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Inga Meets Wonder Woman


It been a while sense Inga captured me. I been a while sense she integrated and broke me with her sexual powers. I was now her slave. I was now her slut and her whore. My leash was wrapped around the pole and I lay naked. My body was still quivering from one of her daily sexual orgasms. She brought me over the edge of pleasure till I was broken and could hardly move.

You see Inga was German all about power and sex. Her vast power was only match by the high levels of her depravity. She stood over 6.7. Her hair was long and beautiful blond and she had the face of one of the most beautiful super models ever. It was perfection. Like it was created. Her eyes were deep oceans blue and seem to be bottomless. Her breast were huge. They look like two giant beach balls. Her body was curvy and tone. She looked stronger then any man. Her legs went on for mile. It was a perfect combination of sex and Amazon power.

She had caught me when my army tried to take her down. She crushed us. The power of her was inhuman. She took them by herself then interrogated them. The strongest of us broke and told her everything. She been gaining power ever sense. Now I was in her castle of depravity. Soldier were left naked and wrapped in netted blankets. They were then left on the floor and use as rugs for women to walk on with their high heels. A lot of men were used as human furniture. The beautiful women of Inga army didn't even seem to notice. They would use one of our solders as a leg stand or to sit on and go about their conversation. Women and men private parts were hook to huge sex machine that milked them of their sperm and breast milk. The women breast became sore like two giant grapes as the scream with multiple orgasm after multiple orgasm. The machines would shove huge dildoes in them with a suction for their cum. The cum and the milk would then be mixed for drinks for Inga's soldiers

Inga stood take a sip of one of those drinks from a cup. It was mix with liquor. A little cum mustage appeared as she wipes her mouth clean and enjoyed the taste of all the cum. She looked down at me. She made me shiver and filled with excitement. A storm of emotions hit me ever time she look. Fear, lust, anger, terror, excitement and love. Inga was naked accept for her boots.

"Vor Captain Vee taste voe tatse so tasty doesn't she" Inga laughed

Severel men laid pass out on her bed. They were genetically altered to make their cocks bigger. She pointed to her feet and made me kiss. Two women came through the door in Inga uniform. It was Helga and Ilsa

"Mistress Inga the prisoner is ready for you" Helga said

"Very Vell..vome vith me slave. Time you see my full vower." Inga said.

Inga took me by the leash and into another room. I was shocked by what I saw. It was Wonder Woman. She looker gorgeous. Strong and her muscles ripping. She was naked accept for her bracelets and boots. Her whole body dripped with sweat and her eyes burn with rage. He beautiful black hair was drape over her face. She arms and legs were spread and she was tied. Even then she looked danger. A machine slammed a dildo repeatedly in her cunt. The dildo move around inside her vibrating.

"We been fucking her for hours Mistress but she haven't broken" Helga said

Inga snapped her fingers to me.

"Watch vittle slave" She said

"You never break me"

Inga smiled

"Villy wonder vitch. The American vade you veak. Just a weak country America..I vake them every week. They don't know vow to handle real vomen like us" Inga said

She pulled the machine out of her and started squeezing her tits. Inga knew about pressure points and was sending waves of pleasure through her body. She massage her nipples. Wonder woman tried not to show her pleasure but Inga was good

"Just beautiful Vreast" She said

She started sucking her tits. Her sexy lips were like huge vacuums as she sucked and nibbles her nipples blue. Her tongue went by fast doing amazing things and then nibbling on her neck. She rubbed her finger all the way down her body giving her a nice grope. Wonder Woman never felt anything like that.

"Hmmmmmm impressive vitch. The vittle slave over here vould of been crying vut I am not finish let" Inga said

"Get off me" Wonder woman demanded

She slapped wonder woman hard enough to make a red mark on her face

"Your not vin the postion to make demand..Vitch." Inga said

She shoved her finger deep in her pussy. She went right to her gspot. Inga knew different parts of the body had pressure points. Inga finger was now exciting ever one as she shoved her tongue down Wonder woman mouth. Her pussy was all ready sensitive It was the 5 finger pussy explosion move. She pressed as 5 points on her G spot and 5 points around. Then slammed her finger in the center. Wonder Woman pussy exploded. Cum sprayed out like a tidal wave as she was hit with a multiple orgasm

"Ohhhhhhhhh shit" Wonder woman screamed

She was shocked by her own words. I thought she was peeing but really it was a flow of cum that seem to go on forever. Inga slammed again doing the move. Another multiple orgasm shook Wonder Woman's body. Then came the pee

"Surrender Vitch"

"Ohhh ohh NEVER" Wonder Woman cried

"Very Vell vitch" Inga laughed

She slammed againg and again. Inga found his fist could slipped in and then as she came part of her arm. Now half her arm was in. She gripped tightly on her Gspot and pull.

"Aaaaa you bitch" Wonder woman screamed

Helga force me to watch as I turn my head. She grabbed my hair and made me see everything. I thought I could see Inga fingers moving in Wonder Woman's stomach. She worked on her nipples with her other hand. Her tongue filled her mouth nearly choking Wonder Woman's and feeling her throat.

"Stop...please." Wonder Woman said

"Ahhh does the poor Vonder Vitch hate this...Too bad vitch." Igna said

She switch arms and licked her sticky finger clean before making Wonder Woman taste. Helga was holding me in her arms and jerking me off to orgasm while I force to watch.

Inga kept this up for an hour

"Please stop I do anything you want" Wonder Woman finally said

"Tough Vitch...You had you change" Inga said and continued to fuck her. Two fist were deep in stretching her pussy lips out future. The pleasure was to much Wonder woman were in tears. Her strong body broken. I was nearly passed out in Helga arms. I had passed out 8 times

4 hours

Wonder woman hardly talk. She just mumbled. She couldn't count how many times she came even with a calculator. Inga fucked her doggishly with a special dildo. The dildo had an electric pulses that made it feel like a real cock to Inga. When she came the dildo would shoot her cum into Wonder Woman. Her pussy was now overflowing with Inga cum.

"vay it vitch"

"I am a whore..A stupid whore" Wonder Woman said

Inga two guards spit on her face as Inga pulled the dildo out. She came on Wonder Woman mouth. She stood over Wonder Woman.

"Take her away to the torture room. Let the girls have fun with her." Inga said

Inga stuck out her finger and made me lick them clean.

"Come vith me slave..I have plenty of games to play with vue" She said

"Yes Mistress"

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