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Author's note. A warning to all readers, everything that follows is of course pure fantasy, it is not my, or my partner's life style; neither are we promoting it as normal practice. As a new contributor to Literotica I naively allowed public comment to be enabled, thinking that I would receive at least constructive criticism, sadly this was not the case. To the anonymous scumbag that denigrated my upbringing and parentage I wish only eternal damnation, to others that wish to hide behind anonymity without giving constructive criticism, please don't read any further. To those that want to talk seriously and constructively, I welcome feedback, and assure you that all sensible communications will be answered. My stories are placed in the relevant categories with some thought, those in the group sex category involve multiple partners, usually with one woman, those in the wives category involve wives with multiple partners. My 'husband's' whilst technically 'cuckolds' are never 'wimps' or 'subservient'. My super heroes all have big cock's and some I admit are black, that does not mean that I believe the black race is superior, neither do I believe that once fucked by a black man there is no return. I am a non-racist white, who loves and respects his 'faithful' partner but, like most of the population of this world, I have fantasies. You now know what follows, if it might offend you, please do not read on!!!


'Did you mean it when you said that you'd like to see me being fucked by other men?' Susan asked quietly.

The couple were sitting in bed reading but Susan had been unable to concentrate and her heart was pounding. For some months now the fantasy of her being gang banged by several men had been the centre of they're love making and although in a joking sort of manner Rob had seemed to hint that he would like it to be a reality.

'Pardon, what did you say?'

The couple had been married for 15 years; they had their ups and downs, two children and were happy. Rob was a professional diver and worked on the oil rigs all over the world. Susan was a graphics designer for a small but expanding company. The long absences had led to a need to expand their sex lives and to the use of sex toys, discussing and where possible acting out their fantasies. Susan had a range of toys and most days they would be thrust into one or another of her orifices, whilst she would orgasm violently. The gang banging had been one of Robs fantasies but after initially being rather surprised at the thought that her husband dreamed of her being fucked like this, she had gone along with the scenarios and later having adopted the part, she had found that she could achieve multiple orgasm both with Rob fucking her and also when she let off steam on her own. Many a time she had cum dreaming of different men sucking her tits, or fucking her, whilst being pushed upon a large cock thrusting down her throat. Sometimes Rob would fuck her with his considerable sized cock whilst she thrust a dildo in tandem into a very wet cunt, or his cock thrusting in her bum whilst the largest dildo was sawing in and out of her dripping cunt.

'What's brought this on?' Rob asked his cock already stiffening with excitement. He knew Susan was a willing participant in their fantasies but she was rarely the instigator.

Susan was flustered and her thumping heart nearly caused her to chicken out from explaining herself. 'Well, I know some men that would like to fuck me.'

Rob replied sarcastically. 'Oh really, I suppose this just came up in day to day conversation. What sort of weekend did you have Susan? Oh by the way some of the lads want to fuck you.' Rob immediately regretted his outburst, and changed tack continued soothingly, 'Have some of the lads been diddling with Susie's sexy bits? Have these lovely tits been sucked by someone else?' He leaned over and took one of the hard nipples into his mouth sucking it hard between his teeth and biting gently, causing Susan to squeak with enjoyment at the pleasure pain sensation it caused in her already troubled belly.

'Yes, other men have sucked my tits.' She replied her body and voice trembling.

Blood had caused Rob's cock to swell to an enormous erection but he managed to control himself not sure yet whether this was another fantasy scenario or reality. His hand pushed the bedclothes off of Susan's body and found her legs already parted, her cunt lips engorged with blood and lay gaping, revealing the pearly pink opening. 'Have other men's fingers played with this cunt?' He gently thrust a finger, then two, then three into Susan's cunt, turned his hand around and tickled her G spot.

Susan groaned, 'Yes, other fingers have played with my cunt.' Rob leant down and sucked on the sprouting red clitoris that was poking out like a small finger from the folds of Susan's flesh. He looked up into her lust filled eyes and said, 'Has Clitty been sucked by other men?'

Susan was close to orgasm but managed to nod.

Rob knelt between Susan's thighs, lifted the legs onto his shoulders and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Susan's very wet cunt. 'Have you been fucked by other men whilst I've been away?' His voice was choked by the rising lust inside of him. He couldn't understand or believe how intense the excited atmosphere had become.

Susan's pounding heart was fit to burst and it was almost impossible to believe that she had managed to admit what she had done over the past few weeks and that she had made his fantasy come true. 'Yes my cunt has been fucked and fucked and fucked by other men whilst you've been away.'

Rob thrust the bulbous head of his cock easily into Susan's cunt, immediately she began to thrash about in orgasm and with the excitement of the moment he could not hold out long before pumping spurt after spurt of his cum deep inside Susan's belly.

Collapsing on top of his wife it took a few minutes before Rob came down from his sexual high and he was once again able to talk lucidly. 'Is that true or just another fantasy?'

'That's not fair, you still haven't answered my first question,' Susan said breathlessly.

'What first question.'

'Did you mean it when you said that you'd like to see me being fucked by other men?'

Rob thought for a second, 'Yes, I really would love to see you being gang banged, now answer my question.'

Again Susan's heart was thumping. 'Yes it's true.'

Robs throat was very dry and it was hard to formulate let alone say the words. 'Tell me what happened, every detail. Sorry, I'm not cross, I'm thrilled but I never thought you would do it, so it's hard to take it all in and keep calm.'

'I think I need a drink, it's a long story.' She got up from the bed, clasping a tissue she mopped up the spunk flowing from her cunt down her leg. Filling two glasses with the chilled Chardonnay that Rob had brought home with him from his last tour of duty. Handing one glass to Rob she climbed back into the dishevelled bed, composed herself and began her story.

'I'm not sure how it all came about, nothing was planned and it all seemed so innocent at first. As you know my office is next to the security office. We've always been friendly with the lads and as the canteen is the other end of the building it's easier for them to have a cuppa with us than to traipse all the way over there. For months now it's been the done thing that all the security staff meet up at the Old Rose for a drink on a Friday after work. Most of us had been invited at some time or another but I had generally said no as I had to get home for the kids. Shortly after you had left on your last tour of duty, Simon was away on the school trip and Di was staying with one of her friends. Julie from work fancies one of the security blokes and he had asked her to go for a drink, that evening being Friday. She had asked if it was all right to bring me and he had agreed saying that several of the lads had the hots for me. Julie had told me this and I had to admit that it gave me a warm sensation down below, knowing that some of the lads fancied me. At first I said no but later remembering that I had an empty house to return to I changed my mind and said I'd like to go. All that week had been hot so I was wearing a light summer dress with a very dainty bra and knickers. Being early in the evening the pub was quiet and about ten of us sat in the back garden next to the stream. Julie had paired off with Mick, another couple kept themselves to themselves and I found myself with four or five of the lads, chatting and talking about work and some of the characters at the company. Of course as the drink flowed, the talk got sexier and soon it was about so and so with the big tits and whether some girl or other was a goer. Carl a big black guy in his early twenties and very fanciable leant across and whispered that none of the other girls had nicer tits than mine. I was gob smacked and meekly followed as he pulled me up and led me down to the stream where taking his shoes and sock off he proceeded to paddle across the shallow water to the other side, pulling me behind him. On the other side was a small boathouse and we sat on Carl's shirt, leaning against the back wall. Carl's skin was ebony black and shiny with perspiration caused by the heat and the lusty thoughts going on in his mind. My mind was in a turmoil, I seemed unable to put sensible words together and had no will to stop him as he pulled the straps of my dress down, pushed down my bra cups and began to squeeze my nipples between his fingers, bending down he took one into his mouth sucking roughly and biting the hard nub end. I was cumming and seconds only could have passed before I was pushed back onto the grass, my dress lifted, knickers removed, legs parted and without any foreplay his big black cock was thrusting deep inside my unprotected cunt and soon filling me with his spunk. Minutes later we paddled back across the stream to meet many winks and jibes from everyone, especially as Carl had my knickers in his hand and his cum was seeping from my cunt and down my legs. Carl lifted up my dress and showed my gaping cunt to all his friends proud of what he had done to me. I had mixed emotions, shocked at what I was allowing to be done to me but quivering with the excitement of it all and how I knew you would be thrilled about what had happened. After promising to meet them all for a Sunday lunchtime drink I left and returned home. Away from the group the reality of what I'd done hit me and soon I regretted my actions including the fact that I had allowed Carl to fuck me without protection. I was determined not to go on Sunday. Later in bed that night, I remembered the feelings in my belly as he had sucked my tits and how wonderful it was to be in the open, legs apart and a strange black cock fucking inside of me with long full thrusts. Soon my largest dildo was buried deep in my already wet cunt and I wished I had not washed away all sign of his spunk from inside and out of my willing opening and that now it would be mingling with my own cum juice. I experienced a massive orgasm and after as I lay recovering I was unsure as to whether I would keep the appointment.

Di, returned home around Saturday lunchtime, asking whether it would be all right to go to a dance that night, sleep over with her friend and help out at the school fete on Sunday afternoon.. It seemed that even fate was moving me towards keeping the appointment but it was with a fluttering heart that I prepared myself to leave for the pub as the time of the meeting drew nearer. I had arranged for a cab as I had needed a strong drink to boost my courage even before I left and I knew I would have well over the drink drive limit before I returned home. The group were all sitting by the stream and had gathered plastic chairs around in a circle. Carl had seen me arrive and soon I was sitting, the centre of attention with a glass of cool white wine in my hand. I noticed I was the only lady present and although unusual I thought nothing more of it. As time passed I had more to drink and Carl's was openly kissing me and pinching my tits through my dress and bra. He whispered into my ear that he wanted me to go to the loo and remove my bra and pants. It was more a demand than a request and I meekly obeyed returning a minute later with the summer air blowing gently on my bare cunt. Once again I was seated at the centre of the group, shielded from the rest of the busy crowd in the pub garden but I was still astonished when Carl pulled down the straps of my dress and exposed my tits to his friends, playing with the nipples. I immediately went red and said that everyone could see and couldn't we go across the stream. His reply was that he wanted everyone to see what beautiful tits I had and that I should be proud of them. He turned to Nigel sitting on the other side of me and said he should feel the fullness of my breast. Soon I was to feel Nigel's lips around the nipple as he squeezed the tit and tightened the teat as he forced it into his mouth licking the end. Carl was doing similar things to my other tit as I just slumped in the chair in another world, an orgasm building inside my belly. In the mist of my mind I realised that my legs had been lifted and placed over the arms of my chair and my cunt was now fully exposed to the group. Carl and Nigel each had two or three fingers inside me, thrusting in and out, and then pulling the lips apart, showing my juicy depths, as well as my throbbing clit. I had no complaints when a mouth was between my legs, forcing a tongue deep inside, licking the blood engorged lips and settling onto my clit causing tremors to course through my body and causing me to have an enormous orgasm. I must have passed out as the next I knew I was laying at the centre of the group with Carl's cock deeply embedded in my cunt. He was thrusting lustily into me and plainly was soon to fill my cunt with his cum. As I looked up I could see four or five very erect cocks that were waiting their turn to fuck me. Whether we could be seen or not, I had passed caring and as Carl literally rolled off me he was soon to be replaced by another willing and rampant weapon and once again the urgent thrusting began and the feelings of lust and wantonness built up inside of me. At the periphery of my blurred vision was a chap who was nicknamed Donk, he was very shy and retiring and over the time I had known him he had spoken only a few words. I was soon to know why he was nicknamed in such a way. My stare moved downwards to the most enormous cock I had ever seen, he truly was rigged like a donkey, the shaft was as long and thick as my forearm and the head was the size of my clenched fist. It hung down towards his knees but as he was moving his clenched hand up and down over its length it was growing into erectness and pointing steadily away from his body. Fortunately, the length did not increase but the width seemed to steadily grow. Carl said he would have to wait until last before he could fuck me, as he would turn my cunt into the size of a bucket and after he had used me the rest would have to fuck me in two's in order to feel anything. I gazed in astonishment mesmerised by the size of the cock and a little afraid that it might hurt me. It was hard to believe that my cunt could take such a massive weapon. By this time four of the lads had unloaded inside of me and the hot cum was pouring out of my hole down between the crack of my bum and onto the grass. I was sucking on the cocks that had already fucked me in order both to clean them of the spunk and my own juices and to get them back into a condition where they could fuck me again. A sizeable cock penetrated me but I had eyes only for Donk as he waited next in line. The cock inside me rammed in and out in a frenzy of movement but my mind only saw the huge bell end which seemed to be getting larger as its time of entry approached. Suddenly my present lover was pumping loads of cum inside me and shouting in ecstasy as he unloaded himself, I was only pleased that the spunk was lubricating me and that it might help in allowing an easier entry.

As I looked up I was certain that my audience had grown and at least twenty men and women looked down at the spectacle of my nakedness and debauched state. My hair, tits and body were covered in spunk where some of the men had wanked over me. Spunk flowed from my cunt and one of the women bent forwards and scooped some spunk out from between my cunt lips and licked it from her fingers. Everyone seemed mesmerised by the sight of Donk's huge cock and the fact that soon he would be rodgering me senseless with it. Some cushions were place under my bum and as Donk squatted between my legs some of the lads levered me up to a semi-sitting position so that I could witness the entry. Slowly the bell end was placed at my entrance. Donk's smeared a large globule of spunk that was on my pubic hair over his bell end to make it slippery and slimy before wedging it inside. I cried out, not because of any pain but the sheer size of the intrusion, asking him to take it slowly. He started to withdraw out of concern but I restrained him, asking only that he put it in a bit at a time. Despite using more and more pressure, the huge purple end would not pass my outer lips. The discomfort was growing, when suddenly and accompanied by a sharp pain, the head shot inside me. I gasped and Donk, as shocked as I was, tried to pull out, but merely dragged me across the grass, his cock jammed inside. 'Don't pull out I cried, just hold on for a minute.' After fifteen or twenty seconds I had managed to get used to the huge cock now buried inside me. 'Just take it slow but don't come out,' I gasped. Inch by inch the cock stretched my cunt. It was much like the sensation of child birth but without the pain. Soon I had at least six inches of fat cock inside me and still there was six or more inches still remaining to be inserted. One of the women knelt beside me and gently pulled my cunt lips apart to avoid them being pushed and trapped inside me, she caressed my clit and licked the spunk from my tits but her eyes never left the cock that was gradually filling my belly. No longer able to control myself I thrust upwards and impaled my cunt onto the huge cock. The sensation was fantastic but the air in my lungs exploded from my mouth in a gasp or scream. I babbled to Donk to fuck me and released from his self imposed gentleness he began to slam in and out of me in a frenzy of thrusting. He told me later that it was the first time he had ever fully entered a woman, usually having to wank over their tits. The sensation inside me exploded and I think I must have fainted as when I came round I was kneeling over Carl who had his cock embedded in my cunt and Nigel was kneeling over me entering my cunt alongside Carl. They experimented one thrusting in while the other withdrew in a sawing motion and then both in and out together, it was wonderful and soon I was coming again with massive orgasms.

Time after time I was penetrated by two of the men together, either both in my cunt, or one in my cunt and the other up my bum, but although it was tried no one could get in my cunt when Donk was there and only a small cock could penetrate my bum when Donk was buried in my cunt. Of course this sort of treatment could not last for long and I had to beg everyone to allow me to rest. They agreed but made me promise that a repeat performance would be arranged. At that point I would have agreed to anything and so it was that a meeting was arranged for the following Friday evening. My mind was still in a haze and I was led naked, by several of the women present, into the stream, where they gently washed me with the cold clear water, positioning me with my legs open to the waters flow. My cunt gaped open much like a bucket and the water sluiced deeply inside of me and created a milk like substance that leached out of my gaping lips to flow over and around my outstretched legs and disperse downstream. Julie gently washed the spunk from my face, tits and hair, whilst she told me how great I had looked as each of the men fucked me, especially Donk. She explained that she had been gang banged several times by the group but even now she had never been able to accommodate Donk's massive cock and yet my cunt had just swallowed it. Exhausted, I found it hard to make a sensible reply and simply allowed myself to be dried, dressed and taken home.

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