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Inheritance and Discovery


It all started when my younger brother, John Edwards, died. He had given my wife a ride to see her dentist when the accident happened. It wasn't John's fault. He had the green light, it looked safe to enter the intersection, but it wasn't. A semi coming down the hill into town had lost its breaks. It was carrying a load of granite blocks. There was nothing the driver could do. It was over probably before my brother or wife knew that there was a problem. It turned out that the truck had just had break maintenance and one of the fittings was flawed. It fractured, leaving momentum in charge.

My brother and I (George) were often mistaken for twins. Our ethnicity was mainly Scotch-Irish with a bit of Norwegian.

After the funerals I found out that my brother had left me some of his most valuable collections. One, his collection of historic firearms; and two, his collection of cameras. Little did I know how much the camera collection would change my life.

Some of you who have lost close relatives know the uneasy feeling you have going through your relatives most precious things. You feel a bit like a ghoul. It is an unsettling feeling.

For those of you who aren't old enough to remember film cameras, the film must be sent to a place to have the latent prints turned into negatives and/or prints. It is a somewhat fussy chemical process. My brother shot many things using digital cameras, but he was very fond of film cameras. He enjoyed using older cameras where all of the exposure control was done by the photographer. It's a lot more work than using a "point and shoot" but it is more rewarding in the end. Just consider that the typical 35mm slide would be at least the equivalent of a 35 Megapixel sensor. The resolution can be breathtaking.

Remember that at this time I was suffering the loss of my brother, the closest friend I had (except for my wife). On top of that I was suffering the loss of my wife of thirty-two years. My sister-in-law was suffering almost the mirror image of my loss. My wife and Amy had been best friends.

Five of John's cameras had film in them. Obviously I wanted to get them developed. For normal development I use Clark film processing. However, my brother's work was usually of a very high quality. Two months after the funeral I sent the film to a professional photo finishing outfit. It was fortunate that I did.

I was feeling exceptionally down on the Friday that the package of negatives and prints arrived. After a meal and a seven and seven (Segram's Seven and Seven Up) I sat down to look at the pictures. I only got to the pictures from the second camera. I had been sexually frustrated for two months now and the pictures threw me over the edge. I had to hit the bathroom and relieve my tensions.

To understand the following I need to describe my sister-in-law. She had a beautiful body, a killer smile, a wonderful personality and was (in my opinion) one of the sexiest women I had ever seen in my life. I am not excluding Playboy centerfolds from that list. She is that attractive.

My brother had taken thirty some, beautifully posed, nude pictures of Amy. The first pictures were simple classical nude poses. Toward the end the pictures were much more explicit. I had never seen my sister-in-law without clothes before. She was stunning! Amy has a beautiful mocha skin tone, pitch black hair, and a killer smile. She also has beautiful breasts that are the perfect size for her frame. They are either a hefty B cup or perhaps a smallish C cup. They have large areolae that are light chocolate in color: Stunning, absolutely stunning! Toward the end of the roll John had joined Amy on the bed and they had been doing an intense sixty-nine. He must have used the self timer. Wow, I needed to go to the bathroom to take care of the frustration again.

I knew that I needed to keep the pictures private. But I also knew that Amy would probably want them. In the morning I phoned Amy and asked her if she would join me for dinner that evening. She immediately said yes. I told her that it was strictly casual dress.

The following late afternoon Amy showed up at my door. As soon as she was there I put the T-bones on the grill, added the dressing to the Caesar salad, and broke out two bottles of good lager beer. It only took about ten minutes for the steaks to be ready.

We said grace and enjoyed a good meal. It was so nice to have someone to talk to. I had forgotten how much I missed simple conversation.

After desert, New York style cheesecake and coffee, I started the needed conversation.

"Amy, as you know, John left me his cameras. Several of them had film in them. I had the film developed so that we would have the pictures; just in case they had things we wanted preserved. I thought you should see some of them. Are you game?"

"Yes, but now that you mention it I am also a bit nervous."

"Don't be, I don't find any of the pictures offensive. The camera work is excellent, as usual. I'll pour us each some more coffee and be right back with the pictures."

I went to the other room and brought back all of the pictures. The special ones were on the bottom of the pile. I sat down across from Amy and started passing over the pictures. She really liked a good many of them. Then the regular pictures were gone.

"I need to set the scene for the following pictures. First of all, let me remind you that I try to be a gentleman. I do not want to make you uneasy at all. For what it is worth I have always had a very soft spot in my heart for you. I just couldn't show it while we were both married. You are an exceptionally beautiful woman.. I say this because you are the subject of this last roll of film. I must say that these are some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Only I have seen these and only you and I know that they were taken. Please do not be embarrassed. You, again, are incredibly sexy."

I passed the photos to Amy, one at a time and in order. After looking at all of them she had tears in her eyes.

"Please don't feel uneasy, Amy. I didn't know what was on that roll. John never talked about anything that involved you. I still believe that these are the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. I did not make second copies of these. The negatives for all of the pictures are here in this envelope. I'm giving them to you to do with them what you will. I would beg you not to destroy those last photos. John put his heart into those pictures. They show how he saw you! Again, my intent was not to embarrass you."

Then, I shut up. After a few moments of silence, during which Amy reviewed her pictures, she spoke:

"Tell me honestly how these pictures hit you!"

"Are you sure you want an honest answer to that? I don't want to make you uneasy."


"I had to go and jerk off after seeing them. You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen. My wife was beautiful, and mine, but your infinitely more photogenic than she ever was; even though she worked a while as a professional model."

Amy was sitting there with an inscrutable look on her face. She was obviously deep in thought. After a couple of minutes she broke the silence.

"Let me ask you another question. You may choose not to answer it but I would really like an honest answer. Have you ever had any sexual fantasy about me?"

I must have turned beet red because Amy was suddenly smiling at me.

"Yes, I must admit that I have. However after seeing the pictures it has been an all consuming fantasy. I wouldn't have mentioned that if you hadn't asked me that particular question."

"George, I have to admit that I also have had fantasies about you. Mine, however, started after John died. Remember, gals are not visually centered like guys are. We have known each other since junior high school. We have been friends for most of that time. I think that we should help each other emotionally and physically during this time of loss. What do you think?"

"I think you already know how I think and what I would like. I will do anything I can to help you. I will even consent to not touch you physically if that is what you wish. I just want to help you through this time any way I can."

It was my turn to shed a couple of small tears. Amy got up, came around the table, and pulled my face into her cleavage while running her hands through my hair.

"I think we should stop the discussion for a while and take this thought to your bedroom, don't you."

"Are you sure we won't ruin our friendship."

"Dead certain! I think this could be the beginning of a long and enjoyable partnership."

"How about we start out with a quick soak in my whirlpool bath?"

"I didn't know you had one. Let's try it out."

We went up to the master bath room and I filled the tub and turned on the pumps and heaters.

With a grin, Amy said: "George, you've seen me without clothes on. It's only fair that you strip and show me what you look like."

I stripped with my back to her and then turned around.

Amy had a big smile on her face as she removed her clothes. As the last of her clothes came off I took her in my arms and hugged her, giving her a long deep kiss. She must have liked it because she almost became limp in my arms.

We climbed into the tub and the petting became intense. We both lost track of time.

"Let's get out of the tub, dry off and try out the bed."

We did.

It was six months from the funeral when we married. We have not forgotten what we lost, but we rejoice in what we found.

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