Altheon crouched before the initiate. Her long gazelle's legs had begun to shake from the strain of supporting all her weight on her toes. He ran his hands up the length of them, relishing the smooth texture of her thigh highs giving way to the buttery soft creamy white skin of her thighs. Skye's breathing had begun to quicken and her moans could now be heard by the people waiting in the shadows. Vai gently grasped Skye's panties and pulled them aside so that Altheon could have unlimited access to her waiting pussy.

He gazed longingly for a moment on the few wisps of downy blonde hair before parting her lips with his nimble fingers. He ran his finger along her moist crevice and then brought it up to circle her waiting clit. Skye moaned loudly and thrust her hips forward to meet his wandering finger. He slowly drew his finger back down the length of her and slowly slid it into her hot tight pussy, easily finding her secret spot. The natural musk of her pheromones snaked into his nostrils and he could feel his cock pressing hard against the front of his pants. His tongue easily found its way to her clit, already hard from his earlier attention. He sucked it gently into his mouth careful to keep his fangs from puncturing it. Slowly he circled the tender nub, flicking it with his tongue moistening her further with his saliva. Vai kissed her way down Skye's stomach to join him, and both of their tongues probed into her slit, mingling together inside of her. Altheon slipped a hand into Vai's panties and rubbed the smooth skin of her shaven pussy, sliding his fingers deep within her. She rewarded him with a nice deep moan.

Suddenly Vai sank her needle sharp fangs into Skye and her hot blood filled his mouth mixed with the juices of her arousal. Skye let forth a high pitched shriek as the fangs sunk deep into her flesh and the pleasure turned to pain. Altheon's heart hammered as her blood ran down his waiting throat. It was all he could do to not push Vai off and finish the job himself. Vai sensed his impatience and pulled him back. He glared at her with the bloodlust in his eyes, but finally understood, it was still too soon to take her.

The shock of being bitten had caused Skye's legs to finally give out and the leather thong binding her wrist bit deeply into her flesh. Fresh blood trickled anew and dripped onto the stone tiles behind her. Altheon watched Vai stand and begin to disrobe; watching as first the cloak, the bra, and the skimpy thong hit the floor. The only thing she left on was her thigh highs, her stilettos, the mesh covering her arms, and of course the leather mask that covered her eyes. He followed suit, finally releasing his cock from its torturous prison inside his pants.

Once he had stripped down completely he turned and stood before the initiate. Her large blue eyes now held pain instead of anticipation. She was finally realizing that there was a price to immortality. Altheon knew that she had barely even begun to pay the price. His eyes appraised her as she struggled against her bonds. He had tied them tightly so he knew there was no chance of her loosening them to release the searing pressure on her wrists; the more she struggled the tighter they became and the more they bit into her flesh.

Vai emerged from the darkness holding a long bullwhip in her hand. His gaze took in her lush naked body standing ominously behind Skye's voluptuous curves. His hand moved to his dick feeling the hardness there, wishing Vai would hurry. He desperately wanted to fuck the both of them.

He approached Skye from the front and sharply pushed her head to the side exposing her delicate neck, the vein pulsed invitingly under her thin skin. He ran his tongue down the length of her neck pausing to feel the way her undulating pulse felt, savoring the aroma of her skin. He undid the straps of her bustier and tore the lace down the front, letting it fall to the floor. His tongue found the trail of dried blood that had dripped from the place Mordecai had bitten her and he traced it to her luscious tits. The metallic tang of it on his taste buds caused his cock to twitch in anticipation. He circled her nipple with his finger before drawing it between his teeth and flicking it with his tongue. His hands caressed her hips and then slid behind her to grab the firm cheeks of her ass. He felt her tense as he ran his teeth over her stiff nipple. Her breaths were ragged now, her teeth clenched.

Just as he sank his fangs into the tender nub of her nipple Vai brought the tip of the whip solidly down between her shoulder blades. Skye screamed at the top of her lungs as the pain radiated outward. He sucked her erect nipple into his mouth and moaned as her blood ran slowly down his throat. From above him he could hear the whip crack as Vai brought it down on her naked back repeatedly, eliciting screams of agony. Her blood ran down over his fingers; hot and sticky from the criss cross welts Vai had made down the length of her back.

"Who wants to taste her?" Vai's voice seemed to boom out over the chamber.

Skye's eyes grew wide as the other twenty four vampires seemed to coalesce out of the shadows. She hadn't known there would be that many. The members of the coven had been waiting for this moment since Altheon and Vai had begun. Skye shuddered as fingers reached for her, caressing her exposed flesh, poking into her cuts and punctures, coating them with her blood. She had begun to grow weak from her blood loss and no longer even fought to remain on her toes, not caring that her wrists screamed in agony as she planted her feet on the floor. Her back was a sheet of fire; the lacerations searing every time another vampire ran their finger over the inflamed skin. Perhaps the worst though was the way her bite wounds throbbed anew with each beat of her heart. Her nipple was awash with agony, the bite Vai had left on her snatch seemed to scream along with her, and the first wound on her neck provided a steady stabbing pain as her jugular tried to return blood to her frantic heart.

The vampires of the Night Gate coven formed a ring around her after they had tasted her. She could see their pupils dilating in the shimmering light from the candles as the blood lust firmly settled over them. Fangs were barred and they looked longingly at her exposed throat and milky white flesh.

"Skye Mason," Mordecai spoke sharply too her, "you have felt the bite of a vampires kiss. Do you still wish to proceed? Do you still seek entrance to the Night Gate?"

Skye's eyes blazed defiance as she softly yet confidently answered, "Yes, I still seek admittance to the Night Gate."

"As you wish, but first you must swear our oath. After that Altheon and Vai will give you what you desire. Do you swear to give yourself to the night; to never again see a sunrise, to never again live as a human? You will be a predator, stalking the night in search of prey. Do you swear to never kill a child? Do you swear to never inflict mortal wounds on another of the vampire brethren; no stakes, no flames?"

"I swear."

"Then your pledge has been accepted. Bring out the brand. All members of the Night Gate are marked before they join with a brand. Burns are the only thing the changeover will not heal. Once you are given the night's gift all the scars you have received will vanish as if they never existed, but the brand will remain." One of the vampires returned with a heated metal brand, a representation of a vampire's barred fangs inside a circle. The metal glowed red hot and Skye's shriek of anguish reverberated off the cavernous walls of the dungeon as it was applied to the curve of her ass cheek. The smell of her scorched flesh wafted through the air as the brand was removed leaving a perfect puckered scar on her ass. "Let her down and finish." Mordecai snapped to Altheon and Vai who had waited patiently for them to finish.

Vai cranked the winch lowering her from her suspended prison and Altheon caught her limp body in his arms. "Almost done, soon you'll have the gift." He whispered in her ear as he slowly lowered her to the cold concrete of the floor. He could see that delirium was beginning to set in from the blood loss. Her eyes darted about unable to focus on anything for more than a few fleeting moments, and her breaths were shallow. Under his hand her heart raced trying to keep up with her body's excitement, both from her arousal and from her instinctive struggle to remain alive.

Vai joined him next to Skye on the ground and brushed her long blonde hair off her face. She kissed Skye's lips and neck tenderly and then kissed Altheon deeply. "Ready?" She breathlessly purred into his ear.

"I've been ready since I saw her."

Vai stretched Skye's arms out above her head and held her limp wrists in her strong hands as Altheon's hands caressed the length of her waiting body. His dick was still rock hard and throbbing. His hands ran over her heaving tits and then down the washboard of her stomach and over the curves of her hips. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of her now blood soaked panties and drew them down over her lengthy legs, tossing them off into the shadows. He pushed her legs apart and knelt between them his cock twitching in anticipation. Slowly he pushed the length of himself into her wet pussy, relishing in the feeling of her soft skin flush against his.

He fucked her gently at first, kissing her delicate neck and collarbones, softly squeezing her large tits and rolling her firm nipples between his fingers. His hands ran up her arms and then down her sides. Skye responded, using the last of her waning strength to wrap her legs around him and thrust her hips back in time with his thrusts. She moaned softly as his nails scratched down her ribcage.

Finally, he gave into his wanton blood lust. He searched out the throbbing vein in her throat and sank his fangs deep into her jugular. Her eyes widened from the shock and sudden pain. She gasped as he sucked hard on her neck, her blood gushing and filling his hungry mouth; running smoothly down his throat. His pupils dilated and he moaned in rapture at her taste. She was sweet and heady. Her blood was rich. He felt her squeeze her legs tighter around him as he slowly sucked the life from her. Her heartbeat was like a drum in his mind; pounding fiercely with the tempo of his thrusts; then waning, ebbing, slowing to only several beats a minute. As her heart neared its final beat he came, pulling his mouth away from her neck in just the last instant.

Skye lay beneath him; her eyes cloudy and glazed, her body limp. Vai knowing exactly what needed to be done bit into her wrist and brought it to Skye's pale bloodless lips. Vai's hot sticky blood flowed over Skye's lips and for a moment Altheon thought she may have been too late. But as her hot blood filled Skye's mouth and ran down her throat Skye reached out and seized Vai's wrist, sucking on it ravenously. Altheon watched as her color returned and her eyes regained their clarity.

When she had had enough Vai pried her wrist from Skye's hungry mouth. Skye sat up bewildered for a moment before the pain of her physical death slammed into her. She screamed, and Vai released her hands. Skye immediately clutched her abdomen as the pains of death tore through her. Between her clenched teeth and her screams she managed to pant to Altheon, "What's…happening?"

"Your mortal body has to die. It's the changeover, it happens to all of us. This is the price that must be paid. You will never forget this pain, having to live as your body dies."

Though he was sure it had seemed like hours for her, within minutes her screaming and convulsing had ceased. Her breath was still shallow though, as the last of the death pains had ended. Her eyes came unafraid to first Altheon and then Vai. Her beauty was apparent in the low light. Her blond hair shone like gold and her eyes were now a brilliant icy blue. She smiled and where her eye teeth had once been there were now perfect inch long fangs. She lightly bit her lip and was rewarded by the taste of blood filling her mouth. "It tastes wonderful." She exclaimed to the coven.

Mordecai stepped forth and embraced her. "You are now a member of the Night Gate. You did well. Your body is still weak from the changeover; you will need to take a victim soon." Skye nodded to him as Vai draped the black cloak of the coven around her shoulders.

The other members of the coven melted back into the darkness, making their way back to the streets of the city to hunt their own victims. Altheon closed his eyes and thought of the nights events. When he opened them both Vai and Skye were watching him. Though all of his lusts had been sated, he still wanted more. He remembered Vai's proposition from earlier in the evening, and he could feel himself getting hard again. "Well ladies, anyone want to come back to my apartment for a night cap?" He laughed. When he saw mischievous smiles form on their faces he knew he would be in for a long night.

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