Innocence Lost


A couple of you wrote and suggested that my writing style takes too long to get to any actual sexy portion? My answer would be, I am sorry and perhaps you might wish to see your Urologist, there are some potential cures for that...problem. Being premature is a medical condition you see...:)

After actually submitting my last story I decided to tell some more of them. I called this one "Innocence lost" because I was innocent...once.

I am not anymore. Not by a long shot. So I am relating some things that happened, over nearly a decade and a half of a relationship. That relationship was something I once thought was strange, but now?

I know better. The reason I know better is because after telling part of the story, some of you email me. There are a lot of you men out there, just like my husband Tom.

Of course, there are also a lot of women out there...just like me. I know that many men find the accident, the forbidden peek at a woman's most private parts of their body to be tremendously exciting. I came to learn that I find it exciting to let you look, too.

I now feel that if both partners are enjoying themselves, then why not?

My husband Tom and I had one of those what I called strange relationships. There was always something there, something inside him that was different. At least I thought so early on. Men I had known up until then had usually been jealous, if I was dancing with someone and they thought it was a bit too close they would throw a fit.

Tom wasn't like that at all, he actually seemed to like it and I found that odd, even surprising. He encouraged me to dress in a manner that up until then I just never had.

My mother had told me about boys, she dressed me in a manner that served very well to hide me from the world. So actually wearing some of the clothing my Tom told me he liked on me was a shock to my system.

The first few weak attempts I made to please him didn't really feel good to me, I found myself tugging constantly at my tops if they were too low, the shorter outfits Tom liked on me kept me mashing my legs together for fear someone might see my panties.

The first time I actually went out with Tom with no panties on at all had me certain everyone knew. Of course they could not, that dress was knee length and form fitting. That was the first time I found it exciting, for some reason being right there, naked and vulnerable, with just the single layer of cloth between me and total strangers was exhilarating.

After that I started to let a lot of cleavage show, then one day I was so relaxed about it I accidentally let a man in a night club see down my top. I know he saw my nipple, I had reached for something in my purse and hadn't noticed the man right there.

His eyes were as big as silver dollars, I just smiled sweetly at him, loving the startled look on his face. That startled look changed quickly to a smile when I sat back up and winked at him.

At home Tom pounced on me, nuzzling my neck and kissing me.

"He saw you, the whole thing, didn't he?"

"Who?" I asked, knowing very well exactly what he meant.

"The guy in the bar, he looked right down your top."

"Oh, he did? I didn't notice." I grinned at him, went into the bedroom and took off my dress.

Tom was right behind me. I didn't have a single stitch on other than the dress that night.

I turned to Tom, he came to a stop, looking at me.

"I guess that man saw this one?" I asked him, cradling my left breast, lifting it upwards. I held it in my hand, reached down with the other and gently flicked my nipple.

Tom groaned and reached for me. I loved it when he got that way. Tom pushed me back on the bed, his lips pressed against the mass of flesh and hair between my legs.

"I should have leaned back and done...THIS for him, huh?" I lifted my hips and spread my legs wide. Looking down, I saw that Tom's six inch penis was like a piece of steel. I turned so I could reach it, I slid my lips over him, his eyes fluttered.

I loved it when Tom got that way, when my man was excited about me. I wanted him to be excited about me, look at me, I wanted to be the most important thing in his life.

Oh, sure, I know that means my own insecurities show, but I finally came to terms with myself about that.

The first few years of marriage to Tom were a struggle, I didn't understand and I resisted his suggestions. Then one day I discovered quite by accident that he had cheated on me with someone else.

That led to our first divorce. I felt that I had deprived him of nothing, how could he do that to me? The truth is that I had deprived him by being stubbornly, steadfastly, overly modest.

My problem was that Tom was all I could really think about, I was completely and totally in love. I tried to date, I even became what I thought was an item with another man. He was a fine lover and I decided I was happy, until I realized that he had an entire string of females that he was keeping happy.

My realization of him playing the field let me know that he was not the one for me, I, I needed a man who wanted me, to look at and be with me.

I continued to date him from time to time anyway and I am not sure why. He was a fine lover and I did like him, I guess.

Then we bumped into Tom in a cafe, it hit me that I was sitting at a table with one man that I actually did like, and wanted beyond all reason to be sitting at the other table, with Tom.

I threw all of my pride right out the window and called Tom later, he showed up and we were together again just like that. Damned if I didn't marry him again!

The next thing I knew we had moved to a giant ranch way out in the middle of nowhere on the Oregon coast. Tom was in heaven, I was miserable.

My van was falling apart because of the horrible mile long driveway, so Tom bought me a bike. The bad part was I could not stand living out there, with Tom off for days at a time on jobs. The good part was riding that bike, my body changed into something it had never been.

I saw myself naked in the mirror, I was in complete and total shape for the first time in my entire life. I still hated the wilderness though, and I left Tom for the second time. Back to the city, back to my former life, but a new woman under those clothes.

Men noticed, I began to make sure of that.

I dated furiously, desperately trying to get Tom out of my mind. I even had a couple of lovers, allowing them thrust at me, the thoughts of Tom swirling in my head.

Then came the phone call, it was Tom.

Once more we hooked up and were right back together. This time I refused to marry him, we became a couple just living together.

Someone explain to me how that is different, I do not know. I do know it is different, though. This time I decided I was going to tease him, have some fun. If Tom got excited, fussed up, good for me.

Somewhere in all of that Sally that was became the Sally I am today. One man wrote and suggested that I had gotten in touch with my submissive side, I am not sure that is true.

Rather, I found I was doing things related to sex, to exposure, to teasing and flashing and they were for me. To get Tom worked up, and be almost out of control in his urgency to make love to me. For me.

Another man wrote to say I was conflicted, that is probably true. But then aren't we all when it comes to sex, to relations?

One of the most outrageous things I did was the one I related in my last story. That man Ted showed an interest in looking at me, Tom was sitting right there and I could see his reaction and I loved it. I ended up displaying myself completely, actually stripping naked for them.

Well, that was way more than just stripping naked, that was the most deliberate, obscene and blatant display a woman could do.

I did that to tease Tom, the other man was just there. That doesn't make sense, does it? But it's true, Ted didn't matter at all but he or someone like him had to be there to make it hot for Tom. It could have been any man, even you because I did that not just for Tom, it was for me, also.

That was the one and only time I did anything like that at all during that period. Afterwards I was ashamed, the combination of drinking a bit too much and wanting to excite Tom got out of any kind of control.

By the time Tom and I were living together for the third and final time, my body was in shape, a slim and trim 120 pounds. I became well aware that naked I was a match for almost any woman on the planet, and that damned bike was the cause. Rain or shine, every chance I had to ride it, make my body work, I took.

Tom showed even more pride in me if that was possible. Plus now I teased him constantly. I wore skimpy outfits around the house, often men I didn't know would show up for meetings or planning sessions and I never bothered to change.

I saw their eyes checking me out. The only time I ever wore panties was if all I had on was a T-shirt, and even those panties could best be described as designed to look at. Add in that I now had myself completely waxed, and my body sports extremely prominent lips, I was exposed a lot.

Then Tom installed the hot tub, so I had an excuse. More than once I would walk out on the deck and strip, then climb in the tub with people inside able to see me clearly through the big sliding glass doors. Very often some or all of them would join us.

Poor Tom, I kept him hard probably a good 20% of the time. It was always look but don't touch with any others, though.

There was one incident that happened, Tom and I went to a local lake, it has a nice grassy area where people sunbathe, but it's not a nude area. We went to the local nude beach a few times but out there no one paid any attention at all, everybody was nude. Men ran around with their flaccid penises, interesting but not exciting in the least.

So we liked the park much better. Tom and I went way down to the end of the grassy area by ourselves, a few people were fishing near the outlet, some younger people were raising hell and being noisy. One woman had on a scandalous lime green outfit that was just two thin strands of yarn and a skimpy matching top, barely there bottoms. Her antics at chasing a frisbee had her out of the top more than she was in it.

I stretched out face down to get some Sun. After a half hour I felt my skin getting hot and dry, I asked Tom to put some sunblock on me. He sat down and started to rub some in.

"Be careful don't get any on my suit, the material will soak it up and stain it." I told him.

Tom tugged the string of my bikini top, laying it out to each side. It felt so good to have him rub the oil in that I dozed off, I didn't even move when he tugged the strings at my hips and spread the lotion on my behind.

I lifted my head to check out the people down the shoreline, they were so busy with each other and were laughing and chasing the young woman who kept losing control of her top that they were ignoring us.

That was funny, here I was laying out naked on a blanket and no one even noticed.

Then I felt Tom tug my leg over, he continued to rub the lotion in, his hands slowed way down. I felt his fingers brush across my lips, then slide up over my fanny. That felt good, I looked up and no one was getting any closer so I opened my legs a little to give him access.

"Atta girl." Tom said, his fingers slipping in there again. He slid his hands down my thigh and tugged my leg over even further.

I realized that someone must be watching.

"What are you doing, Tom?" I giggled.

"Relax, hon. This is a kick, there is some guy in the bushes."

"You brat!" I laughed, letting him open my legs even more.

"He is about 20 feet away, God, he has his dick out!"

"Really? What is he doing?"

"He is squatted down watching us and playing with it."

"Maybe we better...." I started to say.

"Relax, it's OK. It's just some older guy getting his jollies." Tom laughed.

"Well, you better oil up my front then!" I said, flipping over. I reached for my top to lay over my bare breasts, taking the opportunity to glance up. The man was chubby with greying hair, and he was obviously masturbating. The thing he had in his hands was huge, at least 9" long and I could see the head of it pop in and out of his foreskin as he stroked himself.

His eyes met mine, he was squatted down and now he stood up. He stepped forward to the edge of the bushes, glancing first down the beach to make sure no one else was watching.

I lay my top back down beside me, leaned back on my hands. His eyes dropped down to my hairless crotch, I saw the look and opened my legs. That did it for him, his expression grimaced and he shot off a good two feet. Then he stepped back into the bushes, reappearing wearing some boxer shorts. He walked right up to us, I didn't move, just sat there smiling at him.

"Thank you, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!" He said, looking my naked body up and down.

"You are welcome, you have a very nice cock there." I said, still smiling. The man reluctantly wandered on down the shore, I tugged on my top, then retied my bottoms.

"Wow! That was something!" Tom said. I looked down at the bulge in his swimsuit.

"You better take me home!" I told him.

"How about we just take a short walk into the bushes?" Tom grinned. We hopped up and went about fifty feet, found a small clearing and lay down on the grass. Tom made beautiful sweet love to me, out there with the mild breeze blowing and birds singing, the sounds of the young people still playing in the distance.

There is something about almost animal like thrusting out in the open, where anyone could walk by and see us that causes an orgasm hard to believe. But no one did, it was just us and wonderful.

A few days later Tom and I were sitting in our living room, he was mindlessly flipping through the channels on TV.

"So what do you actually DO at work?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" I answered, mildly confused. Tom knew I worked at the Health Clinic.

"Your clients. Do you see them naked?"

"Oh. Well, yes, sometimes, it's just part of the job." This was different, Tom never really asked before. Sometimes I would mention a client that got my attention, or I would tell him about one I referred that had concerns I knew were going to be probably pretty bad news.

Most of my work was with healthy people, though. The program was designed to find problems early rather than later, that kept costs down. The last few years it seemed like every memo from the main office was related to costs.

"Does seeing so many people naked ever excite you?", Tom pressed.

It was something I had never really talked about with him.

"I suppose it does with some of them. But we are trained to not let that show."

Several incidents at my office popped into my head, I had never really discussed any of that with Tom. Then it hit me what he was getting at, he wanted to know if anything ever did happen at my work.

"The only times I have any problems staying professional is when a nice looking man gets an erection." I smiled at him.

"Especially when I have it right in my hands!" I grinned at Tom sweetly.

"You mean some of them get hard...while you are..inspecting them?"

"Oh, sure. All the time!" I lied. The truth is that it happened maybe once a week, or even less.

"So what do you do about it?" He asked.

"Do? Oh, not very much, I check their testicles for any lumps or masses, if they are uncircumsized I slide that back and inspect the head for any suspicious looking things."

Tom looked at me with an interested expression.

"If they aren't circumsized I roll the head around with my fingers, just feeling for anything that looks abnormal."

"Oh. OK. That's pretty much it then?"

I could see where this might be heading, so I decided to have some fun with Tom.

"Well, there is more sometimes, but you probably wouldn't be interested."

"Yes I would! I am curious about your job, what"

"I usually examine their Prostate, too. Just like I did with you the first time you came into my office."

"You didn't examine my Prostate." He said.

"Yes, I did too."

"Funny, I don't remember that."

"Well, I did!"

"I guess I was too busy looking at your tits." Tom laughed.

"My..tits?", I asked.

"Yea, when you sat on that little stool and rolled up to me, you leaned forward and I could see all the way down your top."

"Why you little pervert!", I teased him.

"Hell, I thought you were doing it deliberately, that's why I asked you out." He grinned at me.

"I guess it worked then. Just think, BEFORE the first date I had your cock in my hands and my finger right up your ass." I laughed.

"Your nipples were hard, too!"

"Oh, they were not, you are making that up." I giggled.

"Plus you took your sweet time fiddling with my dick, too." He grinned.

"I am a professional, I have to be thorough." I pretended to be indignant.

"Admit it, you were playing! You not only were playing but you showed me your titties, you are such a little slut."

"I am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"I will prove it to you, lay back and spread your legs."


"Do what I tell you, I am going to fuck you right in that pretty hairless pussy of yours." Tom was over me now, pushing me back in my chair. I started squirming and giggling, he had his pants unzipped and his six inch rod was sticking out of the fly, it was hilarious.

It took him some effort but he got my shorts down and was poking at me, I was laughing so hard tears were coming.

"What do you think you are going to do with this itty bitty little thing?" I asked, reaching down and grabbing the knob on the end.

"I will show you what I can do!" Tom reached down and grabbed my bare butt and jerked me forward in the chair, sliding himself inside my wet folds.

Somehow we ended up on the carpet, his pubic bone mashing against mine until my legs were as wide as they could go, my hips thrusting up to meet him.

Afterwards, we lay sweating in each other's arms.

"I should have just grabbed you and fucked you that first day in your office!" He laughed.

"That wouldn't have worked."

"Bet it would have, you were hot for me."

"Oh, yeah? What makes you think that?"

"You showed me your bare titties, and your nipples were hard."

"I show lots of people my bare titties, and my nipples are almost always hard!" I reached down and grabbed Tom's soft cock, pumped it a few times. He responded nicely, rolled over on top of me.

"See? Your nipples are hard again!" He grinned, shoving himself into my now sloppy pussy. His thrusts were making loud noises as the air was displaced, I started to giggle, then my head exploded as I reached a delicious peak.

"There. See what I mean?" He asked.

"I sure do." I lay there nuzzling his neck.

"Oh, by the way, I did too have my finger up your ass."

"No, you didn't."

"Yes, I did." I jumped up naked and ran to the dresser, pulled out a latex glove. Tom looked at me in surprise.

"What the hell are you doing?" He demanded.

"Roll over, you asked for it."


"Yes!" I jumped on him and we had one hell of a wrestling match, finally I ended up on top since Tom was having quite a time controlling my slippery body.

"This will be easier if you relax." I told him.

"You are serious, aren't you?" He panted.


Tom gave up, rolled over on his stomach.

"Get up on your knees!" I ordered, he complied readily. He pulled himself up on his knees, I slid my latex gloved finger inside his rectum, felt his Prostate as he grunted.

"Well, that feels normal." I said, working my finger in and out. I reached around and grabbed his penis, getting a grunt from him.

"Damn, this thing is hard again!" I grinned. Then I pulled my finger out. Tom rolled over on his side, I peeled off the glove and tossed it in the wastebasket.

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