I soon felt Scott push in as deep as he could get and hold it there as he fill me up. I was so happy I had never been so full as I felt splash after splash of his cum enter my womb.

"Oh Scott you're the greatest, we have to do this again sometime"

Scott laughed and said "We're not done yet, I haven't fucked in three weeks all I need is two minutes"

I was surprised as Jack had always rolled over and went to sleep afterwards. But the idea of another round on that long hard cock sounded good. Scott got off of me and I had to reach down to check because I felt a huge amount of cum in my pussy and I was right. The cum was everywhere, even after I closed my legs I thought I could still feel some run out. The next thing I knew Scott was kneeling up towards my face

"Now suck my cock"

I didn't know what to do or say. I thought for a second well I already tasted cum out of Jack's mouth and it wasn't bad at all. I guess I could try, so I lifted his limp cock as I got into a better position. Scott's limp cock was already as big as Jack's hard cock. I bought it to my lips but didn't know what to do with it.

"What's a matter never sucked cock before"

I looked up at Scott and shook my head no. He told me to just lick the sides first; I did as I was told.

"OK now put the tip in your mouth"

Again, I complied with his wishes. I tried to let it go in but was soon gagging so I pulled out a little. I was surprised that his cock began to grow in my mouth. It became difficult to stretch my mouth that wide. Scott pulled out his cock telling me to get on all fours. As I moved around and he placed me how he wanted me I looked back as Scott was spreading my ass cheeks and placing his hard cock at my pussy. I knew from the last week that I liked it this way. I really began to feel stretched; Scott reached around my hip to play with my clit. The feeling was great and made me want more of his cock; I pushed back and received a sharp pain from his cock hitting something in side me. I jerk forward off his cock.

"What's wrong"

"You're too deep" I responded, so he slowly put it back in and began to rock back and forth. The feeling of pain gone replaced by be filled. It felt so weird to feel his old cum running down my legs. I looked under me and could almost swear that the tops of my legs were shining. At this point I didn't care I just wanted the filling of his large cock stuffing me full. We were rocking in harmony and I began to feel an orgasm building. I rocked faster as Scott stayed still and let me control the tempo.

"Oh god I love the way you fuck, you fill me up as never before, Oh god cum with me, please cum with me"

It wasn't til after I cum and fell forward that I noticed that Scott had not cum yet. I looked back to see his cock still hard. He rolled me over and lifted my legs; he quickly began to fuck me again. I couldn't believe he could fuck that long. Scott suddenly stopped. He began to pull away only he pulled me with him, before I knew what happened I was sitting on his cock. He adjusted himself so he could suck on my tits as I rocked on him. This felt different again. I now had pressure against my clit when I leaned into him. I learned that I could adjust this pressure by lifting up. It felt so good I must have stayed on top of him for half an hour I learned I could bring myself to the edge of an orgasm then back off. Scott finally pushed me down so he was atop; he again fucked me fast. I felt him swell inside of me before he blasted me full of cum. Feeling his hot cum enter me sent me into orgasm myself. Even after my orgasm stopped, I still felt Scott filling me. I looked at the clock to see it was after 10pm. I knew I must hurry home.

"Thank you Scott! Oh thank you so much" I said as I dressed I quickly put on my panties, and dress. I stuffed my hose and bra into my small purse...

* * * * *

I walked in my house ten minutes later to find Jack making a drink in a darken kitchen.

"care for a drink" he asked

of course, I accepted I could tell the TV was on in the bedroom . Jack handed me my drink, which I drank half in the first gulp. Jack kissed me as soon as I swallowed it down. From the corner of my eyes I watch as Jack pull at something from my purse. I realized he had found my hose. Jack just kissed me harder and pulled me towards him. He pulled to the bedroom, we kissed again as he began to undress me I opened his robe and dropped his boxers. Jack was already hard as he was now pushing down my panties. I laid on the bed naked and Jack joined me. We kissed as one hand went down to my pussy. Although Jack didn't say anything his eyes opened wide when he felt how wet I was. Jack slid down, he kissed my thigh before licking it. He was looking at my pussy the whole time as he inched closer and licked with his tongue. My pussy was overflowing with cum and For the second time in as many weeks my husband was sucking someone's cum from my freshly fucked pussy.

It felt good as Jack pushed in one finger, then a second, I couldn't believe when he added a third. I thought that Scott must have really opened me up. Jack pushed my legs as far back as he could, I could now feel him lick from my asshole to my clit. I was going from orgasm to another as I bite my lip to keep from yelling out. Jack was pushing his face into my wet pussy, he really seemed to be enjoying himself, it was as if he was hungry for cum. Each time he pulled his fingers to the edge of my pussy he would double his effort. When Jack finally came up his face was shiny with cum. he had a big smile on his face as he entered my pussy, I could feel his cock as he enter me. Jack was taking his time slowly going in and out, I surprised jack as I pushed him unto his back. I straddled Jack and set my pace, soon I was bouncing up and down savoring the feel of his cock. Jack moaned as he started to cum, I was again being filled with cum. this caused my own orgasm.

I allowed Jack's cock to deflate in me as we kissed and hugged. After two minutes I just collapsed to the side I rolled onto my stomach and fell asleep as Jack was rubbing my ass.

* * * * *

This went on with Scott and I fucking every Friday either in the afternoon before Jack would come home or at an evening dinner. Scott taught me how to suck his cock soon I was able to get most of him in my mouth. Seven months ago I told Scott I was pregnant, he of course by this time knew my plan to have his child and tell Jack it was his. That Friday morning Scott called excited he had two contacts that needed my products. Of course, this increased his sells; we both would come out ahead.

They showed up at 1pm. We quickly worked out a deal that was very profitable for me. Scott came up to kiss me, he was grabbing my ass then laughing asked if we could now consummate the deal. I looked as the one of the other guys came up behind me. He pushed up against my ass as he started kissing my neck. Things happened quickly all I remember was that I had four hands all over my body, taking off my blouse and pants. I was whisked into the bedroom where my bra and panties were removed.

Scott began eating my pussy as one guy sucked my breast. The other guy brought his cock to my mouth and I sucked it down whole. Soon I was being fucked at both ends and someone was sucking on my breast. I could not believe the feeling of have two cocks at the same time. The rocking motion of Scott fucking me was pushing the other cock deep into my mouth. The guy in my mouth began to cum, I swallowed alittle before he pulled out and shot the rest on my face and tits. Scott cum I my pussy only to be replaced by the third guy. His cock was just as big as Scott's, who brought his cock to my face so I could suck. Each guy took a turn shooting cum in my pussy. One guy pulled out on his second time and shot his cum on my breast and belly. I sucked each one hard again with Scott leaving his load on my breast as well. After three and half hours I had been well fucked. They all thanked me and left.

I laid there all covered in cum after having I don't remember how many orgasms, when Jack walked in less than five minutes later. I thought that he must have seen the guys leave. He stood there looking at me, I had be a mess but Jack just smiled at me then removed his clothes. He began licking at my belly button and slowly licked his way up to my breast . I never felt so close to Jack as I did at that moment Jack took his time cleaning one breast then the other. His tongue flicking each nipple. Filling me with a sense of love. He licked up my face before kissing me deeply, I could taste the cum he had lick off me as he pushed his tongue in my mouth. Jack worked his way back down slowly licking any cum he missed only to find my pussy dripping out cum from at least three loads that had been pushed in me. Jack licked and sucked at my pussy for longest time he ever had. I think he may have been surprised as to how much was there, but he just continued. I surprised him by turning so I could suck on his cock while he licked me up. I was able to get him all in my mouth and when he cum I swallowed most of it leaving a little in my mouth I turned him around and share the remains with him. We fell asleep a little and then I was awaken to another tongue bath. I got Jack to fuck me from behind as I gave him the news of being pregnant. Jack told me he loved me as he cum in my pussy...

* * * * *

I know this was long and I hope you enjoyed it, but I wanted to put it all in one story I had to leave out a lot at the end but I didn't want to make this a series. Since I bared my soul let me know if you enjoyed it.

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Jack knows she's a cheating slut. He should just divorce her before her bastard is born. After his name is on the birth certificate, he's stuck with child support for at least 18 years, if not more. Foolmore...

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