tagNovels and NovellasInfidelity Revisited Ch. 18

Infidelity Revisited Ch. 18


Danny was over early the next day, but all she could think about was the screwing that she got from Ryan the night before, and the good hard fuck that she would get later that night. She wondered how many times that she would get that giant dick inside her that night. At least two, she thought.

She couldn’t wait to be on her back with her legs spread wide that night, as Ryan mounted her. Charmaine was so horny that she was about to fuck her boyfriend – just to take away the itch! She managed to hold out, though, but Danny couldn’t go to sleep soon enough! He eventually did, though, and was out like a light by one in the morning.

She snuck some lingerie out of her drawer and went into the bathroom. She put them on – they were a peach colored lace top that you could see through, and her skimpy peach panties were completely sheer. She threw on her plaid casual pants overtop and a thick blue sweater. Not bothering with socks, she snuck downstairs and slipped on her shoes. Everything she was wearing would be easy to take off. It was a cold April night as she crept out of the house, but she knew that she would be warmed up pretty soon.

She was knocking on Ryan’s door before 1:30, and she opened it before he could answer. She was taking her shoes off when he appeared from the living room. He was dressed only in boxer shorts, and the sight of his strong, bare chest excited her.

“It’s about time you showed up!” He joked, knowing full well that she would be this late. He had been thinking about her all night, and was barely able to hold off stroking his cock. She was looking good, too. She wasn’t really dressed up, having rushed out of the house, but her natural beauty made up for any plainness. Her hair was down, flowing just past her shoulders.

Her pussy tingled when he slipped his arms around her and gave her a kiss. She closed her eyes and felt his tongue slip into her mouth and his hands slip down to her ass. He squeezed her ass cheeks affectionately, exploring her mouth with his tongue. She broke the kiss, pushing away from him.

“You’ll have to wait.” She said, smiling. “I have something for you.” With that, she took off her shoes and he watched, wordlessly as she pulled her sweater up over her head and off. His eyes lit up when he saw her in the sheer peach top that hugged her curves beautifully.

Charmaine quickly pushed her pants down and stepped out of them, revealing her skimpy, see-though panties. Smiling at the look of desire in his eyes, she walked by him and headed down the hall to his bedroom. Ryan watched her for a moment, watching her gorgeous ass wiggle as she walked away. He could see her tanned cheeks almost perfectly through the tiny panties. He loved how they shook, and he was quick to follow her, eyes locked on the sight before him.

Charmaine had a lot planned for him. She was going to tease him for hours. She planned to bend over in front of him, crawl around on his bed, and make him want her. She was going to wiggle her ass in front of him, and then lie on her back and spread her tanned legs for him. She was going to pull her panties to one side and give him a brief glimpse of her pussy, before teasing him some more. She was going to try and hold him off for a good half an hour.

She crawled up onto the bed on her hands and knees, showing him her gorgeous ass. He had the perfect view of it from where he was standing, and he could see right through her tiny panties. Ryan shoved his boxers to the floor, unleashing his humongous dick. It was standing straight up in the air as he stepped out of them.

Charmaine was just about to start her show when she felt him grab her from behind. He ripped her panties to one side, exposing her swollen pussy. He held her panties far to one side, halfway across her tanned ass cheek, as he probed at her horny cunt with his fat knob. She could feel his monster cock poking at her from behind, and her already wet pussy grew wetter. So much for the show! She was going to get fucked right now!

One minute she’s at her house with her boyfriend sleeping nearby, and ten minutes later she’s a few blocks away, about to have the biggest cock that she has ever seen slide into her.

Ryan quickly found where she was hottest and wettest, and pushed forward at that spot. He could feel her tightness open up for him as he forced the mushroom head of his penis inside.

“Ohhhh God!” She moaned, feeling herself practically split open. Her vagina was so slick with her juices that he was able to immediately sink half of his fat cock into it before he could go no further. He didn’t bother to pull out and try again - he just grabbed the sides of her ass tightly and pulled her towards her. Using the obvious size and strength advantage that he had with the small woman, he forced more of his manhood into her needy hole.

“Unnnngh!” She moaned. “You’re so…ungh…big!” He ignored her, pushing forward and pulling her backward at the same time. Finally, her beautiful ass was pressed up against him and he was completely buried inside her. So much for teasing him!

He looked down at her tanned ass pressed tightly against his groin. He was still holding her skimpy, peach-colored panties against her cheeks with his thumb. Gripping her hips tightly, he began to immediately fuck her. 'Slap slap slap slap slap slap' her ass cheeks were shaking with each impact as Ryan slapped hard against her body. Her warm pussy was so tight around his fat member, and he was losing it already.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Charmaine’s cries rang throughout the bedroom as she felt him sink that huge penis deep into her hungry vagina with authority. She could feel him poking at the back of her cunt with his organ, and the feeling was incredible. He was squeezing the sides of her ass even tighter until it was almost painful, forcing his massive cock into her over and over.

“I want to cum on your tongue again!” He grunted, still pistoning his dick in and out of her needy hole. He could feel his balls heating up, and he knew that he wouldn’t be long. She could feel the beginnings of an orgasm stir within her. Feeling such a long cock glide along the sensitive walls of her pussy was getting her off already! Before she could cum, she felt him pull his penis out of her vagina.

Charmaine obediently spun around on her hands and knees, looking up at him. She stuck out her tongue, opening her mouth wide as he held his rampant hard-on above her. He moaned, feeling his cock twitch in his hand. A hot, white, stream of sticky cum fired out the tip and landed across her tanned face. It ran from just beneath her eye down to her upper lip. She loved how warm it felt on her skin, and she kept her tongue out. He aimed it down a little more as it jerked in his hand again. His cum sprayed into her mouth, off the back of it, landing on her tongue. More semen poured onto her tongue, gathering in the middle in a pool. She could taste him as more of his seed trickled onto it.

Gasping for breath, she continued to hold her tongue out. Ryan’s dick twitched again, and the cum trickled out the end and fell half off her tongue and onto her chin. He moaned, squeezing his cock and milking out still more of his sperm. He made sure this latest offering joined the rest on her tongue. She had a real mouthful there!

Like a good girl, Charmaine kept her tongue out for a few moments, letting him get a good look at the cum that had accumulated there. She then withdrew it into her mouth. She swallowed his hot jism, and she could feel the thick fluid slide down her throat towards her stomach. She stuck out her tongue for him again and he could not find any trace of his cum on it.

She smiled at him, his cum on her chin and across her cheek. As he collapsed onto the bed, she crawled off of it, heading down the hall to the bathroom. He couldn’t help but stare at the tanned globes of her sexy ass as she walked away, her skimpy peach colored panties barely hid a thing.

Her pussy was still tingling when she walked into the washroom. She looked in the mirror and could see another man’s cum on her face. It was still warm. She ran her finger along her cheek, gathering the sticky fluid. She looked at it, thoughtfully. Ryan wasn’t around, so what would be the use of putting it in her mouth? She wasn’t pleasing him; she would be doing it for no reason. Yet, she found that she wanted to taste him. She wanted his cum in her mouth. All thoughts of her sleeping boyfriend were long gone from her mind as she slipped her finger into her mouth. She could taste Ryan’s salty, warm semen, and she swallowed it. She liked it – she obviously truly enjoyed it if she was drinking it on her own! Charmaine wiped the cum off her chin, and sucked that into her mouth as well.

Ryan watched as Charmaine walked back into the room, fully cleaned up. She was so sexy in that skimpy little peach-colored lingerie. He smiled.

“I’m sorry.” He joked. “I interrupted your show!” She smiled back as he sat up and let her crawl onto the bed. He moved to the far end, giving her room. He realized that he was already semi-aroused … and when Ryan’s cock was semi-aroused, it was still somewhat larger than the average cock! Charmaine’s gaze fell on it briefly, and a surge of desire went through her pussy.

On her hands and knees, she turned away from him, pointing her incredible ass in her direction. His eyes trailed up her body, from the bottoms of her tanned feet, up her smooth legs to that perfect bum. He could clearly see it through the sheer material of her panties. He hadn’t been in that ass in months, but he would do everything he could to be in that ass tonight!

She turned her head and looked at him, throwing her hair out of her face as she did so. Smiling, she reached underneath her between her legs. He watched her tiny hand appear, and her fingers ran over her pussy over the panties, caressing it sensually. She ran her fingers up and down her slit over the sopping wet material, sending bolts of pleasure up her body. He watched as she moved her index finger to one side of her panties and slowly pulled them over. First, the curls of her pubic hair appeared, and then the swollen lips of her pussy. Ryan realized that he was suddenly quite hard as he watched her run a finger down her wet slit.

She moved her hand out from between her legs, and her panties slid back over slightly, partially covering her cunt but sticking between her lips a little. She turned and crawled towards him slowly. Her eyes were locked on his cock, which was standing at attention for her. Keeping her hands on the bed, Charmaine nuzzled his shaft with her nose, and he watched as her tongue darted out and lightly lapped at his balls.

She stuck her tongue way out of her mouth and looked up at him. She slowly ran her tongue up his long shaft, trailing saliva the entire way. She could taste her pussy as she ran her tongue up another man’s penis. When she reached the top, she lapped at the tip lightly. Still not using her hands, Charmaine opened her mouth and slowly took his manhood inside. He moaned, softly, as he watched her lips slide down his pole. Her dark eyes were looking at him as she took nearly two thirds of his giant manhood. She slowly pulled him out of her mouth, making a loud ‘slurp’ noise as she did so.

Ryan watched as Charmaine lay back on the bed, opening her legs before him. Her eyes were locked on his, but he was looking straight at her crotch. He could see the dark patch of her well-trimmed bush through the sheer material of her panties. She slowly brought her hand down between her legs. She placed her fingers at one side of her panties. She slowly pulled them over, gradually revealing the curls of her pubic hair, followed by the swollen lips of her quivering pussy.

“Lick me.” She said, sensually. Her boyfriend was as far from her mind as he could possibly be. Her feet were flat on the bed, and she continued to hold her panties to one side, offering herself to him.

He swallowed, completely entranced. He then knelt between her open legs and bent his head between her thighs. As he drew closer he could smell the strong scent of her arousal. He kissed her swollen lips, watching them quiver at his touch.

“Ohhh…” she gasped as bolts of excitement shot through her. His tongue darted out and he slowly licked from the bottom of her sensitive slit up to the top. His tongue lightly nudged her clit, causing her suck in her breath. He slid his tongue in between the petals of her pussy, forcing it as deep inside her as he could. She ran her toes up his back softly as his tongue gathered her flowing juices from the roof of her sensitive pussy. He withdrew his tongue, sucking her swollen lips into his mouth.

She moaned as tingles ran up her body from her crotch. Ryan slid his hands under her ass, sliding his fingers into her panties and squeezing her soft cheeks as he ate her cunt. Charmaine closed her eyes and began to writhe her pussy up into his face. He ran his tongue up and down the lips that he held trapped in his mouth as fast as he could. She groaned, pressing her feet a little harder into his back. She began to buck off the bed, starting to lose it.

“Ohhhhhhh!” She moaned, cumming. The inner walls of her vagina were pulsating as his tongue flecked over her clitoris mercilessly. He lapped her slit hungrily, tasting her wonderful juices as they flowed freely. Finally, she couldn’t take anymore, and she pushed his face back out from between her thighs. Her legs remained open, though, and she could only watch helplessly as her well-hung lover crawled up the bed on top of her.

She looked down between them, watching his fat member drew closer to her treasure. Her panties had fallen partway over her pussy again. Ryan grabbed his cock and pressed the mushroom head against the skin beside her panties. Using his dick, he pushed her panties aside, revealing her swollen lips again. Her wet, hungry lips grabbed the tip of his manhood and he eagerly pushed forward. Hot tightness immediately gripped the end of his penis, and he pushed harder.

“Ohhhhh…” she sighed as she felt his tool ease inside her inch by inch. He did not stop pushing until his groin was pressed against her, his organ buried inside her. She arched her head back, looking up at him with her dark eyes. She felt so full! She slid her feet up his legs to his ass as he held himself inside her. His lips found hers and he kissed her hard. Their lips smacked loudly as his tongue shot into her mouth.

She felt his long penis slowly ease out of her part way, and then glide back into her. “Mmmph!” She moaned into his mouth. He began to slide his manhood in and out of her hungry pussy, breaking the kiss as he held himself up above her on his arms.

“Unh! God you’re so big!” Charmaine groaned, wincing as her cunt took his fat penis over and over. She raised her feet in the air and they were flailing behind his thrusting ass. Her eyebrows were raised in ecstasy as his thick member squeezed into her body repeatedly. She was helpless – moaning as Ryan fucked her hard on his bed.

As he slammed his giant cock into her pussy, he looked behind him. He watched as her feet waved in the air behind him. He looked down between her thighs at where his long dick disappeared into her bush over and over. Her panties were still forced to one side. He could not believe how hot and slick her cunt was!

Suddenly, he slid his member out of her, and Charmaine found herself being unceremoniously flipped onto her hands and knees. ‘This is much better than being at home asleep beside Danny!’ She thought excitedly.

Her sheer panties slipped back over her ass, but Ryan could still see her crack through the peach material. He pulled them to one side, exposing her ass and pussy to him. He bent further, leaning forward. His tongue snaked out and lapped at her pussy. She tasted so good!

“Ohhhhh!” She moaned, tingles shot up her body. He buried his face in her ass, sliding his tongue into her wet cunt. Charmaine couldn’t help but press her ass back against his face as his tongue lapped at her needy slit. He was kissing and licking at it, with no real pattern or goal – just wanting to taste her delicious nectar. He slowly ran his tongue up to the bottom of her pussy, and it continued to trail up the skin towards her asshole. As his tongue slowly circled her anus, Ryan realized that he desperately wanted to get into her ass again. It had been months! He slowly forced his tongue inside her anus, his hands spreading her cheeks even wider. She moaned again softly, as she felt his tongue twirl around in her ass.

He slipped it out of her bum, kissing her swollen pussy lips lovingly. She gasped as bolts of pleasure shot up her body. He kissed her ass cheek once more, before getting up on his knees behind her. His unnaturally big, thick penis was sticking straight up in the air. He looked over at his nightstand. There was a jar of Vaseline sitting there – he was thinking ahead, and man was he ever glad he did.

Holding Charmaine’s panties aside with one hand, he used the other one to run his fat mushroom head down the sensitive lips of her vagina, coating it with her flowing juices. He could feel the incredible heat emanating from her pussy as he rubbed his cock against it. She was breathing laboriously, bent over submissively before him as she felt him probe for her cunt with his giant dick. She was writhing back against him a little bit, trying to catch the top of him with her pussy. She desperately needed to be penetrated!

She was so wet that he suddenly felt her warmth suck the tip of him inside. He went with it, pushing forward and feeling himself slowly gliding into her body.

“Ohhhhh…GAWD!” She moaned, wincing as she felt him inch inside her. Ryan forced his cock all the way inside her in one stroke, completely burying it in her needy cunt. Her tanned ass was pressed against him, and she could feel her vagina being stretched to the limits.

He looked at the string of the side of her panties, tied in a simple bow. Holding nine and a half inches of himself inside her, he grabbed the string and pulled, releasing it. Her panties fell from her ass and down her right leg to her knee. With her panties out of the way, he now had the freedom to fuck her unhindered. He grabbed the soft sides of her ass tightly and pulled back, watching the lips of her vagina pull outward along with his cock. He slammed himself forward, slapping against her hard.

“UNH!” Charmaine moaned as she felt his giant member rip into her. He immediately began to fuck her hard, slapping against her ass cheeks each time he drilled his organ into her. Her ass cheeks were rippling with each impact. 'Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!' His groin spanked loudly against her sexy bum as he entered her heat over and over.

“OHH! Unh! Unh!” She moaned with each penetration, and she began to ram her ass back against him eagerly. He reached between them and ran his finger down the crack of her bum. Tingles again shot up her body as she felt him tickle over her asshole. She slowed down the pace of ramming her ass back. It was as if she wanted him to stick his finger up her ass!

Ryan slipped the tip of his finger into her anus. She groaned, closing her eyes. Now there was a new sensation to go along with the feeling of his long penis gliding into her vagina over and over. She hasn’t had anything up there in ages!

He watched Charmaine’s tight little asshole absorb more of his finger, until it was in her to the second knuckle. He wiggled it around inside her ass as her tight cunt continued to take his cock. She was wincing, feeling the beginnings of an orgasm well up inside her. But Ryan couldn’t take anymore. He pulled his finger out of her ass and his manhood out of her pussy. She remained on her hands and knees, recovering. He reached forward and grabbed the jar of Vaseline.

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