tagHow ToInformation is Sucking Power

Information is Sucking Power


Giving a good blow job is more than just sucking on it. Here are some things that your competition doesn't want you to find out about.

Be enthusiastic about it.

Let him know you are excited about being able to go down on his Dick and make it feel good to him. A buddy of mine in the service, had one of those builds described as a T-Shape. Broad shoulders and narrow waist with nice abs. He told me that when he went over to Ft. Worth to see his girl friend, he would always stop in at the bus station bathroom to freshen up a bit. He said he would take off his shirt and splash some cold water on his face and without fail a guy watching him would want to suck him off. So he would go in to a stall and because the guy was so excited and nervous about getting to suck him, it got him aroused more. He said he could feel the excitement on his dick and he would bust a nut in the guys mouth like you wouldn't believe. It just seemed to make it feel so much better knowing the guy was so turned on to him.

Don't forget his balls.

I was sucking a guy one time and he said to me, "Can you suck a ball?" I took his dick out of my mouth and looked up at him and replied, "You mean like this." For guys that enjoy this you should gently suck it and swish your tongue around on it. It will make for a nice hot load once you go back down on his dick. This is a good link from his balls to the orgasmic brain. Lightly rubbing his balls during the sucking phase also increases his enjoyment.

Add some humming to the job.

You can make yummy and moaning sounds as you suck. Even humming can add a tingle with good vibes in the right direction. It is being verbal with a mouthful of dick. It may even encourage him to be verbal as well. If you like to hear a guy tell you, "Oh fuck yeah. You're going to make me cum." Or, "I can tell you like doing that." Of course if you hear, "Mmm...", then get ready for a nice hot load.

Tongue under the hood.

Most guys already know about that area just beneath that helmeted area and how sensitive it is to stimulation. It's a good place to swipe your tongue several times back and forth before going back down again. Licking that area from the outside and down the shaft and back up again shows him you are savoring his cock and really want to please him. Add in some yummy sounds to make it more exciting.

Find out what area of his cock feels best to him.

One of my guys told me he liked it best when my mouth was half way down and that I should concentrate in that area. So when I was ready to get him off, I would go down to that spot and wiggle my tongue and suck with short up and down movements. That kept me in the right area and he even confirmed it by saying, "Fuck yeah, that's the way I like it."

Location, location, location.

A fun place to suck him can add a great deal of excitement for him. I sat in the backseat of a car while my buddy in the service got a blow job from a skinny older man who said he was a school teacher. I had dropped off for a snooze and woke when my buddy reached back and poked my leg. He wanted me to know what was going on. The car was parked on the side of the interstate and as cars passed us the car would shake. The windows were steamed up from it being chilly outside. I could hear a sucking sound, "Slurp, Slurp, Slurp." Then he raised his head up and it looked like he was licking my buddy's chest. My buddy was from Houston, Texas and he had short blond hair and I know he had a nice size circumcised dick cause I had seen it in the barracks. I never knew he would let a guy suck him till now. The movie, "Midnight Cowboy," made me think of how he looked. Then there were more sucking sounds as the guy continued blowing my buddy. After some time he raised up and asked, "Are you just about ready?" My buddy said, "I'm ready anytime you are." After some short sucking sounds, my buddy seemed to stretch out and move his head back into the headrest and said, "Here it comes!" During his climax I could hear what sounded like he was rubbing the guys back or head. He shot so much cum that it almost choked the guy. He had to quit and open the driver side door and cough and spit some out. Later, my buddy told me it had been a long time since he had got off. Maybe three or four days. So he had a big cum load and it almost choked the guy. I asked him if the guy was any good and he said, "You damn right he was good. I was needing a good blow job anyway. I probably should have warned him I was going to cum a lot but it just felt so damn good, I couldn't say it.

Older guys with no teeth.

There are a few young guys that have discovered the great feeling blow job they got from a guy that could take his teeth out. There is no fear of teeth scrapes or bite marks. It also allows the sucker to create more suction and thereby increase the good feeling in any dick. One of my gay friends told me that back in the days when there were dive-in theaters, he blew one of the two guys that was with him in the car. One had gone to the concession stand to get some popcorn and drinks and the one that stayed behind lowered his pants and took out a hard dick. He said he leaned over, took out his teeth and threw them under the seat. The guy got off just before the other got back and had his dick put away just in time. Unfortunately, my friend could not find his teeth and was feeling under the seat as the guy got in. The guy said, "What are you looking for?" My friend was laughing so hard he couldn't finish the story.

Moral to story is a blow job has to include other things to make it a mind blowing event. If you do your home work and learn more ways to please a guy, you'll need to make sure there is a parking space available at your place to handle all the extra traffic to your door. You can go on-line and search for things guys like about a blow job. You may pick up on some that you like that I haven't mentioned. I wish you suck-cess.

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