Hey Readers, This is a story which I have been wanting to write. Just never took the time to type it out.

Warning: It Contains Mild Piss Play In The Beginning. If This Offends You, Skip The First Section. Don't Hate On The Story For Its Fetish. It Also Contains Scenes of Incest. If This Offends You, Get Off This Website.

All Characters Are Of Legal Age [Over 18].

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Waking up in bed with three gorgeous girls, my life seemed to have come to a point where I could either be dreaming or dead and in heaven. Looking at their bodies as they lay entangled, still sweaty as the heat was not letting up. The bed was a crowded mess. It was like an out of body experience as I just kept staring. Two of the girls I was related to and one, a girl, who we just met a few hours ago. My dick still tired from last nights' fuck fest, if I were to call it that. Yeah sadly it was just a dream. But lately my dreams had been so realistic that I didn't want to get up, but I had to grab a shower.

So I left the bed reluctantly and headed for the bathroom. Took a long piss, and I heard footsteps coming up from behind. Now I'm not a guy who is usually shy about pissing but this was a new experience for me. Never having peed for an audience, I was getting kind of turned on. Still not sure who was watching, but not knowing who made it so much hotter in my mind. I took a peek in the mirror and saw my younger sister looking at me, curiosity all over her cute little face.

'You really had to pee badly eh? Sorry I walked in, couldn't help it. I've just never seen a guy do that before, it's kind of hot' Sasha said.

'Really? I wouldn't think that you would find this hot.'

She walked over towards me, pulled off her shorts and sat on the toilet. 'Sorry I have to go too. I got to watch so I guess if you want to stick around and watch you can.'

And watch I did. If ya'll haven't had the opportunity to watch a girl pee, then I highly recommend that you do. She spread her lips wide so I could really look, and let a stream go. I guess she wasn't aiming properly, cause it shot right over the bowl and on my face.

'Ohmygod, I'm so sorry. Didn't mean for that to happen.'

I didn't know what to think, should I be turned on by her piss on my face or should I be disgusted by it. Next thing I know its dripping down to my mouth and I just stuck my tongue out to taste it. Hmmm, salty I thought to myself. My sister just looked at me still peeing, with her eyes smoldering as if she was turned on by me licking off her piss. I kept licking my lips trying to get more of her piss in my mouth. It was delicious. She saw me doing this and tilted her hips forward and pointed her pussy at my face again and this time on purpose she shot her stream right at my mouth. 'Uhhhhh, I moaned as I bathed in her juices. Taking big gulps as she kept peeing right in my mouth.

'Oh Jason, This is so fucking hot. I can't believe I just peed in your mouth.'

Holy Fuck, I thought to myself, I just drank my little sister's piss straight from her pussy. Her pussy, Oh My god, It was right there in front of my face and I just looked at it. It was so pretty, all shaved off and super tiny. Then she suddenly got up and ran out of the bathroom hands covering her face, didn't even wipe. I just sat there on the bathroom floor trying to think what just happened between us.

Yeah she was my little sister, and I guess drinking her piss would be considered "illegal" in some states. But we had a pretty open relationship so I knew she would want to talk it out after having a bit of time to process what had just happened.

'Why are you sitting there J?' I heard a voice from the doorway. It brought me out of reverie. I looked over and standing there in her nightclothes was my mom. She was looking at me questioningly, 'I asked you something J. Why are you sitting on the floor?' I didn't have a good response for her so I just told her I was feeling dizzy and had to sit for a minute. She didn't seem to buy that so she came over to check me over. Her nightie was pretty low cut, so when she bent over to feel my head her tits were right in my face, almost bare to her nipples. I shook her hands away and told her I'm fine and that I'd just take a shower and come down in a bit.

'J please clean up in here, it smells like piss and I know your sister would be very angry at you if left it this messy.' Then she left, I was still sitting there looking at her ass swaying as she walked out and closed the door behind her. Pheww, I breathed a sigh of relief and thanked the lords that she didn't catch us.

So I took my shower, cleaned up the bathroom and headed down to grab some breakfast. My mom always made us breakfast and today was no different. Eggs and toast ready on my plate as soon as I got to the table.

'Did you clean up?' she asked me sweetly. 'Yeah mom I made it spotless in there.' She just smiled at me knowing that I'd never clean up that well. 'Where's your sister J? She is usually here before you.' I don't know mom, why don't you go wake her up.' With a sigh she left, walking up the stairs to get Sasha. I watched her ass jiggle as she climbed each step. Her silk shorts were very loose and as she got to the top I could see right up them to her panty covered ass. Look away J, I told myself. She is your mother! Not some girl you can perv on.

In her room Sasha was just lying in her bed, thinking about the earlier events. It was as if she couldn't help but get turned on by what had happened. He's your brother and you just peed in his mouth, she kept telling herself. Her hand had snaked down to her pussy and she had started rubbing away focused on reaching her goal of having an orgasm. It was still something that she couldn't achieve, no matter how turned on she was. In the end always left frustrated because she could find her release.

This time was no different, as she was approaching her orgasm, there was a stiff knock on the door. She ignored it, hoping the person would go away. Her mother however didn't like to wait, so she just turned the door knob and walked in. What she saw was her little baby girl spread eagle on the bed with her hand rubbing furiously across what looked like the tiniest pussy she had ever seen. She let out a loud gasp, which caught Sasha's attention and she turned towards her mother. Her hand still rubbing at her pussy.

'OH MOM, what are you doing in here??' she screamed silently.

'Ummm, I came to...Oh God...I ummm came to wake you up honey! But it looks like you are already up.' She grinned lightly, 'wash your hands and come down for breakfast kiddo.'

Embarrassed like no tomorrow, Sasha groaned as she pulled her hand away from her throbbing little pussy, pulled her little panties up and climbed out of bed to clean up. She walked past her mom, with her head down as if she was feeling shame. Mom recognized her feeling embarrassed and pulled her little girl in for a hug.

'Baby, what you were doing is completely fine. You don't have to feel embarrassed one bit.' Sasha just clung to her mom, burying her face all up in her mom's tits. They were really soft, she thought to herself.

'When I was your age I took every opportunity to rub myself and I still do kiddo. There is nothing that relieves stress like a great orgasm.'

This set off something in Sasha's mind and she started sobbing quietly against her mom. 'What's wrong honey? Why are you crying?? I didn't mean to embarrass you by telling you about myself.'

'It's not you mom, you are so lovely. I just have trouble with you know...'

'Tell me honey. What is troubling you?'

'Mom it's kind of personal'.

'Nonsense kiddo, you and me go way back. Tell me, maybe I can help you.' Sasha still clung to her mother, her voice reverberating off her soft tits as she spoke.

'Well mom, you know when I rub myself, I can never really cum. So when I heard you say it's the best I just felt like I was doing something wrong.'

'Oh my poor baby, you are not doing anything wrong. It's probably because you are afraid to let go. Come on lets have some breakfast and maybe we can talk more about this later. I'm starving baby.'

They finally let each other go and mom smiled down at her little girl. She was so grown up but still she looked like her baby girl. Her heart tore at the sight of her tight little body. To ease the tension she pulled her hand back and smacked Sasha right on her cute little butt.

'Owww MOM, what was that for??'

'That's what little girls get when they get caught masturbating by their mothers.'

Sasha just grinned slyly and rubbed at her cheek feeling a familiar tingling her pussy. She stared at her mother's eyes and realized what a beautiful woman her mother was. Her love and care for her kids was evident just by looking in to them. She leaned up and kissed her mother on the lips. It was a mother daughter kiss, and nothing else. Just a way of saying 'I love you. Mom was taken aback by her daughter's sudden show of love. They broke the kiss and mom took her daughter's face in her hand kissed her all over her face. Sasha was just giggling accepting the love from her mother. They kept giggling as they made their way back down the stairs and found Jason still eating away slowly at his breakfast.

Jason didn't know how to interact with his sister as she walked over to join him at the table. She just looked at him and bent over to give him a kiss on the cheek. Mom saw this and felt her heart flutter at the sight of her two kids so happy. Jason reciprocated the kiss and gave his sister a kiss as well and raised his hand and swatted her little butt.

'Heyy Jason, Why did you smack me??'rubbing at the other cheek. 'Both of you have smacked me today. And my butt is really starting to sting'.

'You need to wear more than your panties around the house if you don't want to get smacked.' Mom just stared at me, and then burst out laughing. I joined in as well.

'Why do I need to wear more than panties, I'm comfortable like this. Besides if you can wear your boxers around the house I should be able to wear my panties. 'Sasha said stubbornly.

'She makes a valid point there kiddo' mom said.

'Ok fine I'm sorry I won't spank you from now on so feel free to wear whatever you like around the house, but only when it's just us around here. I don't want you show off your little butt to my friends when they are here.' Sasha nodded and sat down and dug in to her plate, so did mom.

After breakfast was over, mom was at the sink washing the dishes. Me and Sasha were still at the table drinking our juice. I was watching mom, her ass again caught my attention. It was so plump and jiggled as she kept scrubbing the dishes. Sasha looked at me, and followed my line of sight to the ass of our mother. She also took a moment to admire the fine curves of her back. Mom finished washing the dishes and looked back at us. Both of us looked like two deer caught in headlights. Sasha couldn't keep her mouth shut and burst out, 'Mom Jason was looking at your butt'. I smacked her on her arm and told her to shut it.

'J were you looking at my butt? Mom asked sweetly. I just hung my head down and muttered a silent yes.

'J its ok to look, I don't mind. I know you are probably interested in the female anatomy. All young boys have the urge to look at girls.'

'Mom I'm sorry, Sasha was looking at your butt too.' It was now Sasha's turn to punch me. Mom looked at Sasha sweetly and asked her the same question. All Sasha could do was nod and blush furiously.

Mom was not mad at us for looking. She was shyly adjusting her shorts so that they covered her butt completely. I don't think mom knew how sexy she was. Still dressed in her night clothes, she looked like an innocent mother who didn't think she was dressed inappropriately in her own house. Sasha said first what we both had on our minds, 'Mom you have a great butt, it looks so nice in those shorts.' Mom just blushed and told Sasha to hush up. I spoke up and said the same thing. Mom shrugged me off too and said that I was just being nice because I was her son.

'Mom I wouldn't complement you for your butt if I didn't think it was sexy.'

'My butt is not as nice as it used to be when I was younger' mom complained.

'Sasha go stand next to her and let's see them side by side. Sasha quickly agreed and jumped up to stand next to mom. I was sitting in my chair looking on at the ass spectacle in front of my face. I asked them to come closer. And they complied.

'Mom it's not really a fair comparison since you still have your shorts on. Take them off and let's see your butt'.

'Did my son just ask me to take my shorts off so that he could see his mother's butt?'

'Yeah mom do it.' Before mom could protest, Sasha dropped to her knees and pulled mom's shorts off. She did it very forcefully and ended up dragging mom's panties halfway down her butt.

'NOOO, mom screamed. I can't let you guys see my butt like this.' She frantically attempted to pull her panties back up. This action got them buried in her ass crack, showing more of her butt than she intended to. 'Relax mom and stand next to Sasha and let's see them together.' Mom reluctantly complied and stood next to Sasha and stuck her ass out to me. I looked on and noticed one difference.

'Mom the only thing about your butt that is different is that yours is more plump than Sasha's. She has a smaller cute butt and yours is definitely a sexy butt.' She just blushed and shook her head.

'I can't believe I'm standing here in my kitchen with my baby girl in our panties and we are showing our butts to Jason.' Mom whispered to Sasha.

'I know mom isn't it exciting, knowing how much he likes to look at your butt. I like it too.' With that Sasha reached over and squeezed mom's left ass cheek and then raised her hand and brought it back down hard on the same cheek. SMACK.

'OWWW, what was that for you little brat?' mom set about rubbing her cheek, making her ass jiggle even harder.

'That's what moms get when they have their shorts down by their ankles and they are showing off their sexy butts to their kids.' This set us all off into fits of laughter. Mom finally reached down and grabbed her shorts and ran upstairs, looking embarrassed.

Finally me and Sasha were alone. Sasha turned towards me and gave me a look that was unreadable to my mind. It was questioning and apologetic at the same time. I just reached over and pulled her into a big hug. She melted in my arms, repeatedly saying she was sorry about what happened in the bathroom. I held on to her for a good few minutes and let her say everything she wanted.

'Baby you are such a cutie, I couldn't believe you were ever into such kinky things.' She just blushed and buried her face in my chest and grinned.

'Jason I didn't plan to do what I did, it just happened.'

I looked in her eyes and said, 'I hope we do that some more.' Her jaw dropped. Then I left her standing there shivering like a leaf and bounded up the stairs.

Mom was in the shower. I needed to use the bathroom. I knocked on the door to ask if she'd let me in. I didn't hear back and I really had to go, so I just let myself in and head straight to the toilet and let out long sigh and strong stream. I guess my sigh startled mom and she peeked out from the shower to see me standing over the toilet.

'J what the hell are you doing in here? Couldn't you hold it in??'

I shook myself off but didn't flush. 'I was busting for a pee mom and there was no way I could hold it in. I'm sorry.'

'It's ok kiddo, next time try a bit harder I don't want you catch me naked.'

Hmmm, catching mom naked, I thought to myself. I wonder what she looks like naked. With these bad thoughts in my mind, I once again apologized to mom and walked out.

I went back to my room and fell face first on my mattress. Two girls in my life and I wanted to fuck both of them. They were both equally sexy. And I imagine both their pussies were equally tasty. I started cooking up schemes in my mind to get both of them naked and in my field of vision. I was just lying in bed when I heard my door creak as it was pushed slightly open. Sasha peeked her head in to see if she could catch me in an act of self-pleasure. I saw the look of disappointment on her face when she realized that I was just lying on top of my sheets.

She padded across the room and jumped on my back and started to rub my back. I'm not overly muscular, but I do work out sometimes so having a set of hands rubbing on my back is always a welcome feeling. I moaned into my pillow urging her to use more of her strength to get to the deep tissues in my back. She was putting a lot of effort into rubbing my back, making all kinds of sounds. I was also being very vocally appreciative of her massaging techniques. All these moaning and groaning sounds must have broken the barrier of the walls of my room and reached the ears of my mom.

She inquisitively came to my room after her shower and saw something which must have stunned her. Her little baby girl in her little tank top and panties rubbing her tiny hands all over her brothers back. It was as if she was entranced by this scene of sensuality in front of her. She tried to make sounds with her mouth to get her kids to separate but nothing came out. So she just stood there and watched. Her daughter's tiny little panties stretched across her cute little butt. Her tiny pussy seemed to be a bit wet as the panties kept digging deeper in her crack from all the effort she was putting into massaging her brother's back. She couldn't help but get turned on by this sight.

Finally she cleared her throat to get her daughter's attention. Sasha stopped rubbing her hands on my back and turned to look at mom. 'Baby what are you doing?'

'Jason said his back was hurting so I offered to rub it down for him mommy' Sasha said in a cute voice.

'Ok baby, I understand you want to help him. It just sounded like you guys were up to something else so I had to come and check it out.'

'Mommy do you want to help me rub his back. I'm not strong enough to get at his deeper tissues.' Mom thought about it for a second and walked over to the bed and climbed up and sat next to Sasha. Her hands joined Sasha's and they both went full on masseuse mode on my back and worked out all my kinks. Mom showed Sasha how to really get deep. I just lay there feeling like a million bucks.

'Should we do your legs too honey?' mom asked in a sweet voice. I simply turned over and kept my eyes closed, thoroughly enjoying this moment. I didn't realize that I was tenting. My dick had snuck out from the hole in my boxers. Mom gasped looking at my pole. I opened my eyes and quickly realized what happened. Hurriedly I tried to tuck my dick back in my boxers, but it was too hard to bend.

'Honey its ok if you have got an erection. I understand why you might have gotten turned on from a massage. It's very common.' I covered my face and blushed heavily. This was so embarrassing to be this situation with your mother and sister.

'Mom I'm sorry. It just won't go down.'

'Kiddo it's no problem'.

What a morning this was, mom thought to herself. First I see my daughter's cute pussy, now my son's dick is right here in the open. 'Well are you going to masturbate right now? We can leave you alone for a few minutes if you'd like. Come on Sasha.'

'Mom I don't think there is any other way to make this go down.' Sasha just kept on staring at my dick, mom had to nudge her to move. She had seen it before but not when it was hard. 'Mom why is his dick so big? I didn't know they could get so large.'

'Baby let's not discuss the size of brother's penis right now, it might make him feel uncomfortable. We will be in my bedroom when you finish up honey. Meet us there later.' So they left me alone. I didn't want to masturbate so I waited for a few minutes till my dick calmed down and left to go to my mom's room.

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