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On a Friday afternoon after work I get home to find you showering. You call out to me too pour myself a drink, and get changed because we are going out to eat and have a few drinks with friends to celebrate your promotion.


I pour both of us a drink and move to the bedroom to change clothes; while I am changing you come into the room wearing a towel. I can't help but to notice your heavy breasts pressing to be released from under that tight towel wrapped around you. You sit down to dry your hair and begin to get ready for the evening. I can't help but to notice that as your drying your hair the towel slides off exposing your gorgeous breasts. They are 36DD's, very firm with large dark nipples that protrude almost half an inch when aroused.

I begin to get aroused watching your gorgeous breasts sway back and forth as you dry your hair so I slowly I move up behind you and begin to kiss the back of your neck and the edges of your ears. You reach back with your free hand and place it on my boxers feeling my cock grow rock hard at your touch. You turn off the hair dryer and spin your chair around so you are facing me while sitting down. You let my 9 inch cock spring free wrapping your hand around the 2 inch girth and begin to lick the sides and tip. Mmmmm ... I exclaim as you lower your soft wet mouth over the tip and begin to slide it deep inside your mouth. I can feel the tip slide into your throat as your lips wrap tightly around the base.

With your free hand I can see you rapidly stroking your clit occasionally sliding a finger or two inside. You begin to rapidly move your mouth up and down on my cock while frantically masturbating your dripping wet pussy. Almost at the same time you climax as I pump load after load into your hot mouth. I can see the cream starting to ooze out the corners of your mouth as you hold it savoring the sweet taste. You begin to shudder crying out "Oh My God" as you reach your climax.

Afterwards you sit for a second lightly stroking my cock while you recompose yourself. Then you stand up and press your breasts against my naked chest; I can feel your rock hard nipples pressing against me. You lean forward and kiss me deeply sliding your tongue inside my mouth. All of a sudden you use your tongue and slide all the hot cream I had just given you into my mouth. You release from our kiss, you take a finger and place it into my mouth and coat it with the cream you had just given me and then you run it across your lips. What do you think sweetie you ask? How do you taste? I am still very surprised, yet somehow I am very turned on about tasting myself for the first time. As I let the cream slide down my throat I reply, "Not bad at all, a little salty though!" "I am glad you like it" you reply because I have more surprises in store for you tonight!" With a naughty look in your eyes you disappear into the closet to get dressed.


It's around 7:30pm when we arrive at the restaurant. Your wearing hot short black skirt, black camisole (no bra) with a very low cut rose-colored blouse and nice heels. The blouse leaves very little to the imagination as you can see the outline of your dark protruding nipples through the thin material. I am dressed in tight black slacks and a nice burgundy dress shirt with no tie.

As it turns out the reservations are already in place and we are ushered into a private function room where 5 other people are already seated and are chatting back and forth. As we enter everyone's eyes turn to you admiring you as we enter. I could be mistaken but I thought I saw 2 of the men lick their lips as we entered. As everyone is introduced I learn that the 5 people are Kate and her husband, Cindy and her boyfriend and finally a young black male named Christopher who decided to come alone. Kate and her husband are both in there 30's. Kate is about 5'1, 100 lbs with nice puffy breasts while her husband Steve is about 5'10" 180 with glasses. Cindy is a little sweetie standing about 4'10 with incredibly large breasts for her size; they must be close to 36DDD's. Cindy's boyfriend Paul is about 5'8" around 220 lbs with dark black hair. The first thing I noticed about Christopher is that he is very deep chocolate in color and stands almost 6'10", I would guess around 200 as he has a very muscular frame with a very taunt chest and huge arms.

We all spend a few hours eating, chatting and laughing. After supper you ask everyone who feels like going to a club to dance and have a few drinks. Kate and Steve bow out claiming they have to get back to their kids. Cindy and Paul agree to join us as they are not married and don't have kids and Christopher is reluctant not wanting to be a third wheel however readily agrees to join us once you suggest you'd save a slow dance for him.


The five of us arrive at the club, check our coats and find a table. We order drinks and begin to chat and bullshit. Cindy and Paul sit to the left with myself, then you, then Christopher sitting in a semi circle booth. After about an hour you excuse yourself to the washroom and I cant help to notice Christopher's eyes follow you as you leave the booth. He seems really interested in you. Later in the evening we are all feeing pretty good, Cindy and Paul excuse themselves to head off to home leaving the 3 of us to continue. As we are chatting I can see that Christopher (Chris) is totally intrigued with you. As the conversation continues it turns to sex.

Laughing I state "Well, if Chris's cock is as big as he is I am certain he would rock your world!" "I am not sure if he meets my standard" you reply. Not one to miss a challenge Chris takes your hand in his and guides it slowly up his thigh rests it gently against his already rock hard cock. You gasp in amazement. It has to be at least 14" long and as thick as cucumber. I can sense your excitement as you place your hand over mine and guide it so it is directly over his huge cock. "What do you think sweetie? How big do you think it is?"

As I feel that monster in my hand I am totally intrigued yet I am embarrassed because I am touching another man. "Well sweetie that has to be the biggest cock I have ever felt, I would have to guess between 10" and 12", I bet you'd love to feel that inside you!" "Mmmmmmm ... you reply, yes I would!" As it turns out it is getting late in the evening and things are winding down with a few slows songs.

Chris remembering your earlier promise drags you out to the dance floor and holds you close as you dance. You can feel his huge erection pressing against you as you dance. You are getting wetter every minute and have to resist the urge to drop to you knees and free that gorgeous cock and place it into your mouth. As I watch the 2 of you dance I find it hot to watch you grind your breasts and crotch against him. I can tell you are totally dripping wet as the 2 of you come back to the table to sit. It doesn't take much to convince Chris to come back to our place for a few drinks.


Once the 3 of us arrive at our place we all hang our coats. I offer to pour drinks and move to the kitchen. When I return the 2 of you are embraced into a deep kiss. I can see Chris's hand's exploring every inch of your body. I can tell your dripping wet from his touch! "OOO baby you exclaim as I enter the room, I hope you don't mind! I Just can't help myself!" "I understand sweetie! Chris is a very attractive male, hell even I am intrigued by him!" Taking you aside for a second I ask you, "Just curious sweetie, what did you mean when you said you had other things in mind for me later?" You reply, "Well I have been working with Chris for almost 6 months and I really want him but I want you to enjoy him as much as I will!" "What do you mean I ask?" "Just relax sweetie I would never do anything to hurt you, trust me!" you reply. "OK"

You excuse yourself while Chris and I return to the kitchen for refills on the drinks. As we return to the living room we watch in amazement as you return in a scantily clad white lingerie baby doll that I bought you a couple years ago. Your breasts are overflowing the top and we can see the damp spot above your pussy showing exactly how wet you are. As you enter the room you stop to put in a movie for use to watch from our private collection and promptly sit down on the couch between us with absolutely nothing to hide.

Once the movie starts, the sexual tension is very thick. We both want you so badly we can taste it. As we are watching the movie I am surprised when you take my hand and place it on Chris's hard cock, in turn you take his hand and place it on mine. You look at us both and with a sparkle in you eyes ask us to keep stroking each other, as it is a fantasy of yours. His cock is hot and hard to the touch. I don't mind so I keep stroking him through his underwear. I can feel his huge black cock throbbing as I stroke him. After a few minutes you kneel in front of him and take the tip of his cock into your mouth leaving his boxers on. You run your tongue over the tip just teasing him and tasting the pre-cum that has started to build up. It is so hot watching you tease the tip of his cock!

After a few minutes you sit up and release your breasts from the outfit letting them bounce and sway in the open, you lean forward and kiss me deeply as you use your tongue to explore my mouth. "Mmmmm, what do you think?" you ask as you release from the kiss. "Of which?" I ask. "His cock", you reply. "To be honest I never noticed the taste when you kissed me, I was so intrigued watching you I never thought of it!" You grab me by the shirt and get me to kneel beside you on the floor while Chris leans back. Very quickly you slide Chris's underwear off revealing a 14" inch rock hard deep black cock, I can see the pre-cum glistening against the darkness of that monster. Somehow the pre-cum intrigues me, I want to taste it.

As you begin to stroke it you place my hand on his shaft using your hand to stroke it. I can see the pre-cum building. You use a forefinger to scoop up the cum and run it across my lips. As I taste it, I am intrigued by the fact that another man is close to cummng at my touch. It tastes so good!

You are so hot and we both want to see it slide deep inside you! I sit on the couch so you can kneel in front of me to suck on my hard cock and Chris moves in behind you and begins to slide that monster deep inside. I hear you gasp and feel you shudder in pure joy as Chris buries it deep inside you. Over the next 30 minutes we both take turns licking and fucking your pussy and watching you scream as you cum. We each take turns fucking your pussy making you scream with pleasure.

As the 3 of us lie together cuddling, you lean over to me and whisper, "I really want to see him cum in your mouth so you can taste him as he shoots his load down you throat!" I watch you slide down to Chris's spent cock. Even soft is has to be 8 or 9 inches. You take it into your mouth taking it deep. I can see Chris beginning to get rock hard again. Without warning you place Chris's cock into my mouth. It tastes great. I can feel how hot it is and feel it throb as I suck on it. While I am sucking on it you use both hands to stroke the shaft. I can feel the pressure building in Chris's cock. I hear you whisper, "Keep going baby, don't stop, and suck him dry!"

You move down and take my cock into your mouth and begin to suck on me positioning yourself so you can watch us at the same time. You begin to frantically stroke your pussy wanting for all of us to cum at the same time. Chris lets go and pumps load after load of his hot cum deep into my mouth. Feeling his cum shooting into my mouth is so hot that I cum at the same time blowing my load into your mouth.

Feeling my cum shoot into your mouth and watching Chris's cum drip down the sides of my cheeks is too much. You scream as you cum violently, shaking from the orgasm. The 3 of us lie together relaxing from the experience. Later on Chris gets up and gets dressed and heads for home. Before he leaves we agree that we will have to get together again.

After Chris has gone I take you into the shower. We both take turns lathering and rubbing each other's body. After we have dried off I take you into the bedroom, lie you down on the bed and spend the rest of the night making love to every inch of your body.

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