tagNovels and NovellasInfidelity Revisited Ch. 09

Infidelity Revisited Ch. 09


The next day, it took all her willpower to not rush over to Ryan’s house at one o’clock, but Charmaine managed. It was Thursday now - just eight days after her first “date” with him. It was hard to believe that her first sexual experience with him was a mere eight days ago – they have fucked so many times since!

Today was her first day of her part time job. In a few days, Monday to be exact, she would commence school. She would be quite busy at that point, but she knew that she could make time for that big cock of his!

Her shift started at four, and she left a little early. She wanted to see if she could have a quickie with Ryan, go to work with a smile on her face! They were to hang out with John and Holly that night, and she had no doubt that she would get some action after work, but Charmaine wanted that big member inside her right now. She wasn’t a patient woman.

She was wearing a long, navy skirt, with a white design throughout. She wore a white sleeveless shirt and white sweater over top. Her hair was up, and on her feet were the black heels that she was wearing when Ryan fucked her at the doorway the other night after the bar.

Pussy buzzing, she drove over to Ryan’s house, and got there just after three. The mall where she worked was only five minutes away, so she had plenty of time.

She gave his door a quick knock, and went inside. She was surprised to see him sitting around the living room with Holly’s boyfriend John, and a couple of other friends having a beer.

“Hi!” he greeted. He gave her an introduction. Charmaine was only disappointed for a moment. She remembered their agreement from yesterday – any time, any place, at her bidding.

So after a few minutes of polite conversation, she walked away, heading for his bedroom. Her excuse was something along the lines of fixing her makeup. Her crotch was tingling like crazy as she entered his room and shut the door. Wanting a moment alone with her, but having no idea what she had in mind, Ryan set his beer down and followed her. He walked into the room and shut the door behind him. They smiled at each other as she went to him. Her arms went around his neck and they kissed passionately, tongues exploring. She pressed her small body against his big one, kissing him urgently. He slowed the kiss down, lips smacking against hers.

“You seem pretty horny.” He smiled. She smiled back, pulling his head down to her so she could kiss him again. Her tongue flew back into his mouth and she could feel the bulge in his jeans growing steadily against her stomach. She pressed herself harder against it, thrills shooting through her body.

He couldn’t help but slide his hands down to her ass. Her skirt was made of very thin material and he could clearly feel her sexy ass cheeks almost as if they were naked. He squeezed her ass and sent his tongue back into her mouth.

Using his fingers, he began to pull her long skirt up her legs, inch by inch. Charmaine could feel more and more of her legs being exposed to the air as her skirt slid up past her knees. He got it up to the bottom of her ass, exposing a little of her burgundy panties.

He slid his hands into the sides of her panties, caressing over her naked ass, squeezing the cheeks. He was fully hard now, and it was quite painful confined in his jeans like that. He broke the kiss.

“You’re really getting me going here,” he breathed, “I got to get back out there.” His hands were still holding her ass, and he gave it another squeeze. Charmaine was soaking wet. She wanted that cock in her, and she was not going to wait.

“You have to do my bidding, remember?” she said mischievously, smiling. He raised an eyebrow. He had temporarily forgotten their agreement! He had been looking for an excuse to be a bad host to his friends that were waiting in the living room for him, and just fuck the shit out of this goddess. This excuse was more than sufficient!

“I’m really horny.” She whispered seductively.

That did it.

Ryan pushed her back roughly onto the bed. She landed on the bed, still wearing her shoes as she raised her feet in the air. Her skirt was hiked halfway up her thighs, and as he knelt before her on the floor, his hands slid up her thighs and took her skirt with it.

In one fluid motion his hands grabbed her skimpy little burgundy panties and pulled them down her thighs and over her knees. He had little trouble with her heels as he pulled them off her feet and dropped them on the floor.

Like a good girl, Charmaine’s feet remained in the air, and her legs remained open, presenting herself to him.

Her pink lips glistened with moisture, they were quivering a little as she was incredibly aroused. Pressed tightly together, they were framed by the well-trimmed curls of her pubic hair. She was looking at him looking at her, and she was breathing laboriously.

Not wasting anymore time, Ryan buried his face between her thighs, sliding his tongue between the folds of her pussy immediately.

“Ohhh…” she sighed softly, feeling his lithe tongue wiggle around inside her. He slid his hands under her ass, holding her steady as his tongue gathered her flowing juices. He sucked her swollen lips into his mouth, teasing over them as he held them trapped.

“Mmmm…” she moaned, her tiny hands reaching down between her legs and holding the back of his head. He released her slit, and sucked them back into his mouth. She gasped at the sensation, bolts of pleasure firing up her body. He began to suck and release, suck and release, his expert mouth showing no mercy as he manipulated her sensitive lips.

She rested her calves on his shoulders, gently urging him against her as he ate her out. Ryan slowly licked from the bottom of her sensitive slit up to the top, tasting her. His tongue lightly nudged her clitoris, and he could feel her tense up. He gently sucked her clit into his mouth, and then released it.

Tingles shot up her body, the stirrings of an orgasm began inside her. She began to writhe her pussy up into his face as he began to lap at her tiny button.

Her eyes were closed and her breathing deepened even further as Ryan continued to do his thing between her thighs. She was losing it, humping her ass up off the bed more and more violently.

“Ohhhh…” she shuddered, orgasm exploding within her. She was shaking, heart pounding as he mercilessly licked her clit. He had a death grip on her ass, holding her in place as he tongued her. She was squeezing her thighs together, pussy convulsing as she came.

Finally, Ryan pulled back, showing her some mercy as the poor girl tried to recover. He pushed his jeans and underwear down, freeing his huge cock.

Charmaine lay helpless before him, skirt up around her waist, legs spread wide, feet in the air. She was panting, watching him as he approached her with that member of his. He pressed his fat organ against her pussy lips, slowly running it up and down her moist slit. Tingles went through her at the sensation. Unable to put it off any longer, he pushed forward, watching as his thick head parted the pink lips of her pussy.

“Unh!” she cried, arching her head back as she felt him squeeze inside her. Her tight little cunt was gripping the fat mushroom head of his manhood, and she could feel him forcing his way further inside her body.

Ryan moaned, feeling her tight heat grip more and more of his rod. He was watching his dick disappear into her bush, he was three quarters of the way inside her. He pulled back a little, and then drove his rock hard penis home.

“Ohhh yessss…” she cried as her hungry pussy filled up. He was sheathed entirely inside her warmth. He was hovering above her, watching her as he began to slide in and out.

Her eyes were half closed, and the look in them was that of pure ecstasy. She was moaning, breathing laboriously as she took that fat cock of his over and over. The heels of her shoes were bouncing off of his thrusting ass.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Ohh!” she cried out a little too loudly as his penis glided in and out of her slick tunnel. Ryan planted his hands on the bed and began to fuck her even harder. He was losing it already, but he didn’t really want to be a rude host, anyway, so he had to get back out there. He made no move to make it last even longer.

Charmaine was losing it. That huge tool of his was going in her so deep, rubbing along the walls of her pussy so quickly that she didn’t stand a chance. Her feet were flailing helplessly behind him as her cries grew higher in pitch.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she moaned, stretching her sexy legs straight out behind him. Her strong thighs were squeezing him tightly, and it slowed his thrusts a little. As such, his own orgasm was put on hold for the moment as this beautiful woman struggled to regain control. Her heart was pounding, her vagina was pulsating, the blood was rocketing through her veins. Her face was clenched and her eyes were winced shut as she came and came and came.

“Ohhh God…” she gasped, and he could feel her legs relax their grip around him. He began to fuck her hard again, drilling her hard into his bed. She whimpered beneath him, too out of breath to even moan. That hard cock of his was just too much for her! Her hands were clawing at his back as her pussy took that thick organ deep at a lightening pace.

“I’m gonna cum!” he grunted. He could feel his balls heat up.

“Not on my clothes!” she managed to gasp. She remembered his track record of cumming on her shirt! She was going straight to work, and she didn’t bring any other shirts. Where else would he cum, though? Could she trust him to miss?

“Cum inside me!” she cried, eyebrows raised. Her words made him lose it. He slid his entire penis deep into Charmaine’s vagina and held it there. Her legs landed around his waist and held him there.

“Ohhhh…” he moaned as his cock exploded inside her. A huge, thick load of his hot cum shot out the end of his penis and off the back of her fertile vagina. His dick jerked again, spraying more of his semen into her womb. She sighed, kissing his face as his manhood twitched inside her, a river of his seed pouring into her vagina.

He thrust hard against her, squeezing out even more of his jism into her hungry pussy. He groaned, opening his eyes. He kissed her repeatedly, lips smacking as the last of his cum trickled into her needy twat.

Charmaine hugged him with all of her limbs, the biggest smile on her face. Nothing could be compared to sex with Ryan. It blew her mind just how consistently, and easily he made her cum! He slid his semi-hard penis out of her full vagina with an audible ‘slurp’, and stood up.

Still catching her breath, she sat up, grabbing her skimpy, burgundy panties off the floor. She had to get to work! With some difficulty, she got her panties over one shoe, and then the other, sliding them up her tanned legs.

When she stood up, she could feel cum trickle out of her a little. Cum that was not her boyfriend’s!

When next John, and Ryan’s other friends, saw Charmaine, she had a big smile on her face as she hurried out the door.


That night, Ryan had plans with the guys to go out drinking. However, he did want to see Charmaine again, and he had also had plans with John and Holly. He went to John and Holly’s to start the night, and later he and John would go out with the boys.

Danny was coming to town early the next morning, so Ryan knew it was likely that he would not be able to put his cock in Charmaine again until Monday.

Charmaine had few drinks, and was feeling a buzz by 10. She was horny to start with – just being in Ryan’s presence did that to her – but whenever she had some alcohol, she was insatiable!

She had changed into her beige pants after work – the ones that went halfway down her calves before stopping. Her T-shirt was white, sleeveless, and tight. Her dirty blonde hair was down around her shoulders.

She was starting to regret not wearing panties. She could feel her pussy grow wetter despite herself, and feared it may even show through her pants a little if she couldn’t control herself! Just after ten o’clock, Ryan and John announced that they were leaving. Ryan had to make a pit stop in the washroom before they left.

Charmaine waited outside the bathroom door, eager to get him alone for a moment. She realized that she had to have his dick in her before Danny came tomorrow. She definitely could not go the entire weekend without it! She heard the toilet flush, and the tap turn on. It shut off moments later and the door opened.

“Hi!” Charmaine smiled, standing before him. There was lust in her dark eyes. She stepped inside, putting her arms around his neck and standing on her toes.

He kissed her as her bare foot kicked the door shut behind them. He tried to get away with just a peck, but she held him in place, slipping her tongue into his mouth. They kissed passionately, his hands sliding down the back of her body and into her pants. He ran his hands over her smooth, naked ass, pulling her closer to him. He squeezed her soft ass cheeks as he sent his tongue into her mouth.

She ran her hands down his chest, over his stomach until they reached his crotch. Instead of rubbing the bulge in his jeans, he was surprised when her nimble fingers just went ahead and undid his button and pulled down his zipper. She reached into his underwear and her tiny hand wrapped around his thick organ. She pulled it out into the open, stroking it sensually.

Heart pounding, she broke the kiss and he watched her slowly sink to her knees. Charmaine stared longingly at the huge member that was in her hand as she drew closer. Without wasting any time, she opened her mouth and slowly slid her lips over the head and down the hard shaft. Ryan sighed, watching her lips glide further down his pole until he felt himself hit her throat. She slowly brought her lips back, and he could see her saliva glisten off his penis in the bathroom light.

She eagerly sucked him back into her mouth, and began to bob her head back and forth at his crotch. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ the sucking noises began to emerge as she expertly gave him a blowjob. Ryan reached down and moved her hair out of her face with both hands, holding onto her head and keeping her hair out of the way as she sucked him off.

Her lips glided so smoothly along his cock, it was like another pussy! “Mmmm…” she moaned, slurping loudly. She had such a pretty face, and watching his cock slide into that mouth is indescribable!

Suddenly, she pulled his rod out of her mouth, looking up at him, smiling. As she stood up, he remembered that John was waiting for him in the living room, and Holly was probably impatient as well! He made as if to put his cock away. Charmaine gently grabbed his pole, stroking it as she looked at him. He released his dick, under her spell once more. Using her other hand, she undid the button and zipper on her pants.

“I’m really juicy.” She whispered erotically. She grabbed his hand and moved it to her crotch.

“Feel.” She ordered. At her command, he ran his hand over her bush and into her open pants. He ran the curls of her pubic hair through his fingers as they searched for her treasure. When he reached her slit, he couldn’t believe the moisture that his fingers touched!

“Ohhh…” she sighed as tingles shot from her pussy at his touch. He ran his fingers down her wet lips, and easily dipped one into her. “Ohhh God.” She whispered as his digit slid up into her. Her tight, wet cunt gripped his finger snugly.

“I want you inside me.” She said quietly, stepping back against the counter. His hand slipped out of her pants.

“Uh…” he started, glancing at the door. Charmaine began pushing her pants down her smooth legs, revealing her beautiful pussy. She stepped out of them, becoming naked from the waist down. She grabbed his cock and raised one leg, placing it on the edge of the counter. She sat half on the counter, her legs open, offering him her treasure. She gently urged him towards her by pulling his cock.

All was lost, there was nothing he could do. Hypnotized, he stepped up between her thighs. Her tiny hand placed the fat head of his cock against her pink, swollen pussy lips. Both of them were focused on him pushing forward and opening the petals of her cunt with his penis. Her pussy absorbed him slowly as he slid into her inch by inch. The intense heat of her twat gripped him as he eased into her.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned, arching her head back as he continued to push into her. His huge penis was most of the way inside her when he was forced to pull back a little. He slid back into, this time his entire cock sinking into her.

Charmaine leaned back on her hands, her dark eyes watching him as he began to thrust in and out of her. His eyes were between her thighs, watching his fat dick stretch her pink pussy lips wide. He loved watching his big cock squeeze into her, and pull out of her, over and over. She could feel the stirrings of an orgasm already. His penis inside her was absolute heaven. His hands were planted on the counter and he began drive himself up into her harder.

“Push your shirt up.” He breathed, “Let me see your tits!” He continued thrusting as she slowly pushed her shirt up her tanned body and over her white bra. To his surprise, she pulled it right over her head and off! She reached behind her, undid her bra, and slid that down her arms, taking that off as well.

Her beautiful breasts were revealed to him, nipples erect, dark areolas. Animal instinct took over at the sight of Charmaine’s naked body, and he began to fuck her even harder.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned, smiling. Her breasts rocked up and down with each of his violent thrusts, her eyes were closed as she took his huge member happily.

Suddenly, he pulled out of her. She opened her eyes, caught off guard. To go from being too full to completely empty was torture!

He pulled her roughly off the counter and spun her around. She leaned over the counter, raising a leg and placing a knee on the edge, offering herself to him. Ryan’s heart pounded with desire, and seeing her ass made him want it again. He was under time constraints, though. They had already been too long in there! He bent his knees, getting his cock underneath her. He lifted up, and in one stroke he slid hard into her heat.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned, arching her head back. She was at his mercy, bent over before him on the bathroom counter. She could feel his groin pressed against her ass and nine and a half inches of manhood buried inside her pussy. He looked at her foot dangling over the edge of the counter, his gaze trailing up her leg that was raised up and resting on the edge, to her bum pressed hard against him. He grabbed the sides of that ass and began to fuck her hard right away.

“Oh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she moaned, biting her lip and trying to stay quiet. ‘slap slap slap slap’ his groin slapped hard against her ass over and over. Her cheeks jiggled with each impact. Charmaine winced, feeling her orgasm shoot up within her.

“Ohhhhhh…” she let out a little too loudly, cumming. ‘slap slap slap’ he continued to pound his hard cock into her as she fought to maintain control. The walls of her vagina were pulsating around his pistoning cock, and she was gasping for breath. He was losing it himself, their fucking rising to a crescendo.

He slid out of her, cock spewing his cum in a thick, powerful spray. It splashed across her ass cheek before his hand could grab it. He held it as it jerked in his hand, shooting more semen up over her tanned body, landing on her back. Charmaine was breathing laboriously, feeling hot sticky fluid pour onto her back and ass.

He moaned softly, the last of his semen trickling out and landing on her bum. She slid off the counter and stood before him, conscious of his cum all over the back of her body. She smiled, sinking to her knees. She sucked the head of his cock into her mouth, tasting his salty seed as she cleaned him off. He pulled it out of her mouth, and she smiled at him wickedly.

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