tagBDSMInfidelity and Chastity Ch. 07

Infidelity and Chastity Ch. 07


Rick and Sara took advantage of the warm sun and finished her photo shoot in the back yard. Sara playfully posed for Rick trying to get him excited. The only problem was, that she too was excited. After confronting her fear of being caught naked outside, Sara enjoyed being photographed hiding behind trees or modeling on the Harley. The warm seat felt good to her as she straddled it to pose.

He had given her permission to touch herself, even masturbate, but she dare not cum. It felt so good to finally be able to rub her clit and to insert a finger into her wet pussy, but she had to be careful or she might wind up in those short chains again.

Rick ran out of film for the 35mm and out of memory for Sara's digital camera, "That's it babe, that's all the film we have. Good job."

Sara picked up the blanket and both her and Rick's clothes. He had taken off all of his clothes too while he was taking pictures.

"I'm going to jump in the shower, then I'll fix supper, okay?" Sara asked.

"Sounds great...but no more playing!"

"I'll be good."

"I want you to wear one of your sexy teddies after supper."

Sara took a quick shower to get off the sun tan lotion, put on her robe and through a pizza in the oven. She was tiered from all the fresh air and wanted something quick. Sara wasn't the greatest cook, but Rick never complained about anything that she put on the table.

Rick downloaded the pictures onto the computer, then it was his turn in the shower while the pizza cooked.

After they ate, they both sat in front of the computer to look at the pics they had taken. Sara only saw the bad ones and thought that she looked fat. Rick reassured her just how beautiful she really was. They cropped a few, then retired to the recliner in the living room. It was a tight fit for both of them, but neither one minded.

"You look hot." Rick said complimenting Sara on her choice of clothing. She had chosen a short red teddy with matching panties. Sara felt hot too. This was the first time that she was able to dress feminine, and she loved it.

Sara curled up next to Rick and laid her head on his shoulder. "Thank you for today, I love you."

"I love ya too, babe."

As they sat and watched TV, Rick ran his fingers lightly up and down Sara's legs. She changed positions slightly to give him access between her legs. Sara opened Rick's robe and played with his cock and balls. As she grabbed his shaft, it immediately grew in her hands.

"I want you," Sara said as she stroked the length of his cock.

"I want you too...but, not yet. You have come a long way, but I need to know that I can trust you completely. I'm going to let you sleep upstairs, with me tonight without your chastity belt. Can I trust you not to masturbate?"

Sara knew that Rick was weakening and that she had come a long way since her deception. "I won't masturbate, I promise."

Rick grabbed the remote and turned on the VCR. "No matter how wet I get you?" he asked as the X-rated tape began to play.

He grabbed Sara's hand and continued the motion that she had started on his shaft. His left hand explored the inner thigh of her right leg. "No fair," Sara said as she clamped her legs together.

"I think that it's perfectly fair. You use to masturbate daily and have sex on the side, Did you ever think about me?"

Sara didn't say a word, just reopened her legs and continued stroking his hardness. She could feel herself getting wetter as Rick explored her lower panty lines. His touch was so soft, almost like a tickle and it was driving her crazy. Sara didn't want to watch the video, but she couldn't help it. Between the feel of Rick's throbbing cock in her hand and watching the man on the video taking the woman from behind, any little penetration and she knew that she would cum.

The hotter she got, the faster that she would stroke Rick. Most of the day today they had spent naked turning one another on. It wasn't long at all before Rick tensed up in the chair and shot his load uncontrollably over himself and Sara. "Oh fuck!" Rick gasped as Sara continued to stroke his sensitive skin.

Sara giggled as she got out of the chair. She returned with a warm washcloth to clean up Rick. Before she washed him, Sara took his semi-hard cock in her mouth and sucked any remaining juices from his exhausted body.

"Let's go to bed," Sara said as he finished cleaning Rick.

Sara slept that night for the first time without her chastity belt. Even though she was sexually frustrated, she knew that she couldn't break her promise. She just curled up next to Rick knowing that she was safe.

Monday Tuesday and Wednesday went by routinely. Sara wore her chastity belt during the day, but it would come off when Rick came home from work. She still was instructed to lay across his knees for her six slaps across the ass, but it was getting more erotic instead of a punishment. Rick's firm hand reddening her ass would be interrupted by his gentle fingers exploring her wetness.

Thursday morning, Sara's routine changed when Rick asked her to join him in the shower. He lathered her body as if he was exploring it for the first time. Sara braced herself against the shower wall hoping that Rick would take her right there. Her knees almost gave out when he firmly lathered between her legs. "Hold still."

Rick removed the hand held shower massage from the holder and turned the head to pulsate. Sara almost melted as the warm massaging water rinsed the soap from her body. As he reached around her to remove all the suds, he gently squeezed her left breast and pinched her already hard nipple. Sara could feel Rick's hard cock nestling between her cheeks as reached around and held her tight.

"Spread your legs," Rick said as he reached lower to guide the pulsating water to her awaiting lips.

"Oh my Go...."

"Hold still."

"Ricky... right there, yes, yes, Ricky...let me cum, please, please?"

Rick squeezed her nipple hard, "Don't you cum," as he removed the water massage.

Sara just stood there, frustrated to the point that she didn't care if Rick would punisher her. She needed sexual relief.

Rick wrapped her in a towel and blotted her body dry. She still knew what she had to do. As she began to kneel looking at Rick's semi-hard cock, he pulled her back up. "Maybe later babe, I have a surprise for you."

Sara followed Rick into the living room where she had left her chastity belt. As she stepped in the chains and raised it in place, Rick kissed her softly, "Wait a second."

She watched as Rick reached in the end table drawer and pulled out a pink sex toy that she had not seen before. It was about three inches long, an inch and a half wide and tapered at the base.

"This is actually a anal vibrator, but we are going to use it a little differently today. Are we still wet?"


Rick knelt down in front of her. "Spread your legs a little."

Sara complied as far as the chains would let her. She jumped as Rick licked her lips apart. Her clit was still sensitive from the water massage earlier. With only a couple licks of Rick's hot tongue, Sara was instantly wet.

Rick guided the jelly plug slowly into place as Sara's lips surrounded the plug at the suction cup base. "Oh....yes."

"Now, let's put your belt on."

As the belt was raised, Rick routed the wire and control through the opening at the rear. Rick then assisted Sara to pull the stainless steel plate into place and lock it.

"Okay? Not too tight?"

"No, it's fine." Sara said as she could feel it fill her inside.

Rick handed Sara the remote for the vibrator, "I'm going to trust you with this. If you don't use it all day, you will be rewarded. If you run the batteries down, even just a little, tonight's punishment will double and be with the paddle. Understand?"


"Try it, It's okay."

Sara turned on the variable speed vibrator to high. "Ohhhh!"

The vibration radiated through her belt and deep inside. Her knees grew weak as the vibration grew more intense.

"That's enough," Rick said as he grabbed the remote from Sara and shut it off. "Those are brand new batteries."

Rick kissed Sara, "I have to get to work. No playing," he said jokingly.

Sara stood there holding her remote as Rick finished getting ready for work. As she moved around, Sara could feel the pressure of the belt pushing hard against the plug and her lips.

After Rick left for work, Sara finally dressed putting the remote in her jeans pocket. Every step she took, Sara was totally aware of her toy and how wet she was.

Sara sat in the recliner and stared at the TV. Her mind was on only one thing, and that was how good that vibrator felt when it was turned on. She looked at the remote and wondered if she should turn it on.

Although she knew that Rick was testing her, Sara couldn't stop thinking about turning on her toy. Knowing that Rick would check the batteries when he got home, Sara looked for another set of AA batteries. She searched the drawer that usually contained some batteries, but there were no AA. Sara ran upstairs where Rick kept all of her toys. Every step that she took pushed hard against her lips making her mission to find some batteries that much more important.

Sara knelt next to the briefcase wondering if she should open it or not. The last time that she did, Rick knew and punished her by leaving her completely naked and her arms in short chains making it impossible to touch herself. She had come so far and waited way too long to go back to those helpless days.

The briefcase remained untouched as she slowly walked downstairs. Sara again rifled through the drawer that normally held the batteries, but there was nothing.

After looking down the basement and in impossible places, Sara found herself again sitting in the recliner. She pulled the remote out of her pocket and held it with her thumb on the sliding switch. She knew that her punishment tonight would be twelve strikes across the ass with the paddle if she would turn it on. Sara also knew that if she did turn it on, her sexual frustration that had been building up over the last few months would finally be released.

Sara's willpower grew weak as she tightened her muscles around the toy. She closed her eyes and slowly slid the remote to on.

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