tagBDSMInfidelity and Chastity Ch. 03

Infidelity and Chastity Ch. 03


Sara went to the kitchen to make supper. Her ass stung so bad from Rick's paddle, and she couldn't reach or touch it.



"Before you start supper, I want you to call your boyfriend. I want you to tell him that I know, and that you will not be seeing him anymore."

"Call him now!" Sara looked at Rick with disbelief. "Call him?"

"Yes, is that a problem? Do you need motivation," Rick asked as he reached for the paddle.

"No Ricky, no. He's married. He told me never to call him there."

Rick picked up the phone book, "What's his number, I'll call him."

Sara reached for the phone and started crying, "Ricky?"

"I have all day. Would you rather call him at 3:00 AM?"

Sara grabbed her purse and searched for his number. Her hands shook terribly as she tried to push the buttons. She held her breath just hoping that no one would answer. As the phone kept ringing, she watched Rick grab the other cordless phone and put it up to his ear.

The ringing stopped, and a woman answered. "Hello?"

Sara's mind went blank, but Rick was right there to remind her. "Is Ryan there?"

"Who may I ask is calling?" The woman asked.

Rick grabbed her by the hair and tugged, "Sara."

There was a long pause, then the woman replied, "Just a minute."

"Hello?" Ryan asked.

Sara started to cry. "Ryan,..."

"What's wrong," Ryan asked.

"I'm what's wrong," Rick said. "Sara has something she needs to say to you."

Sara stood there crying.

"I believe what Sara is trying to tell you, is that she won't be seeing you anymore. I think that it would be in your best interest not to see her. Do you, and your wife understand just exactly what I am saying?"

There was a "Yes" and a click of the phone.

Rick knew that he wasn't going to fuck up another marriage, but Ryan didn't know that. Someday, he knew Ryan would get his.

Rick grabbed the phone from Sara and placed it back on the reciever. "Would you like to call back and talk to his wife?"

"NO!" Sara answered quickly.

"Finish making supper."

Sara's heart was still beating fast as she pulled out the leftovers from last night. Her ankle chains clacked on the floor as she walked to set the table. Her six inch wrist chains made even simple tasks almost impossible.

Sara was hoping after supper that Rick would remove her restraints. She was so cold.

After Rick and Sara ate supper, she washed the dishes, then curled up on the couch and tried to cover herself with an afgan. They watched TV the rest of the evening without saying a word to one another.

Rick went upstairs about ten o'clock, then came back down carrying a plillow and exta blankets. He covered Sara's naked body, then kissed her softly on the forehead. "Goodnight babe."

"G'nite," Sara said softly. She knew that she deserved to sleep on the couch.

The following morning, Rick got up early to go to work. Sara looked at the clock and realized that he was up earlier than usual. After his shower, Rick walked over, still naked to where Sara sat on the couch. She noticed his cock was semi-hard.

"Suck my cock," Rick said to Sara as he stood inches from her face.

Sara looked up at Rick, then at his throbbing member. She knew what she had to do. She opened her mouth and licked the head of his cock. She encircled the very tip, tasting his pre-cum. Slowly, a little at a time, she took more and more deep down her throat. She could hear him moan as she took all seven inches, but only for a second.

Sara caught her breath and looked up into Rick;s eyes. With her wrists still shackled together, she fondled Rick's balls as she licked the underside of his hard shaft.

She felt a tingle between her legs as she got aroused from pleasing Rick.

"That's it, take it all."

Sara sucked harder as she took him in and out of her hot mouth. She could feel Rick building to orgasm as his moans grew louder and louder.

With a gasp from Rick, he exploded in Sara's mouth. She tried to swallow his gift to her as his knees grew weak. She loved the taste of his cum, but it was just too much to swallow. With the excess cum dripping off her chin, she took his cock deeply to suck him dry. Rick's legs got weak and pulled away from Sara.

Rick left Sara there, dripping with cum as he went upstairs to get dressed. Sara got up to wash her face, brush her teeth and to go pee.

It was almost 6 AM, which was the normal time for Rick to leave for work. He never ate breakfast, just showered and out the door. This morning was no different. He came downstairs where Sara stood in the kitchen, wearing her bindings, totally naked.

Sara looked at Rick, "What about these?" as she held out her arms.

"Things are going to change around here. I can't trust you yet. Until I can, things will be very routine around here. You WILL wear your bindings daily. You WILL service me every morning and whenever else I tell you. At night when I get home, you WILL receive your six lashings. Is that understood?"

Sara looked at Rick with those sad eyes and pouting lips that had served her well in the past.

As he grabbed his car keys, he turned and kissed Sara, "I want this house spotless, just downstairs here. I don't want you trying to go upstairs with those chains on."

She watched as Rick left the house. He usally walked to his truck in the garage, but today, he walked around the front of the house. She couldn't see what he was doing, but in less than a minute he was walking to the garage.

She stood in the window and waved to him the best that she could as he drove down the driveway. She waited a couple of minutes and then she was off to the computer room. She grabbed a towel from the bathroom closet to lay down on the black leather chair.

Like any other day it was routine for Sara to check her mail and to chat with some of her friends. Sara clicked on the icon to dial her server. The message came back, no dial tone available. She tried several times, but always the same window appeared. Then it hit her, Sara grabbed the phone and the line was dead. She tried the phone in the kichen and it was also dead.

She knew why Rick walked around the house this morning. He had disconnected the phone lines entering the house. Sara looked where her car keys normally hung and they were gone. It's not like she would be going anywhere with what she had on. It was 26 degrees outside.

The realization finally hit Sara that she was really Rick's slave.

Sara wlked into the living room taking her small steps and turned on the stereo. At least she still had her music. She reached over the chair to the thermostat and turned it up to 75 degrees. Rick didn't like to set it above 68, but there was absolutely nothing that she could put on for clothing. Only wrap an afgan around her shoulders.

It didn't take too long to do the dishes and straighten up the house. She had just dusted the other day. Sara mopped the kithen floor and vacuumed the rest of the downstairs. All she had left was the downstairs bathroom. That wouldn't take her long. She would do that just before she hopped in the shower.

Sara shut of the stereo and turned on the TV. There was nothing on, but she kept surfing anyway. While trying to cover up in the chair, Sara must of bumped something on the remote. The satellite reciever was still on, but the screen was just blue. The first thought that went through her mind is what Rick was going to do. Sara repeatedly pushed buttons until the DVD player turned on.

The DVD was a free gift from the last time that they had ordered a sex toy from Adam and Eve. There wasn't a plot, but jumped right into this blond taking it from behind. Sara forgot about the satellite being screwed up, was mesmorized by the couple on the screen.

Sara was a bit of a nympho, which is why she got in trouble in the first place. Just watching this DVD, she found herself getting wet. Her fingers found their way between her legs touching the outside of her lips. She fantasized about some stranger coming in to the house and taking her as she was bound and helpless.

She separated her lips and inserting one of her fingers. Sara couldn't help but think how good that rotating rabbit vibe would feel deep inside her, but that was upstairs. Watching more of the couple, his manhood thrusting in and out of her, she just had to have it.

Sara shuffled to the stairs and looked up the steep twelve steps. Her chain between her ankles was just long enough to make one step at a time. At the top of the stairs, Sara made her way past the bathroom to the bedroom. The bed was still unmade where Rick had slept. Next to the bed was the briefcase with all of their toys. It was a small collection, but it was growing. There were the standard vibes with sleeves, vibrating eggs, g-spot vibe and her new Rabbit.

Sara waisted no time to grab the vibe and laid back on the waterbed. She spread her knees and rubbed the head of the toy between her lips until it began to slide in slowly. She turned on the vibration and the rotation of the rabbit as she pushed it deep inside her. The little ears teased her swollen clit as it ground hard. Sara's hips matched the rotation as she tightened her muscles around her best friend. In no time at all, Sara quivered and shook as she pulled the toy from within her. She lay there trying to catch her breath as the toy still rotated in her hands.

Sara looked at the clock and knew that she had only a couple hours before Rick would be home. She shut of the toy and tried to get out of the warm waterbed. This was more difficult than she had imagined. She finally rolled over and slid out.

After washing up the toy and putting it away, Sara made her way to the steps. This was going to be a much more difficult challenge too. One step at a time, backwards, Sara finally made it.

She grabbed the remote for the TV, the DVD was still playing. It took a while, but she figured it out. She was relieved to see the satellite receiver working again.

Sara threw supper in the oven, then grabbed the cleaners for the bathroom downstairs. After a quick cleaning, it was time for a long hot shower. The leather cuffs became very heavy as they got waterlogged, and she found it hard to dry herself completely.

Most of her make-up and supplies were upstairs, but there were the basics to comb and dry her hair.

Sara became nervous as the time grew nearer to Rick getting home. It was now after five and usally showed up between now and six. All she could do now is wait. It was now getting dark outside and she looked to the east for headlights. There was one advantage to living out in the country, nobody could sneak up on you.

Sara just then remembered that she had turned the heat up hours ago. She shuffled into the living room and turned it back down to 68 degrees. Just then, headlights flashed through the window onto the wall. Rick was home.

She watched and waited as he parked the truck in the garage. Sara stood in the kitchen, naked, in her sexiest pose. Her right foot pointed gently in Her arms in front of her covering her little bush, and her hair just the way Rick liked it, a little teased.

A cold rush of winter air blew across the floor as he opened the door. Rick smiled at Sara and kissed her softly, "Hi babe."

She could feel the cold radiating off Rick's clothes as he walked by. "Supper's almost ready." Rick went upstairs to change, then sat down with Sara to eat.

There was little said for the next hour. Rick didn't like talking shop after work and Sara couldn't stop thinking about what Rick said this morning and the punishment she would soon be receiving.

After supper, Rick sat down in his recliner to watch TV and Sara took her time doing the dishes. It still didn't take long and knew that she had to face the inevitable.

Sara shut off the kitchen lights and shuffled her way into the livving room. "The house looks good babe," Rick said as he looked around. "What else did you do today?"

"Not much," Sara said. "Watched a little TV."

Rick smiled, "I hope you didn't try to go upstairs?"


Rick scooted to the edge of the chair, "Come here."

Sara knew that this was it. Her punishment time. She stood in front of Rick looking downward.

"Lay across my knee."

She knew what Rick had in mind. He had never spanked her, but it had been discussed.

"Lay across my knee!"

Sara began to bend over from Rick's left to right. "No, the other way."

She walked around and braced herself on his knee, then slowly lowered herself down until her ass was in the air. Rick put his right hand gently on her ass. "Why do you continue to lie to me? You were upsairs weren't you?"

How could he of know, Sara thought. What should she tell him?

Rick slapped her ass three times really hard. "Well?"

Sara started crying and fighting to get away.

Three more hard slaps met their mark, "Quit crying and quit squirming!" "Yes, I was upstairs,... I'm sorry."

Rick rested his hand back on Sara's ass, "Are you sorry because you went upstairs or because you lied to me, again?"

Sara didn't say a word, just whimpered trying to hold back the tears. Ten times Rick's hand slapped her now brightened ass. "OW, Ricky?"

His richt hand sat firmly on her ass spreading her cheeks wide. His middle finger found it's way into her wet opening. "Now, I supose you are going to tell me you didn't fuck this hole with some toy?"

Sara was horrified that Rick knew everything. "No, Ricky, I did. Please Ricky, I'm sorry, please?"

Rick knew Sara all too well. He had a feeling that she would find a way to get upstairs. He had put a small piece of scotch tape on the side of the briefcase and the seal had been broken.

"I just don't know what the fuck to do with you. If you like to fuck that much, maybe I should invite a bunch of my friends over and they can all take turns?"

Sara started crying again, 'Nooooo."

With his middle finger still barely in her little opening, he wiggled it, "What do you think your punishment should be?"

Sara lay there mute.

"I tell you what, pick a number between one and ten, any number."


"Five it is. Remember what I told you that your magic number was? Six, right?"


"Well, five times six is thirty. This will be your punishment tonight."

Before Sara had a chance to say a thing, Rick's hand was connecting with each cheek. Ashe tried to scream out, but Rick was relentless with her punishment.

Sara's heart beat wildly when her punishment finally concluded. She was completely weak as she lay across his knees. Her ass burned from the spanking she had just received.

Rick's finger again foung it's way into her opening. "Now, what are we going to do with this thing? Get up."

Sara struggled with her restraits trying to make it to her feet. She stood there and looked into Rick's eyes, "I'm sorry Ricky."

"Stay right here, I'll be right back."

Sara watched Rick leave the room and go upstairs. He returned holding a collar and a short chain. He bent down in front of her and unlocked her ankle cuffs. He rubbed her ankles where the leather had left a black stain. Just to be free to walk again, she thought.

Rick then stood up and walked around his beautiful wife. He lifted her hair to place the leather collar around her neck. She had only wore this once before in role play. Rick locked the collar and padlocked a chain to the collar He then walked around in front of Sara and kissed her on the forehead.

"Raise your arms, just a little."

Sara raised her arms a few inches, then Rick attached the other end of the chain to her wrist chain.

"Just right. If you can't reach that pretty pussy, maybe you won't play?"

Sara tried but couldn't move her arms down past her belly button without pulling on her collar around her neck, Her little fingers could only reach her pubes. "Ricky? How will I go to the bathroom?"

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