tagBDSMInfidelity and Chastity Ch. 09

Infidelity and Chastity Ch. 09


"Shhhh! Now hold still, we're almost finished."

Sara lay there as Rick finished shaving her smooth. Unable to move and blindfolded, the warm sensation of the wash cloth on her tender skin only made her ache for more.

"Hmmm, you like this?"


Rick lowered his head and parted Sara's labia with his tongue. "How about this?"

"Oh, yes, yes..."

Sara's legs shook to Rick's rhythmic lapping of her now wet pussy. It had been months since he had touched her like this with such passion.

Sara's ultimate pleasure was interrupted by a soft knock at the door.

Rick paused from rolling his tongue back and forth across Sara's clit. "Door's open, C'mon in."

Struggling with her restraints, Sara whispered loudly, "Ricky...no!"

"We're in the living room"

Sara could feel the cool night air sneak across the floor of the living room as the door open and closed. Her thoughts went from ecstasy to terrified in just a matter of seconds.

"And you must be Shannon," Rick said as he stood up to greet her for the first time. "You are very beautiful. Your pictures don't do you justice at all."

"Thank-you," Shannon said as she gently shook Rick's hand.

I believe that you two have already met. I think that you know each better as "Wet_n_sassy" and "Kttn4u."

Sara instantly realized that this had been the woman she had been e-mailing and talking on line about her situation for weeks. She had confided in this woman about her infidelity, chastity, and her thoughts about being with another woman. She could only visualize Shannon 's pics.

Shannon looked down at Sara blindfolded and spread wide on the floor, "I might say, the pictures that you had sent me don't do justice to Sara either. She is truly beautiful, and you shaved her, for me?"

"And me." Rick said. "What about you?" Rick said jokingly.

Shannon just laughed, "Wanna see?"

Rick smiled and knelt down next to Sara, Babe? Shannon is here to determine what your punishment should be, understand?"

"Yes, but....Ricky?"

"Shhhh, just relax. I love you."

Shannon knelt on the other side of Sara, "I don't believe that we need these anymore," as she slowly removed the nipple clamp from Sara's left breast.

Sara squirmed as she felt the release of the other clamp.

"Would you like a glass of wine, Shannon?"

"That sounds nice."

Sara could only lay there helplessly as Rick poured Shannon a glass of wine. She could hear them talking in the kitchen, but couldn't quite make out what they were saying. Sara heard them return to the living room and sit on the couch next to where Sara lay.

"So, Shannon, what do you think Sara's punishment should be?"

"I've given this some thought. She cheated on you, right? I think that she should watch as you ram your hard cock in and out of my pussy."

"No!" Sara cried out.

"That's only fair. The only difference is that Rick isn't going to cheat behind your back/"

"Sounds fair to me," Rick said.

"Please....no, Sara whimpered.

"No?... I tell you what, miss Sara, if you can give me an orgasm, Rick won't fuck me. How's that?"

"I don't understand," Sara said, almost in tears.

Shannon stood up and removed her Harley T-shirt exposing her little 34B breasts. "Your punishment," she said as her skirt fell to the floor. "Simple, you satisfy me and I won't satisfy your husband."

As Shannon removed her thong, "You told me that you were bi-curious, have you changed your mind?"

"I don't know?" Sara whispered.

"It's okay, Shhhh,..." Shannon said as she knelt next to Sara. "Kiss me."

Rick watched on as Shannon's lips met Sara's. His cock instantly grew hard watching the woman he loved being dominated by another woman.

Shannon explored Sara's helpless body, slowly licking her way downward until her kisses reached Sara's inner thigh. She moaned at the light touches of Shannon's tongue reached her awaiting wet lips. Sara also realized that Shannon had straddled her face in the sixty-nine position feeling the heat between Shannon's legs.

Rick knelt at Sara's head. He laid his throbbing cock at her lips. Sara instantly took it in her mouth and sucked hard as she felt Shannon exploring her labia. "I want you to taste her. Eat her pretty pussy," Rick said as he pulled his cock away from her mouth and raised her head off the pillow.

Sara stuck out her tongue hesitantly and touched Shannon's velvet hanging labia. The softness and taste exhilarated Sara to only explore deeper.

Shannon's body shivered as Sara explored her inner wetness. Shannon spread her knees wider settling herself down to meet Sara's lapping.

"Good girl," Rick told Sara as he lowered her head back down to the pillow. "I bet she tastes great , huh?"

All Sara could do is moan to Rick's question. Her licks were being matched by Shannon laying on top of her.

"I think you earned some freedom," Rick said as he unlocked and unbuckled Sara's right wrist restraint. As quick as Rick released her, Sara used her freedom to finger Shannon's soaked pussy. Her gentle one finger soon turned into two forcing Shannon to stop licking and collapse on Sara's thigh.

Rick grabbed Sara's right hand and stopped her from fingering Shannon. "Slow down, she's not ready yet."

"No...don't stop!" Shannon exclaimed.

"You two need to change positions," Rick said as he unlocked and unbuckled Sara's left wrist restraint.

Shannon hesitantly removed herself from on top of Sara's body. "Should we take off her ankle cuffs too?"

"I think we can trust her," Rick said jokingly as he gently kissed Sara. He could taste Shannon's juices still on her lips.

Sara lay there as Rick and Shannon removed her spreader bar and leather cuffs. "C'mon babe," Rick said helping Sara to her feet.

Shannon wasted no time laying down where Sara had been. She spread her legs wide and couldn't stop herself from touching her own sweet lips.

"Your turn," Rick said slapping Sara gently on the ass.

Sara knelt above Shannon, then lowered herself to the familiar smell of her natural perfume.

Within seconds of Sara positioning herself, Shannon spread her lips and began to tongue her clit.

Rick rubbed Sara's back, then laid next to her handing her a large vibe, then whispered to her softly, "Here babe, I want you to fuck her with this...make her cum."

Without hesitation, Sara licked the tip of the vibrator and eased it into Shannon. She worked it in and out a few times before turning it on high.

"Oh...my Gawd..." Shannon cried out.

"That's it, don't stop." Rick commanded.

Rick knelt behind Sara watching Shannon eat and finger her pretty pussy. As he eased his cock into his wife for the first time in months, Shannon grabbed Rick's shaft and determined the rhythm that he was to take her.

Feeling Rick take her from behind, Sara pushed hard into him while violently stroking the vibe in and out of Shannon. She could feel herself building as Shannon rubbed her clit hard as Rick took her deep.

"Yes, yes...yes!" Shannon screamed as she fought and clamped her legs around Sara and the vibrating toy.

Sara pushed the toy deeper as Shannon relaxed the grip she had and trembled violently to a gushing orgasm.

Watching Shannon explode, Sara's body soon followed. "Ricky?"

"I wanna cum....please, please?"

"Cum for me baby," Rick said out of breath as he continued to ram Sara. Her back arched as Shannon rubbed her swollen clit.

Sara reached back between her legs to stop Shannon's relentless stroking, but it was already too late. Sara had never felt such a build up in her entire life. She was going to cum, and now.

"Ricky...stop, stop, stop...ohhhh!"

Rick's backstroke was met with an incredible force. Sara gushed soaking both Shannon and Rick.

"Oh, fuck!" Rick said as he planted his seven inch cock back into Sara. Shannon rubbed his balls as she watched Rick's cock taking full strokes in and out of Sara.

"Not again... Ricky?" Sara cried.

Rick pulled out and stroked his cock as he watched Sara's body shake uncontrollably with another soaking orgasm.

"Oh, fuck! Fuck! Rick yelled as he unloaded his gift to both of the girls.

Both Shannon and Sara lay there completely still except for their rapid breathing. Rick looked down at Shannon and laughed out loud. She was soaked. Her hair was wet and had gobs of his cum on her face.

Sara crawled off, turned around and leaned over Shannon. "I'm so sorry," she said, trying not to laugh.

"That was incredible." Shannon said as she sat up and kissed Sara.

The girls got up off the floor and grabbing Shannon's hand, Sara led her to the bathroom. As they cleaned up, Shannon put her hand on Sara's shoulder, "I have a confession. I really wasn't here to punish you, and Rick wasn't going to have sex with me. I was a gift to you for completing your chastity."

Laughing "After that, I think that you were my gift."

After cleaning up, the girls walked back into the living room where Rick was sitting in his robe. Sara immediately sat on Rick's lap. "Thank-you." Sara was so relieved that Rick had finally forgave her for her infidelity. It had been a long journey to gain Rick's trust again.

"I love ya babe. You don't have to wear your belt any longer."

Sara watched Shannon get dressed, "Ricky? Can I still wear it while you are at work? I love the fact that you hold my key. That way, I won't be tempted to masturbate either."

Rick just laughed, "Don't trust yourself, huh?"

"I have to go guys." Shannon said looking at the time. "Any chance that we can get together again?"

"Please?" Sara asked Rick with a devilish grin.

"How can I say no to this face," Rick said laughing.

Walking Shannon out, they all exchanged hugs knowing they would all be reunited.

As the headlights disappeared down the driveway, Rick held Sara in his arms. In one smooth move, he picked her up under her ass and pushed her hard into the wall. She wrapped her legs around him as he lowered her onto his hard shaft. Sara knew as he took her completely they were again as one.

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