tagBDSMInfidelity and Chastity Ch. 02

Infidelity and Chastity Ch. 02


"I'm not going to ask you again, WHO. WAS. HE!"


Sara started balling uncontrollably, Ry, Rya, Ryan."

"Ryan? Ryan who?"

"Ricky, I can't, plea,..."


"OWWWW, Harrison, Ryan Harrison,"

"Don't you love me?"

"Oh yes, Ricky, yes."

Sara heard the paddle drop and Rick walking away. She knew that she had hurt him. She really did love Rick, more than anything. Sara heard Rick talking in the next room, but couldn't make out the conversation other than one o'clock.

Rick walked back into the room and plunged his thumb deep into Sara's wet pussy. "AHHHH."

"We have an appointment this afternoon for this thing after dinner," as he kept moving his thumb around inside of her. "We are going to be checked for STD's. Understand?" as he pushed his thumb in as deep as it would go.


Rick pulled out his thumb slowly, "I hope that you enjoyed that, because that's the only thing that's going in that pussy for a long time. I can't trust you. You are weak."

"Ricky, please, I am sooooo sorry, I love you, it won't happen again, please ."

"How many times. How many times did you fuck Ryan, huh?"

Sara didn't say a thing. She was so afraid of what Rick would do.


"OWWWW, Ricky?"

"I told you before, this is going to go a lot easier on you if you tell the truth. Answer the question, how many times?"

"I don't know, please Ricky, I'm sorry."

"I bet you even fucked in our bed, didn't you?"

Sara pause, then whispered, "Yes."


"You fucking whore!" In OUR own bed. I am so pissed right now, you have no idea. I have to put this paddle down now before I .,,, FUCK, I'm pissed," as he threw the paddle against the wall.

Sara stood there, her arms aching from the weight of her body pulling at them. Her ass still stung from Rick's paddle. But what hurt the most was what she had done to Rick.

Sara was very beautiful. A five foot, three inch blond, about 103 pounds. Her firm pout breasts were only a 32B, but completed the 24-31 frame.

Rick left the room and went into the computer room. He accessed the web sites that he was on earlier that day. "TOLLYBOY" and "MY-STEEL." These were websites designed around female and male chastity.

Rick typed in all the measurements he had retrieved from Sara earlier. It was a lengthy process, but it was done, ordered.

While in the computer room, Rick opened the log in page for Adult Friend Finder, a site that Sara had frequented.

Rick yelled into the other room, "Sara, what is your sign in name and password on Adult Friend Finder?"


Rick got up out his chair and walked into the living room. He calmly picked up the paddle. "WHACK" "WHACK" "WHACK"


"What is your sign in name and password on Adult Friend Finder?"

Sara began to cry again, "Ricky, please.,,"

"Answer me, NOW!"




Rick wrote down the information and began to log in. It opened to the main page, showing a picture of Sara's ass. He scrolled down to where it said view profile. He waited patiently as the web page opened. He wasn't sure if he really wanted to view it.

As it loaded, Rick walked into the living room and unhooked Sara from her painful bindings. He sat her on the floor and then walked away. Sara still cried, Not so much of the pain, but the heartache.

The slow internet connection had finally downloaded the page. The title read, "JUST LOOKING" It was an eye opener for Rick. What he thought he knew about the woman he loved, he really didn't. Her likes, dislikes, even her need to be with a woman, just once. There was just the one pic, and that was of Sara's perfect ass. Even though she did admit that she was attached, it didn't stop the tons of e-mails.

Rick couldn't read anymore. He wanted to, he was intrigued, yet scared of what he may actually find. He shut off the computer and walked to Sara sitting naked on the floor. He unlocked her wrist cuffs and tossed the key between her legs. "Get dressed, it's time to go to the doctor's office." Sara, still sniffling, quickly unlocked and unbuckled her restraints. She wanted to jump in the shower, but there was no time. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were red from crying.

Sara grabbed a thong from her drawer and quickly put it on. The blue jeans that she chose were tight on her and hurt pulling them over her red ass. She hurriedly grabbed a bra and blouse on the way to the bathroom to put on her make up. Less than five minutes later, Rick walked in, "Let's go."

Sara took one last look in the mirror before Rick shut off the lights.

It was a long quiet ride to the clinic, only eight miles, but the silence was almost unbearable for both.

At the arrival at the clinic Rick turned to Sara, "You do know we are here, right?"

Sara just put her head down, "Yes."

Sara sat nervously in the waiting room. She tried to read the magazine that she picked up, but was totally distracted. What if she had an STD? Did she transmit it to Rick? She just kept thinking of how mad Rick was this morning and how she had hurt him.

Just then, Sara's name was called.

Sara was really nervous now. This was not her gynecologist that she was seeing, but a family practitioner that she had never seen before. After being weighed, the nurse led her to room number five. The nurse took the regular readings, blood pressure, temp, pulse.

"Your blood pressure seems a bit high today. Are you feeling okay?"

Sara tried to maintain and smile, "Yes."

"Have you been through these tests before?" Sara nodded yes. "Then you know that there is an exam besides the blood and urine, okay?"

Sara again, just nodded yes.

The nurse grabbed a gown for Sara, "Take off all of your clothes, you may leave your socks on and put this on, the doctor will be right in."

Sara got undressed and put on the short light blue striped gown. She sat back down thinking that she hadn't even had a chance to shower today.

She waited for what seem like hours until she heard a knock at the door. "Good afternoon," the doctor said as he entered. He was followed by a nurse who shut the door behind her.

"Hop up on the table if you would please."

Sara stepped on the step and sat on the edge of the table. The doctor listed to heart, front and back. She could feel her heart racing. Next, the doctor did a thorough breast exam while he asked several question about family history, last period and other questions Sara answered not even sure of what he asked. "Now I want you to lay down, scoot to the front and put your feet in the stirrups."

Sara did what he told her keeping her knees together.

"Just relax now, spread your knees apart."

Sara knew the routine, but didn't know the doctor. She laid there totally exposed to a complete stranger. Her mind was going a million miles an hour as the doctor and nurse talked in the background.

Sara felt the fingers of the man doing an external exam. His gloved finger exploring her labia and around her pussy for any sign of infection or irritation.

Without warning, the doctor inserted the cold metal speculum. He opened the speculum giving him access to her vagina walls and cervix. While swabbing her cervix, the doctor asked about her sexual history. Wearing her wedding ring, all she could say is, "One partner."

The doctor removed the speculum, "Almost done. Just a couple more tests as long as you are here." Instantly, He inserted a gloved finger deep into Sara's pussy. He pushed on her stomach, "Just checking your uterus, fallopian tubes and your ovaries."

As he removed his finger, Sara was thinking it was over. "Just one more test. I'm going to test the muscles between your vagina and your anus."

Sara felt his lubed finger slide back into her wet pussy, then another finger sliding smoothly and deeply into her tight ass. Sara breathed a sigh of relief as he pulled both fingers free. She felt so violated. She could hear him say something to the nurse in terms she couldn't understand. "Everything looks fine Sara. You may get dressed. You just have the blood and urine tests and you are out of here. Have a good day."

Sara thought, have a good day, yeah right. If he only knew. Alone again in the room, Sara quickly got dressed and was directed to the lab for her final tests.

Finally, that was over with, Sara thought. But the ride home was no picnic either. The radio was playing, but seemed to be drowned out by the silence.

When they did finally arrive at home, Sara wasted no time at all to jump in the shower. She felt so dirty.

Sara emerged from the bathroom with the towel wrapped around her perfect body.

"Sit down Sara, over here, we need to talk," Rick said as he sat on the couch. Sara sat next to Rick, but couldn't look him in the eyes. Rick lifted Sara's chin so that she could look at him. "Just listen, don't talk. You hurt me, bad. It is going to take some time before I can trust you again. What do you think I should do with you?"

Sara just shrugged her shoulders.

"Things have to change. I know that I can't trust you going anywhere, and I don't know when you are telling me the truth. I have no choice Sara."

"Do you love me?"

"Yes Ricky, I love you."

"Do you want to stay with me?"

"Of course."

Rick reached over and grabbed the leather wrist and ankle restraints. "Put these on. From this day forward, until I think that I can trust you, these restraints are going to be a part of your everyday life."

"But how will I change clothes?"

"Change? I want you to remember your infidelity. You will wear nothing!" "Basically, what I am saying, is that you are no longer just my submissive, but my slave, to do with what I want, when I want."

Sara struggled with the restraints. Her hands were shaking. Rick helped her with the wrist restraints, then locked each cuff. Sara had a six inch chain between her wrists and a twelve inch chain between he ankles.

"Stand up."

Sara stood slowly as Rick quickly removed her towel.

"We are back to question and answer time, and you better be honest. How many other men did you sleep besides Ryan?"

Sara looked at Rick and answered quickly, "None."

"How many times did you sleep with Ryan? Think about it, this is important."

Sara looked down at the floor and whispered, "Six."

"Six? Is that what I heard?"


"Come here," as he grabbed Sara by her wrist cuffs. "I want you to bend over the back of this chair.

That's right, just like that."

"Everyday when I get home, six will be your number. Remember this. You are to count out loud."

Rick grabbed the paddle and landed the first of six. "WHACK"


"Count them out!"



"OWWWW, please Ricky, owww..,,,two"


"OW, three," Sara cried out.


"Oh my God, Ricky?"

"How many?"



"Five, ow,..."


"Say it!"


"You can get up Sara. The test results from the doctor won't be back for a few days. Until then, I want this house spotless when I get home. Understand?"


Sara got up and stood there naked in her restraints. Rick walked over to here, hugged her then gently kissed her. "You do understand that I love you, right?"

"I love you too."

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