tagLoving WivesInfidelity Gets Out of Hand Ch. 04

Infidelity Gets Out of Hand Ch. 04


I slept in the office that night afraid to go home. I never did figure out what I was going to do. I wasn't sure how my wife was going to react, only that she would be deeply hurt. I love her, I only cheated because I am a dog. Given the opportunity and thinking I wouldn't get caught, I cheated. It was not something I set out to do.

The next morning Emma came in and immediately invited me to dinner at her house that night. I just nodded and she left the room. I guess she figured backing off would be more intimidating that continuing to hammer it home. She was right.

I was still trying to figure out what she was after. She didn't request money or want me to leave my wife – in fact she had no intentions of leaving her husband and was paid better than most of the other secretaries save for a few of the old bags who worked for senior partners. She also knew I would buy her gifts, though she hadn't asked me for a thing since this first started going on.

After work, I stopped by the store, bought a couple bottles of wine and went straight to Emma's. She answered the door in a tight red tank top, tight black leather skinny jeans and leopard print heels. I was too scared and nervous to be turned on even as hot as she looked. That having been said I still couldn't take my eyes off of her perfect round ass as I followed her to the dining room.

Emma's husband Jim was sitting at the kitchen table and got up and introduced himself as Emma walked into the kitchen. The man had certainly married out of his league – he was short, pudgy, balding and just looked like a weak little man. He stared at me awkwardly for a moment and thankfully Emma returned with salads and the corkscrew. She sat the salads down and handed me the corkscrew and I immediately opened the wine and poured them into the three glasses. Emma sat at the head of the table with Jim to her right and me at the other end.

Emma began the conversation, "You maybe wondering why I asked you here. I gave you the DVD to insure that you would show and not shy away due to my husband's presence. This conversation needs to happen."

I nodded and she continued, "Jim has served me well all these years but I've grown bored. I've decided to fuck whomever I want, whenever I want, in any manner I please and you are the big piece to this puzzle. I let myself go in order to be non-threatening when I applied for several jobs in well respected places hoping to catch a younger stud who could then also assist me in getting other young studs to please me. John, you were too easy. In the interview I noticed your wife in leather and knew that this would be a cake walk – all I needed was for you to hire me. As you can see you are far more attractive and successful than my husband and I might add you have a much bigger cock as well so you were a step up for me and I have really enjoyed fucking you these last few months."

"So what now?", I asked.

"Now you will assist me in living out every fantasy I've ever had. Starting with multiple male partners. The deal is you help secure the partners and assist me in all sexual matters and if you please me you'll get two things in return: sexual gratification and I will continue to keep your secret. Is this a deal?"

"I don't suppose I have much choice do I?"

"Not if you want to stay married," she said.

We continued to eat and drink in silence. Occasionally Emma would bark an order at Jim and he waited on us hand and foot. After dinner she moved us into the living room for drinks. Jim sat on the chair and Emma and I on the couch.

"John, tell me how I look tonight." She said.

"You look incredibly sexy," I said, rather uncomfortable with Jim sitting right there. She put her wine glass down and started running her hand up my inner thigh while kissing my neck. It only took a moment of looking at her legs and her hands rubbing my cock that I got rock hard.

She then straddled me and we started making out and I resumed the natural position of my hands caressing her leather covered ass. This went on for a few moments before I remembered Jim was three feet away. I looked over and he was staring right at us. His face looked troubled but I noticed he was rubbing his cock through his jeans and so I stopped concerning myself with him in spite of the fact I had never fucked with an audience before, let alone someone's husband as the audience.

She got up, moved the coffee table away, got down on her knees and unzipped my pants. She started stroking my cock and she wiggled her ass towards Jim and said, "Look how big his cock is compared to yours. And you know I will soon have much bigger ones than even this." And no sooner than she said that she went to work wiggling her ass as she sucked my cock. I was torn between watching her ass wiggle in those leather jeans and the uncontrollable urge to throw my head back, roll my eyes to the back of my head and blow a load of cum down the back of her throat. I managed to hold off and after about five minutes I noticed Jim moaning. Emma stopped and we both saw he had taken his cock out and started jacking off. It was true, he had a tiny little penis.

"Did I tell you to jack off you piece of shit?" Emma yelled at Jim.

"No Mistress Emma," he said as he put his little pecker away with a look of great disappointment.

She stood up, took her top off to unleash her beautiful tits and pulled her leather jeans down just far enough for her ass to poke through and she got on her knees next to me and shoved her ass into my face. "Lick my asshole", she demanded and I did as I was told.

As Emma began to moan and wiggle her ass I began to get off on the fact I was fucking this guy's wife right in front of him. Emma grabbed my head and shoved my face into her ass as I licked and tongued her tight back door hole. I made my way down to start licking her pussy and she went apeshit. She pushed her ass into my face as I tongued her clit and it was only a few minutes before she came as hard as I'd ever seen her. She drenched my face with her cum. It must have been living out the fantasy of fucking another man while her husband watched that was too much for her to take.

After she came I dropped my pants all the way down and sat on the couch. She sat down on my cock and I pulled her back and grabbed hold of her legs and pulled them back as well and started thrusting hard. From this angle I not only shoved my cock all the way inside her but Jim was getting a close up view of my cock going in and out of his wife and my balls slapping her ass. She came again quickly and I could hear how wet her pussy had gotten and I felt my balls being covered in her cum. Jim must have had quite a show.

I flipped her back over onto her knees and started fucking her from behind and she came in 30 seconds, just rapid fire. She was staring at Jim the whole time and finally she said, "Can't you see how well John fucks me?" She then turned to me and said, "I want you to cum in my asshole."

I pulled out and slipped it into her waiting asshole and started pumping away, my cock covered in her own lubricant. She clamped down on my cock with her ass and looked at Jim and said, "Now Jim, you may whack off." And as soon as she said that he whipped it out and started jerking off like crazy. After seeing this and feeling her ass clamp down on my throbbing cock I blew a load into her asshole and I turned and saw Jim shooting a load onto the floor. I kept slowly pumping until her ass had milked every drop of cum I had in my balls and then I pulled out and sat back. What happened next surprised me in spite of thinking nothing else could surprise me.

Emma, without moving looked at Jim and said, "Jim, lick my ass now!" He jumped up came over, laid his head on the couch face up and she straddled his face. He was licking her asshole and as my cum dripped out he licked and swallowed every drop that gravity had sent his way. She then said, "That's right, give my pussy and asshole a good cleaning. Taste John's cock and the pleasure it gave me."

I got up, pulled my pants up and just walked out the door. I knew this was just the beginning but I knew my presence was no longer needed for whatever else she had on the agenda for Jim. I headed to the office to shower and when I got there I called my wife to tell her after a shower I was heading home. Her last words to me were, "Hurry home. I am dressed head to toe in black leather and I am aching for your cock."

Believe it or not I jerked off in the shower in anticipation.

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