? What is that stench?"

"My tits! Look at my tits! What did you do to my tits?"

"I didn't do anything. Look at my chest. What the fuck is happening? What is that smell?"

Shelly had been backing up as they talked. "It's fading. The smell must be you. I move away and it goes away."

"No. You move away from me and it goes away. You're the source of the smell."

"Never mind. We should shower, that will deal with it no matter who. The burns, they're fading already."

"Burns don't go away that fast. Some sort of rash?"

"I don't care what it was, as long as it goes away. God I could use a fuck right now."

"Now that you mention it, so could I. After we shower?"

"Okay, that works. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Shelly went in to shower. Her horny state was intense, stronger than she had ever felt before. She felt like she would rape someone if she didn't get fucked in short order. It took everything she had to not masturbate in the shower and by the time she had finished, she was dripping from her pussy so much no amount of cleaning would wash it away for long enough to be clean.

"Hurry up, I don't know how much longer I can hold off."

As they passed each other, the stench returned briefly. In the shower, Mike found himself jerking in agonizing pleasure every time the water or his hand touched his cock. He took a mere five minutes, all the touch he could stand without climaxing, to get clean. Out of the shower, he went to join Shelly in the bedroom and noticed that the smell was still there, though subdued.

"Come her and fuck me, you animal!" Shelly moaned, lying on the bed with her legs spread wide.

Mike climbed on the bed above her and where their legs touched, fire hit them.

"Ow!" they screamed together, both jumping away from each other.

Where they had touched, red showed again.

"What the fuck?" Mike asked no one in particular.

"Why in the name of all that's holy, did that happen?"

"Screw this. I've got to jack off or I'll explode."

"Yeah, me too. My place, you get the bathroom."

Mike went into the bathroom and was able to explode in a mind numbing climax after just one minute of pumping his hand on his cock. His semen splattered into the shower stall and he quickly rinsed it out.

Shelly was able to bring herself off almost as quickly. While she normally savored her masturbation time, her frustration and anger with the pain and stink of the morning had her just wanting to get off as quickly as possible. She went straight for her clit and, given the highly aroused state she was already in, shuddered in an orgasm in about two minutes.

When she entered the main room where Mike was already sitting, the stink returned. Both looked at one another with disbelief. Saying nothing, Shelly just shook her head and pointed to the door. Mike, sensing that words would get him no where, got up and left, heading back to his apartment. For the moment, both had been satiated, but that would pass.

Jarod and Marie were the only infected people who knew what to expect. Jarod woke up first, his cock painfully hard and the intense desire to fuck burning through his body. He peeked into Marie's room and saw that she was still asleep. As he quietly padded to the bathroom, he noticed the smell was still there. In the shower, desperate to get his erection down, he jacked off and in a minute or two, had ejaculated. Blessedly, his arousal diminished and his cock softened.

"At least masturbation works. Since the bacteria seems to die so quickly outside the body, down the drain is perfectly safe," he thought to himself. He dried off and left the bathroom, seeing Marie just getting up. The smell was still strong.

"Morning Jarod. The stink seems to have eased."

"No, it's still strong."


"Maybe. Masturbation helps too."

"Thank God! While I would love to screw you again, this no contact stuff is making it a non-turn on. I'll be out in a few minutes."

Marie grabbed her vibrator as she went into the bathroom. Determined to enjoy herself as much as possible, under the circumstances, she leaned back against the shower wall and ran the vibrating phallus over her pussy lips, crying softly at the intensity the bacteria had forced upon her. Unable to hold back, she thrust the object into herself and fucked it in and out as slow as she could make herself. Savoring what she knew was coming, she tensed up and gritted against the orgasm that was nearing, holding it back as long as possible. When it finally pushed past her defenses, she wailed loudly as her body arched and she seemed to explode inside. As she came down from her climax, she put her vibrator on the counter and took a quick shower. Once done, she went out and dressed. In the living room, both noticed that the stink was lessened.

"Showering works, but for how long?" Marie asked.

"I'm not sure. The bacteria must be able to sense, from aroma, the presence of itself in another body. Let's do a touch test."

He reached out and touched Marie's arm. The pain was there as well as the red rash.

"There's something in the touch as well. Do you have any alcohol? Isoproponal?"

"Yeah, in the bathroom. I'll get it." Back with it she asked, "What do you want to do?"

"Rub it on you skin like you were disinfecting. I'll do the same."

They swabbed an area of skin each and tried touching the two areas. There was a mild itching, but no pain and no redness.

"So, it's sensing something on the skin, something that is exuded. In our sweat glands?"

Marie saw where he was going. "If I were a bacterial colony looking to spread, I would seek out every exterior access from the body in the hope of spreading. I think it's not intelligent per se. It's able to organize to produce actions that could be useful. I'll bet we would find dead or dying bacteria on our skin, just like in our mouths. It doesn't know that those avenues don't work, it's just trying everything."

"I think you're right. If it could survive outside the body for long, casual contact would spread it as well as sexual. Now what do we do? There are two other potential infected people out there, Mike and Jessica Sikes. We have to tell them, hope that they can control themselves."

"We also have to start having someone who knows how, find a cure. I don't want to have to avoid you for the rest of my life. Any ideas? You know any doctors or medical researchers?"

"No. The closest would be Frank at Envirolabs. We might be able to convince him that the bacteria is real and a threat."

"Quarantine first, then cure. The smell is returning."

"Yeah. We're always producing new odors to replace what we wash away. Too bad we can't turn our noses off."

"Maybe we can." She went into the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of pine cleaner. Back in the living room, she took a whiff. "Great. I can't smell it anymore. We can't turn smell off, but we can overpower it with a strong scent. Try."

Jarod took a whiff. Pine scent filled his nostrils and the stink faded, drowned out by the cleaner.

"I wonder how long it will last?"

"I don't know. But any strong scent should work. Maybe even jalapenos?"

"That will work. Let's keep the cleaner with us for now and see if the Sikes are home."

They walked the four doors down it took and knocked on the door. There was no answer. Jarod tried the door and found it locked.

"Damn. Not home. God, I hope they haven't already spread it."

"I don't think Mrs. Sikes will have had a chance yet. She would have become affected over night and, if she woke up horny, I hope, masturbated like we did. It's Mike I'm worried about. I ravished him early enough that he would start feeling the cravings by midnight. If he went on a date, it'll be too late."

"And if he didn't, it's only a matter of time before he finds someone to screw today. We can't wander aimlessly looking for him. Let's get to Envirolabs."

The two headed down the elevator and walked out the door of the complex, running into Mike, who had just gotten back from Shelly's. Marie gave a silent prayer of thanks.

"Mike, I'm so glad to have found you." She walked up to him, only to see him recoil.

"God damn! You too. What's with the carrion stench perfume?"

"Mike. Have you smelled this before?"

"Yes. You and Shelly must be using the same perfume."

"Oh my God. Mike, it's not perfume. It's the disease."

"Disease? What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Mike, can we talk inside, please?"

"Yeah, sure, just don't get too close."

They went up to Mike's place, shared with his mom. The three arranged themselves on a wide triangle that kept each from smelling the others. Mike, looking frustrated, asked, "What fucking disease?"

"Mike, I was infected with an STD that I didn't know about yesterday when I came onto you. It makes people horny and craving sex. That's why I lost control."

"Marie, you're nuts. I've had health and wellness. There's no such disease. STDs make your pecker fall off or kill you, not turn you into a sex maniac."

Jarod tried to explain. "It's not earthly, it's alien. It came from a meteorite that I found. I was infected, then I infected Marie and now she seems to have infected you. It doesn't just..."

"Wait! You screwed Marie? And then you screwed me, like sloppy seconds? You bitch! Get out!"

Mike stepped towards her and grabbed her arm. The pain that resulted caused him to let go and scream. Red marks indicated just where, on both bodies, they had touched.

"What the fuck is going on?"

"Mike, that's what Jarod was trying to tell you. The disease, it just doesn't make you crave sex, it tries to get you to avoid those already infected, so it can spread more. So it makes you burn if you touch someone else infected and other infected people stink to high heaven. I'm telling you, it's alien and it will get out of control unless we can get you, your mom and this Shelly person to stop having sex."

"My mom. How did my mom get it?"

"That would be me. I lost control last night and we had sex. She's probably infected now. She has to stop having sex."

"You two are crazy! Get out! I don't know what drugs you've been doing, but it's making you both crazy and I don't want any part of it. Get out, or else!"

Marie and Jarod looked at each other. They both knew that they would never convince Mike that they were telling the truth. He clearly had a closed mind. They left the apartment and went down to the car, intending to follow their original plan, going to Envirolabs to see Frank Williams. Frank was a scientist. Envirolabs was the regional environmental testing lab and was responsible for processing soil and water samples from, not only Arizona, but several of the surrounding states as well. It had a well deserved reputation for accuracy and integrity, mostly due to the implacability of its chief scientist, Frank. He and his team never made assumptions about what they would find, having set up an internal double blind system of testing. If anyone in Humbol was likely to believe the evidence, it was Frank Williams.

It took thirty minutes to get to the lab. On the way, the two felt the stirrings of sexual need again, though it had not reached uncontrollable levels. Inside, they found Frank back in his office.

"Jarod! How's my favorite computer geek?"

"Funny you should ask, Frank. How busy are you today?"

"Not very right now. We're expecting some samples in the FedEx delivery this afternoon. What's up? You know I can't let you use the lab during the day."

"No, I don't need to use the lab, but I do need you to run some tests for me, on the record."

"Now you're being mysterious. Why does a video store clerk and part time amateur scientist need environmental testing done?"

"Bear with me, it will take some explaining. A few nights ago, a meteorite landed nearby and I was able to collect it. I ran a bunch of tests, collected samples, you know, the whole smear. There was a biological growth on the outside and I took scrapings of it as well as the usual mineral samples. When I drilled a core, I found that it was hollow and there was another growth inside the hollow space. Keep in mind, I thought there had been terrestrial contamination, possibly through some sort of micro-fracture. I assumed that the 24 hours that I had let pass was long enough to let it grow. I was wrong."

"Wrong in what way?" There was a peculiar expression on Frank's face that Jarod did not notice, though Marie did.

"The growth was not terrestrial. It was designed to release an alien bacterial spore and I had become infected with it when I took scrapings. The two growths, on the inside and outside, they were different, but when the combined, they produced an alien bacteria."

"Whoa! Jarod. Alien, as in from space? That's a pretty big leap."

"Not really. Once you see the bacteria, it is clearly not of this earth. It's in our blood and clearly visible."

"Our blood? Marie is infected too?"

"Yes I am. Jarod and I had sex after he was infected and it was passed to me," Marie added.

"You don't look sick."

"It doesn't seem to make you ill. It does have a detrimental effect." Marie's nose was wrinkling as the stench was getting stronger. The pine scent had worn off and their noses were being assaulted again.

Jarod picked up again. "It seems to make people incredibly horny. Eventually, after about 4-6 hours?" He looked at Marie and she nodded. "After 4-6 hours, the need for sex becomes nearly uncontrollable. We both were driven to sex with someone else and now there are four or five infected people, including us."

Frank leaned back in his chair. His expression was penetrating, trying to determine how serious these two were. He had never known Jarod to go off the deep end before, but this was just too weird. "What do you want me to do?"

"Take samples of our blood and look for the bacteria. Verify, independently, that there is an alien life form in us. Observe the other effects. Get the word out so we can stop the spread."

""I'm sorry, Jarod. I can't use the company's resources to test such a wild and improbable theory, certainly not for free. I know you can't afford the cost of testing. Plus, we're not set up for testing blood or for the presence of bacteria."

"All you need to do is look under a microscope. Any basic knowledge of high school biology will tell you it's not from this earth."

"Even if I see the thing in your blood, your symptoms are sexual arousal, something that happens normally. At worst, people have sex more often. I see no downside," he said with a grin.

Marie threw up her hands. "Dammit. This thing makes the urge to have sex uncontrollable. And there's the spread maximizing effects. Watch." She reached out and grasped Jarod's arm, holding on until it was too painful. When she let go, she showed her hand and Jarod's arm. "See this. It makes it painful to touch another infected person. So not only are you craving sex every six hours, but you are repulsed by sex with another infected person. There's also the smell. Infected people stink to one another. I can barely stand being near Jarod right now."

Frank's skeptical expression started to fade. That was an impressive demonstration. He wasn't convinced this was an alien bacteria, but maybe some mutation of a terrestrial one. "Okay, I'll take some samples and run some tests. We might not be able to get to them until tomorrow though."

"No good Frank," Jarod responded. "The thing does not live long outside the body. Any samples you take now would show nothing tomorrow. You need to look at them as soon as you draw the samples. We think the thing is so unable to exist under terrestrial conditions that it can only spread straight from one body to another, hence sexual transmission."

"Any other surprises you haven't told me about yet?"

"I don't think so. Although, I'm feeling pretty horny right now and will need some release soon. Fortunately, masturbation seems to be enough." Jarod's face turned red, as if he had touched it to Marie at the embarrassment of talking about such a personal subject.

"Come on. Let's take a look at your blood."

While they were getting the blood tested, Jessica Sikes was deep into yard sales. She was also experiencing an increasing need for sex. She thought nothing unusual about that, having a sexual appetite that seemed to know no bounds under normal circumstances. She was also unused to denying those needs and by the time she had reached her tenth yard sale, she was ready to fuck anything that moved.

This sale was being run by a middle aged man by the name of Harold Griswald. He had a large selection of books and a few knick knacks on a couple of large folding tables. Harold never really expected to sell much, he held sales to have someone to chat with and occasionally to put the moves on a willing female, especially if she was younger than he was.

Jessica looked at some of the things that were sitting on the tables, waiting for the other two people to leave. Once they were gone, she approached Harold and ran her hand up the middle of his back.

"Harold, how long has it been?"

"Jessica, you are looking so... desirable. It has been far too long. Are you interested in a book or knick knack?" he asked with a leer in his eye.

"The only knick knack I'm interested in is not on your tables." Her hand reached down and brushed his crotch and she was pleased to see that he was as ready as he's ever been.

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