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Rochelle and I were in the same high school class. We knew each other, it wasn't that large a school, but we weren't good friends. I thought she was a slut. She probably thought I was too much of a 'good girl'. In fact, I was. Still am, I guess.

That was almost twenty years ago. Now we're both working in the same offices of a division of a very large corporation. She's in sales, I'm in finance, so we don't work together but she's apparently decided that based on high school together we're old buddies. I eat my lunch at my desk. Two or three days a week, depending on her schedule, she comes into my office for us to eat lunch together. I'd like to stop it but can't figure out how without being a bitch.

She can't talk about politics or art or sports. All she talks about is her sex life. Her very, very active sex life. She's apparently spent the last twenty years fucking half the population of our state -- male, female, singly or in groups. She proudly claims that many of our large business contracts were obtained by her while in bed with the people that made the decisions - people from both our company and our clients.

Oddly, she isn't riven with diseases and is actually fairly good looking. for our almost-forty ages.

She also spends all the time she isn't discussing her latest sexual adventure telling me how much I'm missing by being such a stick-in-the-mud and being true to my husband.

I try to not argue with her, I don't really want to hear any more about cock sizes and stamina and orgasms. But I did finally get exasperated enough to blow up at her.

"Rochelle, I've probably had as much sex over the last twenty years as you and enjoyed it all just as much as you claim you do. Rob spends a lot of time with his mouth and fingers down there getting me off and I love his cock and it's feel and taste. I've swallowed loads and loads of sperm and cum all over his face thousands of time. When we first got married we'd do it ten or twelve times a day, almost never ending. We'd do it two or three times, get sated, take a break and go do something else, then grin at each other and get back to the bedroom and do it all again. And again and again. I love sex. And I think having sex with the man you love is so much better than casual sex with whoever happens to be available at the moment, that I'm sure I've actually had better sex than you ever have thought of. So there."

Well, that only stopped her for a moment. She actually seemed happy that I claim to love sex. It made me wonder if she was really trying to get me to have sex with her. But instead she went back to asking if I'd ever even thought about having a different cock. Guys are all different, she'd claim, some are better than others. They all do things a little differently. Cocks are different from one another, sperm tastes different. Haven't I ever wondered at all what it would be like with someone else, don't I wonder if I'm missing something?

Anyway, for months, I put up with this. I have to admit, it does make me think a little. I do love sex and have always enjoyed it. And after fifteen years of marriage, I'm not getting as much as I would prefer. I understand why. Both Rob and I work full time. We have two kids, Joanie and Bobby, 13 and 11. Raising kids is full time. Shopping and cooking and maintaining the house all take time. There's just not much time left and we're both probably too tired to do much of anything. But it does make me wonder some time about how we could have more sex.

When we were first married almost our whole lives involved sex. I was a virgin but Rob must have had some experience to be so good at it. We were naked. He played with my breasts, kissed them sucked on the nipples. I got feelings right down into my groin that I'd never had before. Then he kissed on down and started to lick and finger me and I had an orgasm so big that I think I fainted briefly. Much more than I'd ever had before. Then he pushed into me and the feeling of him inside me was just glorious.

I realize now that everyone doesn't react like me. But with Rob, the more sex we had, the more I got turned on. I got a little sore but it was a good sore. I loved every moment. I wanted him hard and useful again so tried playing with him, licking him, sucking blood back into him. And it worked. We fucked again and again. He ate me over and over. I sucked him over and over. I even had thoughts back then about getting another man involved so I wouldn't have to wait until he could get it up again, I could fuck constantly. We never did that, though.

I love sex. I love Rob. I love his cock and he sure seems to love my body, my pussy. He's still as handsome and well built as ever and I hope I am, too. I sure work at it. Guys do make passes at me sometimes and he laughs and tells me of some girls at his office, so I know they make passes at him. But I love him. He loves me. We have so much going for us. Maybe not as much sex as I'd like but it's a great life.

Then one night, we'd just had sex, he was facing me, his one hand holding my bare butt. he says, " Barb, do you ever wonder about being with some other man?"

"What? No." The question was a surprise. Of course, I've wondered that occasionally but I don't like to admit it.

"You don't look at guys and think they're attractive, wonder what they'd be like?"

"Well, I'm not blind. So, yeah, I can notice if a guy is good looking or well built or whatever. But that doesn't mean I think about having sex with them." What's he getting at?

"Not even a little?"

"What are you getting at, Rob?" He's actually rubbing my butt a little which usually means he's interested in doing it again, which I'd be all right with. So I reach down between us to play with his cock a little.

"Well, I see pretty girls all the time. I can't help but notice them. And I always have thoughts about what it might be like to have sex with them. I think it's sort of natural. So I figured you must do the same."

"I don't but that doesn't mean you can't." Wait, is that really what I mean?

"Oh. Well, I wonder what their pussy is like. Is it as tight as you? Does it taste as good as you? Would she like to suck me the way you do?"

He sounds like Rochelle. I don't like this. I let go of his cock, even though it had started to grow a little. "You think of all those things about attractive women when you see them?"

"Well, yeah."

"Even if you see dozens of them a day? Even if it's someone you work with and see all the time? Like Diane that you've mentioned?"

"Well, yeah. I guess so."

"Do you ever do more than wonder? Do you know how Diane tastes and if she's tight?"

"Oh, well, I didn't mean that."

"Yeah, but do you?"

"Uh . . . well . . yes."

"So all of this was to let me know that you've cheated on me. That you've broken our marriage vows. And you decide to tell me right after you've had sex with me, while we're still naked and touching each other."

"You're getting mad."

"Damn right I am. It means everything has changed. I don't know how much everything has changed, I don't even know what I'm going to do about this. But you're so wrong you can't even imagine."

"I sort of hoped that maybe there's someone you want to find out about."

"Oh, if I cheated, too, that would make it all o.k. some how? You're nuts. How often have you been with Diane? No, don't answer that, what difference does it make. Once or a hundred times doesn't really matter."

I got out of bed, grabbed a blanket and went to the den and lay down on the couch. I actually did get a few minutes sleep but not much. I was really pissed. I didn't know whether to kick him out, divorce him, try to make up, prove I'm sexier than Diane, who I've never seen, or what. But nothing could ever be the same again.

The next day at work, I had to start getting everything in order for the big corporate meeting in a week. Twice a year I have to go to this for three days, give reports on our finances as do my equals from other divisions, get clued in on corporate plans and how we fit. Myself and four or five others from here fly to New York City for meetings at corporate headquarters. It got my mind off Rob for a while.

Late that morning, the management of our division had a bunch of us in a meeting, planning for the upcoming corporate meeting. As always, Gary made some suggestive comments to me.

Gary is a year or two older than me. Probably Forty. He's the office romeo. Most of the secretary's apparently dream of getting with him. Rumor is that some have. Rochelle has made it plain that she'd love to hop in bed with Gary. He is good looking, I'll admit. Dark, trim, tall. I think he probably makes passes at a lot of females but I know he always does at me. He tells me how attractive I am and what a great body I have and how we ought to get together because he'd treat me well and I'd love it. I've always just smiled and fended him off, even though I'm attracted to him just like all the other females. Which I think makes him even more eager after me. But he's never been obnoxious, he's actually very nice about it. Rochelle has made it plain that I'm crazy not to take Gary up on some of his suggestions. I mean, he is sort of movie-star handsome.

Anyway, we're leaving the meeting. As we walk down the hall, Gary starts at me again. I don't know why, maybe I just snapped or something. We're alone at the moment so I say to him, "Gary, get a suite in New York for this meeting. One with a spa or hot tub in the room. Something romantic. I'll stay with you instead of a room of my own." Then I turn and walk away, leaving him speechless.

Two hours later he calls me to tell me he has the room. Names the hotel. Suggests we meet at the airport and fly together. Crap, what have I done? Do I back out now? I can't really do this, can I. But I don't. I have a lot of second thoughts but I don't back out. We're actually going there the afternoon before. So we'll have four nights together in that room. A hundred times I'm ready to call and cancel. And I don't. I go home and try to avoid even talking to Rob but with two kids for us to care for it's impossible. But he's shut off and knows it. I wear my heaviest flannel nightgown to bed -- I'd sleep in another room but our kids are in the only other bedrooms. Maybe it's stupid, maybe it will just make him do more with Diane. What I'm planning is stupid, how can that help us? But I'm so pissed I just go ahead with everything. Not thinking right at all.

So here I am a couple days later, sitting on an airliner next to Gary, headed to New York. Somehow he managed to upgrade us to first class. He starts again telling me how gorgeous I am and trying to seduce me.

"Gary," I say, "I'm thirty eight years old, have given birth to two lovely children. I've had sex a lot. I love sex. You don't need to try and seduce me like you do the virginal young things in the office. I'm going to want so much sex from you that I'll probably wear you out."

His immediate response is just an "Oh." But then he goes on. "Just so I know for future use, why did you finally agree to this? I've tried a hundred times before without success."

"Because my loving husband of fifteen years, the father of my children, decided to tell me as we're naked in bed just finishing some excellent sex and working towards another round, that he's been cheating on me. My deciding to get even by cheating on him is probably the dumbest thing I could do but I'm so pissed off that I'm going ahead with this anyway. So I hope you're as good at it as you claim because I'm looking forward to having some of the best orgasms of my life."

That got another "Oh." Then he grinned and said, "Well, I'll try to see that happens. Maybe I can have some of the best of my life, too. You're sure built perfect for it." Then another pause, "How about a drink?"

"Gary, if you need a drink, I can have one, too. But I have no interest in getting drunk. I want all my senses sharp so I can enjoy you once we get there. It's the real reason we're going so early, so we'll have some time together before our meetings start. I told them that I needed the time to finish my presentation but it's all done. I hope yours is, too."

The rest of the flight was actually very nice. We got along fine. We talked some about the company and business. He asked about my children. I found out that he'd been married and his wife had cheated on him. We got to know one another much better.

At the hotel I went with him to check in. It took a little work but I managed to convince the desk clerk that I wanted us each to be checked into the room and that we should each be charged half the cost of the room. When she wasn't too sure about it, I explained it's just like splitting the check for a meal at a restaurant. I need a receipt for my expense account and so does Gary, and with the price of the suite split it would be more acceptable for both of us to explain to our bosses. I had told Gary that I wanted us being together to not be known to others but if somehow word leaked out, I'm sure we could both live with it somehow. I doubt very much if anyone in finance would ever bother checking the room number on our receipts, particularly since that person would normally be me.

The room is great. Big. Huge window looking our on New York City from the 30th floor. The shower in the bathroom is huge, glass door, multiple heads. And the spa is beautiful, like a way oversized bathtub with nozzles to move the water. Gary is wonderful, too. Very fit. And he seems to love my naked body.

Rochelle was right, cocks are different. Robs is normal, Gary's is circumcised. A big knob on the end. They're similar in size. Gary's may be slightly thicker, it seems like that in my mouth and in my vagina. Rob's curves a little, curves up. Gary's is straight. So Rob/s feels a little different in my vagina, pushes against the upper side a little more. Although Gary's feels terrific.

I brought a nightgown but it turns out I never use it. The four nights we're there we just stay naked and have sex almost constantly. It was a lot like my honeymoon fifteen years earlier. I suck him, he eats me, he's hard again and we fuck. And fuck. We take a shower and I get him up again, sucking him a little so we can fuck some. We put on robes to eat dinner from room service then start over. Then, after another couple rounds we fill the spa and use it, which gets him up again and we fuck some more with the hot water rushing around us. Then to bed for a short nap and then some more sex. Then some sleep and I wake him by sucking him a while and we fuck some more. Then meetings all day and then back to being naked in our room again. And so on for four nights.

I have to admit that I absolutely loved it. After a while I get in a zone, a sex zone, I guess. I think I could just suck cocks, get eaten out and fuck forever. It's how I felt early in my marriage. I could use another man or maybe another two around, just so I could keep having sex for hours and hours. I couldn't ever do that, though. I couldn't let myself go like that and have multiple partners. If I ever did, I'd probably find out that I don't really like having constant sex for hours. It's probably best in my mind rather than in actual use.

As much as I enjoyed my time with Gary, I couldn't help but realize that it wasn't quite the same as it had been with Rob. The sex was there all right. But some degree of warmth, of what I guess is love, wasn't there. I wonder if it's gone forever.

Two days later, it's awkward at home remaining cold to Rob and talking very little. The kids are both in bed and we both end up in the kitchen. I decide to open things up some.

"Rob, when I went to New York for the meetings, I didn't sleep alone. I spent four nights with another man. We had a lot of sex. Almost like when we were on our honeymoon."

"Oh," he says. I can see him thinking. "Was it good?"

"Oh, yeah. It was. Lots and lots of sex. How about you and Diane?"

"I broke that off. I realized I'd screwed up. "

"Was the sex with her good?"

He looked at me odd. "Well, yeah. I mean, it would be difficult for sex not to be good. Some is better than others but it's all probably pretty good."

"True. I'll admit that the sex I had was good but it wasn't the same as we'd had in the past. But we had started to fall apart somehow, I think. We haven't had as much sex as I'd like for a while now."

"Well, truthfully, the forbidden part of sex with Diane was good. But the actual sex wasn't nearly as good as we've had."

"Maybe we should see if we can get back what we lost?"

I sucked him off first. At least in part because I just really love to. In part, it's because I've learned that if I do him first, then he'll do me and he's so very good at it. And then after he's got me all fired up, he's ready again. And that proved to be true this time, too.

I'm not sure what might happen from here. But tonight he has three orgasms, one in my mouth and two in my vagina, and I have five, a couple from his mouth and the rest from his cock inside me. I think I'll wake him in the morning sucking him and see how things go.

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