tagNovels and NovellasInnocence Lost Ch. 03

Innocence Lost Ch. 03


In Which Alice is introduced to Innocence and Chastity, and discovers that of the two she prefers Innocence; her friends practise the thespian arts and learn the theatrical skills of Innocence; and, to her disappointment, she discovers her lover prefers the charms of Chastity.

Alice wasn't so sure she liked the idea of being identified for her incestuous relationship with her sister, so when Dinah told her that this was the main reason why Blanche's friend Chastity and her sister Innocence were visiting, she wasn't at all enthusiastic. No more than Innocence did she like to feel part of a freak show.

"If they expect the two of us to make love together in front of them, they're going to be very disappointed," Alice announced. Dinah was always inviting guests to stay at the apartment the two sisters shared, and, to be honest, Alice was never very enthusiastic about the sex games Dinah tried getting her to participate in. She couldn't really appreciate Dinah's argument that because they were no longer living with their parents, they should do exactly what they wanted.

However, Alice didn't feel so troubled when she was introduced to Chastity and Innocence. Chastity, Alice felt, was a girl much like her sister, if anything just a little more self-confident and exuded more of an air of promiscuity. Innocence was very different. She was a girl much the same age as Alice herself, and very pretty as well. She was dressed in such a sweet blue dress down to her knees with a pretty blue bow around the waist and dainty little shoes and white socks. Her face shone with an air of trust and hope, and her long hair swept down to her waist. Alice wore what she always wore at home, which was nothing, so Innocence could see Alice's newly formed eighteen-year old body - her small breasts totally hidden by the long bush of hair that flowed down her front.

Alice wasn't at all surprised when Chastity took her cue from Alice and Dinah's nudity, and within minutes of being introduced had taken off all her clothes. Innocence, however, did nothing of the sort, and indeed seemed somewhat discomfited by being with three naked women. Alice had not always been a naturist - and indeed she couldn't really say she was one now. It just seemed natural never to bother, with Dinah not wearing clothes anymore, and most of Dinah's friends doing the same. If nothing else, it meant less trouble in the morning when preparing for the day.

The four girls chatted in the living room, and Alice was relieved that the subject of incest didn't come up. Although she enjoyed making love to Dinah, it wasn't something she wanted to make an issue of, and in fact was a little embarrassed about. She actually felt a little disgusted at the idea of Chastity, who was eighteen - just two years younger than Dinah - making love to such a sweet girl as Innocence. Clearly, Innocence wasn't as comfortable talking about sex and lovers as Dinah and Chastity were. Alice chatted to Innocence mostly about her school-life and what her hometown was like. They also chatted about Blanche and the district of Brook that Innocence had never visited. As Alice explained, she felt that Brook, although a delightful place in many ways, was not really where she felt most at home.

It came as little surprise to Alice to see Dinah and Chastity become increasingly affectionate with each other, leading to them kissing each other. When Dinah announced that she and Chastity would be going to the guest bedroom together, Alice declined the offer of joining them. Innocence wasn't asked, and Alice was sure she would also have refused anyway.

When evening came, Dinah announced that she would be sleeping with Chastity, so Innocence could share the bed with Alice. The two girls' apartment consisted of only two bedrooms and a living room, so Innocence had only the choice of the sofa or the bed with Alice. Alice accepted the offer, as she was sure that sleeping with Innocence wasn't going to be one of those situations where she'd feel obliged to make love. Despite this, Alice was attracted to Innocence: there weren't very many women as pretty as she.

When bedtime came, Alice washed herself in the tiny bathroom and towelled herself dry before jumping into the bed. While in the bathroom, she could hear Dinah and Chastity making the loud noises of lovemaking. Dinah's probably brought out the sexual accessories, thought Alice, thinking of the cupboard full of dildos and vibrators. When Innocence went to bed, though, she went into the bathroom fully clothed and came out after several minutes fresh-smelling and wearing a white cotton nightie down to her ankles. Innocence walked into the bedroom carrying her clothes in her arms and saw Alice lying prone on her back on the back masturbating at the thought of Dinah and Chastity's lovemaking which was now loud enough to be heard through the walls. Innocence put the clothes down and stood back watching Alice's fingers exercise her crotch. Innocence felt simultaneously embarrassed and aroused. She was too embarrassed just to enter the bed while Alice was so engaged, but as she stood by the door she began to get embarrassed for a different reason as her prick got aroused and was beginning to stand out very obviously against her nightgown.

Alice saw Innocence standing quietly by the door, but thought nothing of it - except it was strange that she should be wearing a nightgown. As she examined the nightgown from her position with her head against the pillow, she noticed that there was a very strange protuberance around the waist. It pushed out the nightgown at least seven inches from Innocence's waist and Alice couldn't think what it might be. Overcome with curiosity and with the fingers of her left hand still rubbing away at her crotch, she leaned over and put the fingers of her right hand on this protuberance.

It was a sausage-shaped, stiff, but warm protuberance which Alice felt through the nightgown and which Alice recognised very well. But that was impossible! Her other hand disengaged itself from her crotch and both hands felt it under the nightgown. "I thought you were a girl!" she exclaimed in surprise.

"I am!" said Innocence sadly.

Alice pulled up Innocence's nightie to the waist so that her penis stuck out raw and pink and hard. Alice ran her fingers down the length of it from the hair at the crotch to the pink glans. "This says you're not."

Innocence gently pulled the rest of her nightgown up and over her head. She shook her hair loose as she freed it from her shoulders. "I am!" she insisted.

Alice could see what Innocence meant. Except for the lack of vagina, and the presence of this penis, nobody could doubt that Innocence was a woman. She had flesh in exactly the right places, and her breasts were as round and well-formed as any that Alice had seen. Without her clothes, Innocence was even more attractive, and Alice felt her heart melt like hot wax as she contemplated her.

"You're so beautiful!" she cried throwing herself onto Innocence and guiding her backwards on to the bed. Alice sat aspread Innocence's thighs and studied her body. She stroked the legs and smooth taut stomach with her hands. "So beautiful!" She looked at Innocence's erect prick, and there was no doubt that there was some reciprocity of feeling. Alice brought her mouth down over the end of it and exercised it with her lips and tongue. It shone and glistened with the bedroom light reflected in its smooth wetness.

It wasn't too long until Alice had guided Innocence's penis inside her cunt, and Alice's own cries of pleasure joined those of Chastity and Dinah. Innocence was a girl who despite her apparent demureness was easily sexually aroused and thanks to Purity and Chastity much practised in the art of making love. Alice hadn't had such a passionate night of love for a very long time, and her reservations about the oddball couple were soon forgotten.

Several hours later, while Innocence lay asleep in her arms, Alice studied the blissfully sleeping form. With such an unusual encumbrance Innocence was a girl destined for unhappiness, but one who would also give so much pleasure to other people. Alice listened to the faint roar of steam trains in the distance as they left for their destinations. Perhaps somewhere, Alice reasoned, there may be a place where Innocence wouldn't be such a freak.

Alice had many friends, one of which was Mouse whose unannounced visits she had got rather used rather accustomed to. Now that Mouse was an actress, her life seemed to have no routine except when she was in a performance somewhere. As Mouse was soon to be playing Cordelia in a performance of King Lear, Alice had been expecting Mouse to descend on her at any time.

She perhaps didn't expect Mouse to arrive while she and Innocence were making love in Alice's bedroom, but Mouse was not at all embarrassed. She was rather more fascinated by Innocence's penis. She stood back, in only a psychedelic tee-shirt and nothing else besides a collection of bangles and bracelets, and watched as Innocence's penis thrust in and out of Alice's cunt and as Alice grunted rhythmically in pleasure. It startled Alice when, after Innocence had spurted out her semen into Alice's mouth (so much better than having it drip down the thighs), Mouse introduced herself.

While Mouse and the girls chatted, she held onto Innocence's prick and stroked it with her fingers. "It's so perfect!" She commented. "A girl with a penis - paradise indeed!" Innocence's ever-ready member swelled and throbbed under the attention, but Alice wasn't too keen on seeing her new lover make love to Mouse, so she tactfully eased Innocence away from Mouse. She noticed that Mouse was still shaving her vulva although her hair was now long and flowing - nearly to her waist. This was necessary, Mouse told her, for a role in a Shakespearean play.

Mouse pointedly ignored Alice's attempt to separate her from Innocence and her hand massaged Innocence's prick the more vigorously. "Why do you have to do that?" asked Alice exasperatedly.

"Well," answered Mouse, "I've got to get some practice for King Lear. It's a modernised version and I've got to make love with at least two men in the three hours of the performance - so I've got to stay in trim."

"When is the performance?" wondered Alice.

"It starts in just two months time, but we've not even started the rehearsals. I've got the script though. It's mostly the original Shakespeare, but there's a lot more sex in it and some of the boring bits have been taken out. I've seen the costume I've got to wear and it's really groovy. It's meant to be authentic Celtic - and as we know these Celts didn't wear much, especially when they were fighting. It's just a head-dress, boots and a sort of thong which doesn't hide anything."

It took Mouse a bit of persistence, but eventually she persuaded both Alice and Innocence to help her with rehearsing her part in King Lear. To be authentic, it would involve Mouse making love to Innocence. Mouse would play the part of Cordelia, Innocence the relevant male characters and Alice would play all the others. It was also necessary, Mouse said, for them all to be naked - but Alice saw this didn't mean Mouse shedding any of her jewelry. She pulled off her top to display her well-rounded breasts which certainly couldn't disguise themselves under the flimsy tee-shirts she chose to wear these days.

This version of King Lear was markedly different to the version that either Innocence or Alice had read at school. The first scene was essentially an incest scene. It featured King Lear, played by Innocence, who had decided to make love to his daughters to impregnate them so that only the purest royal blood would flow in the veins of their children. Both Regan and Goneril, both of whom played by Alice, readily agreed - and most of the first act involved Alice and Innocence making love. The stage directions for the love-making were quite specific and required full penetration by King Lear. Alice quite enjoyed this, though Mouse seemed relatively frustrated as Cordelia really had very little to do except masturbate (which wasn't in the script, but Mouse claimed that this kind of ad-libbing was perfectly reasonable).
Both Alice and Innocence were quite happy when they had to switch roles halfway through the act, after King Lear, who was still humping away at Regan, asked Cordelia to join in. As was required Cordelia refused and Innocence, holding the script up in one hand with her penis still deep inside Alice, ranted at her. The reason for Cordelia's reluctance was less to do with an aversion to incest (which Mouse insisted was quite common amongst Celts) than to do with her father's pride. After this, Alice took over the role of King Lear and other people, and Innocence took over the role of Cordelia's suitors. The act required Cordelia to have love made to her first by Burgundy and then by France, both played by Innocence. This involved fellatio for Burgundy and full sex with France. At the end of the scene, Innocence was totally exhausted and found it difficult to pronounce her lines. Alice noticed how very professional Mouse had become in her role, barely skipping a word or a studied nuance however frantic the love-making.

Cordelia's next appearance in King Lear was right at the end of the play, so the three girls didn't have to rehearse any of the intervening acts or scenes. However as Alice noticed, this involved the King making love with the Fool who was described as ambisexual and for whom all sex had to be anal. It also involved sex between Edgar and the Fool, three-way sex with Edmund, Regan and Goneril, and several scenes of cunnilingus, fellatio and masturbation. She was pleased to see no equivalent of Gloucester's scene of having his eyes cut out. Indeed, if anything, this production was actually less sadistic than the original version.

The last scene began with France and Cordelia making love while various of the significant characters - including a much reduced role for Kent - came and went apparently unabashed. Again Innocence played France, and as this involved several stage directions requiring some rather peculiar sexual positions, she found it quite a strain. "I'm sure," Innocence remarked, "that a man is much more flexible than me."

"It's only practice that does it," Mouse replied.

Innocence had to rest for a while after playing that role, and examined herself for bruises - one of which between her thighs was clear evidence of the acrobatic excesses expected of modern theatre. After that the three girls had to play the final act which required Lear, played by Innocence, to make love to a dead Cordelia, who had just been hanged. This role was quite difficult, and Alice was aware that the actor who had to play Lear on stage was going to have a difficult time. He would be required to make love with six or seven different people, change his character from an egotistical monster to something more like a normal sex maniac and still remember some quite awkward lines. The art of the last scene, as Mouse explained, was not just to show Lear's remorse, but to show necrophilia in a positive light. Her part, which was to make no response except a shudder during the "Never never never never never" speech, required the skill to play dead and express no sexual excitement. "The exact opposite," she pointed out, "of what's normally expected of an actress."

The three girls, on Mouse's insistence, rehearsed the scenes several times, and Alice could see, from a dispassionate professional view, that Mouse's performance was improving. But as it involved making love to Innocence, who was quite clearly rather enjoying it, the whole affair was not of overwhelming appeal to her. It also came as no surprise to her, that as the days passed, Innocence left Alice's bed, and she and Mouse began sleeping together on the bed-settee in the living room. To a certain extent, Alice rather welcomed being able to sleep alone again. On the other hand, despite the fact that she and Innocence would still occasionally make love, it still troubled her to see Mouse and Innocence sitting together with their clothes tossed aside and Mouse's hand invariably grasping Innocence's penis. In fact, Mouse's hand and Innocence's penis hardly ever seemed to be apart.

When Alice heard that her friend Kedi was visiting, she felt a real tremble of excitement. She had never loved anyone as much as she loved Kedi and the thought of making love to her again made her flesh tingle and her body feel warm. Kedi was coming in by train, so it was with great enthusiasm that Alice volunteered to wait for Kedi at the railway station.

Alice arrived early just in case Kedi's train should also be early, but no! In fact it was late, and she sat disconsolately on the platform, watching people getting on and off the trains. There were people travelling from all over. Some Alice kept her eye on as they walked by, almost hoping that they would satisfy the lust she was feeling. Soon, however, Kedi did arrive. As a concession to public decency, she wore clothes but as always as little as she could. In fact, she wore nothing on her slim black body but a pair of shorts and not even a pair of shoes. Most people wore more than that and so Kedi's breasts attracted a great deal of attention. Alice herself, knowing of Kedi's arrival, wore as little as she dared - which was a tee-shirt and a pair of very brief shorts - but she was overdressed in comparison.

Alice ran over to Kedi and smiled into her grinning face and the beautiful erect nipples which seemed to suggest that Kedi was pleased to see her. She felt like instantly throwing herself on the ground and making love, but the most she could do was kiss her full on the face and breathlessly declare how pleased she was to see her.

Alice and Kedi walked back to Alice's flat, with Alice helping to carry Kedi's bags. When the two girls came by a little copse near home, passion got the better of Alice and she flung herself on Kedi. "Here! Now!" she gasped as a command. "Now!" Kedi nodded, and the two girls crept into the copse out of the public gaze.

When they'd got behind a bush, Alice pulled off her tee-shirt in one passionate gesture and forced down her shorts. She then pushed herself on top of Kedi who was overwhelmed by the attention. Alice put her whole mouth over Kedi's nipple and while biting and nibbling it, eagerly rubbed Kedi's vagina. Kedi reciprocated with just as much enthusiasm but with more practiced skill.

Anyone passing by would have heard the moaning and groaning as the two girls forgot everything and made love on the damp and dirty ground. Grit and trampled leaves affixed themselves to Alice's skin, but she didn't care. All she cared about was Kedi.

After Alice didn't know how long, the two girls were sated and with reluctance picked up their things to return to Alice's home, but Alice just couldn't find it in herself to put her clothes back on. It felt so wonderful to be skin against skin with the one she loved! Consequently, Alice and Kedi wandered back naked together through the tree-lined streets to the flat, unconcerned about the attention they attracted. What did Alice care for what other people felt: she was just happy to be arm in arm with Kedi, nestling up against her warm black body.

When they got back home, Alice brought Kedi straight to her bed and they resumed making love. In fact, they wouldn't stop. The only reason Alice ever found for leaving Kedi was to go to the toilet or to have something to eat and Kedi would follow her, invariably as close to her as she could.

Innocence and Mouse were also making love most of the time now, but Alice felt that with the onus of having to entertain Kedi she was excused from helping Mouse with her rehearsals for King Lear. Unfortunately, Alice soon found that she couldn't monopolise Kedi's attention, as Kedi offered her assistance quite willingly. Alice had never before felt so much jealousy as when she watched Innocence's penis thrust in and out of Kedi's vagina with Mouse eagerly plunging her tongue in Kedi's mouth. So, she argued, maybe it is for art, and maybe the part I'm rehearsing is redundant at this point, but must I watch this?

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