tagNovels and NovellasInfidelity Revisited Ch. 04

Infidelity Revisited Ch. 04


Charmaine was approaching her house twenty minutes later with the dog. She wanted to get into the house and change her shirt. She felt guilty about what she was doing, but she had never so enjoyed sex before! She didn’t know what her plans were with Danny, or with Ryan, and she didn’t want to think about it. All she knew was that she enjoyed Danny’s company, and Ryan’s cock. She liked things the way they were right now, and didn’t want to think about any future plans.

Her mother was outside, and stopped her at the door.

“How was your walk?” she asked. Charmaine couldn’t help but smile, picturing that long penis sliding into her so deep.

“Good!” she replied, tingles flowing through her vagina again. Her mother kept her at the door for another two minutes with inane questions before Danny pulled up in his car. Now Charmaine was forced to see her boyfriend while another man’s cum was drying on her T-shirt!

Danny hugged his girlfriend, unwittingly pressing himself against her cum-stained shirt. He kissed her mouth, not knowing that it was 90 minutes removed from being around another man’s cock.

That weekend was torture for Charmaine. She couldn’t stop obsessing about that cock! There was a point where she wondered how many hours she had gone without that dick in her. A glance at the clock told her that it had been less than one.

How could she go an entire weekend?

The Saturday she let Danny fuck her. It just wasn’t the same. It was ho-hum. Back to the routine with an average sized dick. Sunday came and went.

Finally, Monday arrived, and Danny left early that morning. He kissed her goodbye, and gave her a big hug. He really missed her when they were apart. She was so beautiful. He would love to make love to her one more time before he left. He knew she wouldn’t be into that, though. Her sex drive wasn’t all that high.

He had no idea that Charmaine would get fucked many times before he saw her again on Friday. He had no idea that in just a few short hours this tanned beauty would be moaning and flailing around in another guy’s arms as she took his big cock.

She spent the morning constantly looking at the clock. She had to wait until 1pm to see Ryan. He worked nights, and needed to sleep.

12:30 rolled around and she could take no more. She picked up the phone and called him.

“Hello?” said a sleepy voice.

“Hi!” she said.

“What’s up?” Ryan said, a little aroused now that he realized who he was talking to.

“Nothing. What are you doing?” she asked.

“Just getting up.” He replied, “What’s going on?” He was hoping that she would come over. He hadn’t been laid since she left his house on Friday.

“Not much. Is it all right if I come over?”

“Okay.” He answered, cock twitching. “I’m gonna jump in the shower, but I’ll leave the door open for you.”

A few moments later they hung up. Charmaine’s pussy was buzzing at the thought of that beautiful cock. Finally, it would be back inside her! She quickly threw on her sandals and grabbed the dog.

“I’m taking the dog for a walk!” she called to her mother.

“Have fun!” her mom called. She was used to Charmaine taking the dog for long walks. She had no idea that those walks now entailed a big cock sliding into her daughter.

By ten to one, Charmaine was at Ryan’s door. Sure enough, it wasn’t locked. She walked in and took off her sandals and took the dog off the leash. She was wearing a white sleeveless shirt, and beige pants that went down to her calves. The same outfit that she wore on her first “date” with him.

She headed down the hallway to the bathroom as the dog sniffed around the living room. She could hear the shower going and she was just about to call out and announce her arrival when she stopped herself. Words could not describe how horny she felt, and she decided to do something about it.

She pulled off her shirt and dropped it on the floor, her tanned skin was a sharp contrast to her white bra. She pushed her pants down to her ankles and stepped out of them, revealing light blue panties. She pulled her arms out of her bra, revealing her gorgeous breasts. Her nipples were erect, both from the cold air, as well as her arousal. She pushed her skimpy panties down her smooth legs and stepped out of them, becoming naked. She quietly pushed the bathroom door open and stepped inside.

Meanwhile, Ryan was oblivious to her arrival, rinsing the soap off his toned body. Suddenly, the curtains pulled open and in stepped this tanned, beautiful woman.

He was startled, but smiled when he saw Charmaine join him in the shower stark naked. She put her arms around his neck and stood on her toes, lips finding his. His hands slid down her back to her soft ass, holding her ass cheeks as she kissed his mouth over and over.

She sent her tongue eagerly into his mouth as pulled her body against his. She could feel his semi hard penis growing against her stomach as her tongue explored his mouth. She pulled back from him a little, bringing her hands down between their bodies and grabbing his long manhood.

He became fully hard in her hand instantly. She broke the kiss, smiling as she stroked him. He watched her as she slowly sunk to her knees. She bent underneath him, her tongue snaking out and lapping underneath his bag.

She sucked a testicle into her mouth as her small hand continued to stroke his organ. She released him, and then sucked the other testicle into her mouth. She let that one out of her mouth as well, and he watched her pink tongue slowly lick at the base of his dick. It slowly trailed up his pole until it reached the mushroom head of his penis. Her tongue trailed around his helmet as her hand continued to jerk him off.

Charmaine opened her mouth and slowly slipped his penis inside. He moaned, feeling her warm mouth slowly sink down his cock. She took it until she could feel him touch her throat – about six inches. And she still had room underneath for her hand!

She began to slowly slide her lips up and down Ryan’s penis as her hand expertly stroked him. At first, all that could be heard was the shower, but as she got into it, the loud slurping noises emerged. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ went her mouth hungrily. Her lips glided eagerly up and down his shaft as her hand began to fondle his balls.

As water cascaded over his back and shoulders, he watched his penis disappear and reappear into Charmaine’s pretty face over and over. He couldn’t take much more of this!

He gently lifted her chin up, and his cock popped out of her mouth. She smiled up at him as she got to her feet. His lips crushed hers, and he forced her to the back of the tub, pressing his body against her. Thrills went up her spine as she felt his rock hard manhood pressing against her stomach.

His hands were caressing her breasts as he began to kiss under her chin and down her neck. Both of them were breathing heavily as he kissed down her chest. His lips brushed against her wet skin as he brought a hand down between her legs. He ran his fingers through the fur of her bush and she parted her legs slightly.

As his lips engulfed the nipple of her breast, his fingers could feel the soaking wetness of her slit. She sighed, tingles shooting up her body as his finger diddled her clit. He slowly sunk to his knees, raining kisses down her belly.

Charmaine lifted her left leg and placed a foot on the side of the tub, giving herself to him. He briefly stared at her beautiful pussy. Her pink lips were swollen and quivering, surrounded by neatly trimmed curls of her pubic hair.

He placed his mouth over her cunt and slipped his tongue inside her. “Ohhhh…” she sighed, running her hand back behind his head, guiding him. His tongue twirled around inside her, tasting her. He sucked her pussy lips into his mouth, running his tongue up and down them as she squirmed above him.

His hands were gripping her ass tightly as he released the lips of her cunt. He slowly licked up her slit to her sensitive clit, and she gasped. Her hand was pushing his head into her a little harder now, as he was now in an area where she wanted him to stay. Her chest was heaving as she breathed laboriously. His tongue teased over her clitoris, running up and down over it lightly.

She squirmed, feeling her orgasm approach more quickly now. He sucked her tiny button into his mouth, running his tongue back and forth over it rapidly, forcing the helpless girl over the edge.

“Ohhh … Gah!” she moaned, wincing as orgasm washed over her. She rubbed her pussy against his face as she came. Her heart was pounding and she was gasping for breath, trying to recover. The feeling was so intense, she thought that she would black out.

Mercifully, Ryan stopped, pulling his head back and getting to his feet. She was panting, still trying to recover as his lips found hers. She kissed him back breathlessly, sloppily. She needed him inside her so badly!

He spun her around roughly. His cock visibly twitched at the sight of Charmaine’s naked ass bent over before him. He had spun her around to jam his cock into her, but now he found himself helplessly sinking to his knees behind her.

Charmaine, expecting that big dick to force its way inside her, was caught by surprise when she felt his lips kissing her ass cheeks. He used his hands to spread them apart, massaging them as he kissed all over each of her cheeks. He could see her tight little asshole, and her swollen pussy underneath, and his kisses went closer and closer to her crack. He kissed her slit, and she gasped again.

He buried his face in her ass as his tongue slid back into her cunt, tasting her once more. Charmaine now had her left foot in the tub, and her right foot on the edge of the tub as she gave herself to him completely. His tongue relentlessly licked at her slit, and she squirmed, toes curling.

He kissed her pussy one more time before slowly licking at the skin that was between her pussy and her asshole. She sighed, his tongue teasing her. His tongue circled her tight anus as his hands spread her ass wide apart.

He forced his tongue into her asshole, and Charmaine was caught off guard. What was he doing? Nobody had ever done that to her before! She wasn’t sure if she liked it, but it did feel good and so she made no move to stop him.

Ryan began to slide his tongue in and out of her asshole as his hands caressed her ass. He ran his one hand underneath her, rubbing her slit as he tongued her asshole.

“Ohhhh God…” she sighed softly. She began to rub her pussy against his hand as he licked the inside of her anus over and over. Still rubbing her clit with his fingers, he ran his tongue back down to her slit and licked at it. She was going insane with need. She was ready to cum a second time, and he hadn’t even put that big dick in her yet!

She was leaning forward with her hands on the edge of the tub as Ryan ate her out from behind, his fingers manipulating her clitoris.

Burying his face in her ass, his mouth engulfed her pussy, his hand being replaced by his tongue on her clit. “UNH!” she cried, bolts of pleasure shooting through her body again. “OHHHHHH!!!” she moaned, cumming for the second time.

Ryan was too horny to keep licking her as she came, so he stood up behind her while she quivered and moaned, trying to regain control of herself.

She felt his fat cock club her ass cheek, slapping at it a few times and pangs of desire went through her.

“Put it in!” she gasped. She had been waiting all weekend for this! He ran his thick cock down the crack of her ass as she bent over further for him. He ran the head down her slit until it reached the entrance to her treasure.

He pushed forward, he could feel her tight, hot pussy stretch wide and allow the first couple of inches inside. “Ohhhhh…” she groaned, feeling herself barely open up for him.

While the shower beat down on his back, he pulled his dick out of her. He could see the pink lips of her pussy pull outwards along with his fat penis as he withdrew it. He put it back in position and pushed hard.

“UNNNH!” she cried as he forced more than half of his huge penis into her. He grabbed the soft sides of her tanned ass and began to fuck her wet pussy using only half of his dick. She needed to get used to his size again. Charmaine purred, his cock feeling so nice gliding in and out of her twat like that. Ryan jammed his entire cock into her, pressing his groin hard against her ass.

“Ohhh yessss…” she sighed, bursting with cock. Finally!

He loved how her hot pussy gripped his manhood, and he began to fuck her from behind. He slapped against her ass over and over, causing her cheeks to shake with every impact.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she moaned, his long organ slamming into her needy cunt over and over again. ‘slap slap slap slap slap’ went his groin against her wet ass.

She could feel yet another orgasm rising within her. Her tits were swinging back and forth to the rhythm as his stiff penis filled her tunnel faster and faster. She let out a long groan, feeling herself hurtle to the edge.

She gasped, a grunt escaping her lips as orgasm washed over her. She nearly collapsed from the intensity. Her heart nearly exploded with effort, every inch of her body was tingling, her cunt was pulsating around his member as he continued to jackhammer into her.

Incredible! She wasn’t even there for twenty minutes and this amazing man got her off three times! “Ohhh…” she sighed as she recovered. His long penis was still sliding in and out of her, his groin bouncing off her ass. She smiled, loving every second of this. How did she go an entire weekend without it?

Ryan was losing it himself, this chick was just too hot, and seeing her all wet like this, seeing her beautiful ass…that was all it took.

“Ohhh God, Char!” he grunted, “can I cum on your face?” he asked crudely.

“Yes!” she gasped, smiling. He deserved it! She felt his long pole slide all the way out of her horny pussy, and she scrambled onto her knees before him.

He was holding that long, nine and a half inch penis directly in front of her. Charmaine’s beautiful face was smiling up at him.

He groaned, member jerking in his hand.

A long, thick stream of semen sprayed out the end of his penis and splashed on Charmaine’s face, the stream hitting from the bottom of her forehead, across her right eye to her cheek.

She was barely able to blink in time before she felt the hot fluid hit her face. She now had just one eye open as his dick spasmed again.

This time his cum shot underneath her eye on her upper cheek. His cum came faster now, but with less force as he covered her tanned cheeks with his sticky substance. Charmaine eagerly grabbed his penis in her small hand and stroked it.

Some more sperm appeared on the tip of his cock and she licked it off, tasting his salty substance.

She smiled at him, cum all over her face. She sucked him into her mouth, sliding her lips most of the way down his recovering pole. She sucked hard, milking any drops out of him that might remain. He pulled his penis out of her mouth with a ‘slurp’ and smiled at her.

He suddenly realized that the shower had gotten cold. Funny how a beautiful woman can distract you from what goes on around you. He got out of the shower and toweled off as Charmaine washed the semen off of her face.

The two had a quick lunch together, watching some television. She found herself marveling over how compatible they were outside the bedroom. They really had a lot of fun together. That being said it was only another hour before they were at it again. The chemistry, the electricity that was between them was once in a lifetime.

She got up and grabbed their dirty dishes, taking them to the kitchen. He stared at her ass, which looked great in those beige pants. He loved how her calves were naked beneath them.

Ryan was ready to take her again. He got up and followed her into the kitchen. His arms slipped around her and she turned to him, smiling. A surge of pleasure shot through her crotch as this big, handsome man held her in his arms.

He kissed her mouth, his hands sliding down and locking onto her ass over her clothes. She kissed him, opening her mouth and sending her tongue into his. He squeezed her soft ass as they kissed passionately. She could feel the bulge in his pants grow as it pressed against her stomach. He broke the kiss.

“Do you want to go to the bedroom?” he asked softly. Charmaine smiled, nodding. Her pussy was tingling like crazy. He kissed her again, lips smacking, before they broke apart.

He led her to his bedroom. Once there, he spun her around and pulled her close, kissing her soundly. His hands, again, latched onto her ass as his tongue explored her mouth. She was fully aroused. Just being around this man had her skin tingling! As they kissed, Ryan eased her white shirt up her body. They broke the kiss as he pulled it off of her.

Charmaine was looking at him with her beautiful dark eyes as he backed her up to the bed. He loved how her dark skin contrasted with her white bra. She fell back onto the bed, and Ryan tore his shirt off as he fell on top of her.

He lay between her legs, grinding his hard bulge against her as they kissed passionately. He began to kiss down her neck and chest to her cleavage. His lips sent bolts of electricity through her every time they touched her skin, and he made his way down the slope of her breasts.

His hand eased her bra strap down on the one side, slowly revealing her dark areola. Her nipple was rock hard, and he engulfed it with his mouth. She sighed, tingles running up and down her spine as he sucked on her tit. Her hands ran through his short dark hair as his tongue manipulated her nipple.

Ryan kissed all around her areola as he reached underneath her with both hands. She raised her back up for him, allowing him to unsnap her bra. He pulled it down her arms and off of her, freeing both of her gorgeous breasts.

She was breathing heavily, watching to see what he would do next. He kissed her on the mouth as he took a breast in each of his large hands, squeezing them gently. His mouth trailed back down the slopes of her breasts and he sucked her other nipple inside, running his tongue lightly over it as he held it between his lips. She was breathing heavily, eyebrows raised as she looked down on him. Her hands held the back of his head, caressing his hair as he teased her tits with his mouth.

He began to kiss down the smooth tanned skin of her stomach. Her pussy tingled violently as she felt his lips creep closer and closer. His hands were undoing the button on her pants as he kissed and licked at her belly button.

He grabbed her pants and tugged, and she raised her ass up off the bed so he could pull them down her sexy legs. Charmaine pulled first one foot out of them, and then the other, and lay before him wearing only her light blue panties.

Her naked chest was heaving as her breathing grew heavier, and she again raised her ass as he pulled her panties down her legs. Her beautiful pussy was exposed to him, surrounded by her neatly trimmed bush as she pulled her feet out of her panties. She parted her legs for him, eyes locked on his as she gave herself to him.

Ryan raised her left foot, kissing over top of it. He kissed along her ankle and slowly up her leg. His tongue teased under her knee, and she found herself opening her legs wider as his lips caressed up the inside of her soft thigh. He kissed the skin at the top of her leg, just beside her beautiful bush.

She caught her breath, watching him between her legs. He kissed the quivering lips of her pussy, and she gasped, bolts of pleasure firing up her body. She slid her feet up the bed as he slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top, his tongue nudging her sensitive button.

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