tagLoving WivesInfidelity Exposed

Infidelity Exposed


Nothing compares to the excitement of secretly watching your wife being unfaithful!

This is a true story that happened to me some years ago.

The Background

My name is David and I'm married to an incredibly beautiful, sexy and sensuous woman named Abbey. I had married Abbey after knowing her for quite a while. Our relationship was an on and off affair. I did the chasing and it was a real battle to win her over. I finally fucked her when she was 18, at my 21st birthday party. We split up and it was not until about a year later that we started going out again. Being a good snoop and from carefully reading her diaries, I knew she had been fucked by half-a-dozen guys in the meantime. That's not surprising as she is tall (about 5'9"), blonde, curvy, with deliciously soft D cup tits. One of my favourite features is her legs, which are long and her calf muscles are beautifully shaped. Abbey has a Scandinavian type complexion and is very pretty as well. Needless to say, attracting men has never been a problem for her!

We got engaged and I had to move away for work. Lurking in the back of my mind was the nagging doubt that she would not be faithful. It was a feeling that created feelings of jealousy, anger and arousal. Abbey came to see me after about six months apart, and from going through her handbag I found a list containing two columns with my name at the top of one and another guy's at the top of another. It was a list containing our respective good/bad points! I confronted Abbey with the list and she started to cry. She admitted had come to break off our engagement, but once she saw me again she realized she couldn't. She also admitted she was fucking the other guy and had started about a month after I had left. In fact, they had had kinky sex the night before - naked together on a plastic drop sheet with a bottle of baby oil. Abbey was on the pill and she admitted he was cumming inside her.

Needless to say, from that moment on I was always suspicious, but never had hard evidence that she was playing up. We got married and this story begins in year four of our marriage.

The Adventure

Abbey was working at a local newspaper company and the department she worked in consisted mainly of men, a few of whom were unattached. Abbey is quite a social butterfly and enjoys going out, particularly on the weekend after work. By this stage in our marriage there was a little bit of tension; even though we didn't fight, it seemed to me that Abbey was getting restless. In particular, two guys, Pat and Tim seemed to be her favorites and she seemed to always enjoy socializing with them. Needless to say, on our nights out when we were socializing with them, I could sense a fair bit of sexual tension and I was usually the one wanting to call it a night and go home.

One weekend some of her workmates arranged to go camping at a nearby river. It was an "arrive Saturday, spend the day waterskiing, drinking, and then having a barbecue and a night of drinking" kind of weekend. The afternoon went well enough and we had pitched our tent and joined in the fun. Later that night the party was still going and quite a bit of beer, bourbon and rum had been drunk. Abbey was right in her element, partying hard and enjoying the very social atmosphere. She was wearing tight fitting shorts which highlighted her long tanned legs and a semi transparent white top that clearly showed the outline of her bra, that was bulging as it struggled to contain her big tits.

By 11.30 I was ready to call it a night. I was hoping to fuck Abbey back at the tent. Abbey was in no mood to come, and said she wanted to stay a bit longer. I reluctantly agreed and went back to the tent. I lay down and all the doubts and worries began to race through my mind. I took out my cock and began to slowly stroke. I held off climaxing in case Abbey showed up and I could unload in her. Sleep was out of the question.

At about 12.30 the music was turned off and I expected Abbey at any moment. After ten minutes I got out of the tent and went to see where she was. The main camp was deserted. People had drifted off to their respective tents, with the exception of Tim who was asleep in his bean bag, with his can of bourbon and cola still in his hand. My mind was racing. Where was Abbey? Who was she with? What were they doing?

I walked to the edge of the camp, where I could see down the river bank to the water. I could see a couple of figures swimming, one of whom I guessed was Abbey. The main bank of the river, where the camp was situated, was a long way from the water. About Twenty feet below the main bank was a second bank, which was actually quite wide and flat. About five feet below it was the water. There was a track going down to the water and the boat and trailer were parked on the second bank near where the swimmers were. Luckily it was a full moon and visibility was excellent.

I decided to observe what was happening. I retraced my steps back to our tent and then went down the main river bank to the second bank, which luckily was in places quiet grassy. Most of the grass was very short, almost like a lawn, but there were several areas where the grass was about two feet tall.

Once I reached the second bank, I crouched low and sneaked along the bank closer to where they were. I found a good position in tallish grass about 20 yards from where they were swimming and where they would have to get out of the water. From this close I could clearly see them. It was Abbey and Pat. The moonlight was such that it made the water phosphorescent, and I could see in clear detail. Abbey had stripped down to her bra and panties and Pat just had his shorts on. They were in waist deep water and were just splashing around.

It was only about two minutes later that they started to get out. My heart was racing at maximum pace and my breathing was deafening. I was sure they would hear me or see me. I pressed flatter to the ground Pat sat on the boat trailer and Abbey dried herself with her shirt. I was expecting her to put it on, but instead she dropped it and went to Pat at the trailer. He sat back more and motioned for her to come and lean against him. She did. It was a half lean, half sit on his knee kind of pose. It would have been just a touch chilly out of the water, as there was a slight breeze.

They were talking quietly and I couldn't make out what they were saying. Only snatches of conversation drifted over. By this stage my senses and emotions were in overdrive. I could see where this could be heading. My emotions were divided. I wanted to race over and grab Abbey and take her back to the tent. On the other hand I wanted to witness her being unfaithful…watch her having sex with another man. I slowly released my throbbing cock and began a slow irregular stroke, being careful not to cum.

Their discussion seemed to be getting more earnest and Abbey snuggled closer. A few words wafted my way. I heard Pat say "…that special night.." and then he looped an arm around her. I stopped my stroking for a moment to avoid cumming. Then Pat leaned down and Abbey turned her head upwards. They kissed! It was not a peck on the cheek, but a full kiss and I could see from it that their tongues would be entwining and probing each other's mouth. They broke apart and I could hear Abbey giggle. Pat had now moved his arm that he had around her and was cupping her right breast.

I had no doubt what was going to happen. It was decision time. I couldn't move.

Then I hear Abbey say, "I can't." Then they kissed again and more words were exchanged. They both got up and bent and picked up their clothes. I gave a silent sigh of relief. It was over. But I was wrong!

Pat took Abbey by the hand and they began to walk straight towards me. I froze! I was sure to be discovered! I prepared to jump up and act the angry husband and go on the attack. Then they stopped at a section of two inch grass and dropped the clothes. I was no more than ten yards away!

Pat and Abbey turned and faced each other and kissed again. It was not a delicate and tender kiss, but one full of lust, passion and arousal. I could see Abbey's tongue working feverishly. Pat's hands dropped and squeezed Abbey's arse, pulling her towards him, so that she pressed up against him.

Realising I was safe, I began masturbating again. My arousal level matched theirs. Abbey stepped back reached up and undid the front clip of her bra. Her beautiful tits sprang free. Pat lent down and took on nipple in his mouth. I was so close that I could hear Abbey moan with pleasure. I knew Abbey's pussy would be wet with arousal and be delightfully slippery. Abbey then reached down and unclipped the front of Pat's shorts and tugged open the Velcro fly. Pat reached down and slipped down his underpants. His cock sprang free. It looked to be about seven inches, reasonably thick and was three-quarters hard. Abbey reached down, circled his cock which she began to slowly stroke. It was only a few strokes and it was fully erect. Abbey bent and removed her panties.

"Will here do?" said Pat.

"Yes," said Abbey. "Help me lay out the clothes. We mightn't have a lot of time." They bent over and laid out the clothes to cover the grass.

Abbey sat down and then lay back, with her legs apart. Pat knelt down between her legs and I could clearly see his hand move forward to her pussy. My view was partly blocked by her raised leg, but I could tell his fingers had entered her pussy. I could imagine the heat and the slippery wetness that greeted him. I was doing my best not to cum and I know I wanted to see Abbey fucked. I wanted to see her become the sexy adulteress I knew she had always been.

Pat lent forward and sucked one of her nipples. I could hear Abbey moan again. She reached forward, behind Pat's head and drew his mouth to hers. Her legs moved further apart. Pat was now kneeling right between her legs, with his arms either side of her. It was at this point they broke their kiss and Abbey reached down with both hands and found his cock. I knew she was going to guide it into her pussy. Pat lowered himself down and I could tell he had entered her. Then he moved up and down a couple of times to become fully inserted. I had no doubt that Abbey was wet and slippery with anticipation and entry for Pat's cock had not been difficult. I also knew from the past experience of many fucking sessions, that Abbey's cunt was wonderfully tight and that her exquisite muscle control would soon milk Pat's cock of its seed.

"That feels so good," I heard him say and then he began moving as he began fucking my wife.

Pat began pumping with a steady rhythm and I could hear the low grunts and moans of pleasure their fucking was producing. After about twenty strokes Pat stopped, bent over and took one of Abbey's nipples into his mouth, and then mover up and kissed her. Then he resumed his pumping.

Abbey then straightened her legs so they were sticking straight out and her head turned to the side and I could see she was biting her bottom lip. She was obviously enjoying the attention. I was giving my own cock occasional light strokes - anything more would have pushed me over the edge. The head of my cock felt doubly sensitive and energized and each stroke sent tingles of pleasure throughout my body.

Then Pat began to quicken slightly and I could tell he was getting close to orgasm. My mind began to race again. Would Abbey ask him to pull out, would he do it of his own accord or would she allow him to cum inside her?

My question was quickly answered. Pat groaned, arched his back and slammed into her. I could tell he was ejaculating. His body was rigid and he was fully impaled. I could imagine the thick jets of semen he was spurting into Abbey's slippery, yet gripping pussy. As if to prove how much she wanted his seed, Abbey moved her legs around his arse and locked him in position, still impaled.

My excitement level was off the scale by now and it only took a few quick strokes and I began my own climax. The sensation was as intense as I'd ever experienced and I gripped my cock hard as it twitched and spurted several thick streams of cum onto the ground in front of me. It was all I could do to stop from groaning.

"That was good," I heard Pat murmur after a few seconds and I quickly snapped back to attention. "Uh huh," Abbey replied. Pat then bent down and whispered something in her ear and I heard her giggle.

They stood up and Abbey grabbed the towel and gave her pussy a quick dab, presumably Pat's cum was leaking out, and began to slip on her panties. I thought it wise to move and I began a slow retreat, crawling on my stomach.

I made it back to the tent, lay down and pretended to be asleep, but my mind was racing. What would happen next?

About two minutes later I head Abbey approaching and then the tend flap parted and she entered. "Where have you been," I said, sitting up. "Oh, at the main camp, but then a few of us went for a swim," she replied nonchalantly. She was a good actress.

"Baby, I'd really like to have some fun with you now," I said reaching for her and pulling her down onto the sleeping bag.

"We can tomorrow honey," she said. "I'm a bit too tired now."

I leaned over her and slipped a hand under her top and cupped her breast through her bra.

"Or is it that you only like one cock a night?" I said, my voice husky with desire.

I felt her tense-up and then, after a couple of seconds, she replied, "What are you talking about? It's late, let's go to sleep."

My hand moved to her bra clip and unclipped it in on deft move, before Abbey had time to protest. The bra fell away and I cupped one of her big soft, freshly sucked tits and began to rub the nipple. Abbey twisted violently to break the hold, but I held tight and positioned myself on top of her, with my legs either side, effectively pinning her to the floor.

"Stop," she hissed, and I could tell she was getting angry.

I knew it was time to play my trump card.

"No, I won't stop," I said. "I haven't been sleeping here in the tent. I've been down by the river watching you." She froze.

"I saw you and Pat by the boat trailer."

"Oh," was all she could say and then there was silence.

"We were only talking," Abbey said, but the defiance had gone out of her voice.

"You were kissing! I could see you," I said more strongly, and I could feel my anger rising …. and my level of arousal. My cock was now achingly stiff and uncomfortably trapped by my shorts. I was certain Abbey could feel it pressing against her.

"It wasn't really anything much, …just a bit of mucking around," Abbey whispered, and I could tell her voice was starting to crack.

I moved so I could free my cock from my shorts and I placed one of Abbey's hands on it.

"Just mucking around huh?" I said. My hand moved down to her legs. "What will I find down here?"

Abbey jammed her legs together, but my fingers were able to get partly under her panties.

"I watched the whole thing. You were fucking him. I watched you kissing him and I watched you fucking him. I even watched you dab your pussy with the towel after he had cum in you," I said, with some venom. "And you say have the nerve to say 'Not tonight, I'm tired'!"

That broke all resistance and the sobs began to flow. "I'm sorry sweetheart. I didn't mean to do it. It just happened," Abbey said between sobs.

I leant forward and kissed her deeply. She met my tongue with hers and we kissed feverishly. I broke the kiss. "You have to be honest with me. That's not the first time is it?"

"No," she said. "How many times?" I asked. "Just two," she blurted out and the sobs began again. "I understand if you hate me."

I moved my hand down to her shorts again and began to undo the button and the zipper.

"What about Tim? Have you had sex with him too?"

She nodded.

"Both at the same time?" I asked.

"No, separately," she said. Her hand began to lightly stroke my cock. It was as if she had finally realized my heightened sense of arousal and that I was probably more aroused than angry.

I undid her top and her breasts were fully exposed. My mouth went to her nipple. They felt puffy from Pat's sucking. Abbey moaned.

"I want to see your pussy," I said and I moved and kneeled between her legs. I grabbed hold of her shorts and moved them down her legs and off completely. Her panties came too. I felt the inside crotch area the panties. They were wet and slimy. I licked them tasting the mix of cunt juice and semen.

I reached over, picked up the torch and flicked it on. "No, turn it off,' said Abbey. "People will see."

That was true; anyone watching would have had a clear detailed silhouette of what was happening inside the tent. "No, their all asleep," I said, "and I intend to see your pussy."

I spread Abbey's legs further and aimed the light at her pussy. My other hand stroked the lips and then I gently parted them and allowed my middle finger to probe. My finger was greeted by an incredibly wet pussy. It was more slippery than usual and I could see by the torch light the glistening remnants of Pat's sperm. It had gone clear by this stage, but there was plenty of it, coating Abbey's pussy and matting the wisps of surrounding pubic hair. I inserted by finger into her tunnel and withdrew my coated finger, which I sucked savoring the tangy taste of their adultery. Abbey moaned again as I worked her clit, well lubricated from Pat's ejaculation.

"I want to lick you," I said hoarsely and I lowered my head to Abbey's pussy. She made no effort to stop me and placed both hands lightly on the back of my head as if to sanction the move.

My tongue began to explore her wetness and I could inhale the pungent aroma of pussy secretions and sperm. My own cock was throbbing and begging for release. I moved up and kissed Abbey, allowing her to share the taste of her sex with Pat.

I positioned myself over her and slowly pushed myself into her. The heat and the velvety smoothness that greeted me were almost overwhelming and I had to pause to prevent climaxing. This was my first sloppy seconds, but Abbey's cunt was anything but sloppy. I knew she would soon milk my cock like she had milked Pat's only minutes earlier.

"That feels incredible," I moaned.

"I'm sorry honey,' Abbey said, as we began to move. "That's ok. I'm not really mad," I said. "The other times you fucked them, did they come in you as well, or did they use condoms?"

"They came inside me. Tim offered to wear a condom, but I told him I was on the pill," said Abbey, her voice husky.

"That's exciting," I whispered. "Did you enjoy the sex with them?"

"Yes, it was exciting. I enjoyed the seduction and because it was wrong."

"Did you cum with them?"

"Yes," Abbey whispered and then after a few moments said, "You're enjoying this aren't you?"

"Yes," I said, "it's very exciting. Your pussy feels incredible. I've always found it extremely erotic finding out about the guys you've fucked."

It was at that moment that the power changed hands again. Abbey, who had only a few minutes ago been sobbing uncontrollably, was now acutely aware of my arousal at her infidelity.

"Fuck me baby," Abbey said and began to move more forcefully. "Cum inside me like Pat did."

I could hold back no longer, and I felt the waves of exquisite pleasure engulf me as I jetted, flooding her pussy with semen to add to Pat's.

I flopped down on her and we caressed each other tenderly. Finally I looked up.

"I always knew, right from before we got married, that you wouldn't be faithful to me. It actually excited me, so I'm not really mad. I've just had the most erotic sexual experience of my life. I just don't like not to know what's happening," I said.

"I'm so lucky to have you. I really don't deserve you," She said.

"I'm the lucky one," I replied. "All I want is for you to be you."

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