tagBDSMInfidelity and Chastity Ch. 04

Infidelity and Chastity Ch. 04


"I guess that you will either have to ask me for help when I am here, or jump in the shower."

Sara shook her chains and looked up at Rick, "Please Ricky, I promise not to do it again. Please?"

"Promise?" Rick asked. "Like you promised not to cheat, or to lie? You should be damn lucky that it's not the middle of summer. You would be tied outside to your Pillory for everyone to see. Maybe I should bring that in?"

"NO," Sara answered quickly. She thought back to the time when Rick had built that for her. It was medieval. She would be bent over, her arms and head clamped in the wooden structure and her legs tied wide. She had never felt so vulnerable. It was roll play back then, but this was real. She really was Rick's slave.

Sara knew that she better not push the issue. She was thankful for the use of her legs again. Just to be able to take a normal step. She immediately turned, walked to the living room and curled up on the couch. She covered herself the best that she could with the afghan, but the chain between her neck and her wrists was cold on her bare breasts. Night turned into day again. Rick was in the shower getting ready for work. She knew if she had any chance of getting out of her bindings, that she had to make him happy. She heard the shower turn off and waited for him to emerge. She dried his body with her limited motion, then knelt and grabbed his cock between her shackled hands. She stroked it gently as she licked the base of it's head.

Sara felt his cock growing as she was to do what would now be her morning ritual. She loved the taste of his pre-cum as she licked the very tip. She opened her mouth wide and took as much as she could. She spit on his cock and stroked it with her left hand. Rick's knees would give a little every time she would take him deep. Rick grabbed the bathroom doorway as Sara sucked harder while grabbing the base of his shaft.

Rick pulled out and started jacking off and moaning. Sara knew he was about to cum and opened her mouth and waited for his gift. Rick exploded, but very little cum actually went in Sara's mouth. She felt splatters above her eye, in her hair and some that ran down her cheek. She looked up at him as he drained the very last of his load and rubbed it around her mouth.

He helped Sara to her feet, put his arms around her and kissed her softly, "I love ya babe."

Sara couldn't hug him, but just being held next to his body, the one she really loved, she felt safe. "I love you too, so much."

Sara spent the next day trying to do normal chores with her short restraints. Just to get a container from the back of the refrigerator was next to impossible. She had to take a spatula and hook it to move to the front where she could grab it.

Sara's biggest dilemma was going to the bathroom. Unable to wipe, Sara found herself in the shower trying to wash. At least the shower head was removable and could be hand held. It was just long enough to use between her legs. It also had a massage setting, but she wasn't interested in playing right now, she just felt dirty.

Without the use of the internet and the phone, Sara's days went by slowly. It was getting routine. She knew in the evening Rick would punish her with a paddle or his hand. Six times, the number of times that she had cheated on him. Every morning she waited for him to exit the shower so that she may service him. She was relieved that the doctor had called Rick with the results from her visit. All negative.

Over a two weeks had passed since Rick had found out about her infidelity. It was almost May. The snow was all but gone and the sun was gaining power through the windows. It felt wonderful against her bare skin.

Sara was nearing her period and was worried about how she was going to handle it in these restraints. She was on the pill and only spotted, but still...

It had been a long time since Sara had been able to masturbate, even longer since she had felt the heat of a warm cock deep inside her. She was going crazy. If there would have been anything around the house that she could of used, she would of straddled it.

It was mid afternoon when Sara was cleaning the upstairs bathroom. At least, cleaning it the best that she could considering. Sara thought of how a nice hot bubble bath would feel. She climbed in the tub, kneeled and turned on the faucets. She kind of braced herself as she slid around to the sitting position. The hot water felt so good. It had been a long time since she'd had a bath. Sara laid down and scooted her body toward the tub spigot. She raised her legs and slid even closer. The hot water was now falling directly on her pussy. Sara spread her legs even wider so that the pulsating water would cascade over her lips. Oh if only she could touch herself, she'd cum.

"Having fun?"

Sara pushed her way from the wall and tried to sit up. Rick was home early.

"Just relax babe, it's okay," Rick said as he helped Sara to a sitting position. "Room for two?"

Sara was so relieved that Rick wasn't angry. She couldn't eve remember the last time they shared a bath.

Rick undressed, shut off the running water and sat behind Sara with his legs straddling hers. He put his arms around her and grabbed her wrists, "Let's get rid of these for now," as he unlocked one of the locks. Sara didn't know what to say, but, "Thank-you."

Rick unlocked the other wrist restraint and then the one around her neck. She was free, finally free and able to stretch out her arms for the first time in a long time. They ached as she extended them fully, Her body totally relaxed against Rick's body.

Rick lathered up a soft washcloth and began to wash her arms and wrists. The leather had left a dark stain where the cuffs had been. The one around her neck wasn't nearly as bad, but still needed attention. He lathered her breast making her nipples immediately erect. He washed lower, her stomach, then he reached between her legs to soap up her pussy .Sara moaned and spread her legs to give him better access.

He patted her pussy making a splashing sound, "I want you to shave this, smooth."

Sara looked over her shoulder and smiled. She needed to shave her legs, but she had never shaved totally. She reached for the shaving cream and lathered her right leg. Rick watched as she carefully shaved higher and higher. Sara then did her left leg. She looked over her shoulder, "Everything?"


Sara grabbed the shaving cream and applied it around her lips. She always kept it close, but lately it had gone unattended. It was hard not seeing what she was doing. Mostly it was by feel. "How is that?" Sara asked.

Rick reached around and explored all around her pussy. "Very nice."

"I want you to turn on the faucet again, nice and warm." Sara turned it on and got the temperature just right. "Slide back down like you were and I'll wash your hair."

Sara wasted no time to reposition herself under the spigot. Rick laid her head back and poured warm water over the rest of her hair to get it wet. His fingers massaged her head while he shampooed he hair. Sara was in heaven. Her hair hadn't been completely clean since Rick put those cuffs on her.

Rick finished rinsing Sara's hair and helped her to sit up. "Turn around."

Sara got up and turned around, then sat down straddling Rick's legs. She noticed Rick's cock was already hard. She slid just inches from him. Sara soaped up the washcloth and began to wash Rick. She lathered his chest, then worked her way down and wrapped the warm cloth around his cock. She left the cloth there as she grabbed the soap and lathered her hands. She looked into his eyes as he removed the cloth and replaced it with her soapy hands. She loved the control she had over him as she stroked his seven inches, slowly. "Like this?"

Rick smiled and wanted to take her right there, but it wasn't time. She had still cheated on him.

Sara slid closer thinking she could slide onto his throbbing member. Sara needed him inside her, physically and emotionally.

Rick grabbed her hands and helped her stroke his cock, as he slid back slightly. She knew then it wasn't going to happen, not yet. She continued to stroke him, soaping up occasionally. Rick grabbed the sides of the tub as Sara continued to rub his cock even after he had came. She held is cock as it grew softer in her hand.

"Your present came today," Rick said as he slid close to Sara. He kissed her passionately, then helped her from the tub. He softly dried her back, wrapped the towel around her and hugged her tight. "Dry your hair and come downstairs, no clothes."

"Okay," Sara replied. She no longer cared about being naked. She was free of her bindings. They lay on the floor with the chains.

Sara dried and styled her hair the way she like it for the first time in weeks. She admired herself in the full length mirror and the way she looked clean shaven. She hurried her way downstairs to find out what Rick had bought for her. She stood in front of Rick like a young school girl all excited.

Rick sat in the chair and looked up at Sara. He reached out and held her hands. "I think, in the last couple of weeks that you deserve some freedom. That doesn't mean that I forgive you, trust you completely or that your punishment is over. The routine that you have gotten use to will continue. You will be reminded of the six times you fucked around on me nightly, and you will service me every morning. Understand?"

Sara squeezed Rick's hand, "Yes."

"I hooked up the phone lines while you were upstairs. The computer now works, and so does the phone."

Rick got up and led Sara to the beam she knew only too well. He hooked a rope with handles attached. "I want you to hang on to the handles. Let go, and the computer and the phone goes away. Can I trust you?"

"Yes," Sara said as she reached up and held on tight.

"Spread your legs."

Sara did what he said and waited for the inevitable, but didn't expect this. She felt the sting of a whip between her legs that almost dropped her to the ground. The end of the whip connected on her clit and stung so bad she wanted to reach down and grab her pussy to protect it. Rick had never used a whip before.

"Remember six? I want you to count out loud." Sara hung on tight and waited. That was the worst part. The waiting. Sara felt the first of six across her ass. "One," she cried out. This was far worse than the paddle, she thought.

The whip, or flogger was only about 24" long. It was home made out of narrow leather strips. "TWO!" Sara yelled as it brushed against her tender skin.

She knew that she dare not cry. She deserved everything that she was getting. "THREE!"


Sara's mind wandered as the brunt of her punishment sunk in.

"FOUR!" She cried out.

"Four? Is it four of five? Do you want me to start over?"

"No, no no, Fou...Five...FIVE!" Sara cried.

Rick touched her tender ass. Sara spread her legs wider hoping that he would touch her, and take her right there.

Rick stepped back, "SIX!"

Rick dropped the flogger and held Sara tight from behind, "I so love you. Don't move."

Sara stood there wishing she could rub her ass where the whip had connected. Her punishment seemed to enhance her submissive side. Her pussy now was so wet, she could only imagine Rick taking here from behind.

Rick wasn't gone but a couple minutes when he returned carrying a small box. "I hope this fits."

Sara watched as he pulled out something unrecognizable. Just then, Sara realized what it was. A chastity belt. Could it be, she thought?

"Hold still," Rick said as he raised the belt in place. Sara squirmed as the cold stainless steel hit her wetness.

Rick clipped the latch in place. He felt around the plate working his fingers underneath just enough to feel her labia, "Hmmm, needs some work." He unhooked the belt and lowered it to the floor. "Step out."

Sara removed her feet from the chains and watched Rick take her belt down the basement.

"Don't you move," He yelled back as he disappeared around the corner.

Within minutes, Rick had returned. "Let's try this." He knelt in front of Sara just inches from her newly shaved pussy. As he set her belt on the floor and spread the chains, Sara looked down at Rick, "Ricky, please, no, don't make me wear that."

"Would you rather be shackled like you were a few weeks ago?"

"No, but..."

"Shhhhh... step in," Rick interrupted.

Sara paused, then cautiously stepped between the chains.

Rick started to raise the belt in place, then stopped. "I'm sure going to miss her," He said as he reached up with his left hand and touched her lips. He lowered the belt, leaned in and licked Sara's pussy near her clit. Sara almost fell down trying to get her feet from the chains so that she may spread her legs.

"You like this?" Rick asked as he returned to lapping up her wetness.

"Oh yes, Ricky, yes, don't stop, ohhhhh..."

Rick stopped as quickly as he started, "Step back in."

"No Ricky, please? I want to feel you deep inside me. Ricky?"

Rick looked up at Sara, "Step in."

Sara raised her right leg again and stepped between the chains. She looked down at Rick, almost in tears as he raised the cold steel in place. There wasn't much to it, just a narrow waist band, pink in color, with a contoured crotch guard. The guard only covered her pussy, then branched with two flat chains that attached separately to the waistband in the back.

Rick finished hooking the crotch guard with the waistband and locked it in place. H ran his fingers all around the guard looking for imperfection and openings of any kind.

Rick stood up, raised his arms above his head and lowered Sara's, then kissed her softly, "go take a look."

Sara walked to the bathroom slowly to the full length mirror. The new two pound article of clothing needed some getting use to. She stood there staring at herself while Rick stood behind her. Sara almost felt sexy the way it conformed to her body. The pink belt sat low on her hips and the chains in the back seemed to accent her perfect little ass. "What about going to the bathroom?"

"I got the one with the chains, so that you could take a shit. They make a single cable belt that fits like a thong. That one can get messy. As far as taking a piss, there is a long narrow slot built into your little guard. From what I read, you just have to use more paper. See? Your little lips are trying to peek."

Sara reached down between her legs and touched her labia, "I'm gonna get my period this weekend..."

"We will work something out. I hold the key. When I am home, maybe we won't have to wear that 24/7. When I'm not, the belt is waterproof. Showers or baths."

Rick grabbed Sara by the hand and led her back into the living room. "This doesn't change your nightly punishment. I am only offering you more freedom. Freedom to wear clothing, go to town, and even visit friends. Can I trust you?"

Rick threw a pillow in the middle of the living room floor. "There is one more thing that I have to check out. Kneel down and put your head down here."

Sara slowly knelt down, then laid her head on the pillow.

"I have to make damn sure that you aren't able to touch yourself."

Sara glanced back at Rick taking off his pants. She immediately lifted her head off the pillow, "Ricky?"

"Put your head back down," Rick said as he knelt behind Sara.

"Just relax," She heard Rick say as she felt the cold liquid run down the crack of her ass.

"Nooooo," She begged as his finger probed her tight little hole.

Rick and Sara very seldom had anal sex, and when they did, there was always alcohol involved. It helped Sara relax enough to accommodate Rick's thick cock.

"Ricky? I won't touch myself, I promise... Please?"

Rick slapped Sara lightly on her left ass cheek. "Spread your legs for me babe."

Sara clenched the pillow as she felt Rick slowly spread her cheeks with his massive cock.


Sara couldn't take him and laid flat on the floor. Rick grabbed the back of her new chastity belt and pulled her back into position. "Don't do that again."

As Rick's cock slid deeper and deeper into her tight ass, Sara reached back to spread her lips. She tried to slide her hand under her belt and along side of it, but was no use.

Rick continued to ease himself in and out of her as Sara begged for him to stop. "Oh my Gawd. Ricky, no, stop...please? Please stop..." Sara continued to try and rub her clit, but could only just touch her labia that was protruding through her pee slot. She felt an intense feeling building as Rick buried himself all the way. The chastity belt gave him leverage to thrust himself harder.

"Oh, fuck you're tight," Rick said as he pulled out, then replanted his meat. "You wanted me inside you, right?"

"Yes," She said. "but..."

Sara knew if she could just rub her clit, that she would be able to cum. She also knew Rick was getting close by his moans and his rhythm.

Sara's submissiveness was taking over. Locked in a chastity belt, being taken from behind, and the inability to touch herself was building. Sara pinched her left nipple hard as she grew to orgasm.

"Oh fuck, yes, yes, OH..." Rick yelled as he pulled from Sara's ass and exploded on her ass and back.

Sara felt the heat of his cock as it rested between her ass cheeks. She could feel her lips swollen and soaked, just seconds from being able to cum.

Rick stood up and reached for his pants, "Well, at least now I know that you won't be masturbating while I'm gone, will you?"

Sara laid down and whispered, "no."

Rick walked to the bathroom and brought back a warm washcloth for Sara. He carefully cleaned her up then laid down next to her. She rolled to her side so that she could look at the man she loved. Even though she was sexually frustrated, she understood why all of this was happening. She had betrayed Rick and the love they once had. She knew that she deserved what ever punishment that he had in mind.

Rick softly touched the side of her face, brushing the hair from her eyes. "I love you."

Sara kissed Rick's hand, "I love you."

Sara still wasn't allowed upstairs in the waterbed. The sleeping arrangements was still the couch until Rick said otherwise.

The following week was now a routine. The only exception was Sara's period. Rick was very flexible when it came to Sara's needs. He removed the chastity belt in the morning for about an hour before he left for work and a couple hours after work. Sara still wasn't allowed to bathe or shower without the belt.

Sara was just happy to get out of the house. She was now able to go grocery shopping and run normal errands. Rick even sent Sara to the local Wal-Mart to buy some new pants. Most of her jeans were skin tight and showed her chastity belt chains. The belt sat low enough on her hips to still allow Sara to buy low cut jeans to so that she could show off her tummy.

It wasn't long before Sara got use to wearing her belt and the routine. Going to the bathroom took more paper than usual and driving was a bit of a discomfort. Still, with all the inconveniences, Sara began to adapt. Her biggest problem was that she was so horny.

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