Inner Black Swan


"That's it slut, taste your ass on my cock. Show me what a good little ATM whore you can be." Mila encouraged gleefully as she stroked Natalie's hair, "Get that ass flavoured cock as deep into your mouth as you can go. That's it, deeper. Really swallow that fucking cock. Just a little deeper. Mmmmmmm, good girl. I think that's more than last time. You're definitely getting the hang of this. Stick with me and you'll be a deep throating cock whore, just like me. You'll love ass to mouth, anal, and pussy eating too. Just do what I say Natalie and you'll be a total slut in no time."

It was hard for Natalie to imagine not becoming a slut under Mila's tutelage, but did she really want that?

A few hours ago, no, but now Natalie was bobbing her head up and down on a dildo which had been up her butt, sucking on it greedily like it was the yummiest of treats. Natalie even took it out of her mouth so she could slide her tongue up and down the shaft, licking the base extra hard so she could get all of her own anal juices. Mila didn't even tell her to do it, although she did show her appreciation...

"Good girl, get every drop of your ass juice. Every fucking drop." Mila growled, pausing to let Natalie do just that before yanking on her hair, "Come up here. Let me kiss you."

Without hesitation Natalie moved upwards and kissed her Black Swan co-star, the two girls opening their mouths so their tongues could caress each other and they could swap spit, both brunettes doing exactly that for several minutes before pulling away breathless.

"So... do you think you will have any problems with the scene tomorrow?" Mila asked with a mischievous smile on her face.

Natalie blushed and shook her head.

"What was that?" Mila pushed.

"I'll, I'll be ok..." Natalie said.

"That didn't sound very convincing." Mila frowned, "I guess I'm going to just have to try harder to loosen you up, lose your inhibitions and get you in touch with your inner Black Swan. And if that means fucking you all night long, then so be it." A grin slowly crossed Mila's face, "And I should probably keep fucking you throughout the movie, just to help with your performance of course."

"I thought I already agreed to be your lezzie bitch?" Natalie questioned with a blush.

"Yeah, but you said that during sex. I could probably get anyone to agree to just about anything during sex." Mila said.

"So you really want me to be your bitch?" Natalie again asked with a blush.

"Pretty much, but I promise you'll enjoy it. And if things get too much just tell me and I'll stop, ok?" Mila swore.

"Where was this offer earlier?" Natalie inquired.

"I don't remember you complaining." Mila grinned, "Now, about that whole fucking you all night long thing..."


They hadn't quite made it all night long but it had certainly been many, many highly enjoyable hours before they eventually fell asleep in each other's arms. The next day they had performed the lesbian sex scene of Black Swan with ease, the rest of the movie being a blur as Mila slowly turned Natalie into the perfect submissive lezzie bitch.

That was what Natalie now considered herself more than anything else. She was Mila's lezzie bitch, but she couldn't afford that to come out in an interview, which was why she spent so much time preparing, that way in a few moments when she was interviewed she wouldn't let it slip that she was the little lesbian plaything of her Black Swan co-star, or that under Mila's orders there was a plug firmly up her ass at that moment, or that she couldn't wait to get back to her hotel room so she could once again be with the girl who had loosened her up, got rid of her inhibitions, and got her in touch with her inner Black Swan.

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