tagIncest/TabooInitiation Ch. 03

Initiation Ch. 03


The night of my initiation ended with a quick swim in the pool with the rest of the family and finally up to be with Jenny my loving my wife that introduced me to her family fun, fun that is like no other. I woke the next morning after the most relaxing sleep with Jenny's fingers circling my cock and her other hand on my nipple. She kissed my neck and whispered how proud she was of me. We kissed when there was a knock on the door telling us breakfast was being served poolside and we better get going. It was Steve who had delivered the message, Jenny's uncle and Laura's husband.

We jumped into the shower and quickly rubbed the soap over each other's bodies and I shampooed her hair as she did mine of course she finished first since my short hair cut was simple compared to Jenny's long auburn locks. When we dried off in the bedroom, we saw someone had left our clothes for the morning on the bed. We were to both wear matching thongs, mine of course men's style with a pouch for my cock and balls. Jenny's barley covered her pussy and the ribbon ran between her legs and up her ass to the top that wrapped around her waist with a little more lace than was on mine. She slipped on pair cloggy-heeled sandals and we made our way down for breakfast.

Everyone there was dressed similar and was either in the pool or sitting in chaise chairs on the pool deck. When the Grand Dame came through the sliding door, which led to a media room that I noticed, was playing a video of the previous night's party. There I was on the big screen with my head between Paula's legs. I had not noticed the cameras but there must have been several as the shot went wider and I realized while I was licking her sister Paula last night, Jenny had been playing with some of her brother-in-laws, uncles, and her dad on a couch to the side from where I was tasked to serve the lady members of the family.

The family gathered on the deck, some of them drying off from the pool and took seats around the table and bowls of the normal breakfast fare was passed around. It was hard to keep my eyes off the breast of the ladies as they stretched to pass the bowls giving a beautiful view of every type of breast imaginable. In addition, I noticed a few new folks that had not been there the night before. One was Jenny's cousin who was adopted by her aunt and uncle, Linda and Don while they were living overseas. Kim was the most beautiful slim black lady with perfect breast sporting hoops through each nipple and her husband, Ben who was a perfect physical specimen, a college football player with aspirations of playing pro ball until an injury sidelined him from the try outs and he opted to go on to medical school rather than risk another injury. I was unaware of them since they lived in Florida and rarely made it north except for the most important occasions. The idea of the family fun having a interracial angle was something I had not anticipated but it looked like it was going to be fun. Most of the ladies eyes were on Ben's bulge in his skimpy thong while the guys' eyes were on Kim's breast with the gold rings which contrasted to her caramel breast.

Kim and Ben slipped into the two open chairs next to us and we exchanged kisses and handshakes, I thought I picked up a bit of British accent in Kim that I found very sexy. The breakfast went on as everyone discussed what was on the agenda for the day. It seemed the ladies were driving into town for a shopping trip and a stop at the local spa. While the guys were going to be engaged playing a round of golf at the nearby country club. The club was founded by the Grand Dame and her husband that had passed when they bought the estate and figured they would need such a place to play golf and meet some of the local folks which for the most part had left the city after successful careers to live a slower, relaxed life in the country.

The men headed to the golf course, I heard the Grand Dame calling "Jenny" up the stairs as it seemed I was late for the caravan of cars heading into town. The first stop would be the spa where after massages by some young hot guys the ladies had the whole works, mani-pedis, facials, and their hair done; on both their heads and their pubic ones! While waiting for my massage Judy. my mom came over and asked me how I liked the previous night and how she thought my new husband Mike liked it, I had to tell her how thrilled we both were and that Mike seemed to really like Kim when she arrived. Mom said, most men took a liking to Kim the first time they saw her and she was glad to hear that he may be interested in interracial play. Kim came over and told us she had some news for us, Ben had just accepted directorship of a new program at the university and they would soon be moving back north and we would be seeing more of them! Wow will Mike be happy!

After the spa, we went for a light lunch and then it was off to a lingerie boutique where we went about selecting whatever we fancied since my grandmother, the Grand Dame had already established a line of credit to cover our purchases. I picked a cute bra and panty set and stepped into the changing room when the door opened and it was Kim holding a matching garter she said I should consider all three. I looked at her and she reached for the waist of my skirt, slid it down over by ass, and hung it on the hook then she pulled my top over my head and looked in my eyes as she kissed my lips. Someone had told her about the previous night and me kissing our grandmother and snowballing the remainder of Mikes cum into her mouth. Feeling her hands on my ass cheeks, I moved closer to her and returned the kiss with a good share of my tongue as we explored each other's mouth. Out of blue the door opened and there was our cousin Jill a beautiful lady that seemed to not wear a swim suit to the beach since she was nude an there were no tan lines evident either on her breast or ass. Wow guys you could not wait until we got home but she must approved as she took Kim's nipple into her mouth. Next there was mom to tell us to stop making a public spectacle and to take our new stuff to the saleslady so we could make it to the next stop.

On the golf course, I was in a foursome with two of my brother-in-laws, Paul and John and their dad Rick. After teeing off, they went through some of the rules of the family. There would be no sex outside of the family to ensure there no intrusive ailments, all sex would be with the knowledge and ok of the spouse in other words I could play separately as long as Jenny knew about it and approved. At special play parties there was a bracelet and lingerie color code which identified which ladies were into certain kinks or if they were not into playing only watching. For example if they had their monthly curse, though they were free to play then if they wanted they could also opt to just watch. Nothing would ever be said to anyone outside the family except when one was about to bring a new member into the family by marriage. Lastly, the Grand Dame was just that no one could turn her down and what she said was law without argument. Also every member had the right to say No to any advances without question.

I asked Rick what the special play parties were, he told me that some, not all of the family members were into special kinks that others were not. So, for a bondage and discipline play night usually only those into BDSM would attend though others may show up to watch so that was the reason for the codes. Also not everyone was bisexual and the bracelet would identify who was and was not. Rick asked me if I had ever been with a man and I told him I had played around a little, a jack off session at summer camp but no, I had not been with a man. He told me to think about it, I assumed from that he was bisexual.

Playing the back nine, I ended up last in our foursome showing that I was going to need more time on the course but there would be plenty of time for that since we would be spending a lot of our free time at the family's estate.

The ladies last stop was a grand shoe store that stocked all of the top lines of ladies shoes and off we went to shop and tease the young men that worked there between semesters at the local college. Trying on a strappy pair of red sandals with about a three inch heel I saw the Grand Dame spread her legs a bit showing off her newly trimmed pussy to the young man who was holding her ankle as he slipped the shoe over her toes. Would some of these studs find their way into the party?

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