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I walked into the house and made my way to the bedroom. My husband Jack got out of bed wearing just boxers. I could see his hard-on pushing against them as he walked up to me asking how was dinner. If I could just tell him the only thing I ate was cock but He was kissing me even before I could respond. His hand reached down to touch my belly as I felt a kick from inside.

"Oh I felt that, Oh I'm so glad we were finally able to get pregnant." He said

Then he kissed me again, as he pulled me to him. His hand touched me on my ass, I knew what he wanted. Jack has always been a very good lover but over the past year, things have changed for us, things have gotten more intense. Now on most Fridays I either have a dinner meeting or just have a girl's night out with my friend Kim. So, I say. We kissed as he started to unzip my dress and just that quickly I was standing there in just my panties, knee-highs and shoes. My bras were now too tight to wear and pantyhose too hard to put on. Jack's kisses began to move lower as he cupped my breast. Lifting them to meet his mouth, Jack had really learned the art of oral sex this past year. The pleasure his tongue brought has given me the best orgasms I have ever had.

Oh the feel of his tongue flicking my nipple right before he sucks in as much of my swollen tit into his mouth. I love it. But Jack stopped just as fast as he started leaving me wanting more.

"Please lay down" as he moved to help me onto the bed, taking off my shoes in the process. I moved into bed getting as comfortable as possible. Jack got into bed at the foot as he lifted one leg and pulled at my knee-high hose. After removing it, he kissed the bottom of my foot; he licks it until he reached the toes. He wrapped his mouth around a few of the smaller ones working his way to the large toe, he began sucking on my toe sending a shiver up to my pussy. I watched as he watches me; I could see the lust in his eyes as he did the same to my next foot. With my legs spread open for him I know he must see how wet my panties are.

I was glad that I still had on my panties as I knew that with all this foreplay I would have surely have stained the sheets with the cum leaking from my pussy. I wanted so badly to reach down and pull Jack up to my cum filled pussy. I love the feeling of knowing he is having sloppy seconds. Although we have never talked about it, I know he knows. Since becoming pregnant I really get horny and have even fucked up to three guy one day, with Jack coming home to find me with cum running down my legs and all over my breasts. Jack has licked every inch of my body, licking off the cum my lovers have left behind.

I was now so horny and wanted Jack to lick my pussy, I did the only thing I can do; I pull my feet towards me. Causing Jack to look at up at me. He just smiles as he slides up between my legs he looks me in the eyes then he breaths down on my panty covered pussy. I watched the top of his head with excitement as he kisses my cum soaked panties I know as wet as they are they should be transparent. I can feel his warm breath through my panties, because of my pregnancy I can not see him now but I can feel my orgasm building as Jack yanks away my panties so he eat up the cum put there less than an hour ago by my lover. I want to scream. I want to tell him to lick me up; to clean my pussy but that would not be like me when I'm with him.

With my panties out of the way Jack lowers his face into my wet pussy, he dives directly in pushing his tongue as deep as he can. His nose is pushing at my clit. I can feel his tongue move in me as I hear the slurping noise he makes as he tries to suck me clean. I push my pussy into his face as I push the back of his head into me. Jack goes from licking to sucking and back; he has learned to bring me to orgasms, by pushing in a finger or two while licking me up. I know that as he finger fucks me he is pulling out more cum for him to suck up. I am overwhelmed by emotions that he loves me that much and I cum adding my juices to my already wet pussy. Jack must feel me cum cause he raises up, picks my feet up, and spreads them as wide as he can before pushing in his hard cock. I can feel him enter me I feel his cock opening me up all that cum left by my lover coating his cock and I cum again. Jack just pounds me as fast and as hard as he can I can feel him slide in and out taking long strokes, then I feel his cock expand and pushes as deep as he can till he fills me with his load of infertile cum. He falls down next to me and I reach for his face, I lick up the wetness around his mouth before kissing him deeply.

"Oh I love you Jack"...


All throughout high school I was unpopular. The boys that did ask me out seemed to have only one thing on their mind my breast. I was thin; wore glasses; had short hair, but had a 34-D cup. As soon as I let a boy kiss me his hands were all over my breast. When I pushed away I got the reputation of being a bitch and was not asked out very often. Kim a new friend in college help me change my look, contacts, different clothes that hide me a little but not to much and told me to let my hair grow. I told her about my experiences, her response was

"These guy are older and don't act that way"

She was mostly right these older guys reached for my pussy first. So it went til I met Jack he was kind and caring. After dating six months, he asked me to marry him he even agreed to wait til we were married to have sex. Of course after telling me that I fucked him the next week.



"Say honey what do you say is it time to have a baby?"

I was so glad it hear Jack talk about a baby, he had always wanted to wait til we had more money. I guess with his promotion and the fact that my little home business had started to take off gave him some glimmer of hope for the future. I quit taking the pill that night and we went after each other like newlyweds. Well actually better than when we were newlyweds, see we got married when I was nineteen and Jack twenty. We lived the first four years with my in-laws sex was always rushed and quite. We had only had sex in the missionary position.

Our attempts at getting pregnant were unsuccessful. I checked with my ob-gyn, then specialist only to find out that Jack had a very low sperm count and we would not likely be having babies. I took the news very hard as I always wanting a baby. I started to concentrate on work; sex became non-existent. Jack was lucky to get it once a month. I loved him but I wanted a baby.



We had not had sex I two months when a delivery changed our life. I was at my computer in a chat room talking with some guy claiming to be this hulkly guy. Works out twice a week and he told me he likes to eat pussy. I remember how good it felt to have Jack eat me the few times I would let him. I did not want him to ask me to return the favor so I would push him away even though he said he liked the taste of my pussy. I was getting pretty horny and even put my hand down my shorts as I felt my clit. Just then, the doorbell rang. I opened the door surprised that Carlos the regular delivery guy was not there but this tall good-looking black guy. I noticed right away that his skin was almost the same color as his uniform. He looked like someone who worked out all the time his muscles were bulging from his shirtsleeves. I don't know what came over me but I asked him in as I went to get some cash for the C.O.D. With the guy in the chat room making me horny and not having been fucked in so long I just knew I wanted to fuck someone so I quickly pulled off my clothes pulled on a robe and got the money.

I returned to this great looking black guy standing in my living room. I started counting the money but dropped some on the floor as he bent down to pick it up I opened my robe alittle. I got the response I expected as he rose up one hand went straight to the front of my panties. This guy's fingers were rubbing my pussy before I knew what was what this only made want to get fucked more. This guy just reached under me and picked me up; he carried me to my bed and dropped me on it. As he removed his clothes, I pulled off my robe bra and panties. This guy I didn't even know went straight to my pussy, He licked me for a minute but then told me I had a great tasting pussy, but he had to rush. With that he came up and lined up his cock to my willing pussy I looked in awe as I saw the difference in color. It had been such a long time since I had fucked that his cock felt huge. I was unable to get a good look at it since he pushed it in so quickly. I must have been very wet cause he slipped right in. I couldn't believe that I was getting only the second cock in my life it felt so different from the way it touched the walls of my pussy to the way he moved.

Just as I felt my orgasm building this guy stopped and pulled out, now I could see that his wet cock looked just as long as Jack's. Turn over I was told. I was not even sure why but I did as I was told. I just wanted to cum I would have done anything he asked. This stranger lifted my ass placed his cock right at the entrance of my pussy and pushed in. this was the first time I had been fucked in this position, his cock seemed to go in further than Jack's and the pressure to my stretched pussy lips was incredible. His cock was hitting me in a different angle and I could feel that I was right on the edge of screaming. Ohh I thought now this is fucking. This guy was not being gentle; he was fucking me fast, his balls slapping against my clit. Then I felt it his cock swelled as he held it as deep as he could, I felt his hot cum pour into me. The thought that I could get pregnant caused me to have the best orgasm yet.

I felt so satisfy as he rushed to get dressed, I just rolled over onto my robe that was still on the bed. I covered my lower half with the robe; I must have fallen asleep cause the next thing I felt was someone kissing my breast. It was almost like a dream as the kisses were going down my belly; my robe was being pulled away. I turn to look at the clock to see that one hour had past, by this time I felt a tongue in my belly button and as if they had a mind of their own my legs started opening up. Just as I realized it was Jack he pushed my legs toward my breast and buried his face in my cum filled pussy. I shivered at the thought that he would leave me, the room was bright and I know he could see that I had been fucked. But the look in his eyes as his tongue touched my clit was not of anger. He stopped a second pulled back and looked directly at my pussy before covering my whole pussy with his mouth. My fear subsided as I felt my orgasm build. It was such a turn-on to fell Jack's tongue swimming around in all that cum, dripping out of my pussy. I didn't even push him away I let him lap away at my pussy. He would lick for a little then stop just as I was about to come my self. Pulling away with this huge smile on his face before going back to eating the remains of my only affair. He would lick then I would hear him suck in. he would then lick at my clit before going lower and pushing his tongue in me.

Finally, after what seemed like forever I whisper lightly fuck me. Jack's eyes opened up wide as this was unlike me to use such language; he raised himself up and I could fell his cock searching for my hole as we kissed. Jack's face was all wet from his nose to his chin. I licked at his face while Jack began to fuck me. I was getting my first taste of cum from the mouth of my husband. I could hear the sound of his cock as well as feel his cock. I lowered my hand to the entrance of my pussy and felt Jack's wet cock; I could fell his cock pushing out the cum left by a stranger as it dripped down the crack of my ass. Jack's was now pushing his tongue into my mouth; the taste and the knowledge that it was coated with cum only added to my pleasure. With in five minutes Jack was adding his cum to my already soaked pussy.

"Oh my that was the best fuck we had in a long time" was Jack's only words as he climbed off of me. With him, still kissing me his hand went down to my clit and he lightly rubbed me to an orgasm. Jack brought his cum covered finger to my mouth to clean; I hungrily cleaned it off. Jack just laid there with a grin as he faded off to sleep...

* * * * *

On Monday, I met with a new supplier for my home business. When I opened the door, I was so surprised to find Scott; he was a spitting image of my husband. I had been so concerned after that fling cause of the obvious difference. What if I had became pregnant although this is what I wanted. I had to control myself, tell myself even that I could not act hastily. But I swear if they had been standing next to each other, you'll have to say they were twins. After catching me stare at him for the umpteen time Scott asked if everything was OK. "Oh yes it just that you look so much like my husband" with that I showed him a picture.

Scott was surprised saying "I wished I could be so lucky as to have a wife as beautiful as you"

The meeting went well but without me making a decision to use his products. Scott said he would contact me on Friday. The rest of the week went by slowly every day meeting with different persons trying to find a supplier. But my mind kept thinking what if's. I mean what if I could get pregnant with Scott's baby maybe Jack wouldn't know. By the time Scott called on Friday, I had made up my mind to use him. Both as my work supplier and my personal supplier. I asked if we could consummate this partnership over dinner tonight.

Jack was surprised to find me getting dressed up when he got home. I explained that I was having dinner the new supplier to go over a few details.

"I was hoping for a quiet evening alone"

Was Jack's response, but I knew what that meant he was hoping to get between my legs since again I was putting him off. I said "if all goes well I'll be home early. He left me to finish getting dressed. I kissed him and told him I loved him as I walked out the door.

Scott and I met at Charlie's steakhouse located in the lobby of the Marriott. Scott hugged me as I walked in ordered me a drink then informed me that there was an hour and a half wait for a table. We talked about business while we had a few more drinks Scott asked if I wanted to walk around the lobby as we waited. Looking at Scott I could almost think I was with Jack, soon we were walking hand in hand. Somehow, we found this small alcove to one side of the restaurant, Scott pushed me into it and kissed me. I wrapped my hands around his neck as I pulled him to me to kiss him harder. Scott was not shy as his hands were quickly feeling my ass. Scott's tongue was pushing into my mouth and I just let him. I guess we both really knew why we were there cause Scott pulled away leading me toward the elevators.

I followed as quickly as I could I didn't want to change my mind. We rode up groping and kissing each other as if we were newlyweds. I wasn't even sure what floor we were on as the doors opened and Scott again led the way. Scott fumbled with the card key to open the door once inside we embraced in a kiss Scott may have fumbled with the door but he had no trouble removing my dress. It was in a puddle at my feet with one hand on my beast the other I felt going under my hose and panties to feel my ass. As we kissed I could feel I sizable lump in his pants.

I had a sudden urge to feel I cock in me right now! I also didn't want Jack to have to wait up for me. I thought I could be back home around 8pm the latest 8:30. So, this was all going well. I told Scott to undress as I went to freshen up in the powder room, I went in to remove the rest of my clothes, look at myself in the mirror and told myself this was OK!

I entered in the dimly lit room. I was already beside the bed before my sight had adjusted fully. This is when I saw Scott lying there stroking his huge cock. Now the only other two I have seen were about the same and Jack say his is seven inches. But Scott's look to be longer and fatter; I was suddenly unsure. Scott raised to his knees on the bed held out his hand as I grabbed it he pulled me close. I could not take my eyes off that cock.

"you are so beautiful please lay with me"

I join Scott on the bed, he laid me down and began to kiss me I was still in awe as I could now feel his hard cock rub against me almost reaching my belly button. Is this how deep he would go in me? I thought. I was thinking I could never handle that, when Scott started kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear. He started to lower himself as to kiss my breast this moved that hard cock to my leg. It no longer felt so big I thought I must have over reacted. I felt a hand going to my thighs so I opened up, right away Scott's fingers were tracing the outside of my pussy lips. His massage made me forget about the size of his cock for a minute. His fingers were rubbing my pussy lips, then they would lightly touch my clit, finally I felt them go into my pussy, he gently started to finger fuck me. His finger curling inside like he was beaconing me to come closer. He spread open my legs as he went down to lick my pussy. I tried to pull him up but when he tongue reached out against my lips, I changed my mind. Scott used his tongue to open my pussy some more. He slowly licked me from top to bottom; Scott then pushed his tongue into my hole. For the first time while having sex, I screamed.

"Oh yes, Oh, Oh yes"

Scott's tongue was causing me to spasm I felt my body tremble and I wanted some more. Scott continued to lick me, it felt as I was having a prolonged orgasm as his tongue moved all over my pussy.

Again I screamed " Oh yes Oh god yes, Oh please right there, No yes there, Oh I'm cumin, Please yes I'm cumin some more, Yes, Yes, Yes"

I didn't know how long he was down there but I didn't want him to stop. When he did, I was already exhausted. Scott came up to kiss me and I could have left satisfied at that moment. Then I felt his cock against my pussy I lifted my legs to give him the best access, I thought if his tongue was that good he must be great his that huge cock of his.

Scott began to rub his cock on my wet clit now I remembered how big his cock was I felt the head begin to enter. His cock began to stretch my pussy as he entered it almost felt like I was a virgin again being fucked anew. There was a slight discomfort til he popped in, then I just began to feel full. He would put a little in and pull out I knew there was more to come and I suddenly wanted it all. I wanted to be filled as never before.

"Please put it in. Please all of it"

With that Scott pushed in til I felt his balls against my ass, I gasped for air as he held his cock in as deep as it would go. The feeling was so great and I felt so full that I felt I had to share it.

"Oh I'm so full of cock, it feel so good, Oh I love your cock, Oh please fuck me"

Scott began to rock his hips as my pussy lips tried to hold on to him, when Scott began to pick up speed I pushed my hips to meet his. Scott began to pull out more, taking as long and as slow as he could I thought I could feel every little bit of his cock saw into me. I was on the verge of cumin when Scoot began to only use the tip of that great cock of his. As much as I tried to push my hip to him, he managed to just keep in the tip.

"Oh Please what are you doing?, Oh please cum on"

"You want this cock?"

"Oh Yes, I want it all"

"Tell me you want my cock"

"Yes please I want your cock, I'll say anything"

"Will you do anything"

"Oh god yes anything just let me cum"

Scott pushed his cock back into my pussy, he was now fucking so fast that I cum right away.

"Oh god yes I'm cumin, oh yes cum with me please, Please fill my pussy with your cum"

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