tagNovels and NovellasInfidelity Revisited Ch. 17

Infidelity Revisited Ch. 17


Ryan sat on the couch, reviewing the images that he saw just moments ago. Not just his cum shooting on Charmaine’s pretty face, but also that gorgeous, tanned ass of hers. The way it shook when she walked away from him made him lust for her yet again. In just a few minutes, he had himself so worked up that by the time she emerged from the bathroom he was fully recovered and a little turned on again. He stood up and walked her to the door, his long penis hanging between his legs.

At the door, he slipped his arms around her waist, and she put her arms around his neck. He kissed her softly on the mouth, lips smacking.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked, smiling. She smiled back.

“It will be late, though.” She said. “It’ll probably be one or two in the morning.” His hands slipped down to her ass, gripping her soft cheeks over her thin skirt.

“No problem.” He said, kissing her again. He couldn’t believe that she was going to leave her long-term boyfriend sleeping in her bed, just so she could come over here and get fucked by another man! He kissed again, sucking her upper lip into his mouth and pulling it outward a little. She opened her mouth and his tongue darted inside. He pulled her closer, squeezing her ass even harder as her tongue snaked into his mouth. He could feel his penis grow, and she was conscious of it suddenly sticking out at her.

She was breathing heavily, and he knew that she was becoming as turned on as he was. His hands began pulling her long skirt up her legs until he could get his hands underneath it. His hands caressed her bare ass, slipping into the sides of her panties as they made out at the door. He ran his fingers down the crack of her ass until they felt the warm moisture of her treasure. She was soaking wet! He dipped a finger into her warm, snug tunnel.

“Mmmmph…” she moaned into his mouth, pussy buzzing. She had a lot to do that night before her boyfriend came over in the morning, but all that was forgotten at the thought of that wonderful cock sliding into her once more before she left.

Ryan backed her up against the door, kissing her hard as his hands squeezed her naked ass. She was conscious of his hard member pressing against her stomach, and the tingles in her crotch intensified. Their breathing became laboured as their passion intensified. He broke the kiss and she watched as he sunk to his knees before her, pushing her skirt even higher and exposing her blue panties. Holding her skirt against her belly with one hand, he used his other one to roughly wrench her panties to one side.

Charmaine’s beautiful pussy came into view – two pink, swollen lips surrounded by brown curls of neatly trimmed pubic hair. His tongue snaked out and he licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top, gathering her flowing juices.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned, placing her hand on the back of his head. She squatted a little, parting her legs wider and giving herself to him. He slipped his tongue inside her cunt, his hands squeezing her ass cheeks and holding her steady. His tongue nudged her clit, and she shivered. He licked at her clitoris lightly, his tongue wiggling over top of it, teasing it. She closed her eyes, focusing on the incredible feeling in her pussy as Ryan ate her out. He kissed her swollen lips, watching them shake at his touch. Suddenly, he spun her around.

She bent over before him, leaning on her arms against the door. He threw her skirt up over her waist and grabbed her panties. He pulled the skimpy things down her tanned legs. Charmaine stepped out of them, presenting her pussy to him once again. He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart, exposing her asshole to him, but also exposing the pink lips of her vagina. He buried his face in her ass, his tongue sliding up inside her hot treasure, tasting her. His hands were squeezing at her ass as he slowly ran his tongue down to the bottom of her slit, and then the skin that ran between her pussy and her asshole. He could see her tight little anus, just an inch from his face, and he let his tongue continue its course, licking closer to her other hole.

She had tingles running up and down her body as she felt his tongue approach her asshole. Her pussy flooded even more in anticipation. Ryan slowly ran his tongue around her little hole, not penetrating, but just circling. He pulled back and kissed one of her ass cheeks, and then the other. Staring at her anus, he stuck his tongue out and lapped at it. She sighed, closing her eyes. She hasn’t felt ass-play in months!

Burying his face in between her cheeks, he slipped his tongue into her asshole, licking all around it. She squirmed before him, feeling his tongue twirl around in an unfamiliar spot. He pulled it out, and sucked her pussy lips into his mouth, burying his nose in her asshole.

“Ohhhhh yessss…” she sighed as she felt his tongue lick at her sensitive slit. Bending over further, he was able to suck her clitoris into his mouth. She groaned, raising her eyebrows as her orgasm began to rise. She began to subtly ram her ass back against his face as he ate her out from behind. His tongue flecked across her clit even faster, his lips sucking on it lightly at the same time. The tingling in her crotch grew more intense, and she knew it was getting close. She rushed to embrace it.

“UNHHH!” She moaned, rubbing her ass and pussy in his face as she came. “OHHHHH!” She groaned again as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Ryan was desperately trying to hang onto her clit, but she was writhing too much. He let go, moving his face back out of the way. He stood up behind her, his nine and a half inch cock at full hardness. She remained bent over, helpless before him. Once again she was going to let Ryan inside her body, even though her boyfriend was Danny. She desperately wanted it, though. He was so big, and so fulfilling, that she needed him back inside her!

Without wasting any time, Ryan placed the fat head of his monster penis at the entrance to Charmaine’s wet vagina. She caught her breath when she felt his head touch her lips, and her legs subtly parted a little further for him. He had to crouch down, but he managed to force the head of his cock to squeeze back inside her willing pussy.

“OHHHHH yesssss…” she moaned as she felt herself stretching wide. Once he had an inch of himself inside her, he grabbed the soft sides of her hips and pulled her towards him. At the same time, he pushed forward. The result was that he was able to slide his thick manhood all the way inside her hot cunt in one forceful stroke.

“UNH!” She grunted. “You’re so big…” He was pressed against her ass, his entire member buried inside her. She was bent over, helpless at his doorway. He loved how her tanned ass looked pressed against his naked white body like that. He also loved how hot her vagina was around his entire penis. Holding the sides of her ass, he slowly pulled out of her, watching the pink of her pussy lips pull outward along with his cock. He slammed back into her, causing her cheeks to shake.

“UNNGH!” She cried, as bolts of pleasure shot up her body. He couldn’t take it anymore. He had to fuck this woman, and he had to fuck her hard. Holding the sides of her ass in a death-grip, he began to slam himself against her, violently.

His long pole glided quickly up into her over and over again. ‘Slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap’ the slapping noises came rapidly as he rammed himself against her sexy bum over and over again. He loved watching her ass cheeks shake with each hurried impact.

“UNH! OHHH! UNH! OHHH! OHHH! UNH!” Her cries rang out through the apartment as she took that monster cock deep inside her cunt over and over. She could feel his hard tool bounce off the back wall of her pussy with every thrust.

“It feels so good!” She whined. “Your balls are hitting my clit…so good…”

Her words just made him go even harder. He fucked her with all his might, and not only was he sliding along the sensitive walls of her pussy even faster, but his balls were smacking off her clit more frequently, pushing her back to the edge. She was silent, unable to breath as her orgasm approached. 'Slap slap slap slap slap slap' was all that could be heard.

“OHHHHH!” She finally moaned, cumming. Her face was wincing and she was pushing her ass backwards against him, trying desperately to keep him inside her. The inner walls of her pussy were convulsing around his pistoning cock, and her heart was pounding out of control. Suddenly, mercifully, Ryan slipped his long organ out of her. Before she could even recover, he grabbed her and spun her around. He grabbed her by her ass, holding her skirt in his hands, and picked her up. He held the small woman in the air, an ass cheek in each hand. The heels of her shoes rested on his ass.

“Put it in you.” He breathed. Charmaine was his slave. Unable to help herself, she reached beneath her ass and grabbed the hard member that was poking at it. She immediately placed it at her needy entrance, her pussy immediately gripping it. He lowered her down on his penis, watching her eyes close in ecstasy and feeling that moist warmth slowly engulf him. He lowered her until the lips of her vagina were wrapped around the base of his thick cock. She opened her eyes and looked at him. All he could see was desire. He was so deep inside her. She kissed him, lips smacking. She kissed him again, tongue darting briefly into his mouth. Then he backed her up against the door and began to slowly slide his manhood in and out of her.

She began to moan, breaking the kiss as he slid up into her even faster. He had her ass in a death grip, watching her expression as he fucked her hard against the door. Her feet were bouncing off his ass helplessly as she continued to take that giant cock. Her pussy was so hot and tight, and she was moaning erotically in his ear, kissing at his cheek. He didn’t think he would last for much longer.

Ryan began to fuck the poor girl with all his might, drilling his rod deep inside her twat over and over again as her cries grew louder. He could feel his balls heating up, and he gave her cunt a few more hard thrusts. He suddenly slid his long dick all the way inside her pussy, but this time he held it there.

Charmaine could feel his huge penis throb inside her vagina, unleashing a thick stream of cum inside her. She closed her eyes, knowing it was wrong but enjoying the feeling of another man’s hot seed firing into her fertile pussy. She felt his member twitch inside her again, another rope of semen shooting off the back of her eager cunt. He moaned, kissing at her cheek as more of his cum streamed out of him and into her. He was pressing himself against her, letting all of his sperm drip into her hungry vagina.

The two lovers were left gasping for breath, his penis softening inside her as he continued to hold her against the door.

“I’m not on the pill, you know.” She said after she caught her breath. He lifted her up a little, feeling his soft penis slip out of her full pussy with an audible ‘slurp’. She stood before him, feet finally on the floor.

“Well,” he replied, “you should consider getting on it, because I’m gonna be doing that to you from time to time.”

She was shocked at his boldness. He didn’t really care. He didn’t appreciate her stopping seeing him.

Charmaine picked up her panties off the floor and held them in her hand. She was shocked, but more than a little turned on.

“I have to go.” She said. He kissed her on the mouth.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked.

“I guess!” She replied, mockingly. He watched her walk out the door.

As Charmaine drove home, panties still in her hand, she could feel Ryan’s seed leak out of her naked pussy.

*short, I know. I've been working on her next visit, and I have an amazing idea for chapter 19. I think I'll stop the story at 20 (but trust me, 19 will be worth the wait!). Thank you all for writing to me - it's appreciated! X~Factor*

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