tagSci-Fi & FantasyInkwell Ch. 03

Inkwell Ch. 03


Just a quick note for the readers

I am not a tattoo artist any more than a Greek Mythologist. This is a work of fiction and any miss steps in the way things really work are because of these facts. None of the people in this piece are real; any reference to the real world is purely coincidental. Enjoy.


Estephan bolted upright in his bed. His place was quiet, too quiet. He swung his feet to the floor and hurried out to the living room. They were gone. Taking a closer look, it was more like they were never there in the first place. Dishes that Ducici had washed and put away were piled in the sink. Towels that had been soiled after sex still sat clean in the linen closet.

"It's part of the test?" he mumbled.

He turned on the bathroom light and checked the tub, just in case. He looked at himself in the mirror. No rippling muscles or thick penis. He was himself all over again. He shook his head walking to look out his front window. To his dismay, no SUV sat in his parking space. Not that he didn't care about the ladies and there where abouts. They were taken away and he would have to deal with it.

His immediate concern was how he was going to get to the parlor. "The Book!" he exclaimed. He ran back into the bed room. It was gone as well. He grabbed up some random cloths and darted out the back door. He stepped under the oak tree out back. "Ducici are you in there?" he asked. Can you hear me? Are you alright?"

The tree just stood there. He felt silly standing there trying to get the dryad to come out. Like it was that easy. It had taken him hours to work out the runes and symbols on Nikita's tattoo. 'Don't change to much, I have an idea.' He thought. He ran back in and gathered up his things and called a cab.

When he got to the parlor he was surprised that there were a dozen people out front waiting. He feared that with the ladies gone the customers would vanish too. He paid the cabbie and greeted people as he opened the parlor. He handed out broachers and put on coffee. He realized quickly he was going to need help. The ladies had taken to doing so many of these little things. He wasn't going to get anything done if he was taking care of all of it.

"You look like you could use a hand Estephan." Cindy said from beside him.

"When did you get here? I didn't see you come in." He said. "You know anyone that needs a job?"

"Yes, I do." She said.

"What? I thought you were going to manage the complex?" He asked as her checked her for earrings.

"You take care of them, we'll talk about that later." Cindy said.

She stepped behind the counter and opened his schedule book. He sighed but set his mind to the business at hand. Time seemed to drag on. He was cleaning the room for the fifth time, his stomach growled audibly. Stepping out of the room he found the parlor was empty save Cindy.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I closed us for dinner. An hour and a half to get food and talk." Cindy said.

"That sounds great. So what happened?" he asked.

"You did." She said.

"I don't understand." He said.

"Well I don't want real tattoos anymore." She said.

"Ok. Then what do you want? And what does this have to do with needing a job?" He asked.

"Dad told me he bribed you into talking me into it." She said with a smile. "I should be mad at you, but I'm not. More like turned on."

Estephan froze. He wasn't enhanced any more. She didn't seem to notice either way.

Knock, knock.

He about jumped out of his skin. She crossed to the door with money. After opening the door she turned and handed him a large pizza box with a bag siting on it. Once the door closed she gave him a quizzical look.

"You going to be ok?" she asked.

"Start from the top and I'll let you know." He said.

She talked as they ate. She ran down the conversation with her father. Some of the finer points of the real-estate stuff went over his head. In one evening she had laid out a business plan to convert all of her fathers' holdings into one self-sufficient Condominium complex. Whereas he would make money she would have a salary position and Estephan would get a nice condo on the third from the top floor.

"So what about the tattoos?" he asked. "Why would you still want to hold to your fathers bargain with me if what he wanted isn't going to happen?"

"I want to work on the vining tattoo. Without any flower blossoms so I could have you temp them for events and stuff. But they would not be as forever. Like real flowers. I wouldn't want to lose a great artist and hopefully friend to some other place where I would need to hunt for you."

"Do you know how stalker-ish that sounds?" He asked.

"Very, but you can live with it or not. So where did you friends go?" She asked.

"They had to head back home for a while." He hoped.

"I was hoping you might have Ducici's number. I can't stop thinking about her." Cindy said.

"They left me numbers, I think? There are the apartment thou." He lied.

"Oh, good can I have hers?" she asked.

"I don't see why not. You really like her don't you?" He asked.

"I keep having this dream about her..." She started but didn't finish, turning crimson red instead.

"What? You think cause I am a guy I don't know you women think about sex more than any guy out there. You girlie types are so crazy about sex it's scary." He said snidely.

"Knowing it and having some girl blurt out that she is having dreams about getting seduced by a girl-boy are two different things." She snapped back. Going white in fear of what she just said.

"I don't think Ducici is in to that kind of thing, sorry." He said.

"I guess not. She was all girl. No boy parts, but the dream was so real. I can still taste it." She said.

"I knew Ducici, no boy parts at all. And a bit more conservative when girl-girl stuff was implied by one of the others." He said thinking about her reaction to the succubus licking Joxifa.

"I, how to put this, don't like men. In that sense. But I like you. You are like a girlfriend. You even have me girl chatting with you and I don't feel stupid about it. You slept with Ducici so you're not gay. I want to sleep with her, am I gay?" She asked confusedly.

"I think you like men, but only real ones. And you want affection and pleasure, male or female not as important as feeling beautiful and desired." He said. "Not gay, just lonely."

She thought about that for the rest of the evening, how could he know her better than herself? He was right; she wanted someone to worship her. Her scars had made her afraid and self-conscious. He made her see the scars weren't the issue, it was her. He painted flowers on her arms and she felt different. She had washed them off but the feeling of them not being a problem hadn't. Now her father was going to restructure his vast investments into one at her word. She felt so alive and attractive, a whole person with a bright future. The scars didn't matter.

"Evening. Where is the bouncy girl that was here the other day?" Mr. Johnson asked.

"We hoped she might help us get him ready." Mrs. Johnson added.

"They had to return home. Estephan said he had a number but." She shrugged.

"Mr. Johnson." Estephan called. "You two ready for this?"

"Yeah, I guess we are." He replied, she grinned with glittery eyes.

"Step on back and we'll get you set up." Estephan said. "Lock up the front at 9, whether I am out here or not. No walk-ins after that, by appointment only. Ok Cindy?"

"Got it. How long you think that is going to take?" Cindy asked.

"Maybe an hour, but that is only an estimate." He replied.

He stepped into the clean room as Mrs. Johnson was helping her husband take his pants off. He was hairless from neck to ankles. He stopped for a moment, he wanted to say something, but this was his parlor. If she wanted to strip her husband then let her. He did throw the lock into the room as a precaution.

"I think you took the 'hair removal' thing a bit further then needed." Estephan said jovially.

"It said he was allowed to have me in here right?" she asked.

"Indeed he can, now let's get the table set."

Five minutes later Mr. Johnson was sitting comfortably on the articulation table. His right arm wrapped under the table behind him. His wife milled about the room nervously. Estephan looked Mr. Johnson in the eyes questioning his thinking. It was clear Mrs. Johnson was the dominant in their relationship.

"Can I take a few pictures?" She asked.

"Honey!" he said. "We talked about this."

"I don't care if you take pictures. Just warn me if you are going to be using the flash." Estephan said.

"Oh Ok. Thank you." She said, camera out in a blink. She clicked off six in as little time.

"Mr. Johnson. You read the pamphlet and understand it? This is going to hurt, if you need a break you say so. Just be aware that if this takes more than two hours, we won't finish today and will have to wait at least 9 days before we can finish. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I'm good."

Estephan laid the template and started with the black boarder. Mrs. Johnson snapped a photo from the same spot as the access ink of each major piece was wiped. They chatted about their daughter, how well she was doing in school, and when Mr. Johnson was going to line up new work for his company.

The tattoo work went quickly. Estephan needed to take a break to reset the ink guns for the other colors. He rolled his stool to the ink bench and pulled the needles. Once it was swapped over he pulled the white ink and set his tray. An odd 'hmrff' drew his attention back to them. She was on her knees with his cock in her mouth. She had stripped off her clothes and was down to a red thong and matching high heels. Fish net stockings on her long legs. I red scrunchy held her hair back in a ponytail as she bobbed her head up and down on his stiff cock.

"Honey, couldn't this wait?" he asked.

"No, I want you." She breathed quickly before sucking him back into her hooker red lips.

"Wow, ok." Estephan said. "It won't bother me, not like I am trying to tattoo your penis."

"She uh..." Mr. Johnson said.

"The less you say Mr. Johnson." Estephan warned.

He went back to work. Estephan stopped briefly as he orgasmed down his wife throat. She had not stopped taking pictures however. She would stroke him with one hand, snap the picture then go back to giving him head. Estephan kept his focus on the tattoo. After living his life for the last five days. Tattooing a man that was getting a blow-job didn't rate as stressful anymore.

Ten minutes after Mr. Johnson had his orgasm; Mrs. Johnson was stalking around the room like a caged beast. She would suck on him a couple time and when he didn't stand for her she moved away and stalked some more. Still taking photos of the tattoo as in was being done.

"Honey, could you calm down a little?"

"I am really horny and I want more." She said.

"You kinda smoked me good dear; it's going to be a while before I can get it going for you. Hey Estephan you want a blow-job?" He asked.

"Do I wanna blow-job? I ain't going to suck you, yer not paying that well." He said not looking at his face, laying ink into the mans' chest.

Mr. Johnson laughed, "No my wife giving you a little oral pleasure, as a tip?"

"Ooo, can I? I will suck you real good. Maybe seeing me on all four sucking him will get you going again." She said and scooted around the table.

"Look it isn't as if she is cheating on me, I'm giving her permission, right. And she's a queen of oral."

"You do realize I am stabbing your skin 28 times a second right?" Estephan said. "I have never tattooed while getting..." Her fingers fished for the top of his zipper.

"So we both get to experience some firsts today." He said. "This was a first; usually it is under the table in the restaurant before desert."

"Or the parking lot." Estephan added.

"Saw that did ya?" He asked.

She grumbled and pouted. "I didn't say you could do that yet now did I?" Estephan said. "Picture."

He looked at the door and saw Cindy peeping in. 'Two birds' he thought and stepped to the door. He unlocked it and asked if the front was locked up tight? Her eyes flashed and she darted from the door. He left the cleanroom door unlocked.

"Does Mrs. Johnson like other women?" Estephan asked.

"When I can't get a good cock." She said.

"Well there you go then." Estephan said pointing at Cindy who stepped in to the room all but drooling in need.

Mrs. Johnson was in her panties in no time. Her fingers delved into Cindy's wet pussy in seconds, kissing the side of her neck and moaning. Estephan finished the tattoo to the mewing purrs of the women on the floor. He took the last three photos of the tattoo for them as well.

He handed Mr. Johnson the camera and pulled the guns, cleaned the tray set and got out of the room. He went in to his office. He dropped into his chair thinking about how many codes he was allowing to be broken. It was a clean room. Nothing that couldn't be sanitized. He opened the drawer and found the tattoo sketches he had worked up for Nikita. Not the ones she had brought but the ones he drew up to bring Ducici and Lyrusi back the last time.

He couldn't read them but for how Nikita talked about them it shouldn't be too difficult to work this one onto himself. He had all the pieces they just had to be put on by someone that knew what they meant. He knew. Was that enough?

Knock, knock, knock.

"Estephan, Mrs. Johnson still wants to give you that tip." Cindy said her panties around only one of her ankles.

"How would you feel about me if a let her?" He asked.

"If you don't let her, I will while they watch." She said.

"I thought you wanted Ducici?" He asked.

"Oh yeah and Lyrusi, I want to see you come, her lips or mine doesn't matter to me." Cindy said.

She stepped over and grabbed his arm. She pulled him to his feet and half-dragged him into the clean room. Once into the room she slid behind him and reached around to undo his pants. Mrs. J was riding her man lap-dance fashion. She moaned and bounced her sexy ass up and down on his cock. Cindy pulled the front of his pants open and urged him close enough for Mrs. Johnson to get her lips on his swelling member.

With everything it took her no time at all to get him off. She sucked every drop of his load. Cindy sat wide eyed licking her lips. Cindy leaned in and starting making out with Mrs. Johnson, sharing a mouthful of his come. Mr. Johnson slapped her ass; she turned around and gobbled his cock down in time to suck his semen dry as well.

An hour later he waved as the Johnson pulled out of the parking lot. He closed the door and looked back at Cindy. She had a coy look on her face but said nothing. He set himself to cleaning the room and getting everything set for opening up in the morning. He could hear Cindy cleaning up the front lobby and making sure everything was ready for the morning as well.

"How could you do that?" She asked.

"Get my cock sucked by a married woman while she fucked her husband in my ink chair?" He asked.

"No before that. She was sucking his dick right next to you and you didn't even notice?"

"Self-control. If more people got over the stigma of nudity the world would be a better place." He said.

"But she was sucking him off." She said.

"So, it could have been a bearded black midget humming a 'hot dog' jingle, the camera was more annoying." He blurted.

She started laughing. He thought about what he had just said and laughed as well. She giggles a few more times as they finished getting the parlor cleaned. A couple of times she would look his way and bend over. Her panties were not on. She had given them to Mrs. Johnson as a souvenir.

"How are you getting home?" She asked.

"Cab. I haven't replaced my car yet and the ladies took the SUV."

"I'll take you home." She said.

"Thanks, I will grab a couple of things and were ready to go." He said.

Lights out and door locked, they crossed the parking lot and got in her car. It had been a good day, 1,300 on the books and six clients on the board for tomorrow. He flipped thru the sketches of the tattoo he had put on Nikita. It looked like he could roll a symbol or two and put it on his leg. It would test whether it would work for him as it had for her.

The car stopped and she shut off the engine. He looked up and was not in his apartment complex. He looked at Cindy who just winked and hiked the back of her shirt as she got out of the car and headed for the front door of a huge house. He hadn't been paying attention. He wasn't sure what part of town he was even in. He got out of the car and followed her.

"Where are we?" He asked.

"I said I'd take you home, this is my home." She said.

"Wait, I thought you were going to take me back to my home."

"Should have been a little clearer about that before now, like giving me directions." She said.

"You know where I live." He said. "Your father owns it."

"Oh yeah, I forgot." She said coyly and opened the door. "If you want to go ..."

He shook his head and followed her into the mammoth home. Looking around it wasn't a home, more like a condo block. Her place was on the top floor overlooking a heated pool and hot tub. It looked like a million dollar dorm room. Books in stacks all over. A pile of clothing here and there. She walked past all of it straight into a large bedroom.

"The guest room is over there or we can share." She said.

"You want to sleep with me?" he asked.

"No, I want to fuck you. Sleep is what happens after." She said pulling her shirt up over her head.

He walked over and took her in his arms. He kissed her hard and groped her sweet 19 year old ass. She moaned into his mouth. Plucking her from the floor, he carried her to the bed and fell into it still holding her in his arms. She rolled him onto his back with her straddling him. She rubbed her wet slit over his crotch as she undid the buttons on his shirt.

"You make me feel sexy, you know that?" she asked.

"There isn't an unattractive part of you." He said.

"You look at me and I get wet." She purred.

"I..." She cut him off with a passionate kiss, pushing his shirt open.

"I want you, deep in my pussy. Look in my eyes that way." She wriggled down and pulled his pants open.

"Make me feel like one of your other friends. They watch you, wanting you. Make me feel like that." She said as she got ahold of his raging hard-on and pushed it in her sweltering pussy. "Make art of me over and over again."

She hissed and came right then. Her taught body quaking to its very core. He reached for her hips but only got skirt, he grab it and torn it from her body loudly. Her eyes went wide and she came again. Free of obstruction he grabbed her hips and shoved as much of his cock in her as he could. Using her hips he guided her into rolling her hips in a tight circle over his cock. He kept his eyes locked with hers.

She looked deeply into his eyes, her fluttered shut three times but each time she opened then again his eyes were still one hers. She came hard the third time. She feel forward onto his body her orgasmic tremors taking away her control. He rolled her onto her back, squirming out of his pants without taking his cock out of her. She had a few little one during this.

"You want to want me? Is this what I am hearing?" He asked as he stared into her eyes.

She nodded, but moaned instead of answer, as she came again. He thrust in deep and drew out slow. Still he looked into her eyes, thou hers glazed over. Over and over her drove into her. She was shaking her eyes no longer able to focus. He wanted her back. He tucked his hand under her and slid his middle finger into her tight ass. Her eyes shot open meeting his.

"Did you like the taste of me you had earlier?" He growled.

"Yeesss." She hissed as her cunt clamped down on him.

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